Enculturation is the process by which people learn the dynamics of their surrounding culture and acquire values and norms appropriate or necessary to that culture and its worldviews. As part of this process, the influences that limit, direct, or shape the individual (whether deliberately or not) include parents, other adults, and peers. If successful, enculturation results in competence in the language, values, and rituals of the culture.” wikipedia

Is it possible that you do not fully understand the profundity of enculturation? I think it is. In fact, I think it is probably the largest failing of the human species in its entire history and today. If people fully understood it, the world would not have transpired as it has. If people realize it today, the future will take a sharp turn, and for the better.

Maybe we needed to be enculturated. I don’t know. It could even be that we still need to have our “values and norms” written into us. I think it may serve a purpose I cannot understand or detect. Who know? I was subjected to it just like everyone else. Maybe I am just a product of it. Anything is possible. On the other hand, I had a dramatic experience in 1971 that could have broken me out of it.

I have written extensively about my experience way back then. I have lived blissfully since, so I am glad it happened. One thing about being blissful is the lack of company. I have spent all my life since that day trying to help everyone or anyone become as blissful as I am or more. I have had to learn a lot, and there is still so much to learn I realize I cannot. I am seventy years old right now, 2020, and worried about the survival of life on this planet.

I think we are perilously close to exploding a lot of nuclear bombs. Then there is the ungodly volume of nuclear waste precariously sitting somewhere. Even human caused changes to the atmosphere threaten. Even if we avoid such pitfalls and even if I live to five hundred years old, I probably couldn’t learn enough. There is a not of accumulated knowledge.

I have boiled what I know down to a few points that I think will help. This post is to that end. If we can realize that we are not really independent individuals, it might help. We have to realize that we have been enculturated, (sometimes spelled acculturated) and find ways to become better. It is not enough to parrot our culture. We are in dire need of new ways.

I am convinced that by letting love become what it can within you, that you will be “reborn” in some way. I rather like to think of it as a way to rise above programming, the programming that is also known as enculturation. Doing so makes it possible to recreate ourselves as we would like to be. Love has an effect, at least it did on me, that could be the same for everyone. The problem is that love is different for everyone.

“Love is love and not fade away.” That lyric is a revision of the original Buddy Holly song. The Rolling Stones revised it this way. It says to me that love is love and is does not fade. There are probably as many version of love as there are people. We need a more concreted definition. I don’t know what it would be. I can tell you this, there is a love that can put you into a bliss that will not fade, cannot be destroyed, and comes with so many wonderful effects I cannot list them. That is the love we need. Maybe I was luck, or maybe something caused it for me. Regardless, my experience revealed it, to me at least. I was dramatically transformed.

As the experience unfolded, and there must have been about fifteen minutes involved, I felt myself to be an infant suspended in the air above my twenty-year old body looking down at myself. I realized that I was not a product of my own creation, that I was just full of crap unable to explain most of what I was and what I thought. It was very realistic. I was an infant looking down at me. Subsequent reading has made me aware of “out-of-body” experiences. Well, I was having one, I think, but I was in a body, a baby body. From there I decided I had to start over.

I made a decision to remake myself as I thought I want to be. I was not very old, so there was not a lot to redo. I reentered my body and was almost instantly launched into a feeling of overwhelming joy. It was so powerful I thought my heart would fail. So, I went to the sink and splashed water on my face and calmed down. Since that night, I have lived in the joy that frightened me so much I thought I couldn’t handle it. I call it bliss. I wish it for all.

The years since then are beyond this post. I just want to say that my original intent was to love everyone in the world the way I loved a girl. I loved her so much she was far more important to me than I was to myself. She caught me when I was fifteen and broke up with me two months later. Then she took me back. That happened six times. When I wanted to see if loving everyone was The Answer, I asked myself what is love. I chose the love I had for that girl. I think that was a key element in my transformation. It has evolved a lot.

I now love all living things, the world, the universe, everything that has ever happened, everything that is happening, God, and everything else. What ever that is. It is unconditional love. It has no “because.” It needs no recipient. It needs no return. It is just a general and dominating love. I could write a book about it. Perhaps I will someday. Unconditional love is exactly what the word implies. It makes it possible to love the worst of humans. It makes it possible to understand that everything is unfolding the way it has to. It also makes it possible to influence the way things unfold. That is what I am doing right now.

