The Shutdown and the Apocalypse

The Shutdown and the Apocalypse

As more and more business are permanently closed due to government orders, catastrophe beyond pandemic fatalities becomes more likely and more obviously worse than fatalities by disease. The fragility of civilization should be obvious to average intelligence and knowledge. I fear this fact is lost on the people. Seven billion people convulsing in panic is a horror to contemplate, but it is becoming a horror to contend with. Since average intelligence and knowledge can realize that government is shutting the economy down around the globe, it should be evident to the least intelligent and uninformed that it is being done intentionally.

Can the economy be shut down by orders from governments unintentionally? Are the consequences too difficult to comprehend? As is always the case, you may think what you will. But I remind you that even God cannot save you from your own will. You can think there is no possibility that some would like to see the global civilization collapse. Sure you can. You can be an idiot. You can ignore fire and burn to a crisp. You can tie others to posts and build fires beneath their feet when there are enough who want to join you. To think for a moment that the economy can suffer the damage already sustained by the orders of the government without catastrophe is also something you can do of your own will. How many times have those who intend to do harm to others been successful because they were able to surprise their victims?

There is a massive effort underway to dispose the people to fail to notice a surprise attack coming. Fools and idiots are not alone in the failure to notice. Few are exempted. Even when population reduction is publicly advanced as a necessity and a desire by those who have wealth and power beyond average human comprehension, the people remain oblivious. They have been assaulted stealthily long enough to ensure the surprise.

Modern technology has been put to the purposes of those who have power. They find themselves living in great luxury and leisure threatened by population growth. Feelings of superiority and entitlement have given them deep disdain and hate for the people. In a world only a couple of centuries into the abolition of slavery, the characteristic that allows a human being to own slaves, has not had enough time to disappear. It is not just alive and well. It is thriving. Modern technology has been purposed to the control of the people. The people in general do all the labor that provides the luxury and leisure of the self-proclaimed superior entitled. This translates to enslavement. The investment in modern communications technology, be it television, radio, telephone, computers, internet, social media, or even the media in general, was voluntary. Even is some college student or garage computer builder brought it to the world, the investment came only from those who had it to invest. That is the way of things in this world.

Only the most conditioned and enculturated are incognizant of the fact that money is invested to bring new things into popular use and acceptance. It does not happen any other way. The sanctity of business has been manifest in modern man using the power of conditioning and enculturation. “It’s only business,” is a con. It is a hypnotic spell. Countless atrocity has been committed in the name of business and a builtin acceptance was preinstalled in the hearts and minds of the people who serve those who use business to perpetuate the luxury and leisure they enjoy. The poor masses have missed the building cataclysm. It is not too late.

People are far more than modern brainwashing techniques can dominate. The words you are reading right now is proof enough. My first and most urgent desire of everyone is that they realize the innocent pleasures they enjoy are fueling their worst enemies. It’s business that supplies them. it is business that can defeat them. Nearly everything we do in this world is a source of money for those who have orchestrated the world of business. We are like solar panels that create great power by buying things and activities. We must come to understand this and decide what we want to do about it.

It is clear to me that everyone in this world can live better than the richest people in the world. That is something that is not being permitted the masses of humanity to know. They must, instead, hold a fiction up to be reality that there is simply not enough nor can there be enough even to sustain at survival level the huge human population without destroying the natural world, much less provide them with the luxury and leisure those who hold the fiction up enjoy. It is not true. The universe is infinite.

Notice that the space programs are put on hold. Notice that technology that can control the people is receiving more funding. Even technology that can dispose of billions of human dead is fully developed already. The Georgia Guidestones announce and vow to eliminate about six and half billion people. The cry of alarm is ringing across the planet. Hopefully, this post will help more to hear it. The shutdown is going to bring billions to their end, and soon. We must stop it. Those who are perpetrating it are few. We are many.

500 Children In Trouble

500 Children In Trouble

The last presidential debate featured a point of contention regarding a terrible plight of children.  An issue of five hundred children being held at the border was brought up. They were caught in an illegal act and are being held at the border until they can be reunited with their parents. The children were taken into custody while attempting to illegally enter the USA. Some were accompanied by parents or family and some were not. The hearts of good people are torn by the suffering of children.  The politicians know this. That is why challenger Joe Biden brought it up in an important debate that was already too brief to address the issues that concern the nation and, by association, the world.

President Trump pointed out the children are being held in facilities created at the border during the Obama administration. He did not deny that children are held at the border and it appears to be factual. According to the Associated Press, who investigated the detention centers in 2014 and took pictures, the photos that were circulated to muster censure of the president were those same photos taking when Obama and Biden were running the executive office. They further explain that the so-called cages are spaces made using chain link fencing and that the facilities met federal standards. The children are not being held with their parents as is always done when children are involved in illegal activities of parents. We do not put children in jail with their parents.

Evidently many Americans need to become better informed about the legal system of the United States of America. There are separate systems for adults and juveniles. There are separate facilities for incarcerating males, females, and juveniles. Juveniles have separate laws and legal systems. In none are there children being detained or incarcerated with parents. For some reason this fact is ignored in the presidential debates and in all legal matters but illegal border crossings. The hypocrisy of such thoughts and passions are infuriating and disillusioning. It no longer makes sense to expect humans to make sense. In political matters people can be counted on to be irrational, ignorant, and hypocritical. This writer finds it infuriating.

The President countered that the parents of the children cannot be found and that many were not accompanied by parents while attempting the illegal entry. Evidently, some people hire professionals, coyotes, to help them come into the USA illegally. Records show that when the plight of children captured attempting to come in the USA illegally was brought to his attention, the Trump administration reduced efforts to protect our borders because he was moved by love and concern for the  children. This according to the Associated Press. He also posted a tweet asking the Democrat Party to put a stop to the separation of children from their parents at the border. None of this came out during the debate, and the process was not halted. I should not be halted, either.

It is long past time for the people to face the fact that there are far too many people in the USA and the world who demonically take pleasure in torturing and killing little children. The law is arresting thousands of them and, like other crimes, it is estimated that those arrested represent but a small percentage of the total. Sex slavery has been exposed. Pedophile rings broken up and children rescued. Countless children are being shipped in the USA illegally to supply the demand for demonic perversions. Many are captured at the border between Mexico and the USA. How are they to be reunited with their parents if they are not detained? Are they torn from the arms of frantic parents when caught at the border? Some are.

The Child Protective Services of Texas and other states will take children from parents who break laws. They take the kids before trial. Due process is abandoned in such cases. It is said to be in the best interest of the children. It is more often not in the best interest of the children and totally against their best interests. The laws of the USA, state and federal, include capitalist activities supplying demand make illegal by a minority of the people. This is the case with the marijuana laws. All drug laws are prohibitions instituted to prevent people from doing what they want to themselves. The land of the free. None of this was mentioned in the debate.

