Big Election Trouble

Big Election Trouble

This nation is in big trouble. This election was one of the worst in American history. Many millions of Americans are angry and rightly so. There is a huge effort to discount suspicions of voter fraud. That fact alone is cause for panic.

Any politician, media pundit, expert, lawyer, voter, or other should be happy to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if there was even one fraudulent vote. Instead we are witnessing a massive coordinated effort to make sure it doesn’t happen. The politicians, included some Republicans, are doing what they have always done, lie.

Politicians have always said that the protection of the government is their primary motive. In the first place, that is the antithesis of the purpose of government. People do not sacrifice their rights so that the governments can protect themselves. They do it so the government can protect them. They do not do it so the government can provide for them, either. The philosophy of John Locke, who inspired the Founding Fathers, clearly makes the case for the commonwealth, his word for governments including monarchies. Many others have made this case, and today the population is so ignorant of the founding principals that made the USA something unique. So, let me give you one of the facts.

Volunteering to submit to a government deprives a free individual of some of his freedom. He has to agree to abide by the rules of the government. If he felt that doing so would not make his life better, he would not do it. If he is crazy he might. It would be stupid. Who would want to give up some of his money and submit to the rule of the government subject to its punishments without thinking he would be better off for doing it?

Every single person alive today was not asked to voluntarily sacrifice some of his freedom and property and submit to the laws of the government. We were born into it like slaves born on a plantation. That aside, we are now living in a nation of government run by people who think their primary function is to protect the government. They like to call it the sanctity of government. The have expensive plans and preparations for threats to the government, even those that nature can provide. If there is a massive comet strike on this planet, the people in the top positions of government will retreat to underground bunkers designed to protect the people in it and provide them with all they need to survive for many years in relative comfort. They will have data banks stuffed with information they will need when they emerge to reestablish the government. In the USA it is called Continuity of Government. It is not there to protect the people. It is there to protect the president and others in government. The rich of the world have similar arrangements. They don’t intend to protect the billions. They intend to protect themselves and the government. That is not all.

Those sorry excuses for representatives of the will of the people will lie and cheat to hell freezes over to make sure the people never turn against the government even with it turn demonic. That is exactly what has happened and it happened many decades ago. That is why the told you there was no conspiracy to kill the Kennedys. They told us a Muslim millionaire conducted the 9-11 attack. They have told us since before I was born in 1950 that there is no serious voter fraud. There has always been serious voter fraud and most people know it. This time they went too far.

If you are a person who thinks this election was fair and legal, there is something seriously wrong with you. I don’t want to associate with you. You are in bad shape and dangerous. Dangerous people had best stay away from me. The people in this nation, even the world, who are not trying to do something about the corruption that is taking this planet are guilty of travesties innumerable. The blood of innocents is on your hands. It is your duty as a human to know what is happening and stand for the right and the good, to fight corruption and horror committed by the corrupt. The wars have put blood on your hands as surely as if you slashed people with a knife. You have ignored it too long and now you are facing something you are still not seeing. It is coming.

Mark my words. There are times coming that will make you feel really rotten about yourself, but you will feel worse because of the suffering that you are going to experience. Some very bad people has some very bad plans for this world. They are already out in the open because they think they have noting to fear. If you allow this election to go, it will be too late.

It is the last chance we have to make the corrupt accountable. We will have hell when we bring the corrupt to justice. It will not be pretty. It is too late for that. They will not submit to justice. They would gladly start a global war to avoid justice. They are already destroying the economy. Mark my words. They may not come again. The economy is already crashing.

You were so frightened of getting sick you willingly shut down the economy and put millions of business out of work. You willingly broke the links in the chain the turns the wheel of the economy. It may be too late already. I hope not. But it is a weak hope. The governments of the world are going to clamp down. Biden has already said he will do it. There are worse viruses available if this one is not enough. They set it upon us. It was not an accident. You are an idiot if you are not suspicious at least. While millions celebrate the media victory for the corrupt, the flames are growing.

There is only one reason Biden did not campaign more. He knew the fix was in. He knew he would win even if he stayed in his basement and even if his corruption became widely known. The people who actually run the world helped Biden acquire his fortune illegally. Any fool can see that. There must be a lot of people who don’t score high enough to rate the status of fool.

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