I hope that it will not be necessary to explode the nukes. I hope and intend. We have to act. Life demands breathing and many other things. This proves the necessity to act. Beyond that the necessity to act becomes so complicated it has defied human consciousness for thousands of years at least. Even doing nothing is an act. If we must act, we must have the power to influence things. If we have the power to influence things whether we do so intentionally or not, I choose intentional. All I want is the total fulfillment of every living thing and a lot more. I will not settle for less. If you knew what I hope for, you would likely write me off. So, I will keep some to myself. I’ll add this, I don’t want anything that is not the absolute best I can hope for for everyone and everything. I am a close son of God. So, I trust him. I do not feel separate from God. I think we can act to assist him. I think we urgently to act. Even if all things blow up, it is not the end, but I don’t want to take that path. We don’t have to. It is really up to us, all of us. I can’t do it alone. Join me.

Successful Election Theft

Successful Election Theft

There are two reasons the theft of the election is so successful. Corrupt politicians and fake news. If we can get one important politician indicted, it will provide the information on others for leniency. I think it is likely that it can happen. Fake news is altogether another matter and more difficult to address.

People are born, live, and die. I know you know this. But consider new generations not understanding what journalism was fifty years ago or more. I study the media by reading books and other methods. I am convinced that the media has become the most formidable weapon to use against the people. By that I mean, the entire population of the world. The People. I have seen by watching the broadcasts that what passes for journalism today is not like it was fifty years ago. I have read in books that modern education of  students in the field of “journalism” teaches them to present the news in ways that “prevent the wrong information from being publishes,” and other proactive ideas. They are trying to take control of the people on grounds of protecting them. Information that can lead people to conclusions undesired are not being allowed. When they do occur, they are “fact checked” and messages are added. Anyone can see it for themselves by looking at some Twitter feed, Facebook page, YouTube, or other high-tech source. Even the printed media is involved. The way they are able to control public opinion has reached a level I think it brainwashing.

It must be understood that enculturation is like brainwashing, but the media is not enculturating people. It is controlling them like they are robots that can be programmed and made to respond according to predesigned programming. It is insidious and criminal. The criminals who are able to use the media to control the people are obviously the very rich. The minions who serve them are protective cannon fodder. They are victims mostly, but there are recruits as well. The very rich are able to get people to join them willingly. This is made dramatic in movies about hired assassins. Many people will do anything if it pays enough. Some want to be on the winning side. It varies, but the fact that we are under attack using an information weapon built upon the relatively new power of psychology.

In the early 1900s, and obviously earlier in less profound ways, humans began to learn how to affect the opinions, feelings, thought processes, and actions of great numbers of humans. They extrapolated the knowledge and created the massive propaganda history of World War I. They used it to get females to change their attitudes regarding smoking cigarettes almost doubling the market for the tobacco industry. Psychologists had already delved deeply into the workings of the human brain. Reactions were categorized and analyzed. Psychiatry evolved from it. The use of such information seemed academic to most people, but there was a select group who saw a use for it.

Control of the masses has been long desired by the very rich. Kings could have benefited greatly by knowing what makes people “tick.” Consider, please, the way the military of the world uses psychology to manipulate people into becoming soldiers. This entire post is telling you something you already know but have not carried it to it inevitable revelations. To shorten this message, the media today is a result of more than a hundred years of developing the ability to control the opinions and behavior of people in huge numbers. We are seeing it in action in the election and other things.

Millions of people are so afraid of Trump they are willing to do anything to protect this nation and its people from him. They are totally justified. I know that sounds crazy to Trump supporters. So, consider the information that caused them to fear Trump. It all comes from the media with a small dab that comes from association with other people. If you believed all the fake news says about Donald Trump, you would fear him too. They are doing the right thing as they understand it. So are you. So am I. Unless you have made the decision to be evil, you do what you do because it seems to you at the time and place to be the right thing to do when your desires are factored into it. I am fighting the urge to go into this too far. I just want you to realize that the “never-Trumpers” are totally justified because they base their opinions on the information they believe, which they got from the media.

