The Shutdown and the Apocalypse

The Shutdown and the Apocalypse

As more and more business are permanently closed due to government orders, catastrophe beyond pandemic fatalities becomes more likely and more obviously worse than fatalities by disease. The fragility of civilization should be obvious to average intelligence and knowledge. I fear this fact is lost on the people. Seven billion people convulsing in panic is a horror to contemplate, but it is becoming a horror to contend with. Since average intelligence and knowledge can realize that government is shutting the economy down around the globe, it should be evident to the least intelligent and uninformed that it is being done intentionally.

Can the economy be shut down by orders from governments unintentionally? Are the consequences too difficult to comprehend? As is always the case, you may think what you will. But I remind you that even God cannot save you from your own will. You can think there is no possibility that some would like to see the global civilization collapse. Sure you can. You can be an idiot. You can ignore fire and burn to a crisp. You can tie others to posts and build fires beneath their feet when there are enough who want to join you. To think for a moment that the economy can suffer the damage already sustained by the orders of the government without catastrophe is also something you can do of your own will. How many times have those who intend to do harm to others been successful because they were able to surprise their victims?

There is a massive effort underway to dispose the people to fail to notice a surprise attack coming. Fools and idiots are not alone in the failure to notice. Few are exempted. Even when population reduction is publicly advanced as a necessity and a desire by those who have wealth and power beyond average human comprehension, the people remain oblivious. They have been assaulted stealthily long enough to ensure the surprise.

Modern technology has been put to the purposes of those who have power. They find themselves living in great luxury and leisure threatened by population growth. Feelings of superiority and entitlement have given them deep disdain and hate for the people. In a world only a couple of centuries into the abolition of slavery, the characteristic that allows a human being to own slaves, has not had enough time to disappear. It is not just alive and well. It is thriving. Modern technology has been purposed to the control of the people. The people in general do all the labor that provides the luxury and leisure of the self-proclaimed superior entitled. This translates to enslavement. The investment in modern communications technology, be it television, radio, telephone, computers, internet, social media, or even the media in general, was voluntary. Even is some college student or garage computer builder brought it to the world, the investment came only from those who had it to invest. That is the way of things in this world.

Only the most conditioned and enculturated are incognizant of the fact that money is invested to bring new things into popular use and acceptance. It does not happen any other way. The sanctity of business has been manifest in modern man using the power of conditioning and enculturation. “It’s only business,” is a con. It is a hypnotic spell. Countless atrocity has been committed in the name of business and a builtin acceptance was preinstalled in the hearts and minds of the people who serve those who use business to perpetuate the luxury and leisure they enjoy. The poor masses have missed the building cataclysm. It is not too late.

People are far more than modern brainwashing techniques can dominate. The words you are reading right now is proof enough. My first and most urgent desire of everyone is that they realize the innocent pleasures they enjoy are fueling their worst enemies. It’s business that supplies them. it is business that can defeat them. Nearly everything we do in this world is a source of money for those who have orchestrated the world of business. We are like solar panels that create great power by buying things and activities. We must come to understand this and decide what we want to do about it.

It is clear to me that everyone in this world can live better than the richest people in the world. That is something that is not being permitted the masses of humanity to know. They must, instead, hold a fiction up to be reality that there is simply not enough nor can there be enough even to sustain at survival level the huge human population without destroying the natural world, much less provide them with the luxury and leisure those who hold the fiction up enjoy. It is not true. The universe is infinite.

Notice that the space programs are put on hold. Notice that technology that can control the people is receiving more funding. Even technology that can dispose of billions of human dead is fully developed already. The Georgia Guidestones announce and vow to eliminate about six and half billion people. The cry of alarm is ringing across the planet. Hopefully, this post will help more to hear it. The shutdown is going to bring billions to their end, and soon. We must stop it. Those who are perpetrating it are few. We are many.

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