Successful Election Theft

Successful Election Theft

There are two reasons the theft of the election is so successful. Corrupt politicians and fake news. If we can get one important politician indicted, it will provide the information on others for leniency. I think it is likely that it can happen. Fake news is altogether another matter and more difficult to address.

People are born, live, and die. I know you know this. But consider new generations not understanding what journalism was fifty years ago or more. I study the media by reading books and other methods. I am convinced that the media has become the most formidable weapon to use against the people. By that I mean, the entire population of the world. The People. I have seen by watching the broadcasts that what passes for journalism today is not like it was fifty years ago. I have read in books that modern education of  students in the field of “journalism” teaches them to present the news in ways that “prevent the wrong information from being publishes,” and other proactive ideas. They are trying to take control of the people on grounds of protecting them. Information that can lead people to conclusions undesired are not being allowed. When they do occur, they are “fact checked” and messages are added. Anyone can see it for themselves by looking at some Twitter feed, Facebook page, YouTube, or other high-tech source. Even the printed media is involved. The way they are able to control public opinion has reached a level I think it brainwashing.

It must be understood that enculturation is like brainwashing, but the media is not enculturating people. It is controlling them like they are robots that can be programmed and made to respond according to predesigned programming. It is insidious and criminal. The criminals who are able to use the media to control the people are obviously the very rich. The minions who serve them are protective cannon fodder. They are victims mostly, but there are recruits as well. The very rich are able to get people to join them willingly. This is made dramatic in movies about hired assassins. Many people will do anything if it pays enough. Some want to be on the winning side. It varies, but the fact that we are under attack using an information weapon built upon the relatively new power of psychology.

In the early 1900s, and obviously earlier in less profound ways, humans began to learn how to affect the opinions, feelings, thought processes, and actions of great numbers of humans. They extrapolated the knowledge and created the massive propaganda history of World War I. They used it to get females to change their attitudes regarding smoking cigarettes almost doubling the market for the tobacco industry. Psychologists had already delved deeply into the workings of the human brain. Reactions were categorized and analyzed. Psychiatry evolved from it. The use of such information seemed academic to most people, but there was a select group who saw a use for it.

Control of the masses has been long desired by the very rich. Kings could have benefited greatly by knowing what makes people “tick.” Consider, please, the way the military of the world uses psychology to manipulate people into becoming soldiers. This entire post is telling you something you already know but have not carried it to it inevitable revelations. To shorten this message, the media today is a result of more than a hundred years of developing the ability to control the opinions and behavior of people in huge numbers. We are seeing it in action in the election and other things.

Millions of people are so afraid of Trump they are willing to do anything to protect this nation and its people from him. They are totally justified. I know that sounds crazy to Trump supporters. So, consider the information that caused them to fear Trump. It all comes from the media with a small dab that comes from association with other people. If you believed all the fake news says about Donald Trump, you would fear him too. They are doing the right thing as they understand it. So are you. So am I. Unless you have made the decision to be evil, you do what you do because it seems to you at the time and place to be the right thing to do when your desires are factored into it. I am fighting the urge to go into this too far. I just want you to realize that the “never-Trumpers” are totally justified because they base their opinions on the information they believe, which they got from the media.

Where can we get information? Few think of this question. So, I will tell you, we get it in two way; direct experience and form communication. We watch videos these days, but they are a from of communication. Anything you do not experience yourself can only be considered using communicated information. Even the awareness of something you do not experience yourself must come from communications. To be thorough, we can think of things we do not experience and that have not been communicated to us, but it is rare. I think the entire universe can be deduced. I just don’t know anyone who is doing it. Surely, there are things we realize by mental means. If they were a larger percentage of human opinion building and actions, I would delve deeper here. For now, just think of the complexity of the world, especially the world of human activity, by seven billion people and you will see clearly that few people are able to cognize it. Even the most travelled, educated, and connected person alive can only see the world in a view greater than as though looking through a pin hole in blinders. Opinion formation is a deep subject with a precipitous learning curve. That is why specialization, compartmentalization are being used by those who have nothing more expedient to do. Most of us are too busy to endeavor in such things even if we wanted to and have not the money to do so if we did. But the very rich have all they need. All but a heart, that is.

I can’t think of a more urgent mission than getting control of the media back. It used to be journalism that provided the facts and let the people decide. Now it is mind-control weapons. It is, as Trump said, the enemy of the people. The first thing that must be done is getting people to think about it. Then to reach out to the victims of the media and help them. It is not easy. I know. The programming of human minds by the media includes resistance programming.

If you are shocked by the behavior of never-Trumpers when presented with facts, you have seen the programmed response resisting it. It is all very complicated and there is so much I want to present it is impossible. I have to settle for what I can do and be happy with that.

It is not enough to fight for Trumps election. It is not enough to praise him and denigrate Biden. We can post trillions of pretty and cogent pictures with captions without getting anything done. People who consult the posts are the ones who don’t need the information. They already know it or agree with it. The problem is reaching the people who are under the control of fake news. How do we reach them? If Trump prevails and takes another four years, we will still have these problems. His presidency is not going to change it. The problem is too engrained in the fabric of human societies. We must become better people. All of us. We must stop allowing our enculturation to form our opinions and outlook. We have to find a way to love. Love is the answer to it all.

I have written my fingers numb trying to relate to people how love works. I will not go further here. You can read some of my writings at

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