The Populist Movement Shutdown

The Populist Movement Shutdown

A populist movement has begun across the planet. It is being damaged by the current fears about a virus. Are you really buying into the “deadly virus?” According to the CDC the death rate is less than six percent world-wide and less than two percent here. We live with much worse from many other diseases all the time.

What we are experiencing is a manipulation. The many nations of the world have been going the same way the US has been going. It is called “populism.” Populist leaders have been getting elected everywhere. It has become a trend sweeping the world and about time, too.

In France protests called “yellow vest protests” had become unstoppable. In Hong Kong the people were not being deterred by live rounds into the crowds. In many nations new leaders from outside the political network were winning elections. In Ukraine, the new president is a standup comic who had never been in politics. This is what is going around and what has been shut down. Power has been slipping out of the hands. We must consider just how far those who have been losing it are willing to go to stop it from getting away from them.

You have to be able to see that it is possible to control society so profoundly the entire world economies and even societies can be dramatically slowed. You are right in the middle of it and most of you are participating in it. What happened to “give me liberty or give me death?” Cowards! This is worse than the temptation to use the atom bomb. The people are at least subconsciously felt to be the enemy by some who have great power. Even in the minds of the people other people are felt to be the enemy. Just see the hate by Americans for anything other. You would think as an objective observer that Communism, Islam and many other things have been coming into homes torturing and killing babies. Nothing else could account for the hate being generated. The targets are different, but this behavior is global. People everywhere seem to be devoutly opposed to peach and love.

People had damn well better snap out of it. The stay at home and shut down of business is too tempting for the fools that took over the world long ago. They might be unable to resist taking us into the apocalypse. The shutdown cannot be allowed to go on much longer. The momentum of historically successful and continued social movement has brought great power into the hands of few. It is a fact. Everyone knows it. Don’t you see that you are being subjected to it right now, dramatically?

Over half of the world population lives in urban areas. They depend on the smooth flow of goods and services into them. If the flow is interrupted very long, we will witness the collapse of society. People will panic and flee. You have seen how they react when panicked. No one will be immune. We are being handled by some really crazy human-type things. I sometimes wonder if they really are human. They are certainly not humane. It has been made public for decades that they mean to reduce the population drastically. I have plenty of evidence and reason shows that some people are mentally disturbed in ways that are not readily observable. They have subconscious imprinting that drives them. We must not let this mild virus give them a chance to fulfill that imprinting. Sure, let’s contain the spread, but lets not lose sight of greater threats to our lives.

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