Pandemic, Nuclear War, and Deadly mRNA

There are many who do nor know that people around the world are dropping dead because of the mRNA shots. It was shocked to discover that some of my friends and associates are among those who have not been informed.

When the rate at which death takes people jumps forty percent, people should know about it. The ‘press’ should be screaming about it. Nope! Only independent news sources and individuals are informing the people. I have lost a dear friend already. Nothing was done to determine the cause of death before her family complied with her wishes and had her cremated. She was the picture of health although she was terrified of COVID and had taken the mRNA shots as soon as possible. Both the absence of an autopsy and her panic rest squarely in the hands of the propaganda network still being called ‘media.’

Millions of smart people panicked. It is the job of government to help the citizens. Instead, they added their support to the propaganda media, the pharmaceutical industry, and assisted in the creation of the virus. Now, if anyone does not realize that there are things very wrong in America, they need help right away. We the people are under attack.

Massive felony election fraud was committed by a cabal that has slowly been stationing operatives throughout the US government and stole the 2020 election in broad daylight. The overwhelming support for Trump stood in stark contrast to the dismal support for the Biden ticket was obvious to any and all who were able to view real media coverage, but treasonous accomplices, were able to hid it. They were also able to instill enough fear of Trump in the hearts of the millions, just as they did my friend who lived in Alaska without a computer and had relied on CNN for as long as I had known her, about 32 years. The media is the terrorist of the 21st century worldwide. The traitors in government are their accomplices.

Morticians, insurance organizations, and now even the Social Security administration are saying the death rate has jumped about forty percent the first time in known history. Not even the world wars or any other plague has caused more than about a twelve percent jump. This is global genocide. It is overt and obvious but obfuscated and countered in the media and by the agents planted in the government systems at all levels of our nation. Blatant miscarriage of justice has become normal proceedings in our legal systems. Censoring has been adopted by millions who say they must combat ‘misinformation.’ They pay no mind to the fact that someone must decide what is and isn’t misinformation. As long as the listener is committed to the false information being censored, they approve it. Fear of the looming results of taking the mRNA shots is bolstering their resolve and loaning their intelligence to the demonic people who brought the shots to the world in ‘warp speed.’

The data has leaked from Wuhan laboratory personnel revealing that the pharmaceutical was supplied with the genome for COVID-19 in 2017. That is when they began trying to sequence the mRNA to deal with the virus made there.

Many are not aware of what was happening at the NIH in the US. Fauci and company were discovered using taxpayer funds to conduct experiments that created the virus now ruining civilization. They were stopped by some in the federal government. They just moved the operation to Wuhan. A professor was caught spying for China and four Chinese were caught trying to smuggle dangerous biological materiel out the US. It was reported a little and I was lucky enough to catch the brief reports. I don’t know the exact timing, but the data was still available on the internet the last time I looked. That was quite some time back.

This is a social media site. Please spread the news. As the war in Ukraine escalates and the very rich are preparing for the possibility of it becoming a nuclear war, the mRNA shots are still being administered as though they are perfectly safe and effective. While the food supply is being burned and otherwise crippled, the mRNA shots are taking more people every day. More people are getting the ‘boosters.’ That may be the right thing for them to do due to the compromised immune systems the shots caused. I don’t know enough to make that decision. The virus is still out there. Two more people I know have gotten it according to antigen tests and symptoms. They never took the mRNA shots and are already recovered. They did it without being able to obtain the ivermectin cure. That is because Fauci and company made sure no cure would be available by buying the supply and warehousing it. You see, a cure would prevent the government from calling the outbreak a pandemic. There are established protocols that define a pandemic in US law. One is that there is no cure. The crimes against humanity are not limited to the government and its many institutions. There are private corporations and individuals involved. They fear no justice because they helped get agents installed to protect them. This has been developing for a long time and includes countless atrocities and crimes to get the war in Ukraine going.

The long-standing desire of what are being called ‘elite’ to install a world government they run has reached the point of no-return. Prepare yourself and yours. As far as I can determine, we can only mitigate the severity of what is too late to stop, but we must do what we can. That is why I take time to post this.


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