Playing the Game

Playing the Game

I wrote the following as a reply to someone on a social media application. I want to share it here. I hope for the best for everyone.

The things you mention here are not news to me, nor are they things that I have not examined and studied for a very long time. In fact, they are so old and common among the people that it seems apparent that the views of the people are running along the prescribed lines desired by those who are deriving incredible power and benefit by the very opinions you are representing.

Facilitating trade, not good or bad, private vs. public purposes, and a huge stock pile of other facets of the monetary system’s subtle and overt complexity are the things that are being cultivated as the informed workings and understanding of the educated and smart, the ones who are “in the know.” It is all sophistry. It is the powder in the bullets that are being used to kill any tendency toward attaining prosperity, leisure, fulfillment, peace, brotherhood, and every other desirable thing for the people.

We are living in the controlled environment created by those who have sickening disdain for the people. They are of the faction that believe that kings are born deserving of rule and wealth far above the people of such low character and worth as to be dispensable, even deserving of pain, suffering, misery, and death.

Look back in history and find a time when there were not those at the top of the social constructs living off of the backs of the people. There is none. Those types have been around forever and they have passed down the kingdoms refining the methods of preventing usurpation and a rising up of the source of their lifestyles, the people. They stand in psychological ignorance of the nature of their desires and feeling. They also stand in preventative opposition to anything that would or could threaten their opinions of themselves and their opinions of the people. They are not beings of love and kindness. They are heartless monsters that have woven a web of sophistry over the people so effective that people cannot see things as obvious as a naked king believing he is fully clothed.

I will say again what my writings on one of my websites has been saying for a long time. If we the people will stand together in loving cooperation with one another to protect, nurture, satisfy, and develop one another, there will be no monetary system. Money is the tool of the demonic controllers. It exists to keep the people from access to the products of the society in which they work their lives away to keep functioning. It is the means whereby the most ruthless and demonic crime against humanity is on going and seemingly perpetual, and that is the crime that rewards the members of society differently. The work of one is not worth more or less to society than that of any other. The only way they have found to prevent threats to the positions they occupy is to cultivate a false wisdom among the people that makes them accept the reality that prevails around the world that the disparity of pay is good and inevitable.

Think of it this way, if you will. Lets say you create a game. You set up the game entirely. You created the board, let’s say. You create the pieces that will be used and set up what each piece can and cannot do. Then you determine the process that will be used to play the game including how the winner is determined. The game get spread out among the people who want to play and time passes. The players get more and more adroit at playing the game. Complex strategies evolve. An acumen evolves and some are way ahead of others in their grasp and efficacy of the multitude of the complex angles that the game makes possible. Eventually, there is a school developed that helps some develop skills to play the game. Elite players of incredible skill and character arise. They are revered by the less able players. These elite players begin to hold positions that are envied. On and on it goes until it is the main preoccupation of the people. That is what the monetary system is. It is a game that is not just played, it has become life as we know it.

It is all a game. We play it and we protect it. We condone it with pseudo intellectualism while suffering and death reign around the world in unfathomable and countless ways over decade after decade. No matter where the game is played, no matter who plays, no matter who is at the top of the game, the game remains, and it remains the same. In every nation of Earth, the game is the central core of life. In every nation there are those who live at the top of society enjoying lives of incomparable luxury and splendor while the masses that provide it all for them wallow in abject misery, ignorance, hopelessness with a few begrudged people being allowed to enjoy a bit better lives. The effort is eliminate the “middle class” is well underway. Those at the top detest them for the better lives they have even though those lives are a far cry from anything resembling the lives of those at the top.

I have hoped that it would be possible to get people to envision how wonderful they could have it. I thought that if they could see what is possible they might start to think of ways to get there, an incentive. Sadly, getting people to envision it is very difficult. They are conditioned to resist. They offer what they consider their insights into how to play the game instead to looking outside the game. And noting changes. The people are using the game and its structure against themselves.

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