Climate Change and Related Facts

When claims are made that “scientists agree,” you can be confident the claims are false. Some scientists agree regarding the simpler matters, but things such as the weather are not getting widespread agreement from scientists. There can be tens of thousands of scientists who agree, but that would me a fraction of them. Evidently there are about 9 million of them globally.  Check out his quote from Gateway Pundit regarding a Nobel Prize recipient in physics Dr. John Clauser. I think he is wrong, by the way. His opinions that there is no climate change are false, but his opinions regarding the clouds, CO2, and other things are correct. The earth is undergoing atmospheric changes caused by mankind. Of that I have no doubt.

Nobel Laureate in Physics, John Clauser, lashed out at the science heretics who continue to push global warming and who “threaten the well-being of billions of people.”

Clauser criticized the prevalent climate models as being unreliable and not accounting for the dramatic temperature-stabilizing feedback of clouds, which he says is more than fifty times as powerful as the radiative forcing effect of CO2.

Clauser believes there is no climate crisis threatening the planet.

The lower atmosphere has been severely polluted my humans in Europe for many centuries. Smoke from heating fuels became so bad in the early the 16th century. The rest of the earth had people doing damage in different ways. Those areas have since joined the rest. It increased in spurts since. Today, the world supports so many things and operations that heat and poison the atmosphere (the world in general, too) it seems to be miraculous that Life is still managing to hang in there. Everything from internal combustion engines, electric motors, turbines, industrial production facilities, roads, parking lots, and buildings are only a some of the things mankind uses to make the air hot and toxic. The asphalt and concrete structures of the world gain heat during the day and radiate it into the lower atmosphere at night. Every paved road and parking that covered arable land has added to the heat radiation into the air. The myriad of ways and means mankind uses and has used over time to destroy the atmosphere are far beyond listing here. The destruction of the plants of Earth may be the greatest aspect of the changing climate.

It is obvious that the cities of the world are constantly clouded with pollutants and heat. How much does it take to heat the entire global atmosphere? Let’s think, 200 cubic inches x 2000 time a minute x 200,000,000 x 150 years + heaters + cook stoves + factories and plants + all mammalian forms of life – all the plant life = ?. Dang! The calculations here are just a demonstration of what must be considered. Let’s add some other things to the equation. Every vehicle that has ever existed, maybe, uses brakes to stop and slow, many use clutches to shift gears. Most know this. If you look it up on the web, you will see it as “friction materials market” and similar words. It is a market that produces things that generate a lot of heat, and, much worse, billions of tons of microscopic toxic dusts. (Diatomaceous Earth is used as an insecticide. (What does friction material dust do?) I had difficulty getting past the economics of friction materials value globally. That is the factor that gets the attention. I understand that, but most do not. The industry seems to be oblivious to the environmental impact. Like cigarette smokers worried about the environment tossing their cigarette filters on the ground, the people are walking contradictions. They depend on the economic systems for survival, convenience, play, entertainment, and other things without knowing the first thing about the overall picture they perpetrate and perpetuate or what is causes and what else could be done instead. People drive into to the city to work and see the cloud of pollution obscuring the views of the tall building without feeling the requisite feeling needed to do something about it. I get it. The collapse of civilization must be prevented. It would be the greatest ecological disaster of all. And civilization has become very fragile. A thirty percent unemployment would be more than enough. The consequences should be in the front of human consciousness, but it is far from that. Perhaps the rich and powerful are thinking about it. Economists know that unemployment must be keep near total. The average person is likely to be amazed to read this here. They don’t give it much thought if any. Oblivious! Billions of oblivious people are causing global dangers. This must end. That is why I am writing again this morning. We are destroying the world and the means we employ to do it are so stupid it rivals all stupidity ever done. You can read more of my thoughts about it elsewhere. I will mention again here and let it ride that capitalism is the leading cause of human horror the world has ever known. Don’t bother me with the canned arguments you all have been taught to repeat ad nauseam. By the way, it has become obvious to me that most people are only repeaters rather than thinkers. We stupidly call it “education.” LOL What is blunder! I don’t have time to prove it here. Back to the topic of this effort.

