The Light at the Top

The Light at the Top

A long and terrible climb is behind us. From the caves to the skyscrapers, mankind has traveled. Most of known history has been struggle and strive replete with sorrow and tragedy. Little by little, mankind has managed to make life easier and richer. Many thousands of years have been invested by everyone without cataclysmic interruption. We have reached the top. All that is left is justice.

The means to reach the top were what they had to be. Granted, many wrongs impeded the ascent. The Dark Ages slowed us down and sent us back some. In the final analysis, it will be understood that all that was had to be to get us to where we are going. Deeply psychological beings working through endless errors and ignorance had to gain the experiences needed. We can see the top now. It is not an end to a journey. It is not a final destination. It is a beginning. It is an attainment that makes infinitely more possible.

Let us not waste the millennia of effort. We have come to a dangerous moment. Humans are now able to do great damage, even to the extent of extinction. We are balanced on the critical moment of all things. Let yourself see. Awaken to the potential. Don’t lose sight of what of what is now possible. If you haven’t seen it yet, start thinking about it. You will see what we can now accomplish and the flames of joyous passion will fire the engines that will take us to the “promise land.” We are all people. We are all together. Together we can realize the possibilities and bring the long climb to the beginning of the great adventure, the true awakening, the infinite possibilities, Love, and God. The family of man may pass through the gate together, but none shall pass alone. We are the key, not me, not you. Together we can reach the Light.

Distractions Blind Us to the Light

Distractions Blind Us to the Light

The thief is forced to distract the guards. Everyone knows this. So, why are you taking the bait? If there was no reaction to the distraction, it would fail. The thief would get caught and justice would prevail. The simplicity makes it easy to understand. Complexity makes it something to avoid.

Politics and social direction are very complex. What will be done, and which way will we go? Those are the question that matter. But they are very complex and deeply divisive. This whole world is being robbed while we fight over the bait. The robbers are skillful and cunning. They have combined many into teams. The team members specialize in a narrow fields. The robbers employ them while preventing most of them from knowing the plans they augment and facilitate. The plans are craftily designed. It is the oldest theft in history. We see it every day and everywhere without being aroused and inflamed. The rich are robbing us every day in every way. They have been doing it forever.

When the veils of illusions and distractions are lifted, the scene becomes clear. That is what the thieves must not allow to happen. At all costs, the thieves prevent the knowledge that there is far more than enough for everyone forever with relatively little work. Until this fact is assimilated, the theft is safe. People need comparative elements. Without them, judgment is unreliable. We quickly compare this to that and accept one. If we don’t have the best to compare to the rest, we chose the better. Then it becomes the standard. I’m here to tell you the best is yet to come. It is yet to be noticed even though it is glaringly more obvious every day.

We are all people. Our minds are not perfect, and they are manipulable. That is why we tolerate people having wealth counted in the hundreds of billions. Between Musk, Bezos, and Gates about five hundred billion dollars’ worth of human production is hoarded. That is just a small part of the greater hording that leaves so little for the rest of us. To keep such fortunes growing and secure, we must work our lives away for what they are willing to permit us. Don’t let the thieves, con artists, and politicians distract you with racism, police brutality, wars, and media. Countless distractions are out there. Don’t fall for them. Ignore them and take care of yourself knowing you could and should have it much better. The best is yet to come. Try to break free of the distractions.

Rally to Complain and Waste Time

Rally to Complain and Waste Time

A lot of people rally around Trump. It will be a waste of time until the rally become focused on something taken for granted so thoroughly it is being ignored, economics. People flocked to Trump’s refreshing and inspiring sincerity. He was a break from the phony presentations of politicians. I think there is something else at the root of the rally to Trump. I think it was the possibility that someone was actually going to sincerely try to help the people.

Trump and his supporters totally underestimated the strength of the opposition. The people were still under the illusion that the vote was a way to institute change. The vote has not been a mechanism for change in my seventy years. I think it has not been for longer than that. The confidence in the vote is not derived from intelligent and diligent effort to cognize everything that is happening. It is unlikely to even be possible. A human lives in its own little world. The rest of the world is far beyond the scope of any human, but some are able to put together teams to do it and proved the means to utilize the power of society for their pleasure and benefit. They long ago infiltrated the institutions of society and began to take their advantage. In a nation that is proud of majority rule and democratic representation, when criminals attain a majority, criminality can become legitimate. This nation can become a socialist Muslim nation legally. People who care for themselves and are willing to do anything and everything to serve themselves are now the majority. We live in a world they created.

The world is wrapped in a blanket of propaganda brilliantly designed and executed. It is so effective it puts people in opposition to satisfy a compulsive and subconscious need that human’s naturally exhibit. People need a cause, a mission, something to live for, purpose. This is known by the managers. That makes it part of the propaganda and part of the management of the people.

