Let_s Use the Power of the People to Get a Better Deal (1)

Let’s Use the Power of the People to Get a Better Deal

In the USA, we operate our society using Capitalism. In a capitalist society the price of a product or service is determined by the market. The price is going to be the most the provider can successfully get. In other words, things and services will cost whatever we will pay. If we don’t like the price we can refuse to buy. Or, we could organize and decide what we will pay.
We could force interest rates on credit cards to be very low. All we would have to do is organize an effort and do it. If we don’t want to pay the interest being charged, we can stop using the cards until the interest rate is as low as we want it to be. The people who get paid the interest can either lower the rate or stop providing the credit. We can be reasonable.
On this site we can begin to organize. It is vital to the people that we can access the things and services we need and want. Unfortunately, most people cannot produce the money to gain access to what they want and need, because the price is too high. Let’s change that. It will be relatively easy. Let’s be fair.
If working in society does not qualify us for equal access to the products and services we create and we have to produce money or credit to get them, let’s use the power of the people to set the price so we can all share equally.
Surely you are aware of the rich. They have unlimited access to the products and services we provide. Why should we all have unlimited access? There is not valid reason that sharing in the wealth of society should be anything but equal. Let that sink in.
Imagine being able to get anything you want for working in society. It would be like getting a raise in today’s systems to millions of dollars a year. It would probably make the rich feel a little less special, but they should feel special for their special characteristics instead of their access to what we all work together to create.
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