The Family System

The Family System

Studying history as I do every day has only further revealed the repetition of what is going on now and has always gone on. There have always been those who use the people like chattel. We are beasts of burden for them and history has shown what happens when the beasts try to break free.

Mankind has frequently become fed up with being chained to the service of some pharaoh, king, or other designation. The war with England that resulted in the USA was soon followed by the French Revolution. Unlike the Americans, the French executed their masters. Most people have at least heard mention of the storming of the Bastille in France. They don’t know what that means way too often. But a very small percentage of the people know that the people who stormed the Bastille (a prison) then stormed the palace and executed an estimated 1500 people, mostly by guillotine. The exact figures are not relevant to the fact that the people rose up and attacked the rulers. It didn’t really do much good. The things they revolted against eventually were back in place.

Whether by genius or accident, there are systems in place throughout time and place that have always kept the association of people arranged in a pyramid-type of hierarchy. Those at the top benefit from the work of the rest. As it has come down to us today, money seems to be the lynch pin. In the past, before the lands of Earth were deeded and guarded, money was not as totalitarian as it is now. When the New World was found, the kings and queens instantly made claims to the lands of about half of the world. This is the way they managed to ensure that they would be at the top of the pyramid.

A human must have a place to exist. This is so elementary most people have not considered it. Now is the time to do so. Every one of us requires land to stand on. Water surfaces do not negate the fact that we need land to exist. That means that control of the land subjects those who do not have control must ask those who do for permission to exist. You can die or you can ask for permission. There is really no alternative. This is an oversimplification, but too many people don’t have what it takes of follow more detailed descriptions. With the evolution of money, the permission to exist became something the people at the top of the pyramid didn’t need to be bothered with any longer. The money system (monetary system) became something like a robot that took care of the duties of the king and gave him more time to do whatever else he wanted to do. It is a perfect system of dominance. Well, it was for a long time that is.

Historical examples show us that the people enjoying themselves at the top of the social pyramids eventually make mistakes that rally the people. This is a simple problem of the few controlling the many. There has never been a means to effectively resist the people when they combine to right wrongs, or even to do more wrongs. The power is always with the people. It just lies unorganized until it wakes up. The royalty and nobility of eighteenth-century France did exactly that. They let the people starve and suffer while they lived in splendor and abundance. They could have continued to do so if they had not become so disdainful of the “commoners.” Once the suffering of the people became too great and the news of the attitude of the people at the top of the pyramid became known or thought to be callous disregard, they revolted. That is what we are experiencing right now.

The election of 2020 has made it clear that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Regardless of your place in the opinion ranking, it is obvious that people are opposed almost in completely opposite views regarding something that is not possibly both ways. Either the election was stolen or it wasn’t. Either Trump is worse than Hitler or he is not. Either the people protesting on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC were terrorists or they were not. The fact that there might have been some terrorists there does not negate the diametrically opposite views. There are many other examples, but the point is that the people, the general public, is divided sharply in opposing views. This cannot stand. It will not stand. What is happening is the human instinct to resolve controversy.

All but the most biased person realizes that something is wrong. People cannot be divided so dramatically. It is a mistake the masters of the people have failed to correct and failed to prevent. The causes of the failure is another book, but to put it into a brief statement, they were shocked. When Trump won the election in 2016, they couldn’t believe it. They had failed to recognize the facts and were not prepared. That caused them to make big mistakes.

They are beginning to calm down a bit now that they have managed to regain control of the government. But it is too late. The rabbit is already out of the hat. Nothing can be done to put it back. What remains for the people is the reunion in the family that is mankind.

Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and on down the list are all in the same boat. We are trying to live in the world as we found it when we were born and as it has changed since. We are serfs, subjects, slaves, chattel, minions to the few people who live what has been called the “lifestyles of the rich and famous.”

History has made it clear that the situation is old. That can be thought to mean that it was the way it had to be, but not that it is the way it needs to be now. Far from it. When you detach from the enculturation, or even when you make an effort in a specialized area of understanding, you can realize that modern life has lost most similarity to the past. It is now possible for mankind to live in overflowing abundance without having to struggle constantly at work, survival, and safety. The recent revolutions so fondly named, Industrial, High Tech, and many others have made the old norms obsolete. It is not necessary to have some few at the top of a social or economic pyramid. Working together for the mutual benefit of all can now perform a revolution that will make all history seem to have been necessary. What is possible was not possible before.

I hope that the transition to the new ways will not be too painful. I fear that the people who are at the top of the pyramids will not easily realize their own gains by changing to a family-style of social organization. The family of man is the only way we will survive the accumulated effects of human history. It is not Capitalism or Communism or Socialism. It is family. The limits being advocated of choosing between those three is just the people at the top trying to avoid having to change. The family of man is the future. There is incredible potential for massive destruction and suffering, but I personally do not think it is the future we will see. I think we are going to have a global epiphany.

There is no need for money now. We work without pay and we get what we get without having to pay. It is a familial cooperation that will make everyone live better than the richest of today can possibly live. Let me clarify that.

The world today is the world we get from the way we conduct or social efforts. The world we will get from working together as equals in the modern results of historical legacy will bear little resemblance to the world today. The crimes, wars, conflicts, hardships, dangers, and virtually every problem we have will be gone. New ones will come up as we leave the nest and go into the rest of the universe exploring and being amazed. This oversimplification is difficult for me to do. What I see in the future is far beyond the vision of people today, including me. I have a glimpse. My imagination takes that glimpse and builds a picture from it. I think things we now take for granted will become seen as foolish. It goes much deeper and farther than I am willing to share with you here. I have to guard against the psychological nature of mankind. People are not ready for a lot of what they could very well be ready for and actually experience in this life. It can come very fast. Or it can take more time. We all know that time is relative, and the universe seems to be infinite. One last thing, the spiritual promise is even greater. The people who enjoy that way the world is today may be the last to realize what they have to gain, but they will. The future is bright. Today is the promise.

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