Where can we get information? Few think of this question. So, I will tell you, we get it in two way; direct experience and form communication. We watch videos these days, but they are a from of communication. Anything you do not experience yourself can only be considered using communicated information. Even the awareness of something you do not experience yourself must come from communications. To be thorough, we can think of things we do not experience and that have not been communicated to us, but it is rare. I think the entire universe can be deduced. I just don’t know anyone who is doing it. Surely, there are things we realize by mental means. If they were a larger percentage of human opinion building and actions, I would delve deeper here. For now, just think of the complexity of the world, especially the world of human activity, by seven billion people and you will see clearly that few people are able to cognize it. Even the most travelled, educated, and connected person alive can only see the world in a view greater than as though looking through a pin hole in blinders. Opinion formation is a deep subject with a precipitous learning curve. That is why specialization, compartmentalization are being used by those who have nothing more expedient to do. Most of us are too busy to endeavor in such things even if we wanted to and have not the money to do so if we did. But the very rich have all they need. All but a heart, that is.

I can’t think of a more urgent mission than getting control of the media back. It used to be journalism that provided the facts and let the people decide. Now it is mind-control weapons. It is, as Trump said, the enemy of the people. The first thing that must be done is getting people to think about it. Then to reach out to the victims of the media and help them. It is not easy. I know. The programming of human minds by the media includes resistance programming.

If you are shocked by the behavior of never-Trumpers when presented with facts, you have seen the programmed response resisting it. It is all very complicated and there is so much I want to present it is impossible. I have to settle for what I can do and be happy with that.

It is not enough to fight for Trumps election. It is not enough to praise him and denigrate Biden. We can post trillions of pretty and cogent pictures with captions without getting anything done. People who consult the posts are the ones who don’t need the information. They already know it or agree with it. The problem is reaching the people who are under the control of fake news. How do we reach them? If Trump prevails and takes another four years, we will still have these problems. His presidency is not going to change it. The problem is too engrained in the fabric of human societies. We must become better people. All of us. We must stop allowing our enculturation to form our opinions and outlook. We have to find a way to love. Love is the answer to it all.

I have written my fingers numb trying to relate to people how love works. I will not go further here. You can read some of my writings at www.thepowerofthepeople.org.

Christmas Day 2020 Anguish and Hope

Christmas Day 2020 Anguish and Hope

The depths of anguish are unplumbable. Learning is fraught with knowledge. The bliss of ignorance is attractive. There is no sanctuary for ignorance, no safe place to ignore the facts. The bliss is dangerous. Somehow, the mass of humanity must be imbued with the facts all at once. A snap of a magician’s fingers would do it. God’s overwhelming of human minds with a total and perfect consciousness of all that has ever happened would surely plunge everyone into the depths of anguish do deeply we would suffocate and vanish from the universe. Can that be the only way to stop the unconscionable behavior of human beings?

Anguish pulls me deeper as knowledge come to light in my mind. I study every morning with rare exceptions caused by the exigencies of life. It is 2020 years since Jesus, arguably. Life today bears almost the exact same look as it did when Jesus walked. There are more people now, an estimated 7 billion. Estimates range around 300 million when Jesus was alive. After all that time, people have not changed much. The world they live in has changed a lot while affecting people in many ways mostly imperceptible.

Mankind seems to be slowly grinding the world into dust as they grind ahead and then fall back repeatedly. I think there is a slow advancement in mankind, but the slightest moat of dust seems to have the power to erase it instantly. How long can it continue? Questions demand attention despite aversion to them.

Question increase as facts come to light. I sit here trying to splash my feelings and thoughts across the keyboard. They assail my being with inspiration mated with anguish. I learn things. Horrible things. They are not the deeds of hideous monsters from fairy tales or fiction. They are things that humans have done. I would vomit my heart into my hands and sooth it if I could. Strangely, but not surprisingly, my heart is well equipped to cope with the anguish. It is simply part of me to be able to feel all feelings within my invincible bliss. Without it I would probably not be learning as I am. Something would hold me away from it. Some guiding hand, some subconscious reflex, some better consciousness of my soul. Instead, I feel and think a guiding hand is showing me. A hand that guided me to the bliss that makes it possible for me to withstand the knowledge. I feel God’s hand upon my shoulder, but I feel too small to even try to know him. My little mind doesn’t feel up to the task. I rely on love.

I may not be able to know God, but I have love. I can realize God more as time with love unfolds the universe before me. His love enfolds me at all times. Nothing can take that from me. Love became part of me, and my life embarked in a new direction. It feels like a journey to knowing God better. Knowing the facts of history must be necessary. Why else would they be coming so hard and fast? I ponder these things and more this morning in response to an accidental lesson I would like to share. Even if none dare read my words, the writing of them feels right to me.

