My Honor

My Honor

People are signing up as subscribers to this site in ever growing numbers. Every day, nearly, at least one more person signs up. Lately there have been many every day. It continues to grow. The articles are being read by people in twenty-one different countries. I am so honored! Thank you for caring.

I have no idea how this site is being found. I have done nothing other than create the site, write the articles, and post it. The only thing I have ever done to promote it is to ask my Facebook friends to check it out.

I have a very large amount of material to post. I am rewriting some and debating the wisdom of posting some. I have to fight tendencies. I am trying to keep this a site of ideas about how to do things differently, better. It is too easy to slip into complaining about the way things are. I also try to keep it centered around things that we all have in common, as opposed to tackling the things we disagree about.

Uniting around our common needs and desires will make the world something that seems more a dream at this time. We can do it. The incentive is greater than suspected. People are likely to do things they want to do. I am stunned by the number of things people do that they do not want to do. There is abundant human energy for creating something that we all want. If I can accomplish my goal, the vision of how it can be will be made clear.

In that light, a quote from Orson Scott Card’s book Ender In Exile, comes to mind:”True believers in a cause often behaved in self-defeating ways because they expected other people to see the rightness of their cause if they just stated it clearly enough.” Reading that gave me pause. I certainly feel that a clearly stated cause if necessary, but I am not naive enough to expect others to see the rightness of it simply because it is stated clearly enough. Only those who have come to a place in their lives that makes it possible for them to see the “rightness” will see it. Fortunately, many are in such a place, as evinced by the large number of people who have subscribed to this site.

I tell you sincerely, I appreciate that you find what I have to say worth reading, even if nothing else.