Joe Biden hoped to cast a darkness over his opponent in the election to the nation’s highest office by making the plight of the children the fault of Donald Trump. Undoubtedly many aligned with Biden to censure and condemn Trump for doing such a horrible thing to innocent children. Those who did are disconnected from facts and truth. They are hypocrites who fail the test of virtue and honor so integral to the healthy function of government.

As is common among mankind, opinions are formed and embraced in much the same way as are lovers. Reason and rationality are not always involved. Wisdom sometimes has no part in it. Passions are central to the adoption of opinions. As though the lust of the loins, people are excited to passions when someone tells them of injustice to children.  The tender love for children and the passions for their care compels most humans to emotional actions that fail to conform to logic and often overwhelm good sense. As the world convulses over anonymous children separated from parents who brought them at risk of life and liberty to the US border and got caught then evidently disappeared, thousands upon thousands of other children are being torn from their parents within this nation and the world for crimes that should never be crimes. No politician is fanning the flames of passion for those children. So, no passion flames. Where are the champions for the children when you really need them?

Evidently millions of American people have no problem with American children being taken from parents who get caught selling marijuana. In the debate Biden admitted to the mistake he made in the eighties that put millions of Americans in prison for using drugs. Trump missed his opportunity when he didn’t condemn Biden for taking children from their parents due to that mistake. I wonder if the people are fully aware of the children being torn from their loving parents by the FBI, Sheriffs, Marshalls, DEA agents, Highway Patrol, and all other law enforcement agencies who break down doors in the middle of the night and immediately grab the little kids from their beds and take them away. The terror is unthinkable. I know such people and their children.

The parents were arrested, and children put into detention and then into foster care as soon as possible. I don’t know how they were kept or treated while foster care was arranged. I shudder to even think of it. Little kids I love and adore have been treated that way.  No trail was conducted first. The kids were taken right away. In some of the cases, the parents faced life in prison without the possibility of parole even though they had never broken any other laws and were fine loving people. Too many people are so stupid and brainwashed they believe parents who sell marijuana are bad people. They approve of letting the law have the children taken away and adopted while the parents live out their lives in prison.  It is not right, and the people are doing nothing to right it. They are instead, condoning it and applauding it. Hypocrites rule the world. It makes me sick and want to condemn mankind for the sins of some. Countless murderers are being released from prison while drug dealers, even young one, are dying of old age in prisons. Outrage by good people is missing.

Outrage over the children in the border patrol stations is justified, but the people are not who are not equally outraged over to those children who are torn from the arms of loving parents for breaking laws admitted mistakes uncorrected. A politician who admits a mistake that does irreparable damage to good people and allows it to continue should be banned from government forever and condemned.  People who can be swept into passion by politicians while being silent over far more and far greater travesty are not worthy of the privilege and responsibility of voting. The drug laws are a travesty. They are crimes against humanity supported by people who have lost their minds. Biden confessed to realizing this. Too late! Even now he makes no objection to the laws that take away children from people who sell marijuana and commit no moral breach or break any other laws. He professes only that drug users should be helped instead of incarcerated; undoubtedly prompted by his son’s drug problems. You can rely on the fact that drug users are being stripped of their children as fast as they can be found. Until all drug laws are removed from our world, there can be no moral outrage over the children of parents caught trying to break into the USA. Selective outrage is the folly of fools. Ignorance will not excuse people from the consequences of the law. So how can being so ignorant of the horrors committed in one’s own back yard excuse people? The exposure of those who can be swept into passions by politicians and the media should be seen for what it is, stupidity made a tool of unscrupulous people who don’t deserve to raise children. Will you allow the government to be run by people who manipulate ignorance and perpetuate injustice? The ignorant need to become more informed regarding the children all around them.

Can it be that the people of this nation are unaware of the multitude of little children being put up for adoption or into foster care? I doubt it. I think people are just stupid and lazy. They are cowards who will permit the world to be destroyed beneath their feet instead of getting up and taking action to stop it. They are permitting millions of human lives to be destroyed for using or selling drugs while the world’s largest drug dealers have their approval, the pharmaceutical dealers. It is not easy to maintain composure when the light of truth reveals reality too horrible to abide. The elections desperately need the light of truth cast upon them, before it become impossible to abide.

We are voting right now. People will be chosen to wield unconscionable power. As has been the case for generations, a slight majority of legal and eligible voters will participate. Think of what that means. Some will decide for the rest whether they like it or not, whether it is right or not, regardless of everything the power will be condoned and granted, even by a minority of the people.  In 2016 about 58.1 percent (reports vary) or 138 million of the eligible votes bothered to vote. Reports say there are over 200 million eligible to vote. The candidates who wins will take the power of the office and determine much for the three hundred million of the USA and the near eight billion of the world.

The fact is that nearly half of the eligible voters don’t even vote, and a paltry thirty percent of the eligible voters appoints the power. It is also a fact that many voters are too ignorant of politics and elections to be considered informed electorate. It is likely that few voters are informed enough to make wise choices.  Thus, great power is being assigned without unanimous approval or wisdom. This is why the ridiculous ploy on the sympathy of the listers for the children detained at the border was even mentioned, much less emphasized. They know the people are fools who can be counted on to be fools. They predetermine the safety of myriad injustices done to children even when a specific incidence is made the focus of a presidential debate. They are correct.

I am being hard on people. I mean to be. This does not mean I don’t love them. My love is unconditional. My approval is not. My assessment of a person is personal and judgmental. It is my duty and that of every single human to be the judge of any and all. Murder is all too common to let one’s assessment of others falter. Theft, larceny, fraud, and countless other abuses are done by humans and to walk among them without regard to their character is foolish. I am not going to allow a pedophile to be a friend. No murderer can join me in my personal life. We have to be selective. Everyone is whether they admit it or not. It is not easy to gain my approbation and even harder to hold it. The problem with this is that people are not smart enough, informed enough, rational enough, or loving enough to judge accurately. If they were there would be not evil among us. But we are still bound to attempt it.

Obvious character faults are easy disqualifications, but the subtle ones require unlimited knowledge and wisdom. People hide their evil and present personas to focus our attention.  Discernment depends on all that can be brought to the process. As I learn, my discernment becomes more rigorous. I intend to justify myself here. No pretense. No fake character. I will judge you. Yes! I have to. But I agree with the statement of John Locke, “Every man has commission to admonish, exhort, convince another of error, and by reasoning to draw him into truth: …” (A Letter Concerning Toleration) I am admonishing mankind as a whole. I am attempting to exhort, convince and draw mankind into the truth regarding most things, but being hard on them for demonstrating so ridiculous an hypocrisy as Joe Biden attempted to exploit so people can be fooled into believing him to be a moral and loving champion for justice to children. That he would do such a thing is testimony from his own lips to his corruption.

 I live to be as good as I can determine good to be. I strive to manifest the virtues and expand my understanding so I can better conform to virtue. Everyone will be compared to my best example of the best I can be. What else would be right? Shall I approve of everyone without discretion? I shall love them without discretion. I have since 1971 and will continue to. I will not condone all they do. I will not be deceived if possible. My only desire is for the fulfillment of all and that only so we can reach the beginning of something I have seen in my mind’s eye. Some call it “on earth as it is in heaven.” Some call it paradise. I call it the beginning of infinity. I’ll settle for nothing less.

