False Hope Based on False Facts

Throughout my long life Americans have boasted a false belief. The cause of the misunderstanding is easily discerned. That it is necessary to enlighten so many people to something so easily realized is evidence of things much more difficult to apprehend. This gross misunderstanding has been stated in so many ways I am indecisive as to which to use here. So, I will simply paraphrase it. People think that in the good old United States of republican government and capitalism everyone has an opportunity to become one of the few wealthy. This is, frankly, so wrong it seems silly to think it and worse to defend wrongs by raising it.

Sometimes it feels that the rooting out of so embedded and deep rooted a mistake will require more than writing can accomplish. I must first remind you that the mule was made to pull the load by suspending a vegetable or a fruit on a long pole extended in front of the poor creature. It is so effective the world has been pulling the load for centuries unaware of their the futility of their hopes. It breaks my heart to watch as billions and millions of good people devote their lives to attaining the impossible and prohibited.

People pour their hard earned money into the lottery because there is a microscopic chance of winning large prize. They are doing the same when they aspire to join a long established and formidable faction that is so jealous of their circumstances they would stop at nothing to not only protect it for themselves but to be able to transfer it to their heirs. As the flames of anti-racism consume the times, the fact that the faction who are “wealthy and well-born” believe themselves favored by God and superior to everyone receives no attention. Many other facts defeat the misunderstanding.

Simple monetary considerations destroy the false hope of working hard enough to reach the carrot at the end of the stick. Everyone cannot be rich in a global monetary system. Is inflation only applicable to government spending? Nonsense. Price is determined by what the customer will pay. If everyone were issued enough money to be considered rich prices would destroy the status.

Time is limited. I cannot include enough of the cogent facts the negate entirely the false conception placed in front of the multitude of human beasts of burden. A few rich and all others not. That is the only way it can be in our systems. But there are other systems. Have you not imagined them yet?

Read more on this site to find the other systems. When you see the light, help others. We live in great danger. Only we can save us. The forces arrayed against life on Earth are getting dangerously close to their goal. Notice all the suppressed information exposing people in power as demonic monsters who find delight in raping, torturing, and killing children. Now, try to keep thinking that there couldn’t by humanoid things that want to end life on Earth. Then, realize that your mind is mostly subconscious. Stop believing everything you think and excusing yourself for all you like and dislike. You have not lived a day in your life when your mind was not being assaulted by those demonic humanoids.

The world is a giant moving inkblot in a Rorschach Test. Tell me what it looks like to you. Better yet, tell yourself. The movie is playing right before your eyes. It has captured you in the fantasy. Look away! Save yourself. There is little you think that is reality. You can free yourself if you try. You might become rich, but he odds are incredible against it. Many who have come close were noticed by the entrenched. They were either conscripted into the fold, stopped, or eliminated. The perpetuation of false beliefs is integral to their pleasures.

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