The 2020 Election

The 2020 Election

Political maneuvering is a terrible way to conduct the power of this nation, or any other. Strategy! I read that Nancy Pelosi is a shrewd political strategist. That explains a lot. Just look at her elections and her electorate. Realize, too, that she gets elected by people who are not required to prove they are citizens of the US.

With the open borders and sanctuary cities, politicians are strategizing ways to win elections by getting votes from people who have no right to vote. There are those who think it is perfectly fine for people who are not citizens to vote. Some even think that people who cross the border illegally should be able to vote in the US. In a nation where some states will not allow a convicted felon to vote, the unequal application of the rules and laws is criminal. It even happens in the thinking of some.

The USA has about 24 million people who are felony law breakers that have been caught. Every single one has been subjected the punishment of laws of the land. Removing their right to exercise a power to change the laws is a flagrant denial of the principles of this nation. Throughout history laws have changed. Intelligence and discovery have rendered laws barbaric and stupid many times. Heresy and witchcraft, for example. The trends of human opinion have made alcoholic drinks illegal and now make consumption of countless substances illegal. That voting could permit this is vivid proof that political strategizing has defeated the very concept of free people governing themselves. In the land of the free people are punished by the law for consumption of many things. The personal aspect of consumption has been negated on the grounds of the greater welfare of the state. Rights be damned. This in a land now at the brink of forcing the population to take a vaccination that alters DNA. And virtually on one even notices the profundity of it.

People are too easily fanned into mobs. Trends determine opinions far more than facts. Reason is a volatile variable that rises and falls. The “good sense” of today may be the folly of tomorrow. This fact is obvious and noticed by the political wranglers. Fools in incalculable numbers can be manipulated by them. Now that the news has been converted to propaganda the fools have become victims more than idiots. With modern media all hope of reason has been stomped into the mud and replaced by Manchurian auto-response.

I am clinging to the last thread of confidence in people. It is a thread rapidly unraveling. I don’t blame people, though. I see what has happened to them. They are innocent. Manipulators are to blame. There are many aspects to the manipulation and the manipulators. Some are just plain evil. Others are dupes. Most are idiots. Every person standing around the fire as the witch burned was duped or stupid. Life dupes people, but some, realizing how life dupes people, have developed the ability to dupe them for purposes. That is what politics is in America.

Honesty in politics never existed. Honesty! The term itself is dishonest. Human psychology disqualifies us from attempting the definition. At best, we can attempt to hold powerful people accountable for damages, but we cannot expect them to be honest. They thought they  were being honest and righteous when they burned a witch or heretic. How can we do better? It sure will not be by voting for politicians. It will not be by voting for policy or actions. It is clearly not going to come from judges.

When judges make decisions that fit perfectly with the political party that make judges of them, it is made too obvious that truth and honesty are not possible. I doubt that judges even think they are being objective and wise. They want what they want and have stopped pretending to be impartial. This nation, the world, is in big trouble. “Ruling from the bench,” is just what it implies. Who rules us?

There is a root from which it all grows. The root has many forks and branches. The people are like the tiny hair-like roots out on the ends of the forks and branches. They do all the work for the plant and are changed out annually. The analogy is born out in the long list of human wars and violence. Human consciousness is the root. It is the source of it all.

Billions of human consciousnesses create the world of mankind. Man did not create the planet or the rest of the universe. But on Earth, they have made some substantial changes. The 2020 election is the result of thousands of years of human psychology survival. The human race has been around a long time. They have been busy. The factors involved in life still elude mankind, but opinions about it are as numerous as the people. Here we are after all those thousands of years trying to appoint a human to unconscionable power.

From a history only the devil can boast about, we are trying to select a flawed human to exercise power that could easily destroy all life on this planet. We are doing it as if we are all-knowing and wise. Millions of people in the USA and billions around the world are lined up and pulling on a giant rope. But it is a rope tied to our doom. Like lunatics we are pushing a plunger that detonates a bomb. There is no candidate that is worthy of the power being fought for. The issues are not even being considered. All thought is being diverted into a pit from which there is no escape. Political machinations. Political activities. That is all we are about right now. Who gets the power of the presidency? It matters, but not nearly as much as countless other things.

We must conduct the selection of the president because the momentum of combined human consciousness has forced it upon us. If nothing else comes of this election, realization of the power to manipulate the human consciousness could save us. The way Trump has been demonized is proof. The media has the power to whip millions, maybe even billions, into a rabid mob. They can muster the people to lynch an innocent person. They can make them feel as justified as the people watching the witch or heretic burn. How far have we come? We have come far! In the wrong direction! The power is too great to exist, but the fight is upon us. The division of the American people has set the troop deployment.

It is not a fight for a president. It is a fight for freedom from the manipulation of our minds. It is a fight for the light. It is a fight for peace. Nations oppose nations. Weapons that could destroy all life are waiting for someone to drop the feather onto the camel’s back. When it breaks, it will make an atomic sound that no one will hear. As Americans stand divided over a presidential election, war looms.

We are facing too much potential for war, even civil war. When Trump said he would drain the swamp, he probably didn’t know what he was saying. It probably seemed simple to him. Indeed, it should be simple, but it is not. I think his greatest accomplishment is his awakening of the people. He made us see that the media is manipulating everything. He brought corruption into the forefront of thought. He made it clear that our elections are rigged. He, in essence, stood a torch between good and evil. The light is shed on both. It reveals imperfections in both. It set the world into motion. From recumbent confidence in our nation, people have gotten up. On both sides of the divide, the people have been shaken from their repose. It is clear that we have been too relaxed. Now, after so long, the fight for life and light is brewing. The entrenched swamp critters are scrambling. They are making scraping noises that have caught the attention of the people. The people became too used to the dark. Their eyes just dilated, and they didn’t even realize it was getting dark. The sides of the election are both important in the awakening. For contrast increases perception. If we are luck, this election will cause enough people to stand up and pay attention.

We have not paid attention. Our nation has been infiltrated by our enemies. They have been among us so long and in such numbers that our nation is almost lost already. This is not about Trump or Biden. It is about realizing what has happened while we relaxed. It is not too late. I is close, though.

Corruption has always been. It has had enough time. Now it must stop. There are ways to make the world a wonderful and magical place where everyone is safe, comfortable, happy, and fulfilled. That is the real issue. It is not the election, but the election is the focus that may bring the real issues to mind at last.

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