I was studying a book by Walter Lippmann written sometime around 1914, Public Opinion. I have read another by him, Drift and Mastery. Public Opinion opens with a story that mentions the trial of Madame Caillaux for the murder of Gaston Calmette. I couldn’t understand what I was reading, so I went to the computer and looked up Madame Caillaux. It turned out to be an historical event. I had thought Lippmann had invented the whole thing to develop a point. No. He had made up a story that included the historical event. Well, the event led me along a path of discovery that ripped at my heart. One thing leads to another when you don’t pass over something you don’t understand, as I do.

Mr. Lippmann was writing his book a few years prior to World War I. The world will never be the same after that war. The trial of Madame Caillaux, in which she was acquitted even though she did actually murder Mr. Calmette, reflects the general mood of the times. I think mankind would benefit greatly by gaining a better comprehension of that part of time. The Industrial Revolution was pounding down the track of history and the world was on the verge of “the war to end all wars,” or so they thought. Trying to better comprehend Mr. Lippmann’s words lead me into more research about World War I. The anguish overcame me quickly.

I inadvertently, though it is my way, followed the information by looking up everything that seemed to need comprehension I lacked in sufficient quantity and quality. I saw a reference to emigration in the material regarding the conflict between the belligerents of the war. I don’t remember why I clicked on the word. It was a link. You click on it and another page opens on the screen. I like to check out such links. This one opened by eyes to horrors. Of course, the links about WW I did too. But, for some reason, this one hit me harder. If you are not well acquainted with the history of WW I, you are part of the problem. History must be known by everyone if we are to survive. It wasn’t that long ago. You will understand how relevant it is to your life if you follow this writing and/or if you do the study regarding WW I. At least, I hope you will understand. That may be a “pie-in-sky” foolish hope. I realize that. But I can hope.

As I poured over article about WW I this morning, I read a lot about the various people and nations involved. That led me to the link to emigration. The word itself required deeper understanding. So the next thing I knew, I was reading about “population transfer.” That is when it hit me.

Population transfer is a part of our history. Believe it or not! Humans have forced entire populations of like people to leave their homes. Look it up! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_transfer Don’t you dare not look. You are part of the world I live in. We are obligated to each other whether we like it or not.

Today is unlike any other day that ever came before. But there is one think that has not changed and probably cannot change. We all live right here together on this planet. You make up a part of the world, as do I. Your contribution and mine are the business of both. We seem to like to pretend that we have our own business and that mine is mine and yours is yours. Reality includes you and I. So, our very existence makes the world we both are forced to inhabit. If you follow the logic, even if you move to a distant planet, you would still be part of the universe, of reality. You cannot be out of my reality nor I yours. The effect we have on one another varies, but the fact of effect cannot be abrogated. Isn’t that a fact we should be able to assimilate profoundly enough to join together in common cause? I think it is, but reading about population transfer and “push and pull factors” tells me joining has not been the way for too long already.

My heart aches with the knowledge of historical population transfers. As a man of Cherokee ancestry, I feel, somehow, a deep pain when I think of the Trail of Tears. Reading about the ancient Assyrian population transfer of about three thousand years ago, the 800, 000 Albanian deportations of 1999, and 12 million Germans expulsed after WW II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_and_expulsion_of_Germans_(1944%E2%80%931950) tears my heart. I commiserate even with the dead. I cannot help it, nor do I intend to. I see the lack of such commiseration as one of the greatest crimes possible. But when I live in a nation that is the recipient of massive migration, the relevance of the crime is immediate. As the clues accumulate indicating human capacity for horror even worse than population transfers, relevance weighs upon every living thing and the earth, too.

The urgency of our time is not being recognized fast enough. Especially in the United States of America. The other nations of the world are not known well enough to me. I cannot, therefore, know how fast the urgency is being recognized there. I think, though, that they are at least similarly unaware. There has been a homogenization of human social groups that holds promise of greatness while at the same time a possibility of total destruction. The world has become the product of the characteristics of the human race.

