The Assault

The Assault

The first time in history. Mankind has not known the planet Earth long. We thought it was a flat place that has a couple of continents for thousands of years. Just around five hundred years ago, the fiction that dominated the minds of most humans was shattered. Vast areas of land were made known to the masses of the African and European continents. Free land, as they saw it.

The free land was quickly claimed for kings and queens. The battle for control was almost instant. Spain, France, England, and others began to fight for it. So, the global assault began long ago, but it was not until now that the assault became a truly global affair. For control of the land is not the assault that has become global. It is the attack upon the people that has finally made global assault possible.

When the lands were sparsely populated and “free land” was available, control of humanity was impossible. The free land is long gone and the humans who would like to control humanity now are capable of greater comprehension of humanity’s full extent. The entire population of the world is being assaulted just as the people of Africa were by slave traders.

Slavery is not long gone for humanity. Relative to mankind’s long history, it was recent. Indeed, it is not completely gone yet. Overt slavery is only the most crude form of slavery and the only form that has been mostly ended. There is a far more insidious form of slavery.

When the work of a human produces something, it was said by the philosophers to belong to that person. When it is taken by someone else, it said to be theft. Such theft is overt theft. When it is taken by stealth and the human from whom it was taken does not detect the theft, the loss is no less. Even still, this is not the worst form of slavery.

The worst form of slavery is they type that makes the person being deprived think they are giving it willingly. This is something so simple and clear that it is a wonder it has been going on this long. It has, and most people have not detected it. Instead, they think they are giving it freely and for their benefit. This is a factor of social organization that has been exploited to enslave a planet of billions.

Humans are susceptible to manipulation. They can be lied to. They can be fooled. This is obvious. I dare to say any human that is not impaired will agree. Lying has become a social norm rather than an exception. Theft is an ever-present aspect of life. We have little difficulty realizing these simple thing, but are almost totally unable to extrapolate from them the vital understandings needed to prevent our total and abject enslavement.

The difficulty people live with is not a natural experience. A human is naturally able to think enough to have thought of himself as a rational being with a capacity to know more than the other mammals. But when a human can be lied to convincingly, they lose some of the ability to be rational and know facts. They, by the simple belief in a falsehood, are diminished in knowing and rationality. It is not a proportional diminishment, but a cascading one. For reason depends of all the elements employed to reason. If one element is false, false elements are the result. To give a nod to chance, I realize that valid elements can sometimes be obtained by reason corrupted with false data. This, though, must not be allowed to negate to any degree the importance of correct elements in the equations of reason. The global assault on humanity is being carried out by those who are willing to exploit this simple fact of reality. In other words, lies and false information are being used to enslave the billions.

The best slaves, from a slave master’s perspective, is the slave that is convinced he is free. If one can be made to support with faulty reasoning that he is giving freely, he is easier to master and less likely to cause problems. I contend and claim with all the fortissimo I can muster that the population of Earth has been enslaved and is now being assaulted to consolidate and fortify the enslavement.

It appears that noting can be done to prevent the assault. We are so thoroughly trapped and enslaved we are defenseless. For a long time now, the masters have had to tolerate being unseen, staying in the shadows and pretending to be uninvolved. They are now ready to make themselves known. This they would not do if they did not have confidence in their ability to do so. They are not totally unafraid yet, but confident. Current events and the character of the future are both taking shape as designed by the slave masters.

Current events cannot be understood until all the elements necessary to reason are added to the equations. The unknowns are still many and the false data is incessantly being drilled into the minds of otherwise rational humans. It was discovered that humans can be manipulated by repetition. Just as we train animals, we are being trained. Repeating things over and over, producing credible people to confirm the validity of the things repeated, and producing experiences by cunning and stealth that seem to confirm them makes people accept them. This is true of false data and lies as much as it is of true and truth. Therein lies the door through which those who desire to be served by the masses enter.

The people are still rational enough to see that there are some among us who get far more than the rest of us. That may be the extent of rationality yet present. Given the overall acceptance of the disparity in the distribution of the products of society, it is quite clear that the capacity to reason has been assaulted. It does not follow that the natural forces have caused the acceptance of the many levels of distribution of the products of society. It is designed. The assault on humanity has been underway long enough now to take from human beings the ability to reason and see reality. Our eyes deceive us.

We believe what we see far too much. It has been proven for a long time that people see according to many things within them. Eyewitness see the same events differently. This being the case, it is clear to any who would care to understand it that people can be manipulated to have them see by design. We can be made to see what someone wants us to see. With our own eyes we see what is not there and become certain that we saw it. Or we can be manipulated to take from what we see what someone whats us to see. This is but one of the many things that supply an arsenal of weapons that can be used against humans. Weapons are seldom left unused. But who would use them?

From the early days of history there have been those who are served and those who serve. The served naturally tend to like being served. When they can be supplied with luxury and abundance coupled with power over others that includes feelings of superiority without having to apply their effort and time, there is even greater tendency to like being served. As we all know, humans like to keep what they like. The kings, pharaohs , emperors and the like of history are the ancestors of the people who would use the arsenal of weapons that can be used to manipulate a human being.

In our world there are people so rich they live in a different world. The masses of humanity have difficulty comprehending the world of the super rich. But they feel the burdens they bear to survive. They are trained to believe they bear them naturally, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is the subject of this post. If you are out there reading this, I hope you will find a way to break the conditioning that has made you what you are.

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