The Problem That Is God

Today is Sunday. Even after seventy years, I still feel like communing with God on this day a bit more than on other days. God is real. What are God’s characteristics, history, desires, likes and dislikes? Those questions have caused unfathomable death, suffering, and destruction. They have led many to think God is not real. Religion has done more to damage the relationship between God and Man than any other cause. People believe what they think. Then they stand for it. They fight for it. They condemn others who disagree. Heretics will confirm this from the fires that burned them to death. The suicide bombers will confirm it from paradise where they enjoy many virgins. Need I draw more examples? “Confess Jesus or die!” Even as my love for God has no limit, I would think the world would be better off as atheists if we cannot stop the insanity.

We are now immersed in the “multiple universe” theory. The truth has become something that is not set. The past is fluid. God can be whatever one wants. What dimension are you living in? Evidently there are many and everything is relative. Reality has been tossed on its soft head. The effects on human behavior are very helpful to the few.

For as long as the people do not unite for the mutual benefit, there will be wars and rumors of war; God will be the biggest argument in the world. The potential of mankind will be held away out of reach. You can rely on suffering, toil, harm, depression, suicide, death and a long list of other undesirable things as long as you can be kept from the truth, from uniting, from realizing, and from fulfillment.

Fulfillment is something that has also felt the brunt of the assault against all that is right and good. Even God is said to grant fulfillment only to the “chosen,” and only if they manage to worship properly. Even then death is required. Paradise is in the afterlife. How wonderful for the few who get everything they could possibly desire.

I don’t know if it is an old and perpetual conspiracy or a natural consequence of human psychology, but it is a very old aspect of known history that some few get all they want while the rest provide it. Eventually that aspect will fail and people will realize that voluntary cooperation will help everyone, even the few.

God is real. We will all come to know the truth about God. It is only a matter of when. It will be as far in the future as we make it. As long as people cling with zealous determination to what they think is God, it will continue to be in the future. Immortals have time.

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