Globalization for Riches, Not Peace

Globalization! Sounds like an opportunity for world peace. Imagine all nations and people disarming. I don’t mean disposing of nuclear ordinance. No! Think, I dare you, of an end to the production of all forms of ordinance of military use; the recycling or repurposing of all military infrastructure, releasing all military personnel: dispensing with all political support including electronics and systems; and all the rest. By now, the entire human population of the world has worked itself to death for many generations conducting and supporting military operations. Why, the loss of human life and the sustaining of human injury must be a horror that exceeds all imagining.

Now, welcome to the stage The Globalists. Boy, they really know how to sound like the answer to everything. They operate corporations that stand astride the globe with feet in many nations at once. They operate systems that create wealth beyond all that everyone on Earth could ever use. That is a strange phenomenon.

Most people I have known and know work at least five days a week most of their lives. Many work until they simply cannot do it due to physical wear and tear that causes them do suffer and die. I know many people in their eighties who must work just to survive in a pitiful level of living. They simply never accumulate enough money to stop working all the time. Most of my immediate family are not actually living. They are working. That’s nearly all they do. They don’t want to work so much, but they live in a global society that forces them to do it. It is part of the phenomenon I mentioned above.

Billions of people spend their lives at work. The toll it takes is unbearable. But they abide. They do their best for the most they are allowed. They, of course, cannot be allowed enough to stop working themselves to death. “Oh my god, what would that do to the work-force? People gotta be forced to work or they won’t.” As if such thoughts make sense, the speaker is usually someone who never once realizes that if too many people do well in terms of acquiring money the entire global system would collapse and plunge the world into a dystopic scramble for food. The loss of skillful and constant maintenance alone for the gigantic amounts of extremely deadly stuff would make the planet uninhabitable of most forms of life. The people who argue with me so much about the ‘lazy’ people, are keening to one of the aspects of reality that their psychologies select the way they select a butterfly in an inkblot. It is not comprehensive and actually rather stupid even though the people arguing it are not stupid. It is yet another phenomenon.

Phenomena are not so phenomenal when one become aware enough to dispel the ignorance and the psychological propensities. None of us know nearly enough. It is not possible for someone to know enough about all mankind does. There is only a small possibility that someone can gain enough knowledge about it all to do anything about anything. The population just keeps doing what it is doing without even knowing what it is doing. However, there are ‘think tanks.’

A compartmentalized system of experts assigned certain limited tasks in a hierarchy of cells that pass up to the top cell the kernels of information derived by the think tanks at the bottom of the hierarchy are refined at each level of the hierarchy can provide a globalist organization with enough information to accomplish things no single person could.

You could go to the site linked here and read what they want you to read. If you are not capable of rational thought enough to link facts known well enough to discover unknown facts, you might like what you find there. But let me toss a grenade into the haystack. Find, if you can, the work for world peace and prosperity for everyone. These globalists are not likely to do any such thing. Maybe I am wrong. Nothing would please me more. But I can discover things by putting knows together. It’s amazing. Suddenly, something becomes clear, and I have to spend days assimilating it. It’s another phenomenon. People can say or write anything. It is not necessary that it be factual or real. That’s what fiction is all about. Based on facts, the wildest fiction works better. The globalist who are so rich they have ruined the word (rich), are the very reason we all have to work all our lives for the paltry money they allow us. What difficult would it be to pretend to be all benevolent and altruistic. I am not going to trust them.

Seeing how things work will disillusion anyone sooner or later. There is a built-in aversion preventing such seeing. That, too, is no accident. Here is the thing I pray to become a central given in the thoughts of all people; the military stuff is the way the globalists keep everyone under control working their lives away for whatever lifestyles they get. That’s not all. But the other stuff is for another time. Just think, countless people have jobs (countless for me) in the entire social systems the conduct the military stuff. I generalize by using the term ‘military stuff.’ I hope you know what I mean.

“Build me about twenty thousand nuclear bombs with rockets to carry them.” The jobs just pop out of nowhere. Presto! People get to work. What does that work do for mankind or the world? It creates jobs and uses up resources. The people do the work and use the resources giving the globalist still more riches. This logic applies to all the military stuff. Most of what is produced by it gets exploded. The rest gets stored or repurposed. In every case, the jobs keep coming and the people never get to rest. When the resources begin to dwindle, new methods are developed. Take it from me, when the resources dwindle enough, outer space will be tapped. The universe has more than could ever be used up. But abundance reduces profits. Profits are the fuel of the globalists. Let’s bend our backs to the mill stone for them. What do ya say? Holy smokes! Come on. We are smarter than that. It just doesn’t show.

Oh how I wish the globalists had the wellbeing of the people at heart. They could make world peace tomorrow if they wanted to. They could end nearly every single human and life-form problem around the world quickly. They are not going to. But we can, if we will.

Have you seen the globalists on the internet or television or something? They are not imposing personal figures. They have only the power of money to wield. It does not matter what form the money takes. It is the power that is important. Money grants power because we live in systems that make it do so. Some people realize this and take advantage of it. I don’t care for the term ‘globalist,’ but that doesn’t matter.

When I look out over the world, I see billions of people doing the bidding of their rulers. Like accomplices in crime. Poverty is a crime. War is a crime. Riches such as some have is a crime when billions work their entire lives away for much less is a crime. The ‘general welfare’ is the ticket. The welfare of the few is a criminal pursuit aided and abetted by the general population. This is only due to what those people who decry the lazy to to be; inactive.

You go to work and earn your living from those to vouchsafe it to you. If you are lucky, you retire after twenty years or so. If not, you will die working. A few are a bit luckier. They get to have more. Those are like the house slave. They enjoy a bit better life. With the population we have today, the number of very rich is a large number but a very small percentile. Still, it’s enough to cause them to proclaim on global networks to ‘rule the earth.’ Did you hear that said the other day? ““You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy. What you want you’ll rent, and it’ll be delivered by drone.” Have you read the Reuters fact check about that statement? Sometimes those globalist blurt out stuff that causes a scramble of mitigation.  If you are stupid enough to fall for it, don’t waste my time replying to this post, please. It was a prediction. One that is based on the work they are doing. Reuters admit that while trying to mitigate the fallout. These are people who enjoy their station in the systems. They don’t intend to let it slip away. Enough money to live in luxury, leisure, and security is not even nearly enough. Slaves are desired. But that causes the slaves to revolt and is too expensive. “Why not let them think they are free as they send their entire lives working in the systems that provide us with these wonderful lives? We can even convince them they are working to provide for themselves.” I rest my case. Not because I think I have stated is convincingly or with enough stimuli to counter the trends, but because I am tired of trying right now.


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