Human behavior is the issue. We are tasked with the conduction of our own behavior. We are affected by the behavior of others. That is basis of the importance of human judgment. The judgment of man has formed the basis of government and social organization for thousands of years. The US government was founded on the opinion that man is basically bad, and that government must be established to have peace. It is the same the world over. Religion is rooted not in love for God but fear of man and established as a deterrent and influence for good and peace. This and many other things testify to the folly and foolishness of mankind for there would be no need of either if man was not foolish and prone to folly.  This election is folly and farce perpetuating the foolishness and testifying to it. Idiots banding together and using the power of the group to do what no man can do alone is what I was born into seventy years ago. What am I to do? My only answer is love and truth.

Before I close the diatribe, I want to say unequivocally leaving no room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding that the truth does not hurt. How the world came to the stupid notion that the truth hurts is a dramatic comedy. It is the lack of truth that hurts and the misrepresentation of the facts that hurts. Bad choices result from both. Our lives are going to continue to be more a matter of our choices than they are of the natural laws and powers. We are going to make some bad choices again this year. We are going to engage in harsh and even violent controversy over choices that are not choices at all without even realizing what we are doing. We should be discussing ways to make peace and prosperity for all instead of who to give power that should not even exist. Where is the question regarding the continuation of global power? It is not whether or not to have government we ask at election time. It is only who would we like to give the power the government wields. It surely is an important choice, but one that prevents other more important choices. While the candidates bicker over the abuse of little children to pluck the heartstrings of the people, the monster is devouring the world. Countless children are being tortured to death, abused, taken from their parents, and damaged for life while the people sit idly by proudly feeling virtuous by their outrage over the five hundred at the border. Holy smokes!

Facebook Has Been Judged

Facebook Has Been Judged

 I came to my judgment of Facebook. I am removing my presence. I encourage, no! beg, you all to do the same. They are getting incredible power from us. I had to ask myself if I want them to have it and the answer was a definite NO. Money is power. It has become more powerful than the government of the United States of America. This cannot be allowed to continue. Our freedom and lives are at stake.

I have to try to get people to understand the power of money. It seems to me that it should not be necessary because it is so obvious. It is necessary, though. Why? Because people are allowing something they would never allow if they did. The quality of your life and everyone else is in the hands of people who have a lot of money. Slavery gave them less control over the lives of slaves. If people do not hurry to comprehend the reality of money, the future will not be to their liking. The same human characteristic that made it possible for otherwise rational people to own, sell, and work slaves is operating in some of the people who have money.

There is a famous quote that succinctly expresses the power of money. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Some say Mayer Rothschild said it, but it really doesn’t matter. The idea does. It tells us that our governments, laws, and society are not as powerful as money. Survival has become dependent on the ability to get money. Those who have the money, thereby, control what you have to do to get some it. That is why I don’t want Mark Zuckerberg nor many others to have it. More than not wanting him or some particular person to have wealth, I don’t want anyone to have wealth in the amounts he and many others have it.

It is too easy to get money when there is noting one would not do to get it. Most people “draw a line in the sand” they would not cross for money. Some don’t. Are we to allow them to acquire power through money? We are! Most of us don’t do anything about it and, the world has already been changed so much by them the only way to live is by money. Exceptions are irrelevant. We have to get money to live. That fact reveals how money has subjugated us to those who control the money. We can see from it that governments have lost their power to money. It is strange indeed that we can subjugated ourselves to the will of people with money by contributing to their power.

I enjoyed using Facebook. I didn’t use it to empower someone with great power. I doubt anyone does. But that is so irrelevant is boggles the mind. It doesn’t matter why you use Facebook. Doing so puts vast wealth (power) into the hands of Mark Zuckerberg and others. Billions of people empower him to have his own space program. Using Facebook has given him and others the power to change the world against the will of the people. It is not a just a possibility to change the world. It is already done and goes on. The internet has changed the world quickly and dramatically. But it is being used by Facebook and others to change people.

I don’t want anyone to have power to change me. We all change each other by association but changing people by controlling information should be against laws. It is not. It is even protected. “In addition to offering liability protection for the content that companies leave on their sites, Section 230 also allows the companies to remove content or limit its visibility without facing civil liability so long as they act “in good faith.” That is a quote from regarding Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. Though designed and intended to keep people from using the internet for illegal activities such as child pornography and sex slavery. That law is being used to protect the companies from the law. They are intentionally using it to manipulate people by censoring and by repetition. They don’t let information they don’t agree with to be seen and they repeat those things they want people to believe. Can you just sit by and keep giving them that power so you can enjoy a social network? Yep! You damn sure are! It is one of the oldest and worst sins, the sin of omission. You are giving the wrong people power over your life, my life, all life, and the environment. Just so you can play, you are taking part in a horrible process that depends on you for the power to do it. Does it now seem necessary for me to explain to you how money is power?

Facebook is defying the law and the government with evident impunity by selecting what will be available on the site. The 2020 election is being target by the power of Facebook. Others are cooperating.

This is outrageous. The impeachment of Donald Trump over election meddling only shows us how serious the issue is. Does it have to come from another nation to be “meddling?” Hell no! Freedom of the press has lost its impact on the hearts and minds of too many people. The freedom of the press should not include the power to sway people by omitting news, facts, and information nor by suppressing efforts to bring them to the public. When such is done to assist a politician win an election, it is nothing less than corruption. Facebook and other social media along with many other forms of media are engaging in vote meddling using their power to manipulate the information available to the voters.

The extent of the power is not limited to the great wealth being acquired by Mark Zuckerberg ($111 billion according to the last inquiry) and others. The site is being used to accomplish social agenda. While we have fun exchanging posts and interacting, the administrators of the site are deciding what to allow and what not to allow. There is no objective presentation of what you can see and post. The world had become keenly aware of this now, but it took some serious effort to bring it out to the public’s knowledge. That fact speaks to the agenda they seek to accomplish.

Studies have shown that millions of people are relying of social media for information. This makes it possible for social media to affect the information people use to make important decisions, such as voting and purchasing. We must have true data to make our decisions. It must be unbiased as much as possible and, more importantly, be comprehensive. Controversial issues require a fair report of all sides of issues for rational decisions. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, and Apple are intentionally preventing such reporting. The wrong involved in such activities will likely be a topic of debate for some time. Not for me. I have decided. It is terribly wrong, and I do not intend to contribute to wrong by inaction. Billions are not so inclined.

Nearly three billion people use Facebook. It’s fun, but sometimes it destroys friendships and family relations, too. Communicating by using short bursts of text is a terrible way to exchange. The number of people who have broken relationships due to failure to communicate accurately is huge. Furthermore, spending time in virtual friendship keeps us from spending real time with friends and family. The effects are still waiting for researchers to thoroughly analyze them, but my own experiences and those reported to my by others puts the conflicts above acceptable levels. Conflicts executed person to person are more likely to be resolved than those done on social media. The general effect of the social media is negative enough to warrant its disuse, but there are far greater negative impacts.

