Is Trump Worse Than Hitler

Though I don’t have the time, I will attempt to get some solace by writing about my dear friend living in Alaska. We had not communicated in some years. So, as I am usually the one to keep the association alive, I called her. When we finally were able to talk, what started out as a tender reminiscence turned into a horrible experience totally and criminally created by the media.

This lady has a heart of gold. Her biggest hindrance to her fulfillment is terror. She has lived in terror as long as I have known her. It lives beneath the surface influencing her every thought and feeling. She ended her marriage because of her fear of earthquakes. Her husband refused to leave California, so she left him to move to Texas. I found her now living in start terror of the virus and Donald Trump.

I wish I was kidding. The virus is enhancing her loneliness and Trump is getting the anger she is inclined to express instead of her terror. I had no idea that she hates Trump. She was a strong supporter of Sara Palin of Alaska. I tried to tell her that she need not be so worried about the virus and all hell broke loose.

She began to screech and insult me. I had to hang up on her. She would brook no words that did not reciprocate her hatred for Trump or her fear of the virus. She hurled the words conspiracy theorist at me like a racist would hurl the “n” word. At some point in her screeching, she mentioned FOX news with a big dose of hatred. I was not able to say anything. When her vituperation against me became intolerable, I hung up. We have not communicated since, and it has been a few days.

I love this person and it is not easy to know she is distressed. I wish I could help her. She is the same age as I and fears her mortality sharply. I don’t know what I will do, but I will do something. There is one thing that I would like to do that I cannot.

She does not know anything about Trump that she did not get from the media. That is the case for nearly everyone. This is vivid and terrible proof that the media can overwhelm a person and drive them crazy. The power of the media since the invention and saturation of electronic communications has become the favorite weapon of some very bad people. Likewise, good people are using it for their purposes with equal fervor. This is something that cannot be allowed to continue. It matters not if good or bad people use it.

The power to reach into the psyche is a millions must be stopped. I don’t care if it is for good causes. There is only one good cause, and that is love. Until people become sources of unconditional love, such power should not be available. This world and its history is a testimony of the failings of human beings. Imperfect and even evil, people are destroying themselves without even realizing their part in it. Goodness in people is real, but it is overwhelmed by the new developments of the past many hundred years made worse by those of the last hundred or so. Invention has made too much power available.

I have written and sounded warnings. I discovered some books over a hundred years old that proudly boasted of the power to make people think and act. I put titles and authors everywhere. I was so happy to be able to provide proof of things I had realize in my thought processes I must have let hubris come over me. I thought people would read the material! Wow!

My Alaskan friend screeched that Trump is Hitler over and over. She said he “has blood on his hands.” She doesn’t have time to read due to her financial burdens. She works all the time and has no computer. She probably only watches some television news, and not much. She was never much of a television watcher. Yet she has come to hate a man she doesn’t even know personally. It is bad enough that such power is out there, but it is worse when it is being used as a means to vendetta.

If you cannot understand that the media Trump said was fake news is out to destroy him, I don’t know what to do. If you cannot realize that the conspiracies are vast and horrible, we are doomed. Please, look into the Great Reset. That conspiracy is being made public more every day. There are not books about it. One is title, if memory serves, Covid-19 and the Rest. There are people who have global designs. They are so powerful and their plans are so developed already they are making them public. It may be too late already, but I think we might save ourselves.

You must realize that they are the same types who have always hated the people, the poor especially. They are determined to reduce the population to about five hundred million. Getting rid of 6.5 billion people is not going to be pretty. There are many ways to get the information, but here is one:

Let your future be bright. Stop the pogrom.

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