Facebook Has Been Judged

Facebook Has Been Judged

 I came to my judgment of Facebook. I am removing my presence. I encourage, no! beg, you all to do the same. They are getting incredible power from us. I had to ask myself if I want them to have it and the answer was a definite NO. Money is power. It has become more powerful than the government of the United States of America. This cannot be allowed to continue. Our freedom and lives are at stake.

I have to try to get people to understand the power of money. It seems to me that it should not be necessary because it is so obvious. It is necessary, though. Why? Because people are allowing something they would never allow if they did. The quality of your life and everyone else is in the hands of people who have a lot of money. Slavery gave them less control over the lives of slaves. If people do not hurry to comprehend the reality of money, the future will not be to their liking. The same human characteristic that made it possible for otherwise rational people to own, sell, and work slaves is operating in some of the people who have money.

There is a famous quote that succinctly expresses the power of money. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Some say Mayer Rothschild said it, but it really doesn’t matter. The idea does. It tells us that our governments, laws, and society are not as powerful as money. Survival has become dependent on the ability to get money. Those who have the money, thereby, control what you have to do to get some it. That is why I don’t want Mark Zuckerberg nor many others to have it. More than not wanting him or some particular person to have wealth, I don’t want anyone to have wealth in the amounts he and many others have it.

It is too easy to get money when there is noting one would not do to get it. Most people “draw a line in the sand” they would not cross for money. Some don’t. Are we to allow them to acquire power through money? We are! Most of us don’t do anything about it and, the world has already been changed so much by them the only way to live is by money. Exceptions are irrelevant. We have to get money to live. That fact reveals how money has subjugated us to those who control the money. We can see from it that governments have lost their power to money. It is strange indeed that we can subjugated ourselves to the will of people with money by contributing to their power.

I enjoyed using Facebook. I didn’t use it to empower someone with great power. I doubt anyone does. But that is so irrelevant is boggles the mind. It doesn’t matter why you use Facebook. Doing so puts vast wealth (power) into the hands of Mark Zuckerberg and others. Billions of people empower him to have his own space program. Using Facebook has given him and others the power to change the world against the will of the people. It is not a just a possibility to change the world. It is already done and goes on. The internet has changed the world quickly and dramatically. But it is being used by Facebook and others to change people.

I don’t want anyone to have power to change me. We all change each other by association but changing people by controlling information should be against laws. It is not. It is even protected. “In addition to offering liability protection for the content that companies leave on their sites, Section 230 also allows the companies to remove content or limit its visibility without facing civil liability so long as they act “in good faith.” That is a quote from  https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2020/06/19/572914.htm regarding Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. Though designed and intended to keep people from using the internet for illegal activities such as child pornography and sex slavery. That law is being used to protect the companies from the law. They are intentionally using it to manipulate people by censoring and by repetition. They don’t let information they don’t agree with to be seen and they repeat those things they want people to believe. Can you just sit by and keep giving them that power so you can enjoy a social network? Yep! You damn sure are! It is one of the oldest and worst sins, the sin of omission. You are giving the wrong people power over your life, my life, all life, and the environment. Just so you can play, you are taking part in a horrible process that depends on you for the power to do it. Does it now seem necessary for me to explain to you how money is power?

Facebook is defying the law and the government with evident impunity by selecting what will be available on the site. The 2020 election is being target by the power of Facebook. Others are cooperating.

This is outrageous. The impeachment of Donald Trump over election meddling only shows us how serious the issue is. Does it have to come from another nation to be “meddling?” Hell no! Freedom of the press has lost its impact on the hearts and minds of too many people. The freedom of the press should not include the power to sway people by omitting news, facts, and information nor by suppressing efforts to bring them to the public. When such is done to assist a politician win an election, it is nothing less than corruption. Facebook and other social media along with many other forms of media are engaging in vote meddling using their power to manipulate the information available to the voters.

The extent of the power is not limited to the great wealth being acquired by Mark Zuckerberg ($111 billion according to the last inquiry) and others. The site is being used to accomplish social agenda. While we have fun exchanging posts and interacting, the administrators of the site are deciding what to allow and what not to allow. There is no objective presentation of what you can see and post. The world had become keenly aware of this now, but it took some serious effort to bring it out to the public’s knowledge. That fact speaks to the agenda they seek to accomplish.

Studies have shown that millions of people are relying of social media for information. This makes it possible for social media to affect the information people use to make important decisions, such as voting and purchasing. We must have true data to make our decisions. It must be unbiased as much as possible and, more importantly, be comprehensive. Controversial issues require a fair report of all sides of issues for rational decisions. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, and Apple are intentionally preventing such reporting. The wrong involved in such activities will likely be a topic of debate for some time. Not for me. I have decided. It is terribly wrong, and I do not intend to contribute to wrong by inaction. Billions are not so inclined.

