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Attitude Analysis

I keep hearing people say that things are only going to get worse. They say the only way for things to get better is for some horrible and vast tragedy to happen. It’s a variation of the old attitude that one must first hit bottom to get better. No doubt this attitude was born of experience, but is it the only experience that we remember?
Has nothing wonderful ever happened that made things change? Speaking from my experience, the answer is a definite “yes.” So I ask you, can’t the world change because something vast and wonderful happens? Why does it have to be something horrible? It doesn’t.
Attitude is what is represented by the way people project the future. Some say attitude has a strong influence on the future. When we consider something, we might want to bear this in mind. Your attitude is more within your power than you might think.
Something incredibly wonderful is coming. It is a going to make all that has ever happened seem to have been the only way it could have come about. The ability of humans to comprehend the magnitude of the beauty and joy of it is not quite up to the task at this time. Watch as that ability takes a giant step forward with the coming changes.
The long hard journey that we know as history was the path to the conditions we are going to achieve. From centuries of shortage and toil will come the accomplishment of plenty and fulfillment. A cursory examination of the changes brought about by the “industrial revolution” easily reveals the fact that things can change quickly with the right stuff.
I am writing an article that will at least get people thinking. It might do vastly more than that. It is just a simple idea, but it is one that has come at the right time. Stay tuned to this station for breaking ideas.

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