In the popular history of mankind, true or not, the population is said to have steadily increased from about a million 12,000 years ago to about seven billion today. I personally think the history of mankind is still incompletely known. Twelve thousand years of continual activity by increasing numbers of people has transformed the surface of the land, the composition of the water and the air. Even outer space is littered with things put there by humans. The planets of our solar system now bear the marks and burden of human effort. If we had our way, we would already be doing the same to planets orbiting other stars. We are poised on the razor thin edge between survival and extinction. You are not entitled to your own facts. You are obligated to know the truth. There is plenty of room for different opinions even when all know the truth about everything. I have some difficulty rationalizing them, but I can entertain the possibility of differences of taste. Given the fact of “identity,” differences must be part of reality. However, I see not way to abrogate the exigencies our near identical existence demand. When taken in their full measure, the differences between the divisions humans have constructed between the many forms of life are almost trivial. “Life” is clearly a commonality we all share. I would go so far as to conjecture that matter and energy comprise all we know. What is the difference between a rock and a whale? Not much. We think of the differences because we are psychologically bound. Our perceptions are the foundations of our discernment between rocks and whales. We like to give ourselves profundity because we are conscious. The possibility that most of our consciousness is subconsciousness seem to have little influence on our self-aggrandizement. And this completes the circle.

People have easily available evidence of massive and horrible human behavior. We have forced entire population from their homes. We have hurt children for some form of twisted pleasure. We have killed 108 million of us in the twentieth century alone. According to an New York Times article, in the past 3400 years only 268, or eight percent, of them have been entirely at peace. We have unearthed mass-graves in Germany near Herxheim that dates back to about 5000 BC. There are more, and older. Humans have a horrible history as we now understand it, again, not a very complete understanding as I see it. Living today is more hell than joy for far too many people. We are killing everything that lives and destroying everything around us. We are now in what scientists call the “Holocene extinction event.” For nearly every human on earth killing animals and eating them is done with almost total detachment. The plants are disregarded so thoroughly and given so little consideration we are facing a change in the atmosphere that could destroy the entire human species as it destroys all other forms of life. I can continue in this until I make myself sick. It is necessary to recognize reality, for we are balanced on a razor thin ridge. We will go one way or the other.

On one side is an end. On the other a beginning. After some million years of human development, we have finally reached a time when we can begin. I do not want to be explicit about the beginning. Most people would not be able to understand it if I tried. I can barely conceive it. The ability to communicate it is still beyond me. But communication is a two-way activity. If I could communicate the beginning with superb articulation, who would be able to understand it. I can say things using vocabulary that is precise without one person knowing what I am saying. How, then, am I to communicate something that is till unclear to me? It is imperative that we all understand a lot of things that are very lacking.

I look to God. As I wrote at the beginning of this Christmas Day article, I hope he will guide all to a total and perfect consciousness. I mean to communicate a quickness. It seems to me that the entire universe has been working toward that very denouement for at least billions of years. That is fine, but I want it yesterday. I would love to have some company in the bliss that I enjoy.

Not to toot my own horn, I have no company. I don’t know of anyone who shares my outlook. I have lived for fifty years in ways that no one else does. I have found various people who embody some part that is as I. I do not know loneliness, but I enjoy company. I fear, though. I am invested in life. I seek the answer in life, not in death. Here again, I can continue down this line far. Suffice it to say, I fear the killing of life even though I think there is no way to end it. Death is but a change of the old for the new. Still, I fear it because I want to attain in this life. I want everyone to. If not in this life, it will come in another. I have no fear that it will not. Love can make fear an ally. Allies work together. Love is still the answer.

The 2020 Election

The 2020 Election

Political maneuvering is a terrible way to conduct the power of this nation, or any other. Strategy! I read that Nancy Pelosi is a shrewd political strategist. That explains a lot. Just look at her elections and her electorate. Realize, too, that she gets elected by people who are not required to prove they are citizens of the US.

With the open borders and sanctuary cities, politicians are strategizing ways to win elections by getting votes from people who have no right to vote. There are those who think it is perfectly fine for people who are not citizens to vote. Some even think that people who cross the border illegally should be able to vote in the US. In a nation where some states will not allow a convicted felon to vote, the unequal application of the rules and laws is criminal. It even happens in the thinking of some.

The USA has about 24 million people who are felony law breakers that have been caught. Every single one has been subjected the punishment of laws of the land. Removing their right to exercise a power to change the laws is a flagrant denial of the principles of this nation. Throughout history laws have changed. Intelligence and discovery have rendered laws barbaric and stupid many times. Heresy and witchcraft, for example. The trends of human opinion have made alcoholic drinks illegal and now make consumption of countless substances illegal. That voting could permit this is vivid proof that political strategizing has defeated the very concept of free people governing themselves. In the land of the free people are punished by the law for consumption of many things. The personal aspect of consumption has been negated on the grounds of the greater welfare of the state. Rights be damned. This in a land now at the brink of forcing the population to take a vaccination that alters DNA. And virtually on one even notices the profundity of it.