Management of people has become a well-developed art. Placing people in opposition is part of that art. We the people want justice. We want peace and prosperity. To get those things and others similar, we are prepared to go to war and just about anything else we believe will bring them. This is well understood by the managers. They know better than most that the people will rise up against injustice, war, and deprivation. Shortages motive people. Managers know it. They also know that the world is not just, war is ancient and ever-present, and the vast majority of the people live with shortages right in the middle of great wealth wasted on nonsensical junk production. Hey! Let’s build a gigantic stone pyramid to bury one of the rich in. Let’s let the rich create a war to go prove our manhood in. Don’t forget that if you work hard and smart, you too can become one of the rich. Don’t pay any attention to the fact that too many rich people will cause a collapse of society. The brilliance of the propaganda spinners is beyond refute. They know our subconscious. They understand how our minds work and they design the propaganda accordingly. To ensure that the propaganda works, they design it to appeal to our natures and include an enemy.

We look around at the world and we see. The rich and famous are public. The richest are not so easy to see, but we come to realize they are out there. Then we see our own stations. We are forced to earn a living. The disparity between our lives and those of others is simply too obvious and wrong to continue without some amazing systems designed to protect it. That is what economics really is. Of course, it is more complicated than that and there are many sub-systems supporting and perpetuating it. We are all enslaved to the systems. We serve the people in power. Illusions are created to protect them and manage us. They created economics as a central tool.

‘Neoclassical economics is the idiom of most economic discourse today. It is the paradigm that bends the twigs of young minds. Then it confines the florescence of older ones, like chicken-wire shaping a topiary. It took form about a hundred years ago, when Henry George and his reform proposals were a clear and present political danger and challenge to the landed and intellectual establishments of the world. Few people realize to what degree the founders of Neo-classical economics changed the discipline for the express purpose of deflecting George and frustrating future students seeking to follow his arguments. The stratagem was semantic: to destroy the very words in which he expressed himself.  Simon Patten expounded it succinctly. “Nothing pleases a …single taxer better than … to use the well-known economic theories …[therefore] economic doctrine must be recast” (Patten, 1908: 219; Collier, 1979: 270).’ Mason Gaffney, April 2007

Quotes from experts telling the world about the nonsense that is being held up as wonderful stuff can fill books. What is the use when people don’t read and/or cannot comprehend? I try. That is something I have to do for myself at least. When I get the thoughts of others, I see the imprint on them like dinosaur tracks. They stand in pseudo-intellectual opposition to the truth and defend their masters as though they are messiahs bringing salvation and miracles to mankind. After fifty years of trying to break through the conditioning, enculturation, propaganda, and subconscious controls I have grown weary of the repetitions. People have only a few things to say about it. Try it! See how soon the repetitions start.

There is no method that will exonerate Capitalism, but its proponents are legion. Its supporters and defenders are smart but deluded and psychologically disconnected from reality. They live in some world they create for themselves. They probably do it as a defense mechanism, but they also do it because they have been made to do it. In a human world that has been accumulating without interruption for some thousands of years, the complexity of life today amidst billions is far beyond the comprehension of anyone.

We don’t know much about what is going on. We cannot get a good grasp on what is happening to us personally. The rest of the world is so remote and incomprehensible it is a fool’s errand to even try to comprehend it. That has not stopped people from thinking they do. There are now so many trying to tell them what else is going on in the world it sounds like fifty radio stations tuned in on a radio all at the same time. People expose themselves to it and take from it what they are predisposed to take from it without ever realizing that they are not acting with conscious selectivity. The subconscious is doing it for them.

Born helpless and remaining that way for many years is a large portion of the causes of human behavior. It is also an avenue into which those who would control people can enter. Parents enter, but so do many others. There are some who have been entering that we would never allow in if we truly understood what they are doing and who they are.

Stealth is not limited to bombers. A pickpocket uses stealth. A bank robber, too. Stealth is real and effective. The historical legacy of wealth and power that has come into the hands of some has made stealth important to some. I already know you don’t want to go there, but that is not naturally happening in you. It is the way you have been ‘programmed.’ There is no other way you could accept as you do the disparity between the rich and the poor. You must be so effectively conditioned to accept it and react to it they way you do that you are not able to be in touch with what you do or why. This is made glaringly clear when you finally face the fact that everyone deserves a fair share of everything. That included land and money, but far more. And still people rally around the causes of their enemies thinking they are representing themselves and something good.

Capitalism and economics are so horrible it is amazing that anyone defends them. The people I have spoken with are not able to realize that those two systems are beating them to death and depriving them of the good lives they so deserve. I have listened to them speak passionately in defense of Capitalism. They site the good and ignore the bad. The opportunity to become rich drowns out all the things that would awaken them to reality. They never realize that mankind is so productive that everyone could and should have all they want for contributing a small portion of their effort.

