It can be frustrating sometimes to discover that the things one has gleaned for oneself were already gleaned by others long ago, but only temporarily, for vindication and verification are more satisfying. See this from Sir Thomas More:

The economy of the Utopians is of particular interest. Their markets are nothing more than supply houses where everyone is free to go and take what he needs without payment. They are able to produce an abundance of food, so that they can export their surplus to foreign countries, which they exchange for gold and silver for the state treasury. There is no private property among the Utopians and they have no money. The wealth which they acquire by foreign trade is used only in time of war. The citizens are educated to despise jewels and precious metals and find their use by foreigners for ostentatious decoration to be ridiculous.

I am not the only one who can see a money-free society as a possibility. You can see my proposal in the article I wrote titled How To Change The World Overnight

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