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Genetic Loss

We all know about the tech giants and the wealth they have gained. We know that people who specialize in computer technology and related fields make a lot of money. The business that pay them so well are gathering even more wealth. The wealth is also power. Power has migrated into the hands of high-tech people.

In poor taste, they get called such names as Geek and Nerd. It is cruel and a form of bullying. Even if these people are not able to articulate the details of the situation, they feel it. They know in visceral way at least that they are denigrated by the so-called “alpha” types. Well, they now have the power to deal with the idiots who abuse them.

We see their efforts everywhere all the time. The tables are being turned. Heterosexual white males are being targeted. Heterosexuality itself is being targeted. Gender is under attack. In the name of anti-racism, racism is being amplified. These and many other such thing have already become the norm.

Now, consider the war history of mankind. Who gets killed the most in them? The men in the military, of course. Since the days of Vietnam and Stalin, that has been changed quite a bit. Stalin had the intelligentsia of Russian killed. The wars during the Vietnam period got million of poor wiped out along with their homes and villages. But! Wars have a central them that never goes away despite shifts in casualty statistics and it is the loss of the best of the strong and courageous men.

Geneticists have said that the genome of the Russian people may never recover from the loss of genetic material during the wars and the Stalin purge. The same is being said of the French who suffered immeasurably from the Napoleonic and world wars. The human species is suffering from the loss of genetic material.

As the genetic material was lost the quality of offspring have suffered. Across the globe the strong and brave have been the ones removed from the gene pool. The virtuous and intelligent have also been depleted from the pool. We are seeing with our own eyes how such depletions affect the quality of human generations. So, lets put the high-tech people efforts to counter the bullying they have received with the loss of genetic material.

The push for population reduction, which goes back to the times of Thomas Malthus, and the loss of genetic material from the human genome is breaking the laws of natural selection. The survival of the strong and well adapted has been shunted off to the side by social organization. In a world that provides fabulous lifestyles to one percent of the people by taking it from the hard working and good people the greatest threat they face is quality men and women.

People of strength, intelligence, and courage who have virtuous character are the enemy of the one tenth of one percent who are living opulent lives of ease at the expense of the hard working masses. That explains more of our history than anything. It also predicts the future.

If we can recognize the real problems of life these days and join in an effort to bring prosperity to all rather than to the few, we can attain our dreams. We can bring lifestyles to the privileged few that they are not able to dream about yet. It can be for all people. For we have born the burdens of history and are that much closer to the days when our effort will finally payoff for all. It will require understanding the psychology of the people that perpetuates the status quo. It will require, also, the restoration of the genome of the human species.

Who is not aware of the breeding programs in animal husbandry? Breeding in the plant and animal kingdom has been a subject of science for a long time. It is clear that breeding determines the quality of offspring. It is a matter of genetics. Before social organization became strong enough to remove the laws of natural selection from human reproduction, people were shaped to survive the conditions of life. Now that we have changed the conditions of life by creating vast and complex societies that have little relation to the natural world and applied directed effort to the reproduction of our species, the laws of natural selection can be seen to have been broken. It is playing out in the behavior of the high-tech people and in the loss of genetic material from wars, purges, and genocides. It is disaster waiting to happen.

Humans have transformed the planet. If anything interrupts the maintenance of that transformation, the consequences will be unthinkable. This is what happens when the laws are broken. It is crime. Crime against humanity. Crimes against Life.

These things must be considered. Leaving out vital factors in our understanding and decisions must not be allowed. I am simply trying to bring some things to your attention. If you have not been considering them, please do so now. We have everything to gain and everything to lose.

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