Schizophrenic News

Schizophrenic News

I watched two news channels on television, CNN and FOX. Switching back and forth between the two was like being schizophrenic. The total and undisguised bias was frightening. Both were little more than editorial broadcasts. There was a time when the news was purposefully and adroitly objective. Facts were reported and opinions were offered only in editorials.

Maybe some young people are not aware of the difference between fact reporting and editorials since the distinction has been abandoned by news services for a long time. I urge everyone to make an effort to learn the difference. News is supposed to be the report of facts. Editorials are supposed to be the report of opinions. It is quite simple, but evidently not simple enough for millions of Americans. Both FOX and CNN, as well as all the others, have completely lost the distinction, though FOX a little less. They are partisan. They report their opinions as facts and their opinions are based in their desires. CNN want Biden to win the presidency and FOX want Trump to win. Instead of being news stations, they are agenda stations. In other words, they are infomercial stations. This has made them the enemy of the people, just as Trump said.

The constitutional protection of the “press” was written as an amendment. It was not included until the colonies rejected, failed to ratify, the constitution. What we know as the Bill of Rights was amended to the constitution in order to get the thirteen colonies to agree to institute the federal government. It worked, but failed in many ways to address the future.

Freedom of the press was important to the colonists. The only form of the press was printed media. That is why is was called the press. Printed media was created by “pressing” the letters of text onto the paper. The colonists had too much work to do in order to survive in those time to be able to stay informed about government by any other means. No more than we are able to be involved in the decisions and actions of government, the colonists could not be an “informed electorate” without having some printed media to help them. If false information was printed, the publishers faced the wrath of the readers. It just didn’t happen much. It was a matter of honor to produce printed media that presented only verifiable facts. There are many instances reported of publishers going rogue and printing opinions. They are topics of some good movies because it was so unusual, even revolutionary. But the media was the way the people obtained facts they could use to form opinions and express their choices, which was available in the vote. We are living in the aftermath of the destruction of the press.

What we have now is editorials. They are opinions mixed with facts. They are not able to completely abandon the facts. No one would hear the opinions if they did. That would not serve the people who want their opinions to influence the vote. They are bound by some natural human tendencies to report some facts. The people want to know the facts. This opened the door to corruption of the media, or the press, as it was protected in the first amendment. It was simple deduction that the vote could be influenced by influencing opinions. Common knowledge was and is that trust can be used to influence opinions. Back during the days when the freedom of the press was being forced into the constitution by amendments, the people trusted the press. But the press had already become part of a complex system beyond the comprehension of the masses.

We were all born into a complex of systems that affect our lives so profoundly they dominate the quality of our lives, the length of our lives, and the opportunities available to us. I have a though time trying to get people to comprehend this simple and easily seen fact. It is astonishing that it is not fully understood already. My research and soul searching have provided me with the causes of of such blindness, but that is another topic. It remains that people do not understand the nature of the world they were born into. It is a form of blindness. If they ever see it, they will change it.

I have made the case on many time, so I here simply state it simply. Mankind has become fully capable of providing luxurious lives of leisure for everyone. Peace should be so common it wouldn’t even be noticed. Safety and security should be the norm, not the exception. Adventure should be available to all who want it. None of these are going to happen in the systems that we found fully in operation when we were born. This election of 2020 is nothing but a symptom of a sick and terrible heritage mankind has failed to comprehend.

Mankind is like birds that never even spread their wings and realized they can fly. There are many reasons it is this way. What is important right now, though, is finding the way to spread our wings and fly at last. My analysis of causes are important to me in that they help me find ways to help people. I fight the urge to write a long book that exposes the historical facts that have made the world we have today and provide the momentum that is carrying us into the future. It is not easy to resist. I feel like a hyper thoroughbred horse in a starting gate trembling in anticipation of the start of a race. Better sense prevails. I will limit my explanation to one simple and obvious fact that at least nearly everyone already knows; violent people have shaped history right up to today and threaten to keep shaping it.

What passes for news in America, and the world, is what has evolved from primitive times. Buckminster Fuller wrote his theory of history in a book titled, Operation Manual for Spaceship Earth. I urge all to read and understand his theory. Make up your own mind. Read the book. In it he explains how marauders invaded villages robbing and killing more effectively after they became able to sail out of sight of land and return. The Great Pirates, he called the men who did such things. Most people are familiar with the stories of Viking arriving in ships too invade the island of England and Europe. The tales are so violent they are disgusting and abhorrent to me. Such heartless violence is an ever-present thread in human history. From the days of early man violence has been a means of survival for man. Arrowheads were found in human skeletons found in mass graves from about 12,000 years ago. It is simply a fact that violence is an old human activity. According to Fuller, the Great Pirates were attacking and looting with a new twist. They were setting up social organizations for the conquered people. It included an early version of information control. That could be the root of our modern version of news.

