Annual Wealth Per Person

Annual Wealth Per Person

For all the people of the world there is an annual wealth creation of about $11,000. Putting it into dollars is misleading and only helpful in visualizing what humans are doing.

The people of the world are working hard. We are producing new wealth every year. Some of it gets added to the legacy of man. The annual creation of eleven thousand dollars for every human alive regardless of any demographic is just what we make every year. It is not the wealth that has already been created and added to the world as some more or less permanent physical thing like roads, buildings and everything else. It also does not include intellectual creations or past intellectual creations. It is just what we are creating every year using everything we already have and what we have discovered, learned and imagined. You can visit this site to get some numbers and charts:

I am posting this because I want you all to realize that we are creating too much. We are working ourselves to death and killing the world with this incessant production. With something as simple as world peace, we could all take it much easier and enjoy much better lives with much more security and safety. You are the people. You have all the power. All we need to do is start using it for everyone instead of for wars, to make some rich, to create systems of immense power run by other people and instead of squandering it. Consider it a rallying call. All we need is common purpose.

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