Enculturated Insanity

Enculturated Insanity

The human race has not developed the ability to reason accurately, and that has prevented the discovery of reality which is only possible by sound deduction. False information cannot yield reality in deductive reasoning. This is a pure and simple fact. Now, one must ask why the people cannot reason accurately. I offer that it is due to enculturation.
I have assembled enough facts and applied deductive reasoning to realize that all people are forced by the fact of helplessness at birth to submit to enculturation. It is probably, and I will not say certainly, necessary. No doubt it has been the method of survival and maturation for infants and children as far back in history as we can see. I realized a bit of reality by consequence of having been “reborn” fifty years ago by the attainment of unconditional love greater than self-love. That people have come by their psychology through enculturation was not something I could say using the word until I happened upon in my study. Check out what Wikipedia says about it: Enculturation is the process by which people learn the dynamics of their surrounding culture and acquire values and norms appropriate or necessary to that culture and its worldviews. As part of this process, the influences that limit, direct, or shape the individual (whether deliberately or not) include parents, other adults, and peers. If successful, enculturation results in competence in the language, values, and rituals of the culture.
Enculturation is related to socialization. In some academic fields, socialization refers to the deliberate shaping of the individual. In others, the word may cover both deliberate and informal enculturation.

History, as we think we know it, tells us of horrors committed by humans of unconscionable insanity, for insanity is the only condition of a human that can cause them. Though there is reason to suspect that slow mental ability and capacity improvements are causal in committing those horrors, it seems more likely to me that the shaping of psychology and, thereby, opinions and/or beliefs by enculturation are the cause. Such things are created and affirmed by the same influences. The logical conclusion leads to the need for making a move in life to start over and recreate oneself by one’s own intention. I did that very thing in 1971 and lost nearly all the enculturation that was on me at the moment of my rebirth through love.
I see with my own eyes that people are not acting or thinking independently. They are processing all sense input through the filter installed during maturation by the various influences involved in enculturation and socialization. People mature to be like the society that bore them. Deviations are slow and rare. They are seldom far afield of the socially dominant themes.
Not one of you will deny that drifting away from the “norms” brings social pressure by piers and society in general. After fifty years of experiencing that pressure, I can attest that it is not likely to be endured long by many. I have endured it, but only because my drift from the enculturation was caused by love. It gave me an invincible bliss as a constant condition and opened me to the truth regardless of the shock.
The truth cuts through the enculturation in shocking insights that could destroy a person who is not reinforced by the power of love. I give credit to God for everything, but that is personal. I know God as I know him. It is, in my understanding, a veritable miracle that God provides, tolerates, and blesses every living thing with the understanding of him that is right for them at the time and in the places they exist. It makes all opinions about him, though the gender pronoun I use here is a convenience, right and necessary. It does not confirm the validity of any. I think it is unlikely that we can know God well enough to feel validated in our understanding because we are human and have human capacities. But I see no need to be validated as long as we are progressing toward love and unity. The truth is the truth. When we are all joined in the Truth, we will be finally validated and God will be as known as a human existence can know. This is important to this article because the insanity of mankind is being perpetuated by people taking the mental conditions that is enculturated in them without seeking to remake themselves as they see fit.
People are taking their psychological makeup to their graves with them having never matured to independence. There is no independence in a person who stores the enculturation of childhood and recites it until they die. I have been flabbergasted countless times by the incessant and invariable recitation of the same stuff from practically everyone. I can present them with virtually any stimuli. They always respond within a very limited range of the infinity of possible responses. They seem to cling tenaciously to the foundation of their enculturation and react uncomfortably to influences that challenge their hold. Fear is undoubtedly a reason they do such things. Imagine the problem from God’s point of view.
No matter what your view of God, you can imagine a God that knows everything and sees all. If you can go a step further and consider God’s desire to be one that wants us all to love one another and have peace on Earth, you should be able to imagine the dilemma created by fear of the truth when is controverts fictions that are protected as though life depends on them. Even an atheist can entertain this indulgence. They cling to their atheism zealously and fear discovering it to be an error. This is but one problem manifesting in just one aspect of human experience. There must be billions of others. Thus, mankind has been and is insane in the aggregate.
The rejection of this analysis is nothing new to me. I expect it and predict it. I have been exposing people to it for fifty years and seen a range of reactions repeat for most of those years. Nothing new has come along in long time. This, of course, must be related to my limited range of people to expose to the stimuli; that being that people are insane. Tell anyone that all people are insane and see what I mean. They respond like robots. They don’t break out of the enculturation that dominates their view of reality and negates their ability to manifest a sane framework of stimuli and reaction.
