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Nuclear War or Utopia? You Choose

The possibility of nuclear war is growing. Most have already heard Putin declare that he is not bluffing about using a nuclear retaliation. Escalation is the nightmare scenario.

What would the US do if anti-American troops were stationed in Mexico, and they began to persecute Americans living there? The northern cities of Ukraine are mostly Russian people. The government Soros bragged about installing in Ukraine went to work terrorizing the Russians living there. They begged for help for years. I wonder how many people are aware of that. Many of the terrorists are actual Nazis. The brutality was beyond description.

Russia has been painted by politicians in the US governments as the demonic nation for a very long time. That is because the people there wanted to follow the communist ways put forth by Marx and Engels. They chose Communism and they have the right to choose it. In the Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels declared capitalism a bad social system and proposed a better way that would ultimately resolve into a utopic world. That put the capitalists into a frenzy of opposition that still rages. So, they recruited a couple of international criminals wanted by several nations.

Stalin and Trotsky posed for a photo at the apex of the Time Square convergence of streets with many rich men including the president at the time. I have seen the picture but have not been able to find it again yet. The book was loaned to me by a friend. Those men posing for the photo opportunity gave Stalin and Trotsky twenty million dollars and assisted them across the Canadian border where they were arrested by the Canadian law. The powers of the USA were brought to bear forcing their release and the return of the money. The rest is history well known. Some say about forty million Russians were murdered to put down all resistance to Stalin’s rule. The hopes of the Russian people were ruined. Genealogists say the genome of Russian people may never recover from the loss of it most intelligent people.  The rich capitalists could not afford to allow the growing acceptance of communism to destroy their wealth and power. They did a masterful job when considered from their perspective. It worked.

At the same time, Russia and any who favored communism were painted as horrible and demonic. The nations were held out as the most dangerous threat to liberty in the world and countless human, animal and plant lives were spent attacking them. The environmental disasters were so bad the world may not recover before the powerful end the world completely.

They are now calling for environmental healing by reducing both the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the number of people on Earth. Meanwhile they instigate new wars constantly and pay not mind to the environment. The idea that they really want to heal the earth is denied by their actions.

The damage done to the environment is so extensive it has become a global threat to Life. It was not done by carbon dioxide. It was done by Capitalism operating without sufficient restraints. Capitalism has converted every natural and man-made thing into commodities. It is like a ravenous monster feeding on the world. As if there is not alternative, business dominates life on Earth. Since the capitalist system does not present and egalitarian distribution of the wealth generated, most people do not have much money. But at the same time, they present the largest market for goods and services. Capitalism could not allow a market that large to go tapped. So, products had to be made cheap enough for the majority to afford. Mankind began planned obsolescence and produced products the large market could afford but didn’t last very long. This fed the people who had the capital even more capital until they amassed so much money, they could never spend it or even give it away. Andrew Carnegie failed to give away his vast fortune even with the help of a large staff whose jobs were to give the money back the society. He wrote that it was the one thing he failed to do in his life. Even with his motivation to give his money away, he was not willing to actually give it to the poor. He judged who would get it and how. He and all the other rich capitalists were not happy that Communism was becoming popular.

The cries against Communism were not put in terms of Communism versus Capitalism, but Communism verses Democracy. That stupid phrase is still being used. A ‘soviet’ is an elected body of people that represents the interests of the community from which they are elected. The USSR stands for the Untied ‘Soviet’ Socialist Republic. Stalin was not able to remove that. Of course, Russia ultimately caved to the pressure and changed to a Capitalist nation. It made some people incredibly rich instantly. They were all for the change, of course. There is no nation that can oppose the capitalists. There are too many who take lifestyles of fabulous luxury, opulence, pride, and power from the capitalist system. The only way that can happen and continue to happen is by control of the sociological aspects of civilization. Power is the power of the people, all the people. The only way some of the people can live the ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’ is by exploiting the people. That was the founding principle that gave Marx the ideas found in the Communist Manifesto. The exploitation of labor (people) by the rich was a dangerous situation. Marx was moved by the conditions of the majority in capitalist nations and formulated what he considered a better social system. He also made prediction about the future of capitalist nations and Capitalism.   But he made too many big mistakes.

Marx discovered some essential and vital truths. When he attempted to solve them, he made some essential mistakes. Communism will not work because of those mistakes. This is not to say that all the mistakes were based on faulty logic, but they were fatal mistakes. I don’t have time to write about all of them nor do I think I know all of them. I can tell you with all conviction that he thought government could manage a nation fairly and benevolently. That mistake is still being made around the world. His other mistake was the underestimation of human motivation. When people run for their lives from a burning building many will trample a child to death to escape. This fact comes to bear when power, property, and prestige is on fire. The people of our world who live as we all know they do, the very rich, including organizations, fear the loss of what they enjoy. There are no morals, rules, or ethics that will stop them from defending and protecting it.

