Doing Our Best is Not Good Enough

Doing Our Best is Not Good Enough

Everyone always does the best they can. I have no trouble living in unconditional love stronger than self-love knowing that everyone does the best they can. Their best is not good enough. Mine is not. We are far from even being good. The human race is so damaged and lost we are destroying the habitat we must have to live. We are killing every living thing thinking we are okay. The slaughter happening around the globe is hell on earth. Only the devil could approve. I don’t approve. I never will. Mankind must become a loving species that manifests the type of love advocated by Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, and countless other amazing people for everyone and all living things. Anyone who does not think that is what God wants is doomed. They doom themselves to a living hell never knowing the joy that true love brings even for a moment. It is heartbreaking.

After fifty years of living as a being of unconditional love enjoying bliss that none I have encountered can even conceive, I understand that people are doing their best. I just aint good enough. I do all I can to help. It’s not much, but it is the best I can do. However, I never stop trying to be better and it works. I live to see the day when mankind joins all Life in a beautiful symbiotic relationship guided by Love. I live as an example. I live in symbiotic relations with the plants. I make a living helping trees. I have not eaten anything killed in fifty years as of June 2. That means no roots. It means no harm to any thing that lives and does not attack me. I’m doing it, and that means everyone can. I am not special. I just tried to love everyone and did. My life morphed forever. Life is an adventure I live with glee. I know what it feels like to be immortal never fearing death and getting to know God better every day. I see the vision God has for Creation. Immortals have plenty of time, but I am still in a hurry.

I am very happy that you responded to something I wrote. Love is the answer for everyone forever. Once we attain it as a species, the universe will morph. Many think there is a heaven, or a place outside the universe where God is. I know there is. I want you to realize that we are not barred from going there and coming back here by anything but ourselves. So, our best just aint good enough. Not even mine. To come and go from the physical plane at will, to frolic with God and nap in his loving embrace, to manifest in any form we choose, to have abilities that are seen as magic, to play throughout the universe and heaven, to feel love from everyone, and to know that everyone is safe and happy. Those things and countless more await us. All we have to do is become sources of unconditional love for everyone and allow Love to teach us the secrets of the the Universe.

The Power of the People

Investments and the Power of the People

The power of the people is irresistible. That’s why so much money is invested in the things that people voluntarily engage. Social networks, smart phones, computers, movies, sports, televisions, and countless other obvious popular things present opportunities to influence the most powerful social force there is, people unified and lead by great leaders who have the welfare of the people at heart.
The fact that this escapes the conscious consideration of the people demonstrates the influences that preempt the power of the people and render unto the Caesars what they have always held, power. Our lives are caught in the struggle to retain what the powerful have and the inexorable power of the people. Almost everyone alive today and all those who have lived before have struggled to live. Throughout the whole of time a small percentage of the people have had all they want. Life has been the antagonism of the people by those who are able to extract their lifestyles from them. The people who raise the food and make the products have been forced to provide for those who don’t. This is the essence of kings, emperors, and others. It is the focus of the power they have wielded all along.
We all know the stories of the king’s men taking from the “peasants.” Those old techniques have only been improved. The people have rallied around leaders throughout history to oppose the techniques. Some great strides have been made only to be neutralized in time. The Magna Carta, the US Constitution, the Communist Manifesto, are examples of the power of the people escaping the control of the few who exploit them. The time has come when those few think they can dispense with the service of the people.
The past couple hundred years has brought about a possibility of robots. It seems likely that the indispensable labors of the people have become dispensable. The investments that are being made in things that prevent the power of the people from becoming a threat should alarm the people, but the investments have worked. The people are almost lost. They are over-specialized and over-influenced. Reality has been created and installed in the consciousness of billions. Life is so complicated it is probably impossible to truly comprehend it. Designed influences make it even more difficult. The power of the people is needed more than ever now.

A Few Good Journalists Needed

Journalism could use a few good journalists. It is practically dead. The government has lost its monitors. Freedom of the press was protected in the Constitution because government needs monitoring. Investigations must be done regarding information produced by the government. Without it the government can say anything it want to say, even lie. The government can be turned into a communist dictatorship before anyone can notice without good journalism monitoring everything it does all the time.

What happened to journalism? I think it is a matter of money, but it is reinforced with recruitment. There has been an ongoing effort to recruit people for a cause we can see explained at the World Economic Form website and many others. Globalism appears to be an attractive inducement. But who will be in charge? The people? Nope!

Globalism is like the virus. Both use fear to get people to cooperate. The world is going to end soon if we don’t get behind globalism! Millions will die if we don’t let them modify our genetics. Pay no attention to the fact that it is not a vaccination. Don’t expect teams of journalists to investigate the facts and inform the public. All the media are corporations operating for profit. The stock holders must receive dividends! Everything in this world has been reduced to money. If the world is coming to an end, if millions are going to die, it is because everything has been reduced to money.

Are you mad at someone? If you have enough money, you can have trouble come to that person. You can even have them killed, even in a prison designed to prevent suicide. It is not the lust for money that is evil. It is the system that reduces everything to money then makes it impossible to survive without it. It is the system that makes one’s lifestyle depend on available money. There may be nothing else that deserves as much fear as money. If you think the virus is dangerous, you are not comparing it to money.