Money is power. The power of money is used outside the age-old systems that have brought mankind many thousands of years of survival. Civilizations rise and fall. Many have come and gone such as Rome, Greek City States, Mayan, and most others. Causes range widely and many are still unknow. But mankind has lasted. We have changed the forms of our civilizations learned from mistakes. In modern history governments have evolved to protect the people and their property. Today, governments have lost power to the power of money. So, who has the power?

It is easy to consult the internet to see who has lots of money, but the information is being screened by them. Even when you look up the richest people in the world, a long list of others is excluded. You can see it said in the fine print. Royalty and religions are not listed. We elect people to represent us in our government, but the real power is in the hands of those who have the money. In the USA, money determines the winner in most elections. Policy of government is lobbied by people with money. Special interests get their way and corrupt our public officials. The power of the people to protect themselves and govern themselves has been stolen by money used as power. The world is being changed by them. Their opinions become laws. What they like becomes the focus of human cooperation in society. Privat people are now involved in space programs. The entire monetary system of the world is the domain of a small number of people. They create money at will or take it away when they want. The world has been put through depressions that decimated the people. Wars so huge they are called world wars have destroyed the infrastructure created over centuries and millions of people have died in them. Billions have been negatively affected and the entire human population may never recover. We are dangerously close the collapse of civilization that could end mankind completely. We must take the power back, remove it from people we don’t know and would not trust if we did. Governments were established to prevent such a thing, but they have lost the power to money.

 Our world is dominated by corporations. They have been given the status equal to that of a human as a result of their power. Vast amounts of money have been generated and horded. Time has given us the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Carnegie, and many others. Now we have a high technology that has put immense money into the hands of some very young people. Zuckerberg is said to be the youngest person to become a billionaire. Bill Gates has amassed incredible wealth and engaged in his own concepts of what to do with it. Unelected people are replacing government as the director of human future. After considering the people who are deriving power from social media, I have decided I don’t want them to have any power over my life or the lives of my loved one. They are not content to enjoy their fortunes. They could live in peace and leisure enjoying great luxury and freedom, but they don’t. Instead, they want to do things to change the world.

We cooperate in society for our mutual benefit and create great power by doing so. We must be careful about it.

It is not being directed by the will of the people but by the will of its owner and others. I proclaim it is being used against the survival, happiness, prosperity, and reason of mankind. It is at least likely, though certain in my opinion, being used to damage the fulfillment of mankind for the purposes of self-serving and deranged purposes. Those purposes can be halted by removing your contributions.

Self-serving purposes are all deranged purposes by deranged persons. To attempt to attain personal fulfillment at the expense of the fulfillment others is both illogical and stupid. Though the understanding is still in the future for most of mankind, it is not possible to be totally fulfilled until all are fulfilled. Our time is one of masses of mankind having no understanding of fulfillment. So few have thought of themselves as fulfilled, and few have attempted to gain a rational understanding of what exactly personal fulfillment is, experience has yet to bring it into the main body of human understanding. Philosophy expounds this in treatises about Enlightened Self-interest.

Understanding fulfillment stands as a point of false and incomplete information with which to understand it. As a person who has enjoyed personal fulfillment for nearly fifty years, I can tell you that it is not enough. I have spent my fulfilled time in pursuit of methods that will speed the fulfillment of all mankind. Personal fulfillment is empty until everyone else becomes fulfilled. Then all will be right at that point. Henceforth, the adventure actually begins. Until then, all is calamity and death.  Moments of happiness and joy, even personal fulfillment, do not negate the calamity and death. It has been so for so long death and calamity are subconsciously accepted as inexorable and absolute laws. Until mankind rises beyond such misperceptions, we will have a surface changing version of history that never changes substantively. Self-serving people have dominated the world since the beginning. History is the repetition of that domination changing form and other surface characteristics without changing fundamentally. This is acknowledged, at least subconsciously, when people say, “The rich get richer and the poor stay poor.”

I think self-serving people have the same innate drive for fulfillment we all have. I think it is an innate drive for all that live regardless of species. Since power over others is quickly attained by those who seek only their own personal fulfillment regardless of others and unrestrained by any ethic, morality, or empathy, history is dominated by stories of such individuals. Mankind’s predilection with stratification of individuals in some form of pyramid ranking of worth and reward has existed too long already. Some enjoy unfathomable riches in the presence of others starving to death for lack. After indeterminable years of such arrangements, calamity and death have been the only constant. No amount of power or wealth can bring one fulfillment. Instead, the attainment of either or both forces those who attain to face a fact that is as natural as gravity; wealth and power do not bring personal fulfillment. Love is the only path to personal fulfillment, and personal fulfillment is not enough to sate the drive of life. The fulfillment of all must come for the satisfaction of natural human life’s natural and inherent drives. We are living in the times of self-serving people of immense power and wealth. Their ways threaten the existence of life itself on this planet.

Self-serving has become an axiom of modern human philosophy. It may not be an overt philosophy, but it is an underlying one. Greed and ego have taken mankind. Exceptions are too few to counter the fact. Family values and moors are the only semblance of a human philosophy ingrained in mankind that stand as opposites to self-interest philosophy. Love for family instates those moors and romantic love teaches love. The advent of unconditional love is still in the future, but its nascence is evident in this writing. (I could not present these thoughts otherwise.) This brings the circle full. Facebook has to go.

Knowing people as I do, it is clear that some will raise the objection that Facebook creates interaction with family and friends thereby enhancing family values and love. My objection to Facebook is not how the people use it. It is how the people who own it, manipulate it, and control its use that I deplore. We can interact better and by better means that do not give anyone great power. Like a gaggle of super villains, the very wealthy must be brought down by super heroes. There is not rational and loving reason to have the amount of wealth some have. It is a corrupting amount and deprives others of basic needs.

If you are unaware of policy and intentions by Facebook administrators and owners to censor and manipulate information for purposes of their own, you could become better informed quite easily. It is happening. The 2020 election is being manipulated by it. That is not the worst of it, though.

Mankind is the target of purposeful and well-constructed propaganda that seeks to accomplish the purposes of some few rather they the will of the people. The people are held in disdain and hatred by self-serving, self-absorbed individuals who have managed by illicit means to accomplish their incessant subjugation of mankind to serve them. When people are put to labor

for the benefit of another or others, it is slavery.

Slavery need not consist of chains and whips. In fact, any fool can understand that unwitting slaves are better than slaves conscious and constantly reminded by chains and whips of their enslavement. Like beasts of burden, man is enslaved and doesn’t even know it. Old style slavery was chattel title to people. People were bought and sold. That form of slavery still exists in some places and sexual slavery has been exposed as a wide-spread problem of our time. When people work at labor to provide for those who do not, slavery is the only name suited to the arrangement. When murder can be bought the difference between chattel title and the slavery we live is minimal.

