Notice of Current Statistics

Notice of Current Statistics

As of this day, Nov. 29, 2015, 1,289 people have subscribed to this site. There are people in almost every nation on Earth subscribed, including Russia and China. This is giving me hope. Four people subscribed today! I have done noting to promote this site. I don’t know how it gets found. I do, however, intend to find a way and then to begin promoting it.

I have been having a tough time keeping the hope alive. Futility keeps trying to get me. Sometimes I start to feel that people have failed themselves. Observation bears this out, but then comprehension enlightens the view. When Jesus said, “…they know not what they do.” as quoted from the Bible, he set the tone that has endured the ages. Every time I get a notice that someone has subscribed to this site, futility takes it on the chin. Thank you all. You are hope incarnate.

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