The military waste of the world is enough to make the most inattentive aware that they are being deprived so that weapons, armies, infrastructure, bureaucracy, and all the rest that goes into war and preparation for war can be created. Vast acreage of planes, tanks, vehicles, and other military stuff around the world in countless places does nothing to dislodge the mental images that have been planted in their minds. They think we need that stuff. They think WWII saved the world. They think the rich deserve their riches and that those who don’t have it don’t deserve it. They never face the fact that society is cooperative work that produces everything. So, they never face the fact that they are being deprived intentionally of their fair share. It weighs practically nothing in their minds that the people who live the best in society do the least to contribute. They have been convinced that the rich are the ones responsible for the production of the people. It would be funny if it were not doing so much harm.

I am beside myself with consternation. What will it take? I have begun to think the only way justice and equity can happen is if the world rulers decide to make it happen. The people are not going to do anything but parrot what they have been made to parrot. I had hope that the rally to Donald Trump signaled an awakening. Then they just let the Democrats run over us like we don’t exist. We don’t. Not in a meaningful way. Soon robots will remove the last of or work and humanity will further diminish. There will be a lot of complaining and protests that do nothing just as the vote has done nothing.

The parties are a joke. The rich tend the rich. They are not going to allow a vote to take their power from them. That is why it has not mattered which party won. Both are owned by the rich. Little intelligence is needed to see the way into the systems. Who has not been exposed to the concept or even the facts of corrupt police? Who thinks the politicians are not susceptible to corruption? I’ll tell you who, the people who expose themselves to the media enough, the people who get enough controlled education, the people who can’t see past their reach. They are the people who spend their free time watching sports and ignoring their duty as a human contributor to society. They are the people who watch CNN and other propaganda media then take what they see as fact without even bothering to verify it. They don’t see what the other side has to say. They don’t even know that the riot at the Capital was instigated by agent provocateurs. They are certain that Trump is a demonic monster out to destroy them and the world. The believe Biden won fairly. The fix is in. It is in millions of people like a parasite feeding on the truth and excreting toxic waste into its host. This is true of Trump supporters and CNN zombies. There is no rational party, no voice of truth and righteousness.

While the Trump supporters complain that the election was stolen and the Constitution destroyed, they clamor in opposition to freedom of speech when it says something they don’t like. How is that different from the Democrats? Free is free. Free speech includes the freedom to hate the national anthem and express the hate. It includes the freedom to burn a flag and to say American is not great. The two-party system has long been a one-party system. The division of the people is along lines of trivial issues and irrelevant options. The real options are still out there somewhere waiting to be noticed. People don’t get the chance because the system was in place when they were born. None are exempted.

People get jobs and work. They play when they can and try to live in peace. They don’t need much and don’t ask for much. They don’t want to be bothered with the fact that they are working in a society or that society has been designed to funnel everything to the few who vouchsafe just enough to the workers to keep them alive and quiet. When Henry George published Progress and Poverty in the late 1800s, the book became a global sensation. It became second only to the Bible in book sales. It began to awaken the masses to the injustice and provided solutions. It became a global issue that caused a lot of activity among the people. Then the people it threatened with loss of wealth put a stop to it. In the quote above you can see a good explanation of what they did. The article is at But don’t read it. There is a game on tonight. That is what you need to spend your time on. I don’t blame you. There seems to be no hope. I might stop trying myself. Let God sort it out.

Drowning in Nonsense

Drowning in Nonsense

It is quite bizarre to live in a world the requires me to stand against nonsense. The use of reason and logic has been traced back to centuries before Jesus. In this age of scientific reason, it should be rare for one to act according to nonsense. False information has clearly become the foundation upon which many build their opinions. We are all familiar with the right to opinions and the universality of opinions. I will restrain myself from typing the vulgar ways to say it. The right to an opinion does not include the right to act on it.

There were those who were firmly of the opinion that some are born to slavery and others to civil life, that some are born to be slaves and some to be free. Aristotle wrote in defense of slavery about 2500 years ago. He clearly was of the opinion that slavery was natural and right and acted accordingly. He was compelled to defend slavery because there was a growing opinion that slavery was wrong. Failing to find the means to defend the opinion that exempted him from labor removed his opportunity to be a scholar and live on the produce of the slaves, he resorted to sophistry. The peculiar aspect of his defense bears upon the nonsense of our time.

You cannot be held responsible for the crimes of your ancestors. I am forced by the behavior of millions to defend that statement. I will attack opinions with reason but defend against actions. I am not going to pay for the enslavement of anyone’s ancestors. It is amazing that it is an issue. Are we witnessing the end of the age of reason? How much ignorance, false data, and illogic goes into the desire to be compensated for the crimes of history? I am trying not to laugh so much I can’t type.

