A Few Good Journalists Needed

Journalism could use a few good journalists. It is practically dead. The government has lost its monitors. Freedom of the press was protected in the Constitution because government needs monitoring. Investigations must be done regarding information produced by the government. Without it the government can say anything it want to say, even lie. The government can be turned into a communist dictatorship before anyone can notice without good journalism monitoring everything it does all the time.

What happened to journalism? I think it is a matter of money, but it is reinforced with recruitment. There has been an ongoing effort to recruit people for a cause we can see explained at the World Economic Form website and many others. Globalism appears to be an attractive inducement. But who will be in charge? The people? Nope!

Globalism is like the virus. Both use fear to get people to cooperate. The world is going to end soon if we don’t get behind globalism! Millions will die if we don’t let them modify our genetics. Pay no attention to the fact that it is not a vaccination. Don’t expect teams of journalists to investigate the facts and inform the public. All the media are corporations operating for profit. The stock holders must receive dividends! Everything in this world has been reduced to money. If the world is coming to an end, if millions are going to die, it is because everything has been reduced to money.

Are you mad at someone? If you have enough money, you can have trouble come to that person. You can even have them killed, even in a prison designed to prevent suicide. It is not the lust for money that is evil. It is the system that reduces everything to money then makes it impossible to survive without it. It is the system that makes one’s lifestyle depend on available money. There may be nothing else that deserves as much fear as money. If you think the virus is dangerous, you are not comparing it to money.

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