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The Right Love

Psychology! Everyone has one. Each is unique. It’s like having a limp. If you ignore it, you might fall over. “Know thy self first.” Sounds pretty good. A human is so immersed in its psychology knowing thy self is highly unlikely. All observe reality and the self through a veil of psychology. Knowing it does not prevent it. It seems more ignored than pondered. We gather and combine our actions until we have reached this moment without truly knowing what we are doing and without knowing thy self.

I rejoice when I find a sentence or a sentences in a book that puts words together profoundly and clearly. Such as this from Walter Lippmann in Public Opinion: “And when you think that each new generation is the casual victim of the way a previous generation was conditioned, as well as the inheritor of the environment that resulted, the possible combinations and permutations are enormous.” He is writing about the possible combinations that constitute a human psychology. This is a vital and essential insight.

We are all victims. From the days of total helplessness at birth, the world influences us. It shapes our psychology. We were not able to select or guide our development. I will dare to say none of us. So, we can go on in our lives doing what we do and hope we make it, or we can find the way to become something we want to become and set out to become it.

Once a human matures, grows up, it can take responsibility for itself, which it always is even if it doesn’t know it, but also for all its effects. I write here to suggest, to implore, and reason with everyone to make an intentional effort to build yourself on a foundation of Love. There is something about Love that works. I will dare another thing: people have not realized the world as it will be when we all love one another. When psychology is built on a foundation of Love, we will finally, at last, begin the adventure. It seems we have to go together, or none will go. If you really want to, you can become a source of unconditional Love. It will shine from you like the light shines from the sun, in all directions at all times and without condition upon all and everything. That is the emancipation. That is how one heals psychology. It must be the right Love. That is the tricky part.

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