500 Children In Trouble

500 Children In Trouble

The last presidential debate featured a point of contention regarding a terrible plight of children.  An issue of five hundred children being held at the border was brought up. They were caught in an illegal act and are being held at the border until they can be reunited with their parents. The children were taken into custody while attempting to illegally enter the USA. Some were accompanied by parents or family and some were not. The hearts of good people are torn by the suffering of children.  The politicians know this. That is why challenger Joe Biden brought it up in an important debate that was already too brief to address the issues that concern the nation and, by association, the world.

President Trump pointed out the children are being held in facilities created at the border during the Obama administration. He did not deny that children are held at the border and it appears to be factual. According to the Associated Press, who investigated the detention centers in 2014 and took pictures, the photos that were circulated to muster censure of the president were those same photos taking when Obama and Biden were running the executive office. They further explain that the so-called cages are spaces made using chain link fencing and that the facilities met federal standards. The children are not being held with their parents as is always done when children are involved in illegal activities of parents. We do not put children in jail with their parents.

Evidently many Americans need to become better informed about the legal system of the United States of America. There are separate systems for adults and juveniles. There are separate facilities for incarcerating males, females, and juveniles. Juveniles have separate laws and legal systems. In none are there children being detained or incarcerated with parents. For some reason this fact is ignored in the presidential debates and in all legal matters but illegal border crossings. The hypocrisy of such thoughts and passions are infuriating and disillusioning. It no longer makes sense to expect humans to make sense. In political matters people can be counted on to be irrational, ignorant, and hypocritical. This writer finds it infuriating.

The President countered that the parents of the children cannot be found and that many were not accompanied by parents while attempting the illegal entry. Evidently, some people hire professionals, coyotes, to help them come into the USA illegally. Records show that when the plight of children captured attempting to come in the USA illegally was brought to his attention, the Trump administration reduced efforts to protect our borders because he was moved by love and concern for the  children. This according to the Associated Press. He also posted a tweet asking the Democrat Party to put a stop to the separation of children from their parents at the border. None of this came out during the debate, and the process was not halted. I should not be halted, either.

It is long past time for the people to face the fact that there are far too many people in the USA and the world who demonically take pleasure in torturing and killing little children. The law is arresting thousands of them and, like other crimes, it is estimated that those arrested represent but a small percentage of the total. Sex slavery has been exposed. Pedophile rings broken up and children rescued. Countless children are being shipped in the USA illegally to supply the demand for demonic perversions. Many are captured at the border between Mexico and the USA. How are they to be reunited with their parents if they are not detained? Are they torn from the arms of frantic parents when caught at the border? Some are.

The Child Protective Services of Texas and other states will take children from parents who break laws. They take the kids before trial. Due process is abandoned in such cases. It is said to be in the best interest of the children. It is more often not in the best interest of the children and totally against their best interests. The laws of the USA, state and federal, include capitalist activities supplying demand make illegal by a minority of the people. This is the case with the marijuana laws. All drug laws are prohibitions instituted to prevent people from doing what they want to themselves. The land of the free. None of this was mentioned in the debate.

Joe Biden hoped to cast a darkness over his opponent in the election to the nation’s highest office by making the plight of the children the fault of Donald Trump. Undoubtedly many aligned with Biden to censure and condemn Trump for doing such a horrible thing to innocent children. Those who did are disconnected from facts and truth. They are hypocrites who fail the test of virtue and honor so integral to the healthy function of government.

As is common among mankind, opinions are formed and embraced in much the same way as are lovers. Reason and rationality are not always involved. Wisdom sometimes has no part in it. Passions are central to the adoption of opinions. As though the lust of the loins, people are excited to passions when someone tells them of injustice to children.  The tender love for children and the passions for their care compels most humans to emotional actions that fail to conform to logic and often overwhelm good sense. As the world convulses over anonymous children separated from parents who brought them at risk of life and liberty to the US border and got caught then evidently disappeared, thousands upon thousands of other children are being torn from their parents within this nation and the world for crimes that should never be crimes. No politician is fanning the flames of passion for those children. So, no passion flames. Where are the champions for the children when you really need them?