“Suppose it were legal for a slave to be beaten by a citizen, it would frequently happen that an Athenian might be mistaken for a slave or and alien and receive a beating; since the Athenian people is not better clothed than the slave or alien, nor in personal appearance is there any superiority.” That quote is from a book quoting a quote from a book about something said by the ruling class of ancient Greece. Wow! It is very important because it is typical of history and negates the ridiculous idea that the white American owes the black Americans for the enslavement of their ancestors. There is no race or religious that was exempted from historical slavery. If black Americans deserve reparations, everyone does. And that is impossible.

Mankind has been horrible to mankind for as long as artifact can reveal. The treatment of other living things has been even worse. By the reparations nonsense being touted as moral and logical, we owe trees far more than we owe any human. We the people owe ourselves and each other reparations in the form of love for one another.

The world of mankind is so crazy we are facing the end of it. That is bad enough, but we are not just destroying ourselves. We are destroying a magical potential and the capacity of Earth to host Life. We could have world peace and tender loving care for all life forms. We could care for our planet and become worthy of moving out into the incredible universe. Instead, we want to destroy everything and fight over the most stupid nonsense ever conceived.

Reparations for the acts of ancestors would not be as stupid if it were the worst of human nonsense. It is far from that. Here again I must point out a far greater folly. This time I will try to approach it from a different angle. Voting is far more ridiculous than reparations. Your reaction to that statement should reveal great and deep embedded nonsense that needs to come forward and be known. Most of you cannot do it. I have been talking to people about it so long I have grown bored by the repetitive reactions, retorts, and arguments.

If I hold you underwater to drown you, will you fight against the ability to breath water or the fact that I am drowning you? Well, if you fight to win the elections, that is exactly what you are doing. How can you think of yourself as a reasonable and intelligent person when you cannot even realize that you are being drowned and fighting the water? It is true that breathing water will kill you. It is true that voting will kill you, too. You just cannot see it.

Mankind has been a horrible and murderous part of life on Earth so long people today are lost. They may have never been able to know where they are. To understand, hopefully, that voting is stupider than reparations for the wrongs of ancestors, one must be able to comprehend the power of a single person.

As I type, I fight the futility that fifty years of trying is giving me. I am operating in the hope that there is still or finally some capacity for reason and love in at least someone or even some. Sometimes I have doubts. Here I try to make sense to people who may not have the ability. Given the profundity with which people claim the ability, there may be some. But I digress.

A human is only so strong and can only do so much. It is by working together that the power to cause what we were born into was created. At I have attempted to appeal to mankind regarding many aspects of what we were born into. I add plans to realize more of our potential and grasp the fantastic opportunity we have. The name of the site was designed to get people to realize more fully and to think about the fact that the power to do more than an individual human can do is derived by people working together. The power of the people is the only power mankind can wield beyond personal power. Look at what it is doing right now. Look at what it has done.

You might be better equipped to realize the stupidity of the vote by typing a query into a search engine. Try “how many wars have happened.” If you use a telephone to search, you will scroll down the screen a long time with your finger to find the end and it will not even be the real end. The search engines return specific types of wars and limit the results by practical parameters. In other words, human have been horrible barbarians as far back as we can see. It was the power of the people at work. Rather than realize we have murderous barbarians working together to do horrible things with the power of the people; we fight over who will wield it. We vote. We are drowning in our own power and trying to save ourselves by struggling with each other over who gets to hold us under.

I almost stopped this discourse right there. I am weak. I cannot resist the temptation to expand, to continue, to try to help us all. We are messed up. In general, we are all so flawed and crazy the power of the people should not be allowed to continue. It has continued long enough; too long. It is time to reign it in, and quickly and hard. Throw on the brakes before we crash. Let’s vote to stop voting. Holy smokes! I restrained some more vulgar expletives. How can anyone just keep paddling toward the waterfall? We cannot manage the power we have created. There is no one who is capable of negotiating the complex and vast social organizations of man. It has gone on unwisely so long it has become an impossible task. We can stop it, though.

We are social beings. We work together naturally. But we have been stupid and ignorant a very long time. We have not been vigilant enough either. People who should never even have their own personal power because they do horrible thing with it have managed to gain the power of the people. If you need that expounded, there is little chance that I can help you. Goodness of character has not been a qualification to wield the power of the people. It has been an unspoken necessity with little to no mechanism to insure it. But the unspoken desire to have the power wielded by good people has been evaded by stealth and cunning.

I am constantly astonished by the gullibility of Americans. If the politician says it, he must be telling the truth; unless he is the other candidate. That is how stupid we have become. Furthermore, if the “expert” says it on television, it must be true if it is on the channel we like. You are facing people who have so much power our slave holding ancestors never even imagined it. They make the cruel slave holder seem kind.

