Be Happy

Be Happy

It is a beautiful day, again. The cold rain is falling. The plants are hydrating, the soil is growing, and life is renewing. Rain seems to be a problem for some lifeforms. I saw a grackle high on a wire near a telephone pole shaking his feathers. Then few more flew over a lot higher. They have no goggles! I try to imagine what it is like for them flying in the rain. The huge wasp nest outside my window has a lone wasp left. At one time not long ago it was densely covered with family members. I don’t know what happened to the others. The one that is still there doesn’t move at all. I opened the window so the warm air from the heater would get to it. Strange is the world. The very thing that sustains us takes us out.

I enjoyed the privilege of taking Bryleigh (my goddaughter) to school this morning. She spent the night here. I got up early and prepared some food for her to eat and some to take to school for lunch. That girl has become the light of my life. What a joy! I feel paternal. I am enjoying the feelings fathers must get from having a child. For some reason unknown, I have not had children, and I enjoy them immensely. Getting Bryleigh to school in the cold rain was a pleasure of incomparable proportions. My mind races with joyful contemplation about just what this is. I am convinced of reincarnation and ascension as the only way to break from the cycle. Who was she before? How is she fitting into my life? I can imagine a lot of the infinite possibilities. I can also know how lucky I am.

Wow! I feel so wonderful! My sixty-six year old body is feeling some of the effects of my hard and abusive lifestyle, but my spirit is just soaring. I am so incredibly happy. I have said to others for 46 years now that I am in bliss. The word does not satisfy. Bliss is so many different things to people. How can anyone know what I am trying to say? What I can tell you unequivocally is that Love is the reason I feel so good. When I made the effort to love everyone, bliss overcame me. It conquered me! It imbued me with so much I cannot relate it to you, but I can try to tell you it gave me bliss so intense I had to take time to keep from dying in the rush of it. It has never waned. Over all the years I have gotten used to it, but that doesn’t detract from it. I had to learn to function while riding a wave of sheer joy so intense it addled my senses. By now, I have gotten a handle on it, so to speak.

I am empowered by Love. It keeps me in the world. It gives me purpose and joy. It has opened the secrets of the universe to me. There was a time when understanding flooded into my consciousness so profusely and so profoundly I was existing in a movie-like state of wondrous astonishment. About six months after Love took me up, I found a book in which Jesus was telling the people that God would teach them the secrets of the Universe once they had been prepared by the Mother. He said the knowledge would just enter them, even as they slept. I know what he meant. Transformed by Love, my mind, my very psychology morphed into something altogether new and ineffable. I have found an amusing way to put it: The glass is both, half full and half empty. I think the story in the Bible is reverent here. It mentions the Tree of Life, a forbidden tree, like the Tree of Knowledge. No matter what you think of the Bible, those trees are interesting. I feel as though I have been allowed to eat of both. That diet led me to God and Goddess.

The Mother and the Father blessed me with an appearance. I am not going to be able to pass on to others the impact of that visit. I don’t really want to try. Some things are best left to be experienced for oneself. My earnest and powerful desire this morning is to try to tell you that everything is going to be alright. Our heavenly parents love us. None are not loved by them. I know there are those whom we would think evil and horrible, justifiably in my opinion, but I understand that there is a lot going on that I do not understand. Unconditional love is unconditional. I think some people need more experience to become the beautiful creatures they can be, and I have no doubt that will happen. Please know that our heavenly parents love this planet, too. It will not be allowed to die. There IS a God! There IS a Goddess!

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