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Netflix WWII Series and The Power of the People

An amazing series on Netflix called the Greatest Events of WWII is an ordeal to watch. It is filled with colorized footage from that debacle. It really is a feat. Don’t watch it unless you have lots of fortitude.

My take away from it is the valor and fortitude of the people of the world. Though they were put to horrible tasks, their character came through. The people are the great people. The leaders of the great people are demons, idiots, psychopaths, and targets for justice. There could never be a war without leaders. There would never have been any world wars, civil wars, revolutionary wars or any other kind of wars without someone leading the normal people into them. Where most Americans think the government was instituted among men to secure the blessing of liberty the truth is that they were established to control the overwhelming power of the people so that a small percentage of the people can live as over arrogant wealthy people of great luxury, leisure and feelings of superiority.