People are too easily fanned into mobs. Trends determine opinions far more than facts. Reason is a volatile variable that rises and falls. The “good sense” of today may be the folly of tomorrow. This fact is obvious and noticed by the political wranglers. Fools in incalculable numbers can be manipulated by them. Now that the news has been converted to propaganda the fools have become victims more than idiots. With modern media all hope of reason has been stomped into the mud and replaced by Manchurian auto-response.

I am clinging to the last thread of confidence in people. It is a thread rapidly unraveling. I don’t blame people, though. I see what has happened to them. They are innocent. Manipulators are to blame. There are many aspects to the manipulation and the manipulators. Some are just plain evil. Others are dupes. Most are idiots. Every person standing around the fire as the witch burned was duped or stupid. Life dupes people, but some, realizing how life dupes people, have developed the ability to dupe them for purposes. That is what politics is in America.

Honesty in politics never existed. Honesty! The term itself is dishonest. Human psychology disqualifies us from attempting the definition. At best, we can attempt to hold powerful people accountable for damages, but we cannot expect them to be honest. They thought they  were being honest and righteous when they burned a witch or heretic. How can we do better? It sure will not be by voting for politicians. It will not be by voting for policy or actions. It is clearly not going to come from judges.

When judges make decisions that fit perfectly with the political party that make judges of them, it is made too obvious that truth and honesty are not possible. I doubt that judges even think they are being objective and wise. They want what they want and have stopped pretending to be impartial. This nation, the world, is in big trouble. “Ruling from the bench,” is just what it implies. Who rules us?

There is a root from which it all grows. The root has many forks and branches. The people are like the tiny hair-like roots out on the ends of the forks and branches. They do all the work for the plant and are changed out annually. The analogy is born out in the long list of human wars and violence. Human consciousness is the root. It is the source of it all.

Billions of human consciousnesses create the world of mankind. Man did not create the planet or the rest of the universe. But on Earth, they have made some substantial changes. The 2020 election is the result of thousands of years of human psychology survival. The human race has been around a long time. They have been busy. The factors involved in life still elude mankind, but opinions about it are as numerous as the people. Here we are after all those thousands of years trying to appoint a human to unconscionable power.

From a history only the devil can boast about, we are trying to select a flawed human to exercise power that could easily destroy all life on this planet. We are doing it as if we are all-knowing and wise. Millions of people in the USA and billions around the world are lined up and pulling on a giant rope. But it is a rope tied to our doom. Like lunatics we are pushing a plunger that detonates a bomb. There is no candidate that is worthy of the power being fought for. The issues are not even being considered. All thought is being diverted into a pit from which there is no escape. Political machinations. Political activities. That is all we are about right now. Who gets the power of the presidency? It matters, but not nearly as much as countless other things.

We must conduct the selection of the president because the momentum of combined human consciousness has forced it upon us. If nothing else comes of this election, realization of the power to manipulate the human consciousness could save us. The way Trump has been demonized is proof. The media has the power to whip millions, maybe even billions, into a rabid mob. They can muster the people to lynch an innocent person. They can make them feel as justified as the people watching the witch or heretic burn. How far have we come? We have come far! In the wrong direction! The power is too great to exist, but the fight is upon us. The division of the American people has set the troop deployment.

It is not a fight for a president. It is a fight for freedom from the manipulation of our minds. It is a fight for the light. It is a fight for peace. Nations oppose nations. Weapons that could destroy all life are waiting for someone to drop the feather onto the camel’s back. When it breaks, it will make an atomic sound that no one will hear. As Americans stand divided over a presidential election, war looms.

We are facing too much potential for war, even civil war. When Trump said he would drain the swamp, he probably didn’t know what he was saying. It probably seemed simple to him. Indeed, it should be simple, but it is not. I think his greatest accomplishment is his awakening of the people. He made us see that the media is manipulating everything. He brought corruption into the forefront of thought. He made it clear that our elections are rigged. He, in essence, stood a torch between good and evil. The light is shed on both. It reveals imperfections in both. It set the world into motion. From recumbent confidence in our nation, people have gotten up. On both sides of the divide, the people have been shaken from their repose. It is clear that we have been too relaxed. Now, after so long, the fight for life and light is brewing. The entrenched swamp critters are scrambling. They are making scraping noises that have caught the attention of the people. The people became too used to the dark. Their eyes just dilated, and they didn’t even realize it was getting dark. The sides of the election are both important in the awakening. For contrast increases perception. If we are luck, this election will cause enough people to stand up and pay attention.

