Absolute Tyranny

Absolute Tyranny

I think there are not many adults who do not know what tyranny is. I know there are not many who know what absolute tyranny is. I know because I see people. I watch them and communicate with them. The absolute tyranny they personify is horrifying.

People are a strange life form. Human beings! The great creation in the image of God. It must be looks alone. I sure hope the minds of the people are not like God’s mind. I want to think that God is far smarter and wiser. If he is, he must be so confounded with humans it defies omnipotence to remedy the folly of modern human beings.

Today is Sunday, January 10, 2021. The news is out that the new social media site Parler is being attacked by the people who operate the high-tech control of speech. Apple has announced they will remove the application from the Apple Store. They don’t want you to have it. “Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people’s safety. We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues,” said Apple in a statement on Saturday.

The people and organizations that have been pounding the minds of the people with indoctrination that makes people think it is good to object to certain words, statues, speeches, and other items in the free speech realm are not even trying to hide their crimes now. They think they have control so absolute they don’t need to hide. The 2020 election has fueled the misunderstanding that will be the cause of their demise.

Tyranny has come and gone among human societies since the beginning of time. Absolute tyranny has not been possible until now. Human accomplishments have advanced social systems and human consciousness for thousands of years, but the sudden changes of the past three hundred years have provided for all of humanity, even the worst. Just consider the sudden ability of a human to go from one place to another faster than a ship or an animal can carry them. Thousands of years of slow travel vanished into the past as mankind developed what we now have. We can fly! Fast! Then we have also the ability to communicate even faster than we can travel. Science brought us wondrous helpful things. Through it all access to the new inventions and systems were regulated. When the automobile, horseless carriage, came along in the series of amazing things, only the people who had enough money could have one. Noting has changed. Only the people who have enough money can have what they want. That is what made the world as we now know it. Tyrannical.

It was not enough for tyrants to regulate the acquisition of new things. They had to regulate the minds of their subjects. Notice the possessive character of the word “subject.” The tyrants think they own the people. In the most important aspect of ownership, they are correct. Only after mankind suffered the ups and downs of history for thousands of years did it become possible for the tyrants to gain the tools to fortify their tyranny enough to qualify as absolute tyranny.

Tyranny is absolute when the subjects of tyranny do not know they are subjects. The best tyranny is held by those who have subjects who believe they are free. The mind is a terrible door through which absolute tyranny reaches. You are reading this on the internet. It is part of a greater system of tyrannical absolute control. We developed radio wave generation and control. That may have been the beginning of the end of freedom. It made it possible to affect the minds of people in large numbers.

Radio, television, printed media, and the internet have brought about a means to reach millions of people with influences. Influences! That is a hell of a word. We are human. We have minds that are psychologically beyond our control. But they are not beyond influence. In fact, the past one hundred and fifty years or so saw the discovery and development of designed influence that can be used to attack the minds of millions with the same influences. You are already familiar, probably in a cursory and casual way, with the concept of propaganda. Well, propaganda was developed into mind control. That is what made absolute tyranny possible.

MK-ultra was a project that leaked to the public. It caused some irritation, but it soon went away. People get old and die. During the process their attention moves. Popular topics vanish. Old injuries heal. Irritations are soothed. But the ability to control the mind of a human being did not vanish. It didn’t even slow. It was jumped on like sinners in hell jump on a glass of water. The simile is intentional. I think the people who want to control the mind of another are evil. Mind control is absolute tyranny. Tyranny of the mind pleases tyrants far more than the chains of slavery or the rule of law.

In the United States of America people think they are a free people. It is only astonishingly effective mind control that allows them to think so. American are so far from free it seems it should not even require proof. But it does. Hundreds of millions of American prove every day that they are not free and still they do not see it. They use terms like “earn a living” as freely as they use the word “I.” They get jobs and go to work all their lives at the only jobs available without once thinking about the fact that a job is a service to someone or some organization, which is owned by someone; even when it is a stock corporations traded in the stock exchanges. There are countless proofs of the fact that Americans are not free people, but one that should make it obvious and doesn’t is the myriad of laws.

