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Love Will End It

There are so many things going on all at the same time! A human cannot even conceive it all and much less comprehend it. So, we probably need to find a way to cope. Things are building up to something. The power of man is far too dangerous to be in the hands of man. Listening to the opinions of the people makes hope a flicker in the distance. Eventually, or else, we must just stop and let things simmer down. It seems that people are forgetting the nuclear potential. It is time to stop all this dangerous nonsense and step out of this quagmire and into the garden. We cannot go on like this much longer. You know this. How long will we torment others and kill them over god? How long will we debate and battle over how to conduct society. D.C. already looks like a military base. Bombs are exploding across the globe. We are creating horrors unimaginable. If people could see what is happening, they would drop to their knees and stop. Eventually, we must admit that our opinions are irrelevant. Only the Truth matters. How long will we kill one another because of our opinions? It is totally insane. We have put ourselves on the brink and piled boulders against our retreat. It is not too late. I would not be able to write these words if it were. Only Love can save us now.

Love is the only thing that ever could save us. It is not liberty, democracy, capitalism, socialism, communism, economics, inventions, discoveries, education or anything other than Love. Only Love can set us free. Only Love can save us. How much love does it take to create Love? Ask Jesus. Ask Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, ask the many who have tried to show us, who lived the example. Many love, but too few Love. Love is the answer, but love is a way to Love. I know of no better way to distinguish between them. Capital letters! They work. Hurry to Love. We can graduate when we get there. People are getting there more every day, some before others, but all will. It does not put one above another to arrive before. Love doesn’t work that way. When you get there, you will turn to help those still arriving. Hurry!

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