The Power of the People

Investments and the Power of the People

The power of the people is irresistible. That’s why so much money is invested in the things that people voluntarily engage. Social networks, smart phones, computers, movies, sports, televisions, and countless other obvious popular things present opportunities to influence the most powerful social force there is, people unified and lead by great leaders who have the welfare of the people at heart.
The fact that this escapes the conscious consideration of the people demonstrates the influences that preempt the power of the people and render unto the Caesars what they have always held, power. Our lives are caught in the struggle to retain what the powerful have and the inexorable power of the people. Almost everyone alive today and all those who have lived before have struggled to live. Throughout the whole of time a small percentage of the people have had all they want. Life has been the antagonism of the people by those who are able to extract their lifestyles from them. The people who raise the food and make the products have been forced to provide for those who don’t. This is the essence of kings, emperors, and others. It is the focus of the power they have wielded all along.
We all know the stories of the king’s men taking from the “peasants.” Those old techniques have only been improved. The people have rallied around leaders throughout history to oppose the techniques. Some great strides have been made only to be neutralized in time. The Magna Carta, the US Constitution, the Communist Manifesto, are examples of the power of the people escaping the control of the few who exploit them. The time has come when those few think they can dispense with the service of the people.
The past couple hundred years has brought about a possibility of robots. It seems likely that the indispensable labors of the people have become dispensable. The investments that are being made in things that prevent the power of the people from becoming a threat should alarm the people, but the investments have worked. The people are almost lost. They are over-specialized and over-influenced. Reality has been created and installed in the consciousness of billions. Life is so complicated it is probably impossible to truly comprehend it. Designed influences make it even more difficult. The power of the people is needed more than ever now.
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