If the rich don’t have to contribute the labor of their bodies to the provisions of mankind, how do they have riches? They manipulate society to do it for them. If there are poor people, how can people think wealth is just? Propaganda and manipulation of information, that is how. Everything society produces is the rightful possession of all. Only the power of the people can produce anything other than what nature provides. The simple notion that some human is so productive he can producer great wealth such as we are all aware of today is too ridiculous to think necessary to disprove. Yet, it is. People have become so inured to the ridiculous notion it is not even being considered. Instead, they strive to become one of the people who has the wealth. They think it is just fine that a few have great wealth while the rest of mankind live in one or another level of access to the products of society, which is what wealth is. All wealth is a product of society. Stratified distribution of that wealth is what the people who administer Facebook and many other common things of modern society seek to perpetuate.

Mankind is awakening to the slavery that binds them. The manipulation that keeps them quiet has faltered and an awakening is happening. Many organizations have sprung up in response to it. The Money Free Party is a prime example. There are many others, the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project for example. The people are coming to understand that there is an alternative to the three stupid systems the people are being conditioned to think are the only choices. Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism are constructs of social organization that have the same ends. The few get all they want, and the rest are the slaves. Subtle variations on that theme are the linchpins of the conditioning that have allowed them to dominate the intellect of the masses for so long. They are all designed to negate the possibility of love for one another, such as is still part of the human family unit, though it is under assault.

The nuclear family is under assault. Propaganda, conditioning, and psychological manipulation are being used to destroy it, to remove it from humanity. Organizations like Black Lives Matter included the destruction of the nuclear family in it mission statement. I understand that it has been removed from the mission statement, but not before it became known. The founders had definite anti-American missions in their statement.  Such things are just too easy to change and deny. Gender is being used as another tactic to destroy the nuclear family. Racism is also part of the tactic. Our oldest and most important values are being assailed slowly and it is working. Organizations of modern technology are the primary operators of the assault. Facebook is just one of them, but an important one. We can stop it.

There are alternatives to Facebook now. But we have to stop the hoarding of great wealth. Everyone could live like rich people, but not like the rich who have great wealth. It should be enough to be able to live well without working one’s self to death like some do who are ranked as upper middle class and even better. When people who don’t have to answer for the effects they have on others and on the world the power corrupts. Some say it corrupts absolutely. I don’t know about that, but I know how hoarding great wealth harms us. The high-tech industry is filling the ranks of hoarders with people who are changing the world in ways I don’t like. So, I am removing my support and taking action to remove their power. It is a weak effort but not in its earnestness.  


Locke’s Glaring Assumptions

John Locke, in his A Letter Concerning Toleration, beautifully states that, “It is duty of the civil magistrate, by the impartial execution of equal laws, to secure unto all the people in general and to every one of his subjects in particular, the just possession of these things belonging to this life.” He list those possessions in the previous sentences refereeing to them as civil interests  as being “life, liberty, health, and indolency (lack of pain) of body; and the possession of outward things, such as money, lands, houses, furniture, and the like.” Good enough for the time. It can be extrapolated to fit modern time with little effort. I’m sure he would have included cellular phones, cars, and other modern things. Truth is a glaring omission.

It was probably unthinkable during Locke’s time that men would be able to deceive others on a scale such as is now possible using modern communications, travel, and computers. I think he would have written beautifully and unassailably that the magistrate has the duty to secure the truth for the people. He wrote of the various opinions and factions of man throughout his work. So, he probably would have allowed for them in the equity and justice due the public. Even so long ago the conflicts over truth were widespread and deep. Time has done much to expand agreement regarding the truth while expanding much more the depth and breadth of controversy regarding it. Many new things and thoughts have come to man. The need for equity may have never been greater.

Man has increased his ability to impact nature and one another. Locke probably foresaw the increase in man’s number, but could he have foreseen the atomic bomb or modern pollution? I see the impact man has had and is having on nature and have difficulty believing it. How much less likely would it have been for Locke? As man looks to the future he is challenged and often fails to see it. This could be right, for knowing might decrease expectation and adventure. It is not something I am prepared to assume or to expound. That Locke should be forgiven for failing to mention truth as one of the just civil interests should be obvious. He has left it to us to tackle that task.

We are each tasked with the challenge to discover the truth and the liberty to attempt it.  It is a personal function as absolute as breathing. None can breathe for another, even if machines and rescue techniques can do so. What if life is the physical manifestation of an immortal and non-physical soul set in Creation by God to discover by experience through time the truth individually until all are aligned and agreed regarding the truth? What is life is a random unintentional natural phenomenon that evolves over billions of solar orbits, and each life is a relatively brief experience that ends in nothingness? The quest for the truth is an obvious and essential factor in life. Assuming that living is desirable and a goal, the truth becomes mandatory to affect it. That there are laws in nature seems clear in such things as the result of standing in fire, to put it obtusely. Whether or not the laws of nature are absolute or not need not concern us yet if we seek to live. Mankind has come far in comprehending the laws of nature. Accord has happened in many things, including assumptions that may not be valid.  Locke made assumption that became a profound and terrible part of man’s experience. They have tormented mankind as surely as fire has caused us pain.

In a single part of a short sentence, Locke includes volumes of assumptions that one so brilliant and rational was unlikely to make. “If anyone presume to violate the laws of public justice and equity, established for the preservation of these things, his presumption is to be checked by the fear of punishment, …” I think most people miss the assumptions, and that is what is wrong. They leap from the page to accost my heart and drive me to expound from the love I feel and all it compels. A thick book of fine print would scarce be enough to fully share the assumptions with you. I am restricted to an attempt at brevity and simplification that conforms to the lowest common denominator of human consciousness, for the importance is vital to our survival. That something can be so important and vital is in itself worth of a thick book. What can I do? Exactly what I have done, write that it is too much and hope you can provide the rest for yourself, and, in so doing, join me in my effort. It is paramount in all accounts, self-serving, general welfare, and any other. The assumptions can be found and understood. In so doing, benefits ineffable will be ours. A starting place is my first decision.

The “laws of public justice” is an assumption. Locke took the “public” and “justice” to be set and obvious in the common understanding. The truth is being assumed regarding both. I don’t know where to start the explanation. What is the “public?” What is “justice?” Locke wrote many documents and expounded both subjects, but he took his expositions as truth. To appreciate his tedious attention and broad treatment one must study his work. But you can take it from me that they were deeply based on Christian ethos and doctrine. He took the tenants of the Bible as absolute and nothing resembling assumptions while acknowledging even in the title of this work that there are those who do not share his assumptions. What need is there of “toleration” where there is no disagreement or descent? Locke was writing in the document only of toleration as it pertains to the various sects of Christianity. No mention is even implied as to toleration of different religions or atheism. The whole document assumes that his opinions are stone truth, as in, written in stone and absolute. Clearly, he assumed the need for truth and assumed he had it. His motives are unassailable, but the efficacy failed him. His opinion was that Christianity gives man the truth; Christianity as he knew it was the truth, and other Christian sects are to be tolerated. There is nowhere to be found a mention of hope that toleration should become something unnecessary because the people are of one accord in truth. It is simply assumed that man would not attain such an accord and systems must be designed and implemented to cope with the discord, violence, and destruction that come from conflicts of opinion, an opinion being one’s personal thought of what is true and truth.  He speaks to tolerate the idiots who don’t agree with his and advises others to do likewise. A dialectic mission to come to the truth is not even thought needed.  It is an unspoken and unseen assumption that the truth is not possible. There is truth, and it must be found by all. This is a clear and obvious fact of life and reality. Assuming instead that man will not attain the truth conduces to the failure to attain it.

