Where Are We Going

Where Are We Going?

Perhaps you have noticed that the people seem to have no defined goal for making life on Earth become what we would like it to be. Things have always seemed to happen more by chance than intent. Sure, we intend some, but what is the big picture for the future? There are probably those who have plans, but are they working to make things better for everyone or are they working to make things better for themselves? Are they inclusive of all people?

You can be sure that everyone cannot be rich in the systems of the world today. I will tell you that everyone can be even richer than the rich in a different system. In fact, the term “rich” as meaning having lots of money would vanish.

Let’s make a plan. Let’s design it to achieve a virtual Utopia. I think that there is no limit to how wonderful life can be, so “Utopia” becomes a word less desirable. Still, it works for the moment.

Who can ague with a plan that makes everyone happy? Some would! They will have to cope with their own feelings. I suppose a Pharaoh with divine privilege  might not like such plan. How could the Pharaoh feel superior then?

The plan seems simple to me. Making it happen less so. Imagine this site having the support of the majority of the world’s people, or some other site that has similar plans. That would sure help.

Plan Utopia!

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