What It Is All About

What It Is All About

Claudia sent the quote below to some of her people when they thought my Facebook post about my website The Power of the People was spam and I asked her to tell them about me.

“He is my cousin and I don’t know what it is about. It is not spam, so do what you like. I’m not doing it because I,m computer dumb.”

When I saw her post, I wrote the post you see below in response.

Thank you Claudia. I appreciate you taking time to come to my aid. You can log into Facebook and use it just fine. That means you are not so “computer dumb” that you can’t add you name to the list of people who subscribe to the website that I use to post things I write. I am doing the small things that I can to help the world. I have spent decades trying to find solutions to problems that are hurting us all. I have ideas that might work and I publish them on a website I built and pay to have on the internet. Also, I have realized things about some ordinary things we all deal with every day that I never realized before and that most people still don’t realize. I write about them and put them on the website. These realizations are all things that might help us have better lives and even a better world. That is “what this is about.”

I am trying to get more people to take an interest in “saving the world.” Maybe you don’t know, but I’ll bet you do, that this old world is on the brink of destruction. So, let’s say it is not on the brink of destruction. Okay! Well, there is a lot of injustice and way to many hard working people who can hardly make enough to survive. You and I came from a long line of people who have worked very hard all our lives and have little to show for it. I am trying to change that, because it is not fair. People who are virtually worthless horrible people live in wealth for doing nothing we need in this world while the people who do all the things that must be done get virtually nothing. The only reason it is that way is because some have found a way to cheat the system and to cheat you and me.

My love for people, especially you and the others of my family, drives me. I cannot stop and I never will. All our lives we have struggled to get by. Yes! We do get by, but that is not enough when you consider what is going on in this world. Yes, you and I have things those who are cheating will never have; the love of a good family, the peace that comes from knowing we work hard and do not cheat. I know all that and more, but I also know that the system is cheating us and that it is driving the world to the brink of destruction and over that brink. The only way to stop it is to get the people organized as a family and stand up to be heard. We the people have the power. I am trying to get us organized.

It is not an easy thing to do. I thought it would be very easy, but I was wrong. People drag their feet. They find reasons not to join in. Just as you said you are not going to do this because you are “computer dumb,” others are finding similar or other reasons. That cannot be permitted. We have to do something! Please, Claudia. Join me.

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