Another thick book is demanded to expound the effects of experience on human psychology and, therefrom, behavior. For now, let it be said simply that assuming that all individual humans cannot attain truth together, prevents it. I fight my own tendencies to go too far into the topic, but I must since it is too large to include here, plus too difficult for my feeble mind and articulation. It seems to me that man is only recently coming into rudimentary comprehension of human behavior making it difficult to find examples to share regarding the effects of assumptions and experiences. So, I must offer you the thought that we develop over time in accord with our innate characteristics and our experiences. When all of mankind lives in tacit agreement that man cannot attain agreement in truth, mankind is averted from and delayed in the attainment. James Madison, in The Federalist Papers No. 51, is the best I have yet found to assist the elucidation of the assumptions so common that are unnoticed. “But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” He likely came to those words by reading John Locke’s An Essay Concerning Toleration where he said, “For if men could live peaceably and quietly together without uniting under certain laws and entering into a commonwealth, there would be no need at of magistrates or polities,…” In both, assumptions held are being overlooked, but the relevance of the words to this topic are simply that Madison, Locke, and evidently all of mankind, assumes that mankind is not and cannot be “angels” nor live in peace without laws and polities.  No definition or expounding the word angel is intimated. It is assumed that everyone automatically knows and agrees to the word’s meaning and the character of angels. Man has a terrible predilection, an intrinsic tendency, to make assumptions of fantastic scope and importance without realizing they are doing it. Madison and Locke being no exception. We are more likely to become as angels such as they assumed them to be where we are certain that we will, if not right now, eventually at least.

The assumptions that man needs government, laws, deterrents, and punishment, even capital punishment, arises from a long history of the assumption. Men such as Locke, Madison, and, evidently, even the wisdom of ancient scholars have advanced their thoughts on a basic assumption that probably has no basis in truth. They assume that man has always had a tendency to be bad. In such an assumption is another assumption, that all history is known. This type of failure to attain the truth due to unrecognized assumptions and tacit acceptance of some things seems to dominate our time.

One need venture not far to see that people, to generalize, are conflicted over the concept I am presenting, Truth. The truth is relative, some say. There is no Truth, is said. A popular concept of our time is that there are multiple universes, time is not real, and existence is a fantasy of perception. Such ideas are numerous. That the past is not absolute and inviolable is a popular theme brought to life in movies and books. All those and countless other such things conspire to prevent to attainment of truth. It may or may not be something intended. It matters little. It is vital, even if it is nothing more than an assumption, to realize that all of them are counter to the attainment of truth, to becoming as angels, to ending the need for government, and to reaching the beginning of the adventure that is not even an imaginary story line for man yet. We can attain the truth. Let it become the most popular assumption of all. We have instead an assumption unspoken because it is unnoticed that says man cannot live in peace together and laws are the only way to help us do so to any extent. Also, we are doomed and the best we can do is to have some peace and joy before we die. Believe me, and I hope you can, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, both are unquestioned assumptions that compel us to verify them by experience rather than see them as self-fulfilling assumption. This and countless other assumptions ingrained in the minds and hearts of mankind are working to defeat our chances of peace and life. When Locke expounds tolerance, he gives huge assumptions the quality of truth.

Locke’s little sentence full of unnoticed and unconsidered assumptions that negate his entire body of work is a bullet shot into the hearts and minds of all mankind. No mention is made, and none expected that life need not be a short period that results in senescence and death. It might be a universal assumption if it were not for me. I am an exception to the whole thing proclaiming it to be nonsense perpetuating itself. I suffer the disapprobations of mankind for simply presenting the idea. But I am certain that the truth is that senescence and death are only failings and not a universal law. It is my assumption and not like that of all the other people I know. I cannot think of any reason to have the assumptions all others hold. Unless I want it to be true that decrepitude and death are inevitable, how could it serve me? If I don’t want to die, I must believe it is not inevitable. Make it an assumption and proud of it. Stand to all ridicule and know that it comes from those who reap what they sow.

In the infinity of possible assumptions, chose the one that relieves you of falling apart in time and dying if you don’t desire it to happen. It conduces to its advent. The opposite conduces to the opposite, which we all see is the one being chosen. It will be said that it is not an assumption. I invite any new understanding I need. I have little patience with repetitions of the same old stuff people have given me during this life. I have even grown weary of those more obscure insights that some come by which have become old for me. I would embrace a new perspective, relish a new insight, and welcome original thought. It has been a long time since such things have come to me. Instead, I am constantly on the other end. I bring people concepts they have never entertained and many that evoke negative reactions. It is not something that I came easily to, but my beginning to it was a fortuitous event that stands behind me now fifty years.

I have written many documents about the experience that happened fifty years ago, 1971. There is no point in rehashing it here except to say it came to me by becoming a person who manifests unconditional love beyond self-love. My assumptions became glaring in my consciousness. I become unlike all I know including my previous self. I credit fifty years of seeing through the eyes of love with writing this document. I gained a new perspective and insights flooded me for many years. I became a blissful person devoted to saving the world. When I read things I love like the writings of John Locke and others, the assumptions present in them hit me like lightening with thunder. Love is an overwhelming guide. Just as parents are overwhelmed to care for their children and love them unconditionally, I love all of mankind, all living things, and even love all of reality. Yes! That means I love God with all my heart. No doubt and it fills me with tears to write about it. Tears of joy. The most rare kind. They are the most common for me, though. As parents hope and strive to help their offspring find joy and security, love compels me to help all in the same way. It gives me joy to write because it feels like something that might do just that. I want company. I am surrounded by people and I know no loneliness, but I know there is no one here with me. I “live alone in a paradise that makes me think of two” (Neil Young) You never know when you have planted a seed even though you can do it willfully. I have been watching the garden grow for quite a while. Back to Eden, I say.

I feel compelled and approve willfully to list some books and websites here. Locke wrote as I quoted that possessions are money, land, houses, furniture and the like. Please read Henry George’s books. They will help us all.

The Fruits of Graft by Wayne Jett will not fail to help you.

The Money Free Party notice it does not say free money.

The Venus Project

There is a huge library of stuff that could help us. “But for lack of study.” (Locke)

Thank you.