Every law is a limitation of freedom. Every single one. It doesn’t matter if the law is agreed to be necessary. It is a restraint, a limit. We can not be free and restrained at the same time. Heavily indoctrinated people are quick to prove they are not free when they offer the implanted knee -jerk responses that follow the same patterns: America is the greatest country there is; American have more freedom that other nations; laws are necessary; and millions of others. All those responses are proof that their minds are not free to even think.

People think. That seems to be true. Do they think correctly? Not very often. Are their thoughts really thoughts, or are they programming. We are all born totally helpless and ignorant. We have to assisted by adults. They teach us. In other words, the indoctrinate us. Call it “enculturation,” “acculturation,” call it “raising kids.” It does not matter if you call it freedom. It is what it is and that is all there is to it. I like to call it programming because it is so like writing code for software or robots. People program their kids and others. It does not need to be intentional. In fact, the unintentional programming has been shown to be more effective and beneficent. We like to think of it as “experience.” What a joke!

Experience is a funny thing. We have learned that eyewitness cannot report the same account of controlled laboratory experiments. People cannot pass a message along unchanged very far. All experience is filtered through the programming. That is why people do not take from the same experience the same lessons. It may be impossible to do so. Even if we become totally true and correct recipients of experiences, we may not take away the same experience. We take from our experiences a unique psychological effect.

Some incredible people have given us a new science known today as psychology. They use the word “ego” a lot. It is complicated, but what is not complicated is the fact they made clear regarding how people predominantly evaluate themselves incorrectly. Arrogance is evident in the Old Testament. Humans have long thought of themselves as something really special and endowed with greatness. Pedophilia, necrophilia, world wars, patricide, and countless other horrors of human behavior seem to have little effect on the arrogance. In it, and in countless known and unknown, human behavior the total lack of freedom is evident. We are at best prisoners of our own psychology. Most people, I have discovered, are not even capable of conceiving freedom. If I spelled it out here, most would write me off as a kook. It is what humans do to things that do not fit their programming. We burned heretics, witches, and others. We hung black men for looking at a white woman. We killed innovators. We transistorized people who are different, but we still think we are a free people in a free country. We can’t even separate the idea of government from our illusions of freedom. Governed is the opposite of free. Fools!

Writing this is an infuriating thing to do for me. I see the potential that we have and am angry that people are so lost. It is my way of shielding myself from the anguish caused by the knowledge of suffering and death in a world that is rapidly taking on the character of abject and absolute tyranny.

Our nation is experiencing the sharpest division since the war between the states. I don’t approve of the name given it. It was not civil. It was barbarity caused by differences of opinion. In a world of psychological beings who have yet to attain rationality, such things keep happening. Our hundreds of millions of people are standing in direct opposition regarding some very simple things; things that cannot be both of what they are thought to be on the opposing sides. There is nothing natural about the division but the psychology of the people. The division is man-made.

We all live in the world as it has changed since we got here. It was already greatly changed by mankind when we were born. Since then it has changed. Slow change is more difficult to detect. That is why the change from the constitutional form that established the government of the “new world” has become the opposite of what was hoped by the founders without people realizing it. The opposite has happened. Millions of people believe that the changes are good and necessary. They are cooperating in such things as removing gender pronouns from the language; tearing down historical monuments and statues, teaching their children that they are not bound by their biological sex. The number of insane things now thought to be the picture of rational thinking and sanity are too many to list. In a land that fought a war that abolished slavery, people think Americans are racists. Transvestites are invited to schools to normalize transgender and gender bending. Cross-dressing is being treated as a minority right of such importance it is beginning to rival minority rights of people who have handicaps. As if the LGBT have the majority power, the entire makeup of American society is being changed to meet their wishes. All of this and much more is nothing but the execution of long range plans by the tyrants who are not hiding any more.

All information is being censored publicly. They are announcing it for the world to hear and see. There is no fear that the “free” Americans will stop them. Why is that? It is because they have consolidated their control and fortified themselves against the free people. They no longer fear that we will “storm the Bastille.”

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