The earth has a thin atmosphere. It has been compared to the thickness of painted letters on a lottery ball in comparison. The figures offered are 1.57% of Earth’s radius. Thin! Get it?  It is the reason we have liquid water and enough heat for life to exist here. That is called the “greenhouse effect” by scientists. Notice in the article that CO2 is said to be 0.4% of the 2023 mole fraction. Without the atmosphere, the surface of the planet would be very cold and solar radiation would prevent all forms of life we know of. Also, water vapor is a greenhouse gas, too. The topic is fascinating. I will not go deeper here. The topic that must be comprehended and must become an obsession among all people is the effects mankind has on it. But we must not stop there. The effects of mankind on the other parts of the earth are vital aspects of the future of Life in Earth.

Life on Earth. Those are some amazing words. It seems mankind needs some serious study and training about those words and the topics they encompass. You can think what you want, but it is quite obvious that the solar system at least is devoid of Life except for that found on Earth. It is likely that life exists elsewhere, but it would be rare compared to the Universe. Aliens have come back into the media lately. But I have never seen one unless they are indistinguishable from the humans of Earth. Just abide for a moment in the possibility that Life is rare. Why? Because the conditions that allow Life are rare in the physical universe, the energy/matter universe. There is a lot of science that holds the earth to have been formed billions of years ago and going from a hellish ball to what we have today over vast amounts of time. The idea that Life evolved over time is something I cannot accept, but those who do have not been able to prove it. They seek Life elsewhere in the universe in an attempt to prove that Life evolved accidentally. Creation theories are spurned by them. The fact that this topic is debated is a sign of human ignorance and poorly developed intuition or psychic abilities. This relates to the science that holds the brain to be the source of consciousness. It is a terrible controversy that has a solution. Some things are one or the other and cannot be both, like what happens after we die. One thing that is not debated is that Life is abundant on Earth. Well, not so much now.

The fossil records are everywhere. That Life has been here a long time seems to be a safe concept. An article that was on some website about ten years ago seems to have vanished. It was about atmospheric analysis done with the cores of ice extracted from the icecaps. There are those who would not like to see that article read by the people at large these days. It included a research result that showed the atmosphere long ago had a CO2 content of about 2000 parts per million (ppm) when the world hosted the greatest fauna ever. Fauna! That means all forms of Life. It was not excessively hot. The nonsense being used as a fear tactic these days is built around an atmospheric CO2 content of 400ppm. As an arborist, I will tell all who will listen that the trees need more CO2. They are being destroyed for lack of it. All plant life builds their mass by taking one atom of carbon at a time from carbon dioxide. That is a simplification, but it is one that holds the gravity of truth more than the gravity of Earth holds the atmosphere. Plant created the atmosphere that supports Life as we know it. But man has not problem destroying them.

This man, me, I, am horrified by the brutality of humans. Most people I know or to whom I reveal my thoughts, which I do to anyone who will listen, think I am strange and most just pass over my thoughts and grant me my space. I believe plants deserve as much respect and love as parents feel for their offspring. Of course, the same should be true of one human for all other humans. We should love one another unconditionally even more than parents love their children. Love is something that comes in a variety of “strengths,” “degrees,” or some sort of gradations. But people who say they love plants and animals are happy to eat them. They don’t even understand why anyone wouldn’t. LOL That seems crazy to me. When we observe the way mankind kills humans, tortures humans, and makes horrors for others, the fact that there is so little reverence for other forms of Life is not surprising. That it is monstrous is obvious to me. If you are participating in the deaths of other forms of Life, you are a monster of some degree. Since 1971, I have lived just fine without eating any animal or plant. I eat only what plants grow for me and provide for me in symbiotic relationship. There are those who contend that mankind cannot live without eating meat. I stand as proof that it a false belief. The people who have never eaten meat in their lives stand with me. There are many. But brutality is a way of life for some. I think most of them don’t see themselves that way, but that is just psychology dictating. The way societies accept dictations is a reflection of this. Even that is unrecognized by and large.