Is It True or Not

Is It True or Not

Is it true or not? That seems to be the most asked question in politics. One party says one thing the other says the opposite. Both accuse the other of lying. The truth is all that matters.

I dare to say that all of us realize that politics is riddled with untrustworthy people. I tell you it goes far beyond politics. Our world is riddled with people who could not be trusted with power but have lots of it.

Our nation was “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” There is a lot in those few words. I fear they have become lost to more people all the time. Many cannot site the source of the quote and have even less knowledge of what they mean. It is not contained verbatim in the words, but they contain the idea that the government of the United States of America is meant by the founders and those who ratified the Constitution to be something that exists only to guard the people and only by our willing and expressed consent to permit it. “Conceived in liberty” tells us that the founders wanted the new government to protect our liberty. Our liberty is our natural rights abridged only by our willing consent and only to make our lives better than they could be out there alone or in a tribe. The founders new that people could strike out into the wilderness and be totally at liberty to live their lives any way the saw fit. That is liberty. To create a government, some of that liberty must be sacrificed, for laws limit liberty and subject members to judgment and consequences of the law. Who would do so that knew they would be worse off? That question has lost it popularity in the thoughts of Americans today. That is the factor that caused the founders to attempt to create a new form of government that would cause people to choose to be part of it. More liberty that all other known governments, but also equality.

The founders knew that people disagree. They fought over the form of government we have as it was being designed and after. But they also knew that there are certain truths that apply to all; “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” The self-evidence has been lost to the people, and we are living in the aftermath.

It was a long time ago when the self-evident truths left the hearts and minds of mankind. The reasons are more than time permits expounding, but the results are all around you. What happens when truth is lost? Controversy. Division. Discord. Factions. But reality becomes lost, too. People are living in illusions today.

The illusions do not diminish self-confidence, however. Passion flame around lies and false data. Who can untangle the mess? Only you. It is us to you and me to find the facts and truth. Our failures are amplified by society until we are where we are today with tomorrow in doubt.

We all have a right to our opinions, but we have a duty to the truth. The right to be wrong does not come with the right to our own truths. Relativity has been brought up to dispute even the existence of truth, but relativity is the infinite applications and combination of the truth that is common to all. We see it in the laws of physics. Nature is full of truth waiting for all to conceive. That was what the brave people who tried to help us intended when they created this United States of America.

Even in court, motives are important. Intentions help us understand behavior. The USA was the first nation conceived and created. It was built from scratch, to use the vernacular. Their intentions were laudable. This is the truth that is self-evident yet assailed today. They wanted to create a great nation built around the philosophy of men like John Locke and others. They “conceived” this nation in a world where all other nations were the result of astonishing events that transpired over many centuries. None were created from scratch. Wars and conquest played a larger part than planning. Our nation, the USA, was planned. I was a bold and beautiful plan, but it needed a lot of tweaking and time to evolve.

This nation is new. At about 230, it stands as a baby compared to others. Much has gone wrong with the baby’s maturation. It has been attacked from all sides and is now being bombarded from within by people who have lost site of the self-evident truths that must be learned now. The further away from the truth we have gone, the more problems we have had, and the more we have been delayed on the road to unfathomable beauty. The founding principles were revolutionary and, because they were revolutionary, they have been assaulted and mistakes have been made. It must be admitted that even the conception had its flaws.

How do you create something beautiful and lasting in a world populated heavily with people who live primarily to serve themselves? The founders had ideas and included them in the government they created. But they were unable to check the many levels of government other than the one created by the Constitution. States had rights and they were protected by the Constitution. Federal law claimed the rights delimited in the Constitution leaving to the states all those not delimited by it. Since then, the federal government has taken many rights that were originally left to the states, but this has not caused the states to conform to the law of the land. They do what they want, and the federal government lets them. Now we live in a land where the truth is a constant argument. It was unlikely that the founders could have conceived the future as it has become. They would not have understood how various individuals, parties, and factions could stand in polar opposites regarding so many things. They thought the truth was easier and often self-evident. We have been born into the discord that followed from failures to understand what could happen. Primarily, they failed to look in the mirror and see some self-evident truths they were living in opposition to. Real equality.

The door to greedy and self-centered people was left unguarded. Feelings of superiority were systemic among the founders. Slavery was all around them, though they wrote of their disapproval of it. Old social habits dominated the lives of the founders. They were unable to rise above them even to the realization that women are just as entitled and capable as men. Thought they included freedom of religion after the failure of the stats to ratify the constitution, they were not really of the opinion that any other religion but Christianity was a true religion. These and other things damaged their ability to create a government that would actually protect the rights of the people and treat them equally. Further failures were born by not anticipating the changing times. Worst of all, one system that were taken for granted was not realized for what it was.

Can you think of any systems that were present during the conception of the USA that are still with us? Of course, you can. You would think politics quickly. I hope the pyramid system would be first to your mind, but I doubt it was. That is the problem the founders had when they sacrificed life and property in an attempt to create a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

The founders new that every human is unique. So, why the word equal? Because they meant equal in rights granted by God and government. They were pious men and women. They looked to Christianity for the laws of God. I say, thank God they did. But they needed to get beyond that body of laws and see further. The laws promulgated in the Bible were too old and confusing to be the limiting factor in understanding the laws of God. They failed to include the other people of the world who did not worship the Bible. Is it any wonder the baby government had trouble? It is no wonder today is what it is. It is absolutely understandable why the rich still get richer and poor remain poor.

There can be no equality in a world or even a micro-society when the work of society is not shared equally. When the things the people working together make is not shared equally, there is much worse than no equality. There is hell on earth.

I think there is no way to understand any of our history without factoring into the understanding the failure to make everyone equal in pay. Pay should be the equal share everyone is entitled to by self-evident truths as members of an organization of people working together in a system designed to protect the equality of everyone.

While we argue and fight over whether or not the USA has systemic racism, the most profound expression of the objectionable aspects of systemic racism dominate the world. Where are the awake people? How is it possible for billions of sentient people to fail to realize that they are being robbed of their inalienable rights to and equal share of the products of society. Pay day should be the day everyone gets their equal share. All men are created equal was the ideology. Except-on-payday was the truth and the failure of the founders. They made no provision for it or mention of it.  

People are being subjected to an immense and all-pervasive system of propaganda. It has reached levels Ivan Pavlov would have hung himself for teaching us how to do it. You see it every day right now when you look to see how the 2020 election is going.

One party says one thing and the other the opposite. They hurl calumny at each other, and the people are left to fend for themselves. Trust left the political scene before I was born, and that was seventy years ago. It was long gone when I was born. The founders did not anticipate today, or they would have created a system to guard the equality and rights of the governed. I have no doubt that they would have. They didn’t, and it is up to us, and that is very discouraging.