The Great Pirates theory may or may not be factual. However, we all know that something very similar is going on in our time. We have removed heads of states and installed our own. Of course, the call them America friendly heads of state. What they are is something like puppets. The Great Pirates are said to have done the same thing. The idea was to establish a system in the conquered settlements that would make it possible for the conquerors to return and take what the conquered people produced. It was done by installing a king they could control and having him appoint specially brilliant individuals to specialist tasks that would prevent them from become competition; royal mathematician, court physician etc. This made it possible to supervise the raising of children so that they would grow up to be helpful instead of trouble. No matter what validity the theory deserves, it is a fact that information is being fashioned today to shape the opinions of the people so that they will provide for the few at their own expense.

Even in European history there is a common theme of royalty sending soldiers into the surrounding villages to take the harvest, the dry good, and animals, and even the children by force. It was all taken back to the royalty to provide luxury and leisure for them. Often so much was taken from the “peasants” they were left starving without the means to save themselves. The class system that dominated the times is still part of human social systems. The nobles and the peasants, the rich and the poor, the proletariat and bourgeois are all the same. The masses of the people do all the work to provide for the few. Any objections meets the same treatment dealt to the villagers by the Vikings, death and violence. Suppression of descent has always been part of the social systems. Today they are just hidden better. In fact, they are prevented from even starting.

Only the most ignorant today are not aware of censoring on social media. It is a means of influencing opinions. But there are many others. I have been beating the drum for a long time now. I will include here only the titles and authors of some books that make this point very clear: Crystallizing Public Opinion, Propaganda, both by Edward S. Bernays; Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann. There are many others. Bernays and Lippmann published their works during the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1988, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky published the report from many years of examining the news agencies of the world. It is titled, Manufacturing Consent. The title alone tell us what the study revealed. I’m telling you and supporting my statements with literature from both the inventors and the researchers who studied the results of the inventor fifty years later. It is the same today, but worse. The news media, the entertainment media, the educational systems, and pier pressure are now being used to make you think what you think and do what you do. It is all information control and, by derivation, behavior control. To what end, you might ask; to make sure the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. It is a power play and we are losing.

CNN and FOX are deeply involved in the effort to perpetuate the status quo of life on this planet. It is the only thing that has not changed. Fortunes today are more numerous and bigger. Conversations about the one tenth of one percent are common. The one percent receive a bit more, but the wealth of religions is not even included in the percentages. The status quo is the one that has always been, the rich and the poor.

There are no poor people on CNN or FOX. There are no poor people in government, none in banking. Hollywood has poor, but the powerful of Hollywood are rich and famous. The lesser rich are probably good people. I don’t know any, so, I cannot say one way or the other. The people who work as hosts for the news channels are that type. They seem to be good people, but they are working for their living. Their bosses tell them what to do. They get fired is they don’t. They also get told what to report and how to report it. This election is no exception in that regard, but it is an exception in a different regard.

The hosts of the news channels are probably so influenced by the stuff they are reporting that they think they are telling the truth. I can’t know, but there could be some who know what they are reporting, the way they are reporting it is not right. They like their careers and might be willing to do things they think are wrong to get and keep the jobs. A mixture of both is more likely. They might have misgivings about what they are doing but are willing in order to have their careers and fame. The one point that remains is that many of them might have been convinced to participate in a global agenda.

I have listened to people on the radio say they were approached and persistently persuaded to join the New World Order. Of course, they refused and that is why they were able to report it. If they had taken the offers, they would not be so disposed. If it is true, and if it has been happening broadly around the world, as they were told, there could be many people who are willingly deceiving and manipulating the public. That is what appears to be the case in the media.

I am not able to believe that people who can speak to so many issues as well as the new anchors, article writers, and professors, with the backing of experts in just about any area of expertise are not able to detect the corruption. They probably think it is just the price that needs to be paid to accomplish a greater good. Is that their good or that of the world? I don’t know, but I am very skeptical.

Skepticism is not disbelief. It is not belief, either. The agenda the potential candidates were told about sounded pretty good to me. Many desirable changes were held forth as the causes of the New World Order. Just think, in a world of one nation, instead of many, war might not occur. Efficiency might be improved. Borders would vanish. Many good things could be the true intent of the New Word Order, or the globalists, or the Illuminati, or whatever it might be. However, in none of it was there any mention of the end of the division that has persisted since time began, the rich and the poor.

It is not enough to improve the conditions of the poor. There must be an equalization of the distribution of the products of society. More capable people can acquire according to their ability. That is fine, but we are all working together to create everything. Merit and industriousness can provide benefits only when all are sufficiently provided. That is the thing that escapes people. The rich are rich at the expense of the rest. No one is out there building things in a vacuum. It is society organized and operating that makes it possible for people to have anything other than what an individual can provide alone. That is what the development of social systems was all about.

In the days of free land, a couple, male and female, could go into the wilderness and establish a home. They could do pretty good, but they could not fly down the freeway to get an hundred miles away in an hour. They couldn’t build a city. They had to have help to even have some rest. That is why they had so many children in those days. They needed the help. Villages grew from those pioneers in the Americas. From them grew cities and the rest is history. Try to let it sink in. The only way a king can have a palace is if the people build it. The only way for the rich to be rich is if the people produce the wealth. The wealth of the very rich is something totally different than the wealth of the merely rich. Both, though, can have no wealth without using the infrastructure, systems, tools, resources and labor of masses of people organized as a society.

I have gone on until company arrived. I will put this to rest. I hope I have helped.

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