Limited Resources

Limited Resources

People still think that the resources of Earth are limited. They think there can be no equality in the standard of living because of it. This type of thinking is too constrained and based on too little research. The Earth is not the limit of our habitat and the Earth is not as limited as some would have us believe.

There are those who have made a distinct case for the abundance of resources. Read The Ultimate Resource by Julian Simon from1981 Princeton University Press. This is a person who has done the research. He is not buffaloed by the propaganda of limited resources that is so needed by capitalists that they would stop at nothing to perpetuate the myth. Malthus pundits should look more deeply into the motivation of the reverend to write his book.

The constraints of the mind are not easily overridden, but they must be overridden. It is imperative that we examine our thought processes and determine the validity of our givens, assumeds, and theorized. Base thinking on free processes instead of per-programmed processes. It is nonsense to examine the world and compare its resources to the consumption rate produced by our current systems; systems laced with evils of all kinds. Can you consider alternative ways to live, other than in a capitalistic society? If not, keep trying. There is a lot of effort being expended to prevent people from thinking in terms of working together for the common good. Instead, it’s competition and greed, adversity and hardship. Imagine unemployment figures in the fifty percent range. The system would collapse. Depression would destroy us. We live in and advocate, mindlessly, capitalism even though it depends on never slowing down the work, never having enough, keeping people working by depriving them and luring them on with the “carrot and stick.” Scarcity is a means for keeping profits and prices high. Meanwhile, all that can be done to make the word “communism” into a bad word is being done. Try not to forget that working together and sharing in the rewards is what we do in a commune. There is no efficiency in capitalism or communism as they are expressed today. They are mere forms of government and economics designed to protect the wealthy and keep the rest of the people subjugated and impoverished; sustaining the false belief in forms of superiority that have no real meaning. If you can imagine the end of all the world’s military efforts, you will see that our resources are way too plentiful to be exhausted when used to sustain the highest standard of living for everyone.

Let it be known that there are other planets and places in the universe. We are bound to Earth only by our own ignorance, and our “leaders,” those who do not actually lead but control. We can access resources of apparent infinite quantities by freeing ourselves. Stop the waste. Observe and notice the way we are wasting and feverishly working to exhaust everything perpetuating arcane systems that serve only destruction. Become a person who can imagine a better way and start making it happen.

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