Love Is The Answer

Love Is The Answer

I put a new article on this website. I hope it does what I hope it will do. Try this little part of it:

So, try to love everyone. Try to find the answer in love. You can do it. I know you can. You may need to develop a higher level of love, a stronger love, a better love, whatever relative word you want. But you can start by simply trying. I think an earnest desire is really all that is required. Just evaluate the love that you feel and select what you think is the strongest and best love that you know, and then try to feel that way for everyone. When you find something preventing it, find a way to go ahead through, around, under, or over it. Overcome all obstacles. Realize that everyone lives in the subjective reality that they only can live. It is theirs and they can only deal with it with only what they bring to the table, so to speak. No one is smarter than they are. No one is more capable than they are. No one does anything they cannot do. No one ever does less than the best they can do at the time under all the circumstances they face, and yet few ever do as well as we think they should have. We change with every moment. What we couldn’t do a moment ago, we may be able to do now. What seemed the thing to do at the time may never be the thing to do again. How can you not love someone when you understand them and the circumstances thoroughly? They are mostly just like you. The differences are minute. The circumstances are never the same. It doesn’t matter what they do or who they are. You can love them because you want to love them. Doing so in sincerity will yield rewards beyond this author’s capacity to communicate.

I am waiting here for you. I wait in my private little paradise “that makes me think of two,” as Neil Young put it. I think of everyone though. I am here. Join me. It is the lonely thing left for me to want.

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