The world into which we were all born was already so far down the slippery slope we have lived to see nations conquered without firing a shot, and people taking pleasure in torture, rape, and murder of children. Giant pedophile organizations continue to accelerate the supply of victims for such demons. As if that is not shocking enough, we have lived to see college students protest ‘pedo bashing.’ We are seeing the words ‘minor-attracted’ making their way into society. The depravity of the world we are seeing is a direct result of the past. The other factors do not negate the prominence of the past. The successive years of successful perpetuation of depraved, dumb, amoral, and criminal behavior over entire lifespans of generation created the world we are experiencing.

The only thing that will prevent the nuclear exchange that ends the world is the people. Only the people joined in common purpose can heal the planet. The people can change the systems used by society to make the fulfillment of all easy. In time the generations growing up in such a world will change. We could see the assumed character of man held by the Founding Fathers proven false. They wrote that if all men were angles there would be no need for government. It must have not been clear to them that people become what society makes them. Being born into a utopic society could cause mankind to become something beyond angelic.

Allowing the powerful to bring the future will ruin the world. When Schwab proclaimed he and his compatriots make the future, he includes the people he is speaking to. He speaks as if he wants the common people to contribute, but we all know who he actually means and how he actually sees the rest of humanity. That is demonstrated on the Georgia Guide Stones and expressed in the candid moments when the very rich slip up and say what they actually think. They see us as ” useless feeders.” They see the world as belonging to them because they are rich and would not be rich if they did not deserve to be. They see the teaming masses as a blight upon the earth. When they contemplate the continued increase in population, it paints a picture they don’t want. That is why we face nuclear exchange, starvation, and other horrors.

We are facing food shortages that could contribute to the insanity of a nuclear exchange. Check out this article from the Journal of International Criminal Justice. https://academic.oup.com/jicj/article/17/4/699/5721410?login=false I cannot find a way to see America and the world escaping a global food shortage that potentially could end civilization as we know it. The global organizations that monitor such things are forecasting severe food shortages. The energy grid has been attacked so severely winter poses a huge disaster. Rolling blackouts are already happening in many places. When winter increases the demand for energy, blackouts could further decrease available food. Panicked populations seeking relief are dangerous in and of themselves, but when governments become involved, no bomb or military option is ‘off the table.’ Isn’t that a wonderful term! Humans are considering what will be done with the immense power of destruction that is available. That as if humans are angles.

History brought the world to this day and the days to come. Even if some have the power to destroy the world, they came to be the way they are due to the ways of mankind over its history. People have allowed great power to be created by their effort and supply to be wielded for millennia. It has corrupted the very fibers of humanity. Now we face our own obliteration or a slower destruction. And still there is no response from the masses. They are more interested in other things. The fires are consuming all life on earth while the people debate spiritual matters and social systems, watch television, indulge in astonishing acumen of sports statistics, and keep letting some humans wield power that should never exist.

There is an awakening happening. The wars in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia may be a powerful factor in the awakening. The people of that time are dying off, but there are still some of us around. The children of that generation were influenced by those who saw the troubles of governments. Slowly more people began to awaken to the ills of our world. Around the world giant gatherings of people have happened for decades. Maybe it started with the exploitation of the people being made clear by Marx and Engels, but everything is the real reason. It is becoming dangerous to the very rich. They know they cannot stand against the power of the people when it is focused, and passions are high. We are living in a time when the powerful are like panicked patrons in a burning auditorium. They are arrogant enough to think they are brilliant and deserve the world. But they are damaged just like the rest of mankind. The situation is dangerous. Petty matters must be put into storage until the dangers are eliminated. We cannot allow a nuclear war or the globalists to direct our path into the future. We must capture the opportunity that has come down to us from the recent changes in the circumstance of mankind. We can speak with people around the world as though they are there beside us. We can travel around the globe faster than ever. Most of the work of civilization has been done. The roads, buildings, dams, factories, tools, innovations, and more have given us the opportunity to unite as on incredible family. The family is the best social system. It can replace all the others. There is no longer a just need for giant power such as wielded by governments. There is more than enough of so much for everyone there is no justification for poverty. There is not justification for the riches of the few. It is now or much further in the future. Never is not real. Life will come to its true fulfillment. It could be soon if we simply start using all that is available to unite in the global family we have always been. Only the few kept that from happening throughout history. We know them as leaders who could take men to conquer, raid, and war. That so many people followed them is due to the influence of life’s circumstances and conditions at the time. People are easily influenced. Children are made into what they become. Let’s make them angelic.


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