Changes have suddenly come to man. Huge changes! Holy smokes! Can you realize how huge and dramatic? Just think of the time mankind was held to the speed of the fastest animals we can ride. All of a sudden, we can circumnavigate the globe in short order. We can communicate at near the speed of light. We can cause explosions powerful enough to destroy the world. The power created by social organization has become deadly to the whole world.

While nearly every single one of you would quickly defend the opinion that a three-year-old kid should not be allowed to play with a loaded gun, you, at the same time, defend the opinion that you can select and vote for a human to play with the “nuclear football.” A grownup human is not much more capable than a three-year-old kid. In fact, a grownup is probably more flawed than a kid. The profundity and complexity of flaws in modern grownups is clearly exemplified by the stupid debate about paying people for something our ancestors did. It is laughable, but far too deadly to laugh about. But, as I have said, there is a more deadly stupidity that would be funny if it were not so deadly.

It is so stupid to attempt to keep empowering people to wield awesome power it makes all other stupidity seem innocuous. There is one thing that we can do right now that will not be stupid. We can vote one more time to change the power of the people to the power of love.

The ancient Jews are thought to have received a command from God to love one another. As if you can command someone to love, Jesus came along much later telling people to love one another. He is said to have given his life as an example of love. To my mind, all of history has been the process of man becoming loving creatures. Until we do, we are not qualified to have the awesome power of the people. We are not competent enough to be trusted with it. If we can realize this in a visceral way and act accordingly right now, we can become qualified and worthy rather quickly.

I think mankind is at the brink of love and destruction. Poised on the razor’s edge, the future hold both promise and doom. It really is up to you. You had damn well better become a person who manifests unconditional love right away. No one can order you to do it. No one can show you what it would be like for you. But it is clearly the last possible way to save ourselves. It is your task, and none may accomplish it for you. I have written so much about it I have tired of it. I have spoken to so many I don’t even feel like trying any more. I look back at accepted history and I see God, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Plato, Mohammad, and countless others trying to get you to do it. I get a little solace from knowing about them, but not enough. It clearly has not been something easy to accomplish. With the growing secularism, ancestral guidance and God are being left behind leaving mankind with nothing but reason and logic to guide. That would work if people were capable of sound reason and logic. It would take us to the truth and, in my view, bring us to God and more. But love can bring us the truth as we are capable of assimilating it. It can guide us to reason and logic that works. It can solve all the problems we face by helping us be capable of acting in resonance with the universe including the one that is not made of atoms; the one from which the atomic one came. Wouldn’t it be great to finally settle the arguments about God?

I leave this session over the keyboard with optimism and bliss. Love has made life blissful for me for fifty years now. The anniversary of my good luck finding unconditional love for all was just last July. I am not sure of the exact date. But it has been fifty years at least. I wish you would join me.

What is Happening

What is Happening

Trying to determine what is happening with the world is occupying my thoughts and study a lot. The various topics of my study continue to add to the data I can bring to the determination. There is still too much missing. For example, the extent of control being exerted is unknown. I have ideas, but no concrete means to verify or disprove them.

I write here some ideas that seem to warrant consideration. There are global trends now. It was only about a hundred years ago that air travel came to mankind after the arguable ten thousand years of history. The globe rather suddenly became something that could support global trends fostered by personal contact with people. It was not relatively earlier that radio and wire communications had set into motion the trend that air travel augmented. Then came the internet.

Internet services known as “social media sites” have made it easy to unify the people around the world in loosely organized trends. So, now we have radio technology and science brining us radio, television, portable telephones, internet, and social media sites. Facebook boasts more than two billion users worldwide. Others have similar numbers, and many have smaller numbers, but added together trending is now something that makes it possible for mankind to act more-or-less in concert around the globe. Can you imagine how this appeals to people? Sure, you can. Now, imagine how it would appeal to the people who live at the “top.”

It seems logical that there are some who are acting to guide the trends of the world. Maybe they are not well organized and exercise to guide only parts of the many aspects of modern life. Or, maybe there are more general trends that are being guided. All things must be considered. I tend to lean toward a global and general guidance. If that is what is happening, we can try to detect what the guidance is trying to accomplish.

Consider the new ability of mankind to fly. It started in small enclaves and individuals. Then it became a trend that swept the globe. The same is true of most innovation and inventions. Religion is another valid observation of global trending. Mankind is working together whether realized or not, whether intentional or not. If the collaboration of mankind is being steered or guided, we can only hope those who are doing it have the general welfare as the objective. This seems unlikely given the extent and strength of greed, competition, and fear mankind demonstrates. Add to that the class consciousness that has dominated human culture. There are people who never doubt that labor is beneath them. They believe as sincerely as you believe you are reading this that they are superior to most people. It is a condition. Some are so overwhelmed by it they have been known to think of themselves a gods and divinely appointed in many variations of the condition. To assume that such individuals and groups of such individuals are not at least attempting to utilize global collaboration for their own purposes is illogical. To understand what we are able to see for ourselves, we must consider as many possibilities as possible. Try them all and see.