Nearly three billion people use Facebook. It’s fun, but sometimes it destroys friendships and family relations, too. Communicating by using short bursts of text is a terrible way to exchange. The number of people who have broken relationships due to failure to communicate accurately is huge. Furthermore, spending time in virtual friendship keeps us from spending real time with friends and family. The effects are still waiting for researchers to thoroughly analyze them, but my own experiences and those reported to my by others puts the conflicts above acceptable levels. Conflicts executed person to person are more likely to be resolved than those done on social media. The general effect of the social media is negative enough to warrant its disuse, but there are far greater negative impacts.

Money is power. The power of money is used outside the age-old systems that have brought mankind many thousands of years of survival. Civilizations rise and fall. Many have come and gone such as Rome, Greek City States, Mayan, and most others. Causes range widely and many are still unknow. But mankind has lasted. We have changed the forms of our civilizations learned from mistakes. In modern history governments have evolved to protect the people and their property. Today, governments have lost power to the power of money. So, who has the power?

It is easy to consult the internet to see who has lots of money, but the information is being screened by them. Even when you look up the richest people in the world, a long list of others is excluded. You can see it said in the fine print. Royalty and religions are not listed. We elect people to represent us in our government, but the real power is in the hands of those who have the money. In the USA, money determines the winner in most elections. Policy of government is lobbied by people with money. Special interests get their way and corrupt our public officials. The power of the people to protect themselves and govern themselves has been stolen by money used as power. The world is being changed by them. Their opinions become laws. What they like becomes the focus of human cooperation in society. Privat people are now involved in space programs. The entire monetary system of the world is the domain of a small number of people. They create money at will or take it away when they want. The world has been put through depressions that decimated the people. Wars so huge they are called world wars have destroyed the infrastructure created over centuries and millions of people have died in them. Billions have been negatively affected and the entire human population may never recover. We are dangerously close the collapse of civilization that could end mankind completely. We must take the power back, remove it from people we don’t know and would not trust if we did. Governments were established to prevent such a thing, but they have lost the power to money.

 Our world is dominated by corporations. They have been given the status equal to that of a human as a result of their power. Vast amounts of money have been generated and horded. Time has given us the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Carnegie, and many others. Now we have a high technology that has put immense money into the hands of some very young people. Zuckerberg is said to be the youngest person to become a billionaire. Bill Gates has amassed incredible wealth and engaged in his own concepts of what to do with it. Unelected people are replacing government as the director of human future. After considering the people who are deriving power from social media, I have decided I don’t want them to have any power over my life or the lives of my loved one. They are not content to enjoy their fortunes. They could live in peace and leisure enjoying great luxury and freedom, but they don’t. Instead, they want to do things to change the world.

We cooperate in society for our mutual benefit and create great power by doing so. We must be careful about it.

It is not being directed by the will of the people but by the will of its owner and others. I proclaim it is being used against the survival, happiness, prosperity, and reason of mankind. It is at least likely, though certain in my opinion, being used to damage the fulfillment of mankind for the purposes of self-serving and deranged purposes. Those purposes can be halted by removing your contributions.

Self-serving purposes are all deranged purposes by deranged persons. To attempt to attain personal fulfillment at the expense of the fulfillment others is both illogical and stupid. Though the understanding is still in the future for most of mankind, it is not possible to be totally fulfilled until all are fulfilled. Our time is one of masses of mankind having no understanding of fulfillment. So few have thought of themselves as fulfilled, and few have attempted to gain a rational understanding of what exactly personal fulfillment is, experience has yet to bring it into the main body of human understanding. Philosophy expounds this in treatises about Enlightened Self-interest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enlightened_self-interest

Understanding fulfillment stands as a point of false and incomplete information with which to understand it. As a person who has enjoyed personal fulfillment for nearly fifty years, I can tell you that it is not enough. I have spent my fulfilled time in pursuit of methods that will speed the fulfillment of all mankind. Personal fulfillment is empty until everyone else becomes fulfilled. Then all will be right at that point. Henceforth, the adventure actually begins. Until then, all is calamity and death.  Moments of happiness and joy, even personal fulfillment, do not negate the calamity and death. It has been so for so long death and calamity are subconsciously accepted as inexorable and absolute laws. Until mankind rises beyond such misperceptions, we will have a surface changing version of history that never changes substantively. Self-serving people have dominated the world since the beginning. History is the repetition of that domination changing form and other surface characteristics without changing fundamentally. This is acknowledged, at least subconsciously, when people say, “The rich get richer and the poor stay poor.”

I think self-serving people have the same innate drive for fulfillment we all have. I think it is an innate drive for all that live regardless of species. Since power over others is quickly attained by those who seek only their own personal fulfillment regardless of others and unrestrained by any ethic, morality, or empathy, history is dominated by stories of such individuals. Mankind’s predilection with stratification of individuals in some form of pyramid ranking of worth and reward has existed too long already. Some enjoy unfathomable riches in the presence of others starving to death for lack. After indeterminable years of such arrangements, calamity and death have been the only constant. No amount of power or wealth can bring one fulfillment. Instead, the attainment of either or both forces those who attain to face a fact that is as natural as gravity; wealth and power do not bring personal fulfillment. Love is the only path to personal fulfillment, and personal fulfillment is not enough to sate the drive of life. The fulfillment of all must come for the satisfaction of natural human life’s natural and inherent drives. We are living in the times of self-serving people of immense power and wealth. Their ways threaten the existence of life itself on this planet.