Insanity needs defining, but I don’t have time at the moment to provide the definition I am using. I have my definition and use only mine when I write, speak, and think. I will offer only this; we do not have peace on Earth because people are insane. The first step toward sanity is unconditional love. Until that happen in a person, they are insane. The insanity varies in character and amount and is probably unique for every individual. Love is a universal power that aligns people with the truth and brings sanity to the human condition. We all know of the countless characters of history who have told us that love is the way, the answer. I found the answer in love and have been trying to help humanity and the universe to do likewise ever since.
I took upon myself the task of helping bring love to mankind. It put me on a path that I have not wavered from in five decades. I volunteered. My life has exposed me to experiences ever since that have been invaluable in my chosen mission. Some have been very painful and difficult. Some have been experiences I would not have chosen voluntarily, but chosen paths take us where they lead and I have followed with seriousness and purpose. It has brought me to today and this time writing this article. I think it is important to understand that we are insane as long as we are products of enculturation. We must recreate ourselves. We must make ourselves as we think best and never stop refining and advancing what we think of as best. Infinity beacons. We can respond to infinity in life, but we are responding to the call of death instead.
There I have put it into words. I love each and everyone of you even if I never become aware of you. I see you acting in accord to the enculturation that you experienced growing up. You believe that you are destined to die. It is a fiction. It is insane to seek death even when it is unconsciously sought. Even the subconscious is part of sanity and insanity. You think your survival depends on dying. You think you can live until you die by eating things you kill. In other words, you think life can be sustained by killing. Fictions are preventing life. Life is not the prolonged passage to death. Life can be sustained and death can be avoided. You don’t believe this. Like the children in Peter Pan, you have to believe to fly. I have heard all your responses to my words about death until I am bored with them. So, realize that what you are thinking right now is most likely more of the same nonsense I have been listening to for fifty years. It is crazy and you are crazy for thinking it. It is not your fault you have such thoughts. It is your omission that is perpetuating them and providing a false affirmation of them. You believe you will die and that everyone will; that everyone always has; that there is no alternative or escape; that God made it that way; and on and on until you reap what you sow and think it proves your fiction.
In closing, I want to tell you that these things I am saying about death and dying are only a fraction of the things I would tell everyone. Virtually everyone of them will cause you to think the insanity is mine. You will think you are the sane one because you know that death cannot be avoided and that everyone that has ever been has died with, for some of you, exceptions for Jesus, Mohamed, Elias, and a few others. I ask you, which would you honestly prefer, death or life? If it is insane to think there is a way to escape death, it will not avert what you think sanity tells you is inescapable. If you go crazy like me and become convinced that death is the result of insanity and error, and that this insanity will not save you from death, what do you have to lose? Your supposed and claimed sanity that death is inevitable will bear you to your death even if you go crazy and start thinking it is inevitable. I’m laughing at this sequence. It is just logic and it sounds funny.
I am hoping you will go crazy like me. You think my ideas about not dying and most of the others you haven’t even heard yet are crazy. I think you are crazy for thinking it, but if I am wrong you will lose nothing by joining me if you are correct. You think noting you think can save you from your death. So, why not try something different? If you can’t become a source of unconditional love and “take up your cross,” you can at least take up a new attitude that conflicts with the believes enculturation has installed in you like the programming of a computer without harm. How can it hurt you to attempt to reject death? I will tell right here that death is a mistake that results in reincarnation until you escape death and become able to “go to heaven” and return to the earth as a physical being at will. See? I am way more crazy than you think. I am happy to be crazy in your opinion because yours has given us a history so horrible it makes life on Earth seem more like hell than anything else.
Do you think that your opinions are something new? Ha! You have opinions about inventions that are new and you have opinions shaped by discoveries that are new, but they are all founded in the same nonsense that has made the popular history of man what it is. Death from old age, death from violence, death from errors, and death and more death is our history. Wars so horrible they are not easy to think about are our heritage. Genocides and pogroms, that is our history and the future is being created by the momentum of it all. It promises more death and destruction until someone like me has enough effect on people to get it changed. I cannot do it alone and I cannot do it at all. I can have influence and plant seeds. I can do my best, but together we can do more. Even then we cannot do it. It must come from God. With that statement I will make it the next to the last. I tell you this, your beliefs do not make reality. They only change the clay of reality. A clay statue is still clay. You all have ideas of about God, but God is God; “I am that I am” and nothing else. Reality is reality. The truth is the truth. Maybe the objections to these words will help you realize that mankind is crazy and has been crazy for a long time. Many people will argue that the truth is not the truth. I am not kidding.