I would be much more confident if people would stop taking what they are being told on all forms of media and by the people they know and encounter. It is up to each of us to do the work required to know the truth. Instead, a trusted individual, trusted because it is on television and said to be an authority, can say something, and it gets believed. When some other authority appears saying the opposite, there are those who believe it, too, even when it is the totally opposite of what the other authority said. We can put them side-by-side and listen to them controvert each other for all the world to see. When millions, even billions, of people are being confronted by that form of crazy, the world becomes what we see right now, yesterday, and tomorrow unless we do something different. The truth is out there waiting for us. We need but do the right things to come into possession of it. That is almost impossible in a world that ignores equality in the distribution of the products we all work together to create.

We will never possess the truth when all the world’s societies are manifesting the exact same inequality. I’m telling you I don’t care who you are, the inequality is the cause of all our troubles. All of them. Disagree with me if you will, but you have now had a seed planted in your consciousness. I hope it sprouts and takes root. You are just as valuable as everyone else. You deserve love as all do. You do not deserve approval from anyone ever. Approval must be earned and come from people who have the truth. Not their truth. The truth. It avails you naught to be approved by someone living in a fantasy. If their fantasy is one that makes them think that the inequality of the members of society is right, they are the enemies of equality. It is they who run this world. It is they who are using the advanced knowledge of human psychology to keep the people from realizing they are being robbed all day every day all day year after year regardless of all social conceptions and organizations.

When you realize you are being robbed and conditioned to like it, you will not be calm. But you must. Passion has its place and time, but freaking out might get you killed or silenced. The only hope I can muster is in the certainty that life will be so much better for everyone, including the robbers, such as the ones who have seven hundred million-dollar yachts, after equality finally comes to the world. Love will follow quickly. Trust me. The future will make all current vision seem infantile by comparison after love comes to the world. That should be the most self-evident truth of all. So why isn’t it? I’ve already answered that question.

The Assault

The Assault

The first time in history. Mankind has not known the planet Earth long. We thought it was a flat place that has a couple of continents for thousands of years. Just around five hundred years ago, the fiction that dominated the minds of most humans was shattered. Vast areas of land were made known to the masses of the African and European continents. Free land, as they saw it.

The free land was quickly claimed for kings and queens. The battle for control was almost instant. Spain, France, England, and others began to fight for it. So, the global assault began long ago, but it was not until now that the assault became a truly global affair. For control of the land is not the assault that has become global. It is the attack upon the people that has finally made global assault possible.

When the lands were sparsely populated and “free land” was available, control of humanity was impossible. The free land is long gone and the humans who would like to control humanity now are capable of greater comprehension of humanity’s full extent. The entire population of the world is being assaulted just as the people of Africa were by slave traders.

Slavery is not long gone for humanity. Relative to mankind’s long history, it was recent. Indeed, it is not completely gone yet. Overt slavery is only the most crude form of slavery and the only form that has been mostly ended. There is a far more insidious form of slavery.

When the work of a human produces something, it was said by the philosophers to belong to that person. When it is taken by someone else, it said to be theft. Such theft is overt theft. When it is taken by stealth and the human from whom it was taken does not detect the theft, the loss is no less. Even still, this is not the worst form of slavery.

The worst form of slavery is they type that makes the person being deprived think they are giving it willingly. This is something so simple and clear that it is a wonder it has been going on this long. It has, and most people have not detected it. Instead, they think they are giving it freely and for their benefit. This is a factor of social organization that has been exploited to enslave a planet of billions.

Humans are susceptible to manipulation. They can be lied to. They can be fooled. This is obvious. I dare to say any human that is not impaired will agree. Lying has become a social norm rather than an exception. Theft is an ever-present aspect of life. We have little difficulty realizing these simple thing, but are almost totally unable to extrapolate from them the vital understandings needed to prevent our total and abject enslavement.

The difficulty people live with is not a natural experience. A human is naturally able to think enough to have thought of himself as a rational being with a capacity to know more than the other mammals. But when a human can be lied to convincingly, they lose some of the ability to be rational and know facts. They, by the simple belief in a falsehood, are diminished in knowing and rationality. It is not a proportional diminishment, but a cascading one. For reason depends of all the elements employed to reason. If one element is false, false elements are the result. To give a nod to chance, I realize that valid elements can sometimes be obtained by reason corrupted with false data. This, though, must not be allowed to negate to any degree the importance of correct elements in the equations of reason. The global assault on humanity is being carried out by those who are willing to exploit this simple fact of reality. In other words, lies and false information are being used to enslave the billions.

The best slaves, from a slave master’s perspective, is the slave that is convinced he is free. If one can be made to support with faulty reasoning that he is giving freely, he is easier to master and less likely to cause problems. I contend and claim with all the fortissimo I can muster that the population of Earth has been enslaved and is now being assaulted to consolidate and fortify the enslavement.

It appears that noting can be done to prevent the assault. We are so thoroughly trapped and enslaved we are defenseless. For a long time now, the masters have had to tolerate being unseen, staying in the shadows and pretending to be uninvolved. They are now ready to make themselves known. This they would not do if they did not have confidence in their ability to do so. They are not totally unafraid yet, but confident. Current events and the character of the future are both taking shape as designed by the slave masters.

Current events cannot be understood until all the elements necessary to reason are added to the equations. The unknowns are still many and the false data is incessantly being drilled into the minds of otherwise rational humans. It was discovered that humans can be manipulated by repetition. Just as we train animals, we are being trained. Repeating things over and over, producing credible people to confirm the validity of the things repeated, and producing experiences by cunning and stealth that seem to confirm them makes people accept them. This is true of false data and lies as much as it is of true and truth. Therein lies the door through which those who desire to be served by the masses enter.

The people are still rational enough to see that there are some among us who get far more than the rest of us. That may be the extent of rationality yet present. Given the overall acceptance of the disparity in the distribution of the products of society, it is quite clear that the capacity to reason has been assaulted. It does not follow that the natural forces have caused the acceptance of the many levels of distribution of the products of society. It is designed. The assault on humanity has been underway long enough now to take from human beings the ability to reason and see reality. Our eyes deceive us.

We believe what we see far too much. It has been proven for a long time that people see according to many things within them. Eyewitness see the same events differently. This being the case, it is clear to any who would care to understand it that people can be manipulated to have them see by design. We can be made to see what someone wants us to see. With our own eyes we see what is not there and become certain that we saw it. Or we can be manipulated to take from what we see what someone whats us to see. This is but one of the many things that supply an arsenal of weapons that can be used against humans. Weapons are seldom left unused. But who would use them?

From the early days of history there have been those who are served and those who serve. The served naturally tend to like being served. When they can be supplied with luxury and abundance coupled with power over others that includes feelings of superiority without having to apply their effort and time, there is even greater tendency to like being served. As we all know, humans like to keep what they like. The kings, pharaohs , emperors and the like of history are the ancestors of the people who would use the arsenal of weapons that can be used to manipulate a human being.

In our world there are people so rich they live in a different world. The masses of humanity have difficulty comprehending the world of the super rich. But they feel the burdens they bear to survive. They are trained to believe they bear them naturally, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is the subject of this post. If you are out there reading this, I hope you will find a way to break the conditioning that has made you what you are.