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Controversy Defined

I recently started reading a huge two volume book set by Paramahansa Yogananda. If you don’t know who he is, please do yourself a favor and discover him. The two books are titled, The Second Coming Of Christ. Here is a link to information about it on Wikipedia:

Here is one to Yogananda:

He wrote another book called, Autobiography of a Yogi. I read in in the seventies. He writes about the deathless guru in that book and others. I know most people believe everyone dies. Here is something that controverts that belief. I have read about that man in many other places. His name is Mahāvatār Bābājī. Some say he is thousands of years old and that his body is that of a seventeen year old. He neither eats nor drinks. Here is a link:

People I was born with and grew up with have a very difficult time with the Indian history, philosophy, and religion. That is simply a matter of inculcation by society. Rise above it. Expand your horizons lest you fall off of the little world you surround yourself with. Controversy cries out to us all.

Controversy is the experience of the things we don’t know screaming at us to look. It is the racket created by false beliefs and untruths.

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