Democracy, Omnicompetence, and Money

Democracy means a lot to Americans. It is a cause worth killing and dying for to them. In the past several years, I have been studying to origins of democracy and its evolution. The founders of this nation were rather well versed in the tenants of democracy but there was plenty of disagreement. Given the status of human society at that time, it is not surprising that they formed the federal government the way they did. The history of human activity played a large role, too. When men were raiding and pillaging, when killing people was more common, and when the means of survival were hard to obtain the democracy envisioned by the democracy advocates appeared to be a solution. They did not see the future as it came to be.
The circumstances of life as they were when I was born seventy years ago hardly hinted at those that prevailed for thousands of years before nor of this day and time. The advocates of democracy two hundred years ago relied on the “omnicompetent” voters. The truth is; even then the voters were not omnicompetent. Today it is impossible for the voters to be competent at all.
Influences today are destroying the competence of the people. I have employed people for many decades. Training people to do things reveals people. What I am seeing today is stunning. Young people can be counted on to know video games and music of their choice. They don’t know what the vegetables are that I have in my refrigerator. They know almost noting about anything because they have spent their youth in the electronic world.
The long-term effects of cell phones and the internet are beginning to show. The effects of television have become clear already. All the values derived from millennia of human survival are vanishing, replaced by things that destroy the ability to survive. The number of people who are totally dependent on the social systems for their survival is nearing the total population of the planet.
We live in a world that requires of the people only the production of money for survival. The world has been conquered. Money rules. But money cannot sustain survival. Money is a social phenomenon. It has not nutrition. It cannot be used to shield us from the environment. It is not a weapon. If it is allowed to keep going as it is, there will be an adjustment. You will not like it.

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