Insanity Exposed in the 2020 Election

Whoever you are, it is time for you to face the facts. The USA has become the flagship of corruption. This nation has been the seat of unfair, illegal, seditious, brainwashing, anti-human agenda for many decades. In my seventy years of life, I have not seen an election that even came close to seeming fair and legal. Not one. I am so sick of the brainwashing forces trying to deter my notice and refute my comprehension. It is time for real human beings to cut the puppet strings and take charge of themselves.

The American people are not cognizant rational free individuals. They think they are, though. The forces arrayed against self-realization are formidable enough to make people think and believe whatever they want. It is worse than being puppets for it is the theft of reason. Without true and accurate reason, people be made to perform by manipulating what they believe. As conscripted believers they automatically take action to assist the forces arrayed against them, to defend those forces and assume attitudes of righteousness, moral high-ground, and superiority. Only the most indoctrinated and brainwashed people are unable to see that obvious truth. We are the American people, and we are guilt of countless atrocities committed around the globe for many decades because we think we are controlling a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. What we have is demonic people controlling the very minds of masses of people. It is not the other way around. Our governments, all of them, are of, by, and for some of the people. They have managed to get us to give great power to the people of their choosing so long now that there are career politicians who have forty or more years of experience in elected potions. It has become a closed segment of society like a gang of criminals working together. They protect the system that they exploit and each other knowing that if the facts ever become the ingredients of reason for enough people, the whole system will be destroyed. When they were surprised by the election of someone from outside the network, they immediately deployed all their forces to protect the system and remove the threat. That threat is embodied in one Donald J. Trump.

The history of US politics and society over the last four to five years should have already given enough people the hidden facts to affect some much-needed changes. It has not. The proof is now quite obvious. The system is working. It is corrupt and dangerous. It knows that if the truth ever escapes their chains, the end will soon follow, and many people will have to go to prison and many more will have to get different jobs. Their only defense, the only way they can protect themselves, is to tighten their hold on the minds of the people. The news stations around the world have been deployed. The politicians have gotten in line. The agencies at all levels have joined forces with them to attempt to overturn the realization of corruption caused by some stupid actions of some very corrupt people. It is working fairly well, for there are many people already believing that the 2020 election was fair and legal.