The long and horrible history of war tells me that man has been organized into factions we think of as empires, nations, and other such labels headed by some individual or group who contest among themselves. It also appears that those who head the nations have been able to convince others to participate in the contests. This is going on now in many areas. It might be that the latest global trending potential is being used to relieve mankind of such conflicts and contests. If so, how? Can it be by eliminating the others? That would be consistent with history and human psychology. An ultimate “victor” might end the conflicts, but maybe not. A victor provides a focus for rebellion. It would just be directed at one point instead of having many contests directed at many points. If that scenario is being pursued, the general welfare stands to suffer. So, let’s look at the alternative, or one of them at least.

Suppose there is a benevolent person who can exercise enough power to guide the course of human events, to borrow a phrase. Or a group of such people who can. Would that explain what we are seeing? If so, it would have to be done with the old axiom of leadership that we have all at least heard of which says that a great leader must be able to sacrifice others for the greater good. It is often referred to as “making the hard decisions.” That would give us a partial explanation for what is going on globally. But it does not reveal the purpose or purposes the events are designed to accomplish. It neither explains the complex intricacies of modern times or the trending concepts that are getting a lot of “airtime.”

Malthusian concepts, class consciousness, wealth distribution, and countless other factors of life make the possibility of benevolent guidance unlikely. Not impossible, though. There is no rational means to discount the possibility. Intuition can discount is quickly. It is probably optimism that causes me to even consider benevolent guidance by human beings. History gives such optimism a ridiculousness characteristic. That would leave us to examine that some horrible people might be exercising the power that is being created by the collaboration of the global population that has recently become possible relative to human history.

Given my study of human history, human nature, psychology, and activities, it seems likely that there are people who are wielding the power who are not benevolent or even kind. We can hope someone such as Jesus would come to take the power and use it benevolently. God is a potential benevolent wielder of the power. The possibilities are endless, but the facts are set. The power is real and the global character of it is new relative to history. That mankind has suddenly produced some incredibly brilliant, capable, willing, and benevolent people who have managed despite all obstacles to acquire the power of the people in such a short period of history seems unlikely. Possible, yes. Unlikely, too. Hope is still possible. So, we can hope, but we had better see as clearly, deeply, and broadly as possible. I don’t know that is going on. I can speculate. That’s all. I am doing it a lot, and not just for fun. I worry for Life.

Earth is a place where Life exists. It is in a precarious situation because humans have developed global trends augmented by fantastic destructive powers. Does it seem strange to you as it does to me that wars have been the motivation for so much of human innovation, invention, and discovery? Be that as it may, the destructive power of man is at an all-time high. That being the “designed” destructive power. Bombs and other types of destructive power are only additions to the other destructive power of the people. Destruction caused by the pursuit of happiness is nothing to take lightly. Wow! The mere thought amazes me. Then there are many other destructive forces and means. They all combine to produce potential cataclysmic possibilities. But they do not constitute the total destructive power that threatens the Live of Earth. They are worrisome enough, but we cannot ignore natural destruction.

I don’t need to elaborate. The destructive power of the universe is known well enough to negate the need to elaborate. All in all, the world, this globe, faces immense destructive forces that can extinguish all Life. Perhaps that can explain what is going on in the global trends we are experiencing. It would not even require a benevolent guidance or an evil one, for the survival instinct, desire, and intention compel the people who can wield power to act benevolently as a side-effect of self-preservation. A comet set to impact the planet causing an extinction event would either unite the people who wield power or not. Maybe they would simply organize an effort to save themselves, perhaps with some others. This scenario explains a lot of what we are seeing, but not enough. A known cataclysmic event would prevent all the construction of multi-million-dollar projects, even multi-billion-dollar projects that I see going on everywhere here in Austin, Texas, though it might not. Likelihoods!  So, what is it? I don’t know. I am trying to figure it out. I hope you will help.

My best guess right now is that there are people who are able to exert some power over the globe by influencing large numbers of people and by utilizing the power that has been cunningly converted to a monetary system. These people are not likely to be able to unite with others like them. That would make the situation the one that has always been, the powerful contending with one another, be it individuals or groups. Organizations of man have become something new and unpredictable; I refer to corporations and similar types. Governments are not new, but they have new powers due to human innovation, discovery, and invention. There is ample proof that they sometimes and to various degrees combine in common purposes. There is a global trend that is arranging the interests of the conglomerates.