Evidently millions of American people have no problem with American children being taken from parents who get caught selling marijuana. In the debate Biden admitted to the mistake he made in the eighties that put millions of Americans in prison for using drugs. Trump missed his opportunity when he didn’t condemn Biden for taking children from their parents due to that mistake. I wonder if the people are fully aware of the children being torn from their loving parents by the FBI, Sheriffs, Marshalls, DEA agents, Highway Patrol, and all other law enforcement agencies who break down doors in the middle of the night and immediately grab the little kids from their beds and take them away. The terror is unthinkable. I know such people and their children.

The parents were arrested, and children put into detention and then into foster care as soon as possible. I don’t know how they were kept or treated while foster care was arranged. I shudder to even think of it. Little kids I love and adore have been treated that way.  No trail was conducted first. The kids were taken right away. In some of the cases, the parents faced life in prison without the possibility of parole even though they had never broken any other laws and were fine loving people. Too many people are so stupid and brainwashed they believe parents who sell marijuana are bad people. They approve of letting the law have the children taken away and adopted while the parents live out their lives in prison.  It is not right, and the people are doing nothing to right it. They are instead, condoning it and applauding it. Hypocrites rule the world. It makes me sick and want to condemn mankind for the sins of some. Countless murderers are being released from prison while drug dealers, even young one, are dying of old age in prisons. Outrage by good people is missing.

Outrage over the children in the border patrol stations is justified, but the people are not who are not equally outraged over to those children who are torn from the arms of loving parents for breaking laws admitted mistakes uncorrected. A politician who admits a mistake that does irreparable damage to good people and allows it to continue should be banned from government forever and condemned.  People who can be swept into passion by politicians while being silent over far more and far greater travesty are not worthy of the privilege and responsibility of voting. The drug laws are a travesty. They are crimes against humanity supported by people who have lost their minds. Biden confessed to realizing this. Too late! Even now he makes no objection to the laws that take away children from people who sell marijuana and commit no moral breach or break any other laws. He professes only that drug users should be helped instead of incarcerated; undoubtedly prompted by his son’s drug problems. You can rely on the fact that drug users are being stripped of their children as fast as they can be found. Until all drug laws are removed from our world, there can be no moral outrage over the children of parents caught trying to break into the USA. Selective outrage is the folly of fools. Ignorance will not excuse people from the consequences of the law. So how can being so ignorant of the horrors committed in one’s own back yard excuse people? The exposure of those who can be swept into passions by politicians and the media should be seen for what it is, stupidity made a tool of unscrupulous people who don’t deserve to raise children. Will you allow the government to be run by people who manipulate ignorance and perpetuate injustice? The ignorant need to become more informed regarding the children all around them.

Can it be that the people of this nation are unaware of the multitude of little children being put up for adoption or into foster care? I doubt it. I think people are just stupid and lazy. They are cowards who will permit the world to be destroyed beneath their feet instead of getting up and taking action to stop it. They are permitting millions of human lives to be destroyed for using or selling drugs while the world’s largest drug dealers have their approval, the pharmaceutical dealers. It is not easy to maintain composure when the light of truth reveals reality too horrible to abide. The elections desperately need the light of truth cast upon them, before it become impossible to abide.

We are voting right now. People will be chosen to wield unconscionable power. As has been the case for generations, a slight majority of legal and eligible voters will participate. Think of what that means. Some will decide for the rest whether they like it or not, whether it is right or not, regardless of everything the power will be condoned and granted, even by a minority of the people.  In 2016 about 58.1 percent (reports vary) or 138 million of the eligible votes bothered to vote. Reports say there are over 200 million eligible to vote. The candidates who wins will take the power of the office and determine much for the three hundred million of the USA and the near eight billion of the world.

