Attaining Glory Upon Ruins

It took seventy years, but I am finally reading The Federalist. I finished Public Opinion by Lippmann, and it provided some valuable insights that are paying off in my comprehension of The Federalist. I think more people reading both would benefit mankind in general.

The US Constitution went into effect two hundred and thirty-three years ago, roughly. Since then, we have seen what happened. Of course, none of us saw it ourselves. We can only read about it or get information from others by some means. Today is very much a direct result of the ratification of the Constitution that was done before the electric light was invented, before the telegraph or telephone, and before travel was faster than an animal or ship. Neither of those nor any other development/invention has caused fundamental changes to the form of government those people, a small minority, setup so long ago. Well, none that were formally proposed and approved by the people the Constitution was supposed to serve and protect. The amendments do not constitute fundamental changes, in my opinion.

The federal government has definitely changed, though. The changes are the work of the very sort of people the opponents to the ratification listed as cause for rejecting it. Montesquieu ( foresaw the problems that took root after the ratification. Two of the delegates to the convention that created the constitution left in protest leaving Hamilton the only delegate from New York. He missed a lot of the convention, too. The two delegates, Yates and Lansing, were proponents of state’s rights. I think they realized, as did Montesquieu, that the federal government could not be kept secure from tyranny because it covered too much area and too many people.

We are living witnesses to the advanced results of what Montesquieu feared. He wrote, ” …an ambitious person soon becomes sensible that they may be happy, great, and glorious by oppressing his fellow-citizens, and that he might raise himself to grandeur, on the ruins of his country.” Even more than two hundred years ago people were aware of how to “gain influence by cajoling the unthinking mass, and ringing in their ears…” As we descend into abject tyranny, the mass clings to the cajoling noise that deceives their reason and intelligence.

People are waking up more every day to the tyranny we are under. They accepted the current level, though it was built on worse, in the name of protecting themselves and others from a virus. Though it cuts the carotid artery to the source of logic to yield to the nonsense derived from the virus, the intentions of the people were noble. It is time for the bleeding to be stanched and reason to return before it is too late. Tyranny for any reason will not feel good when the numbness wears off. Fear is such a numbing agent to reason!

I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of the advantages and the goals of the ambitious people who think they are rising to grandeur and power on the ruins of this nation. Anyone who cannot see yet that our nation is being ruined is too deeply immersed in the cajoling influence that dominates nearly all sources of information. Self-aggrandizing and extremely privileged people have become the true rulers of the world. They are only trying to come out into the open by their fear mongering over the virus. Other plans are being carried out as I write. Look for real pandemics and wars. Look for economic catastrophe on a global scale. The ruins of a nation are not enough to satisfy the type of person who can harm and kill a child, especially the type who can do so in quantity. Pedophilia and torture/murder of children is happening wholesale these days. That may be the only thing that can awaken the mass of humanity to reality, and that is sad beyond expression. But if that is the only way, at least it is a way.

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