Taking Back The Country

Taking Back The Country

I have been for a long time content to limit the posts on this site to matters that are worldly. I have refrained from making more specific comments about the United States or any other nation. The lack of interest has made me rethink. The people have the power, but they are not using it. It is very sad. So, I am now putting something out there that is a bit more specific. I feel that the people of the USA are ready to make some changes. When I see ideas proposed, I am stunned by the lack of substance. I will, therefore, make a more substantive contribution, if I do say so myself.

What would you do to make things better in our government?
Here are some of my ideas. These are just rough ideas. A refined version would be needed and more added.

1. End the government’s methods of funding itself by means other than direct tax.

2. Prohibit lobbying. Have causes delivered directly the the entire house.

3. Audit all members of government annually. No money, job, or other form of reward will be obtained for any favor, not even for an audience.

4. Prohibit candidates from financing a campaign by any means other than from a general fund set aside from taxes collected for that purpose. All qualified candidates will receive equal funding and will be allowed ONLY equal time in any form of media.

5. Require all members of Congress to pass a test on the various aspects of any and every bill or action they have before them, and when they all pass, a vote can be taken.

6. All members of government will have their pay and benefits approved by the people by ballot.

7. All fines collected by any agency of any government will be collected into a fund that will be distributed equally to the people when it reaches an amount predetermined by the people.

8. All branches of all and every government will not be allowed to participate in any business of any kind.

9. No government branch or agency of any branch will be allowed to sell any government asset unless the people approve the sale by popular vote and any funds derived shall be distributed to the people.

10. All import duties will be distributed to the people.

11. Military forces will not be sent into action without the consent of the people by 3/4 majority vote.

12. All laws passed by the federal government will be removed and the original laws in the Constitution will be the limit of its laws unless the people by a majority of 3/4 approve new ones.

13. Governments will not be allowed to conduct any operations in secret except in time of war and all details will be fully revealed at the end of the war. There will then be a full accounting for all actions and responsible parties and individuals will be held accountable as heroes, criminals, or otherwise.

14. The federal government will print and issue all forms of money and no bank will be allowed to have access to it by any means other than deposits by the people. Money will be issued according the the gross domestic product and will be distributed to the citizens in a portion equatable to production so that it can be put into circulation. Available currency will be limited to the amount needed for the convenience it offers and in the conduction of business with other nations, all such business will be approved by the people before it can transpire.

15. All corporations will have a limit imposed upon them regarding profits. None will be allowed to charge enough for their products and/or services the accumulate funds beyond a limit determined by the people in a 3/4 majority vote.

16. Companies that produce in other nations will be charged an import tax that levels the pricing with that of similar products produced in this country. Other countries employing their own people and exporting to the US will be charged a reasonable import fee, if any.

I can go on like this all night. If you want to fix this country, start thinking of something different. These are just food for thought and could be refined.