Texans and the Deadly Cure

Texans and the Deadly Cure

Just one more day. Just one more day of the cure that is more deadly than the disease. Texans have been granted permission to stop being idiots. Do you think that will get them to stop? No way!

Texas aint so Texan these days. In the slow but steady conversion of this red state to blue, new arrivals from the failing blue states are beginning to outnumber the people who have Texan characteristics. To that must be added the Texans who had a liberal lean with conservative inclinations for the bedrock of humanity’s larger values, like family. Those people were too easily perverted by the unified media of the past decades. They might go along for a while, but when the bedrock gets damaged, they will be a force to recon with. Once a Texan gets teeth into the meat, they don’t let go until they hear a gun shot.

The media earned the trust of Texans back when there was journalism. Convincing then that journalism is dead and gone is near impossible. In a way, that is a virtue, but in the aggregate a failing. Discernment has been murdered in good people by the unified media. The poor Texans are being made to look like fools, and they are loath to permit that even if it kills them. By the time they hear the gun shot, it may be too late.

Then there is the corporate unity preventing the halt of the deadly cure. The media is a subsidiary of corporate unity. Politics and government are arms of corporate unity. Big money owns it all. The people who control the money are having their way with the lives of the people, and they like the cure for the not very deadly disease. Even without the Texan governor, the cure will go on.

The great state of Texas is being strip-mined. The bedrock of Texas holds gold. To get at it the big money is taking advantage of Texan strength. Texas may be a big state, but big money thinks globally. To them Texas is like a sticker in a paw. Just pull it out. Martial arts teach the means to utilize the strength of the opponent. Texans apply a lot of strength to their bedrock values, but that strength is being used against us. Texans are trying to shake off the strip miners, but Texas is just a small bit of their global mining operations. We stood against the might of Mexico, but we are falling to the global powers. It appears, the day before, that most businesses and many people will ignore the effort being made by Texans to rescue us from the deadly cure and just keep on cooperating with the strip miners. Texas has been inundated with non-Texans and foreign money, which is what we think of people from other states, foreigners. But Texans are friendly and helpful. We welcomed the foreigners, and they took advantage of us.

If you push a Texan too far, there is no telling what will happen. I was born and raised in the heart of Texas to parents born here who descended from Texans who fought Mexico for Texas. I know what I am telling you. Far too many Texans love to fight. My dad and uncle told me it was their favorite thing to do. Go to bars and get in fights. There are a lot of them still around. The bedrock values of Texans is hard to crack. That’s probably why so much big money has been being put here. There are so many high cranes here in Austin it is incredible. We are booming. Maybe louder than a gun shot. The cure may get us yet.

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