Religions have organized humans for a long time. It is still part of life. There are two large groups currently acting. Of course, there are many small ones. Christianity and Islamism are composed of the most people. Hindu and Buddhist people together compose near equal numbers. Atheism is growing. The actions of the Christian and Muslim population and their organizations are the causes and sources of a large percentage of the things happening world-wide. This is likely a determining factor in the direction of the use of power.

Another large factor is what we label economic systems. Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism have been playing a deciding and very influential part in the course of human activities. Global trends are well documented and studied as they relate to those three “isms.” Observation reveals a trend toward homogenization of all three. Recent developments in established communist nations such as the USSR and China are good example of mellowing lines of distinction between all three. Current socialist trends in the US government are mixing up capitalism and socialism. There are elements involved in the three that might explain the global trends and status. We might be able to understand and even predict trends in light of them.

To begin, consider the tenants of Capitalism. It has been toward freedom to operate business as one sees fit. History contains information about capitalist’s willingness, even their requirement, of government intervention, assistance, in the conduction of business and business interests. Mercantilism was a big factor in the industrial development of nations and the world. So, government is clearly useful to capitalists. But Communism as defined and proposed by Carl Marx and others put the “means of production” into the hands of the government. In other words, the government owned and operated the businesses. Communist China requires that all businesses to be part of the Communist Party. This is a simplification, but the fact that the government is conducting business is the fact that I want to add to the analysis of global trends. If the communists are beginning to operate like capitalists, the powerful capitalist might see it as a desirable development. This quote from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) brings this point to bear: “In a speech last month, Ye Qing, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, called for building a ‘modern private enterprise system with Chinese characteristics.’ According to Ye, this would include giving a company’s internal Party group control over the human resources decisions of the enterprise and allowing it to carry out company audits, including monitoring internal behavior.”  This appears to me to be part of what appears to be the homogenization of the three isms that have dominated the world for a long time. I think the capitalists are liking the trend. Apple and Google presence, even moves, to China lend this credibility. We may be witnessing and being subjected to the construction a new global system just as we have been subjected to the three isms for so long. I refuse to characterize such a system. I simply don’t know enough. I do know something about religion and have thoughts about how they are playing a part in this possible new system that is evolving from the homogenization of the tree isms.

Christianity is experiencing heavy losses and enduring heavy bombardment of human opinion. For thousands of years, it has been telling the people that the rich cannot get to heaven and the charity and love are the important parts of human conduct. Christianity was useful in capitalist evolution. The complexity of Christianity need not be added to this analysis for the concern is for global trends. The global trend for Christianity is complex and real. So is that of Islamism.

Coming about a half century after Jesus, Mohammad founded Islam. It is a global religion just as is Christianity. Like Christianity, it hopes for global dominance. There are many Islamists who are dedicated to converting man to Islam by any means necessary. Jihadist are utilizing all means at their disposal. With their views toward Judaism, a huge and horrible conflict exists with Islam on one side and Judaeo/Christians on the other. There is a global trend that comes into play in the conflict. Demographics.

Reproduction is essential to the perpetration of mankind. Despite the LGBT trend, the human race can vanish by not replacing the dead. The demographic that tells us how humans are doing so is what needs to be added to the analysis here being conducted. There are a lot of statistics available. Consult them. You will see that the various nations are not reproducing the dead very well. Declining populations are resulting. There is a global trend here, but let’s consider the populations of the Christian and Muslim religions.

According to sources, the Christian population is declining while the Muslim population is growing. While Christianity promotes kindness and charity, some devout Muslims promote brutality and destruction. Of course, Christianity has a history that includes similar actions. The USA tries to protect freedom of religion. Muslims try to eliminate other religions and seek to make all mankind Muslims. This is another oversimplification. With many nations already being conducted by Islamic tenants, it is clear that freedom of religion is not being practiced. Those nations include Saudi Arabia.

The 9-11 hijackers were reported to have been Saudi Arabians. Since the boom in the oil industry, huge amounts of many have been going into the Saudi accounts. Arguably, a lot of that money has been invested in spreading Islam around the world. While the USA and other nations practice tolerance and diversity, Muslim mosques have been installed around the world. If you don’t know what Sharia Law is, you had better learn about it. In democratic societies the majority is supposed to determine the course of the nation. If the majority become Muslim, they could legally become Muslim nations that do not allow any other religion or religious observation. Consider the details of the Muslim conquest of Egypt.

Military invasion has slowly been replaced by slow infiltration and conversion. It makes more sense. The death and destruction of invasion has been replaced by legal pursuits and demographic changes. Majority rule is an open door through which change can be legally established. The immigration statistics of the world these days trend toward such establishment.

