Trump and Lies

People are saying Trump is telling lies. Do you think Trump is a liar? A lot of people do. I can’t find any proof that he lies. The stuff that gets pointed to are things like generalizations, rounding off numbers, information he received that proved to be wrong, mistakes of judgment. I wouldn’t assume that Trump would not lie, but I will not assume that he does, either. I certainly would not jump on the “bandwagon” and publicly denounce him as a liar. It is dishonorable. It could even prove to be harmful to many. History shows us that good people have been attacked by the people acting on false information. Where would be if Galileo had been stopped by the idiots who thought he was wrong?

I think politicians lie a lot. I think most people tell lies. Honor strong enough to prohibit lying is rare. It has become so “normal” people are not even offended when accused of telling a lie. Thinking someone told a lie is not the same as telling others that someone lied. It is not the same as publishing accusations of lying. All the racket being published, even shouted, that Donald Trump is a liar are unsubstantiated. It doesn’t matter if they are correct or not. The assumption and the judgment that compels someone to publicly denounce someone as a liar is deplorable. It is typical, too. We established the rules of jurisprudence to protect the innocent. “Innocent until proven guilty” is something many do not honor unless it is them being accused. It Trump tells a lie, prove it or shut up. Don’t bother me with stupid judgments that say rounding a number or repeating false information that was believed is lying. My love for people causes me to feel pain when people act like fools. When they hurt someone it really causes me pain and when they hurt someone who tying to help others it is particularly painful. Would you shoot a fireman carrying a burn victim to the ambulance? What is Trump is trying to save us all?

Anyone can claim someone lied. They will have to provide evidence that would stand up in court for me to believe the accusation is true. If they don’t, they diminish themselves. I cannot respect someone who accuses another of lying without proving it. I can love them, but my love is unconditional. My respect is highly conditional and tentative. One must earn it and hold it. The rules of evidence don’t seem to matter to the masses. It appears they never have. What is a lynch mob? What is a witch hunt? I am disgusted by the rush to judgment that prevails among mankind. The number of good things that have come down to mankind that were attacked by the mob include nearly every single one. Wow! Just writing this is freaking me out.

I hope this post will do some good. All the people who are piling onto the dishonor wagon are doomed to their karma. There is wisdom in the Commandment against bearing false witness. If Donald Trump is trying to bring corruption to justice and help the people, all the people who are filled with the attitudes the media is pushing are harming people. If not, prove it or shut up. It is important to know when to keep your opinions to yourself. Think what you want, but be honorable.

Manufacturing Consent. About 5 billion people really should read it. Click here to see it.

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