Donald Trump told the world in 2016 that our elections are rigged. That is the word he used. He was correct and I have known it all my life as an adult. Millions of us know it, and millions more would if they had the courage to face it. Talking-heads are neglecting protocols they themselves created so they can refute the charges of the president to the American people. They would not presume to attempt to refute them to the president. They don’t need to if they can convince enough people that there were no improprieties in the election. They think can, too. They know things that I know and that they don’t realize I know. I have been forced by paying attention to know that our entire social system with all its levels of operations is riddled with corruption so thoroughly that it has become a closed system that protects itself and those who are part of it from the justice honest people demand. It is just a part of the problems of life, and the other ones are even worse. They have done greater harm far longer than this nation has existed. I am going to attempt to get you to know them right now.

Millions of people, I know many of them, have been so heavily indoctrinated they are psychologically averse to realizing the truth. They self-medicate against all input that would help them like junkies taking another shot of propaganda. I was forced to recite a pledge in school starting in the first year of school. In a world of billions of people who believe whole-heartedly that a child of less than about eighteen years of age is not competent to enter into a legal contract, parents have been happily, even proudly, forcing their children to make vows to a fictitious entity. You don’t even realize that the “one nation under God” is a fictitious entity. If it were not we could take it by the neck and strangle it to death. The Pledge of Allegiance is just a minor fraction of the brainwashing. A far greater one is the brainwashing the parents are committing by allowing their children to be indoctrinated the say way they themselves were.

In a world that has millions of people who are sure that God is a fictitious entity, the governments are taken as real and vital things that are there to protect and serve them, to give them national pride so powerful it is easy to get millions to take up arms and commit acts of violence in the name of something that has no physical form at all but has immense power. As is typical, the profundity of what I am trying to express staggers me still, and I have been trying to express it for fifty years. I wish the problem was limited to the mindless empowerment of fictitious entities. That would be a manageable problem. It is so much deeper and complex than that, the momentum may be too great for any human power to avert annihilation.

Current estimates indicate thirteen thousand four hundred and ten nuclear weapon worldwide. The power of each is far greater than the ones this nation dropped on Japan in the last world war. That is the proud number made public as a decrease from over seventy thousand. The number is decreased but the power of each has increased along with the delivery systems. There is enough nuclear material to end all life on this planet, to make it more like our moon, a lifeless globe. The bombs are one-time sources of trouble, while the nuclear power plants are long-time sources. The nuclear arsenal of the world is a minor fraction of the total global investment in violence.

The military might of the world is created instead of other things. That people are not forcing global peace upon the entire human population for no other reason than the fact that we could be doing things that make our lives better instead is a visible symptom of mass insanity. The people of this world are crazy. That is just a hard fact. Peace is the result of sane people doing sane things together. There has never been peace. Never. Moments of reduced violence is not peace. When military might is the focus of human effort, peace is not present at all. The insanity that has given us the world we have is systemic.

The world did not grow cities, conduct global wars, establish governments, or develop technology. The world did not cover itself with roads, buildings, and parking lots. Nature did not destroy the vegetation so rapaciously for so long that the average mean temperature of the planet increases. Man did it. Man did it all, the good and the bad. I say the bad far out weighs the good, that it is insanity that caused it, and insanity that prevents people from realizing it.

Let me ask you a simple question; do you think you know everything? Unless we know everything, we are not capable of joining together to create power greater than one human body can create and managing it sanely. Let me put it this way; it is like building millions of vehicles that a monkey can operate, putting monkeys in them, and letting them do what they will. No offense to monkeys. They don’t know how to drive safely, but they could be taught. I can’t say the same about people. They don’t seem to be able to be taught or to learn. That is why we have had many thousands of years of violence, conflict, suffering, and death. No matter how bad it gets, we just keep on going without ever realizing that we are destroying ourselves and every other living thing. That is why we are a global population of nations, races, beliefs, and opinions. We are so crazy we can’t even make peace. We are so crazy we can’t even have religious and spiritual beliefs peacefully. It has become so bad millions of people have opposite beliefs.