So, we are seeing the division of the world’s people into two large religions. With secularism taking more and more people from the Christian population and the growing Muslim population, the Judaeo/Christian and Muslim contention for the hearts of the people is important. It is particularly important for the democratic societies to realize that the Muslim trend is growing. If it takes enough control, the capitalists adopting some communists and the communists adopting some capitalism may be facing their greatest threat. Reports say the China is cracking down on Islam. Is this because Islam threatens the Communist Party? Does it threaten capitalism?

Many factors must be considered if one is to gain some understanding of global trends. A human can consider only a small portion of them at one time. So, understanding what is happening globally is unlikely. It is unlikely even for global leaders. They are not super people. They just have organization that compensates for the human limitations. It may not be possible at this time to detect a global direction. There seems to be some global trending or direction, but there are many different trends contesting for global dominance. As far as I can tell, the monetary system may be the ultimate global trend control.

The world’s monetary system is mostly the same. There are many forms of currency, but it must be that there is no place left where money in some form is not used. If it is that global, control of the money may be the objective of powerful people. People who have lots of money have shaped the paths of history. They have secured for themselves, their descendants, and those they choose fortunes that are as old as civilization. They are what have become known as “old money people.” If there is some global controlling of global trends, the old money people would be likely controllers. What do they think of the growing Islamic population? That is the question this article was written to ask.

We may be seeing efforts being exerted to counter a growing Islamist threat. The old monster, communism, seems to have lost its appeal as a fear factor. In fact, some communist mechanism might be prized by the old money people and capitalists. But would they still be capitalists? Interesting semantics. It seems clear that suicidal Muslims are not going to bought off with money. Such commitment to a religion could be the greatest threat to the monetary system it has ever faced. Reaction to it explains a lot of what we can see.

I don’t know what is happening. That I know. I simply contemplate it and theorize. I may never know, or I may figure it all out. Not that there is anything that can come of it if I do. Who knows? Maybe realization by one has some unrecognizable influence on the universe. It seems to human nature to desire personal autonomy. There is also a trend away from autonomy that we see in group behavior. People are a mixed-up jumble of many things. There are so many people now living in civilizations divided into various sections global trends may still be just as mixed-up. There have been plenty of examples of people who want to guide the global population. I doubt such people have disappeared. If there is an effort underway to acquire global guidance of the human population, we had better hope the person or persons who get it are benevolent. We had better hope their efforts to get it don’t destroy all life and end the world for all of us. 



Who does not understand that there are a lot of people who see themselves a far superior to everyone? The likelihood that normal human can grow up in my lifetime, or any for that matter, without realizing that people have superiority complexes.

Biblical teaching about humility have yet to take. The most normal people are at least subconsciously thinking of themselves as “better.” The Pope does not appear humble. The preachers of Protestant Christianity seem to lack the humility their sacred text teaches. But religion is not the worst of it.

The class systems of the world are nothing but approved superiority complexes. There are too many examples of the class systems to address. Consider, though, the one that caused the Native American debacle, the subjugation of black people, and, more profoundly, the superiority of the rich.

Superiority is a big item in current propaganda and mind-control. That is what it is! There is a terrible battle raging for the minds of the people. One of the bombs being dropped in the war is “white supremacy.” White privilege is just another way to put it. It must be noticed that the push against white supremacy is being conducted by the most privileged. Most of them are white. There are others, but that is because it is not about race. It is about superiority feelings. You know deep down in your heart that the rich people think they are better than those who are not rich and think they are each better than the other rich. It’s a class system on steroids.

Maybe you have noticed that the people we elect live rather well, to be kind. Some have publicly spoken of their privileges being greater than those of the people. John Kerry is fully convinced that the climate change battle permits his huge carbon footprint. Pelosi takes it for granted that her superiority derived from her post entitles her to a visit to the beauty parlor. She is using her post to stop others from getting a professional hairdo. Those are two silly examples of a deeper and sinister superiority complex. We are being ruled by people who are sure they are far superior to the people. So, how can you possibly be manipulated to think that racism and white privilege is the worst problem we face? It is so stupid the only way smart people can even consider it is because the power of those who think they are superior to us is being used to manipulate our minds and hearts.

Trump gave me some hope, but he dropped the ball. I will not lament his removal from the A team. We need someone who can pick up the ball and score. He may yet prove himself, but it does not look good. The Swamp is more feted than ever. The news is more fake. The elections are more rigged than ever. Trump must be removed from the obsession of the people. I, for one, did not vote for Donald Trump. I voted for some campaign promises. In fact, I did not approve of the man. I still don’t. He is deeply flawed and very rich. He represents many things I am against.

I have no intention of proving the rich right. The way people are behaving as though Trump is the messiah, his opponents are feeling totally justified in his destruction. People have some terrible tendencies. They gravitate to mental images instead of the light. All the hoopla about Trump’s “presidential” appearance is too much proof to deny the fact that people tend to vote for an image, an appearance, or to vote against them. It’s a fatal flaw.