Self-serving has become an axiom of modern human philosophy. It may not be an overt philosophy, but it is an underlying one. Greed and ego have taken mankind. Exceptions are too few to counter the fact. Family values and moors are the only semblance of a human philosophy ingrained in mankind that stand as opposites to self-interest philosophy. Love for family instates those moors and romantic love teaches love. The advent of unconditional love is still in the future, but its nascence is evident in this writing. (I could not present these thoughts otherwise.) This brings the circle full. Facebook has to go.

Knowing people as I do, it is clear that some will raise the objection that Facebook creates interaction with family and friends thereby enhancing family values and love. My objection to Facebook is not how the people use it. It is how the people who own it, manipulate it, and control its use that I deplore. We can interact better and by better means that do not give anyone great power. Like a gaggle of super villains, the very wealthy must be brought down by super heroes. There is not rational and loving reason to have the amount of wealth some have. It is a corrupting amount and deprives others of basic needs.

If you are unaware of policy and intentions by Facebook administrators and owners to censor and manipulate information for purposes of their own, you could become better informed quite easily. It is happening. The 2020 election is being manipulated by it. That is not the worst of it, though.

Mankind is the target of purposeful and well-constructed propaganda that seeks to accomplish the purposes of some few rather they the will of the people. The people are held in disdain and hatred by self-serving, self-absorbed individuals who have managed by illicit means to accomplish their incessant subjugation of mankind to serve them. When people are put to labor

for the benefit of another or others, it is slavery.

Slavery need not consist of chains and whips. In fact, any fool can understand that unwitting slaves are better than slaves conscious and constantly reminded by chains and whips of their enslavement. Like beasts of burden, man is enslaved and doesn’t even know it. Old style slavery was chattel title to people. People were bought and sold. That form of slavery still exists in some places and sexual slavery has been exposed as a wide-spread problem of our time. When people work at labor to provide for those who do not, slavery is the only name suited to the arrangement. When murder can be bought the difference between chattel title and the slavery we live is minimal.

If the rich don’t have to contribute the labor of their bodies to the provisions of mankind, how do they have riches? They manipulate society to do it for them. If there are poor people, how can people think wealth is just? Propaganda and manipulation of information, that is how. Everything society produces is the rightful possession of all. Only the power of the people can produce anything other than what nature provides. The simple notion that some human is so productive he can producer great wealth such as we are all aware of today is too ridiculous to think necessary to disprove. Yet, it is. People have become so inured to the ridiculous notion it is not even being considered. Instead, they strive to become one of the people who has the wealth. They think it is just fine that a few have great wealth while the rest of mankind live in one or another level of access to the products of society, which is what wealth is. All wealth is a product of society. Stratified distribution of that wealth is what the people who administer Facebook and many other common things of modern society seek to perpetuate.

Mankind is awakening to the slavery that binds them. The manipulation that keeps them quiet has faltered and an awakening is happening. Many organizations have sprung up in response to it. The Money Free Party https://moneyfreepartyusa.com/ is a prime example. There are many others, the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project for example. The people are coming to understand that there is an alternative to the three stupid systems the people are being conditioned to think are the only choices. Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism are constructs of social organization that have the same ends. The few get all they want, and the rest are the slaves. Subtle variations on that theme are the linchpins of the conditioning that have allowed them to dominate the intellect of the masses for so long. They are all designed to negate the possibility of love for one another, such as is still part of the human family unit, though it is under assault.

The nuclear family is under assault. Propaganda, conditioning, and psychological manipulation are being used to destroy it, to remove it from humanity. Organizations like Black Lives Matter included the destruction of the nuclear family in it mission statement. I understand that it has been removed from the mission statement, but not before it became known. The founders had definite anti-American missions in their statement.  Such things are just too easy to change and deny. Gender is being used as another tactic to destroy the nuclear family. Racism is also part of the tactic. Our oldest and most important values are being assailed slowly and it is working. Organizations of modern technology are the primary operators of the assault. Facebook is just one of them, but an important one. We can stop it.

There are alternatives to Facebook now. But we have to stop the hoarding of great wealth. Everyone could live like rich people, but not like the rich who have great wealth. It should be enough to be able to live well without working one’s self to death like some do who are ranked as upper middle class and even better. When people who don’t have to answer for the effects they have on others and on the world the power corrupts. Some say it corrupts absolutely. I don’t know about that, but I know how hoarding great wealth harms us. The high-tech industry is filling the ranks of hoarders with people who are changing the world in ways I don’t like. So, I am removing my support and taking action to remove their power. It is a weak effort but not in its earnestness.  

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