The fact is that nearly half of the eligible voters don’t even vote, and a paltry thirty percent of the eligible voters appoints the power. It is also a fact that many voters are too ignorant of politics and elections to be considered informed electorate. It is likely that few voters are informed enough to make wise choices.  Thus, great power is being assigned without unanimous approval or wisdom. This is why the ridiculous ploy on the sympathy of the listers for the children detained at the border was even mentioned, much less emphasized. They know the people are fools who can be counted on to be fools. They predetermine the safety of myriad injustices done to children even when a specific incidence is made the focus of a presidential debate. They are correct.

I am being hard on people. I mean to be. This does not mean I don’t love them. My love is unconditional. My approval is not. My assessment of a person is personal and judgmental. It is my duty and that of every single human to be the judge of any and all. Murder is all too common to let one’s assessment of others falter. Theft, larceny, fraud, and countless other abuses are done by humans and to walk among them without regard to their character is foolish. I am not going to allow a pedophile to be a friend. No murderer can join me in my personal life. We have to be selective. Everyone is whether they admit it or not. It is not easy to gain my approbation and even harder to hold it. The problem with this is that people are not smart enough, informed enough, rational enough, or loving enough to judge accurately. If they were there would be not evil among us. But we are still bound to attempt it.

Obvious character faults are easy disqualifications, but the subtle ones require unlimited knowledge and wisdom. People hide their evil and present personas to focus our attention.  Discernment depends on all that can be brought to the process. As I learn, my discernment becomes more rigorous. I intend to justify myself here. No pretense. No fake character. I will judge you. Yes! I have to. But I agree with the statement of John Locke, “Every man has commission to admonish, exhort, convince another of error, and by reasoning to draw him into truth: …” (A Letter Concerning Toleration) I am admonishing mankind as a whole. I am attempting to exhort, convince and draw mankind into the truth regarding most things, but being hard on them for demonstrating so ridiculous an hypocrisy as Joe Biden attempted to exploit so people can be fooled into believing him to be a moral and loving champion for justice to children. That he would do such a thing is testimony from his own lips to his corruption.

 I live to be as good as I can determine good to be. I strive to manifest the virtues and expand my understanding so I can better conform to virtue. Everyone will be compared to my best example of the best I can be. What else would be right? Shall I approve of everyone without discretion? I shall love them without discretion. I have since 1971 and will continue to. I will not condone all they do. I will not be deceived if possible. My only desire is for the fulfillment of all and that only so we can reach the beginning of something I have seen in my mind’s eye. Some call it “on earth as it is in heaven.” Some call it paradise. I call it the beginning of infinity. I’ll settle for nothing less.

Human behavior is the issue. We are tasked with the conduction of our own behavior. We are affected by the behavior of others. That is basis of the importance of human judgment. The judgment of man has formed the basis of government and social organization for thousands of years. The US government was founded on the opinion that man is basically bad, and that government must be established to have peace. It is the same the world over. Religion is rooted not in love for God but fear of man and established as a deterrent and influence for good and peace. This and many other things testify to the folly and foolishness of mankind for there would be no need of either if man was not foolish and prone to folly.  This election is folly and farce perpetuating the foolishness and testifying to it. Idiots banding together and using the power of the group to do what no man can do alone is what I was born into seventy years ago. What am I to do? My only answer is love and truth.

Before I close the diatribe, I want to say unequivocally leaving no room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding that the truth does not hurt. How the world came to the stupid notion that the truth hurts is a dramatic comedy. It is the lack of truth that hurts and the misrepresentation of the facts that hurts. Bad choices result from both. Our lives are going to continue to be more a matter of our choices than they are of the natural laws and powers. We are going to make some bad choices again this year. We are going to engage in harsh and even violent controversy over choices that are not choices at all without even realizing what we are doing. We should be discussing ways to make peace and prosperity for all instead of who to give power that should not even exist. Where is the question regarding the continuation of global power? It is not whether or not to have government we ask at election time. It is only who would we like to give the power the government wields. It surely is an important choice, but one that prevents other more important choices. While the candidates bicker over the abuse of little children to pluck the heartstrings of the people, the monster is devouring the world. Countless children are being tortured to death, abused, taken from their parents, and damaged for life while the people sit idly by proudly feeling virtuous by their outrage over the five hundred at the border. Holy smokes!

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