Mankind has murdered countless people (the number could be in the many millions) for having religious beliefs contrary to those of the faction in power. In one historical incident, “On Friday, 13 May 1239, 183 men and women convicted of Catharism were burned at the stake on the orders of Robert le Bougre.” This was done at the end of a long war that razed towns and killed as many as twenty thousand Cathars for having religious beliefs that differed with the dominant Catholic beliefs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catharism Don’t take my word for it. The information is easily found, and it is not the start of the end of insanity regarding deity and religious practices. None of it was done by nature, not even human nature. None of it was sane. It has not stopped yet.

The violence over religious beliefs continues today. But the violence is actually not the worst of it. If all we have to rise above is religious controversy, we would already be at world peace. We are not even close. We are facing a world populated by many billions of people acting in accordance with psychology that is totally off the scale of insanity. Just go the internet and search for the list of wars. We have records that go back thousands of years. It has been constant wars. The list is unbelievable long. That is not the behavior of same people. It is the opposite. The degree varies and it manifests in inconceivable numbers of ways, but history makes it very clear. Until the degree of sanity is one hundred percent, insanity is the diagnosis. Until people can determine all the effects of their actions and thoughts, they don’t know what they are doing. And until them, they should not be given great power. You don’t give your one-year-old a loaded gun. But you will give a politician the nuclear football. You will give yourself to the military and your devotion to following orders. You will vote in an election without once stopping to think about the fact that you are giving tacit approval to a nation that is giving unfathomable power to faulty humans. Only people of Angelic perfection can be trusted with such power. Tell me, is it Biden or Trump? Wow! That question falls far short of the issue of the day.

The election has revealed the corruption of our nation. It is saturated with corruption beyond the common faults of human beings. There is systemic corruption that is being protected by deflecting attention to systemic racism. While the people struggle over racism, the corruption that threatens the lives of all living things including us goes on without notice. When something happens that brings it out into the open the forces of brainwashing go into overtime to make sure it does not result in too many people seeing it. Before it is too late to prevent the realization, the indoctrination forces plug the leak of truth like submariners plug water leaks. It is as old as the Kennedy murders at least. The system protects itself. The people participating in it might be so crazy and biased they think they are doing the right things, but they are not. They could be people who willfully choose evil instead of good.

I can go on like this beyond the time available to me. But I must close this with mention of the pedophilia that has been exposes across the globe. There is no excuse that can remove the stigma of willful evil from people who hurt babies. I will not elaborate but to add that those people are also victims of the same insanity that has dominated the lives of humans since the beginning. I hope that the awareness of the pedophile rings is enough to help you realize the evil is among us and that many are choosing it willfully.

I know that many people are confused regarding the word evil. It has been attacked by evil until even the concept has become lost on the people. If you are so confused you are unable to grant willful choice of evil to pedophiles, that is why. Evil tries to stay hidden and unnoticed. Evil denies evil so efficiently and adroitly, and for so long now, that the very concept is clouded, and evil has taken the dominant positions of power in this world we were born into.

It was like this when we got here. Each generation is subjected to the world as it was when they arrived, and it has been so insane for so long that most people are simply insane and don’t realize it. Instead, they think they have the moral and ethical high ground even when millions of others think the same thing from completely opposite views. We must meet regarding the matter of pedophilia and cooperate to put a stop to it. That might help shed light on our insanity and bring it to an end. We are all crazy and we had better find out exactly how and where. Strive for perfection. Strive for unconditional love beyond love for one’s self, which is at an all-time low right now. You can see it in the hate that affected the 2020 election.

Millions of people were whipped into hate for Donald Trump. None of them actually know the man. Many of them don’t even know their own spouses, but they think they know Trump well enough to hate him with enough passion to commit crimes against him. The feel totally justified in their hatred because they believe what the system that protects the corrupt and ensures great power will remain available tells them. It is a travesty overtly demonstrated by people who don’t know what they are doing or what is going on. I say that is insanity. There is a small chance that Trump is powerful enough to prove that the news if fake, the elections are rigged, politics is a swamp of corruption, and that the educational system is part of the organized criminal gang that is committing unfathomable crimes against humanity and life itself.