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The Media Spell

Election fraud is not the biggest problem in this election. The way the media has made people fear Trump so deeply, to despise him passionately, is the real problem. Millions of otherwise smart people are sure to their souls that Trump is worse than Hitler. They see him as all sorts of despicable. I think they couldn’t be more wrong, but the grip the media has on them is almost impossible to break.
The world is being attacked by the media. The money they command is unholy. But the minds they command is worse. Even in as unlikely a place as Aerial America, a television show about the nation, a part about William Randolph Hurst included a brief mention of the fact that Hurst intended to control the nation using his newspapers. If people do not snap out of the spell they are under, we may be doomed.
Some very rich and powerful people think the world is being destroyed. They blame the population. They are right to a small extent, but they are wrong in a huge way. I think they are so caught up in their own psychology they don’t have the ability to reason. Some think they are disciple of Satan and have only evil intentions. Who knows? I do know that they are clamoring about climate change, pollution, the damage to nature, the depletion of resources, over-population, and many other things that put the likelihood of intentions to do something about it rather high.
If you see all that is happening, and if you can see what has happened, then add the possibility that the rich are trying to do something about the things they complain of so much, it all begins to make sense in a twisted way. I think that is what they are doing and that most of the bigger aspects of what is happening are sourced in exactly that place.
I could not be more passionate about the condition of the planet. I love all that live. My love is powerful and fulfilling. I want drastic changes in most of what humans do. I am not willing to kill them to stop them, though. I am not willing to enslave them to do it either. I will settle for nothing but love as the cure. Not because I am attached to my desire, but because I think it is the best way. I am attached to the truth. I plan to stay this way. Only love will save us. It is the truth and always has been. But this world is missing love to such an extent that history is a nightmare no bad dream can attain. It defies reason that billions of Christians do not love everyone. The causes of love’s absence can be traced back to the media. Its influence is that powerful.
I could write a book about the causes of human behavior, but I don’t want to. I want to do what I can to get people to detach from the media. They are under its spell. They trust it. Such a huge and terrible mistake seems impossible, but there it is. How else could someone be so sure that Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a white supremacist, narcissist, greedy, and all the other things they are so certain he is? They don’t know the man! They are taking the word of the media Trump denigrated and vowed to oppose. They have mislead millions of people. They continue to.
The COVID-19 hysteria is a media spell. The election debacle is a media spell. So many civilians are convinced that Trump is do dangerous and evil the poured out in droves to volunteer to help process the votes in the 2020 election. I don’t need the courts to tell me whether or not the volunteers cheated. It is obvious. I saw video recordings of them doing it. I have listened to witnesses testify to it. One witness testified to them meeting and rallying like combatants going to battle. They conspired in large groups to prevent the election from going to Trump. Why? Obviously that thought it was important enough to break the law and to put honor aside for what they saw as a greater cause. This is something the media is leaving out.
Talk radio, television, and internet content is leaving out the fact that millions of people have been made to think Trump is worse than Hitler. Even if they do not approve of the things he has done and didn’t do, there is no reasonable route to thinking Hitler was not as bad. It is pure nonsense and garbage. They hate and fear Trump because the media wants them too. That is all there is to it. So, why is none of the media, save this post, talking about it? The answer to that question demands an answer, but I don’t have time to try to write about it. It is too much for a post and the spell the people are under is impenetrable. They cannot be reasoned with and facts are not effective. The hate is so powerful it does what hate always does, make people irrational.

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