The dictates man imposes on others is a phenomenon of incalculable consequences. It is mostly unseen and most are unaware of it. The sign says, “STOP.” That is a dictate. “Speed limit” does not mean the highest rate of speed possible. It goes far deeper. Consider speaking. We speak in dictatorial terms and fashion. We may agree on the definition of words, but then we require others to know them like some dictators that forbid other forms of words. Even that is not the end of dictates that mankind does not even consider or, much less, realize. Consider the fact that that every single one of us are trapped in our forms, places, and times. Is that not a dictate of Life, a creator, or something? The universe seems to be dictating to us. We are all trapped. If you don’t agree, show me how to change form, to leave Earth by means other than devices. Add to that that the entire globe is covered with human societies. Within each the dictates of that society imposes on all who live there and come there. Trapped by Society is an article I wrote quite a while ago and posted here;  (Wow! That is the first search result in the list provided by Firefox. Good placement.)

I went into the eating of plants and animals for a reason. It is making our planet inhospitable. Raising grazing animals has turned the land not covered with roads, farms, and other constructs into pastures. The only plants growing in them are those plants the grazing animals will not eat. Cactus, sticker plants, burr plants, poisonous plants, and countless other plant most people gladly call “weeds” (I hate that word.) are all that can be found there aside from the food plants good ranchers let return by rotating the pasturing of livestock. To make matters worse, a lot of land is devoted to growing grains and other plants for livestock. Human food plants are kept to those that are guarded for making money. That makes the growing of food to feed mankind something that is adding to the problems with the weather and other ecological things.

Seventy-two years of living and working outside in the weather has shown me that the weather is changing. I have no doubt at all. One year here in the heart of Texas, I was unable to work outside for about 130 work-day due to rain. It was unprecedented. Mother exclaimed many times that she had never seen this part of Texas so green due to so much rain. She is gone on ahead of me after living into her eighties. She knew as I do that the weather is changing. As I type, the USA is experiencing the hottest weather on record and for the most days. It is incredible. Climate change is real. It is not due to the CO2 content of the atmosphere.

What can be done? I think the people who have power are using CO2 as a fear tactic and justification for efforts to deal with climate change because they can’t use anything else without admitting that capitalism, the source of their power, it the real cause. They want us to sacrifice. They want us to feel guilty for climate change. Many have said publicly that the population of humans must be reduced drastically and quickly to “save the planet.” The rich and powerful are not saying, “Save the planet form us.” The fact that capitalism is destroying the world is obvious, but not to everyone. Those who benefit fabulously from capitalism would rather kill off most of the human population than change the world to something they fear would deprive them of their lifestyles. It is one of the largest factors in the ecological trouble of our time.

The number of factors that are changing the weather are too many for this article. I must give mention to volcanoes and lava as an atmospheric heating factor but say no more here. Lightning is a factor, too. Natural causes are likely the greatest factors in atmospheric changes, but mankind is increasing its contributions every day. However, greater awareness has already begun to reduce it. But nothing short of ending the capitalistic commodification of everything humans need, want, do, and don’t want is a huge factor now. What do you think the world’s military actions are doing to the atmosphere? How about the waters and the lands? Come on! Face it. Even the production and transportation of military weapons, infrastructure, and so on are damaging the entire world. We have detonated nuclear bombs in the atmosphere! Mankind cannot deny our influence on the weather and the entire ecosystem of the world. Clauser is probably over-specialized.

I write every morning. It is done spontaneously. I don’t create outlines or other things to make the writing better, I could and sometime do, but spontaneous writing is something I seek to become more adept with. Written communications are more permanent. The lack of written material by Jesus has always bothered me. I don’t intend to let that be the case with my life. I often don’t even read my writing to check for mistakes or poor structure. I make mistakes and wander, but I am improving. Thanks for reading. I realize that may be no one or few.