We have not paid attention. Our nation has been infiltrated by our enemies. They have been among us so long and in such numbers that our nation is almost lost already. This is not about Trump or Biden. It is about realizing what has happened while we relaxed. It is not too late. I is close, though.

Corruption has always been. It has had enough time. Now it must stop. There are ways to make the world a wonderful and magical place where everyone is safe, comfortable, happy, and fulfilled. That is the real issue. It is not the election, but the election is the focus that may bring the real issues to mind at last.

Live Long Enough to Learn

Live Long Enough to Learn

I had to live seventy years and apply all my powers to gain an understanding of people and human society that has now began to shed some light instead of a hope confounded by bewilderment and futility. I have been obsessed with it for the past fifty years. I can’t even guess the number of books I have read, and the number of other things I have read dwarf the number of books. Knowing that printed material receives more forethought than spoken material has not been enough to deter decades of talking with people as an anthropologist, sociologist, psychologist, brother, and earnest seeker. The myriad areas of human activity defy all attempts to know everything. Seventy years could not be enough time, but two hundred would not be enough either. Specialization has given mankind so much information all possibility of an individual attaining comprehensive knowledge and understanding about most things is impossible. When added to the long history of mankind, the possibility is even smaller. Over the past decade or so, study of old material and current thought regarding the beginnings have given me epiphanies that keep on coming.  Insights are bursting in my mind like bolts of lightning. Sometimes it feels like I am going to break through again.

We are human beings. There are billions of us. Our history has been unfolding for at least many thousands of years. We have accumulated knowledge, materials, infrastructure, power, social systems, and history. Information lost due to mortality has been bridged by language, writing, artifact, art, music, legacy, and the simple love of family. When humans pass on, they leave influences behind. Each generation receives something of a stamp on the next. Tradition is passed on with a small element of rebellion. Little changed for thousands of years until about two hundred years ago, arguably. It all brought us to today and will bring us to tomorrow. When things began to change in the recent centuries, the lack of knowledge and understanding we all exemplify became both dangerous and promising.

It appears to me that humans have changed little. They evolve some. They have more complex experiences and greater power, but basically, they are still the same as they were during the days of Socrates. One could make a case for some degeneration of development, but not enough to change the assessment much. People remain the same. This has many implications and ramifications. One can deduce all sorts of things by understanding the unchanging character of people. Some of those things have hit me like a ton of light.

Knowing and understanding people is a circulation that goes nowhere and does nothing if it does not bring helpful insights that result in positive changes. It is like pumping fluid from a container back into the same container. Yes. It is work, but it is silly. People have been trying every conceivable method to live. Individuals have lived alone in the wilderness and throngs of people have lived in association.  The knowledge and understanding, which are distinct things, that is available in the simple comparison between the two might be infinite. Infinite or not, they are sorely needed right now.

There is absolutely no such thing as freedom. Not as a human. A life form cannot be totally free. All life is subject to the laws of the universe, or whatever you would call the forces that act on us whether we know them or not. The forces we cannot escape negate freedom. All the noise human create regarding freedom, liberty, are fictions understood only in vernacular givens. It is a huge source of human suffering. When understood more comprehensively, mankind’s quest for freedom is an effort to stop other people from imposing their wills on others. If that effort ever succeeds, it will not negate or relieve the limits that identity defines nor the laws of the universe that bind us. Living is identity within the vastness of the universe. Identity is a limit to freedom. This fact is vastly overlooked. The entire everything would be a soup of undifferentiated nothing without identity. When something or someone defines an identity and attempts to sustain it, liberty becomes relative. Relativity is a limit. To be without limit is impossible. Creation means definition. Definition means limits and limits mean loss of freedom, or liberty, if you please. Even if a human has an immortal soul, even if heaven is real, even if God is real, there can be no true liberty because identity is limits. We are limited to being who and what we are where we are and when we are. God’s existence is no different. God is a limit. Maybe you can imagine a primordial nothing from which all came.

The primordial noting was something. It was nothing. Nothingness is something. Before there were stars and planets, before there were laws of physics, before there was God, there was the something that had no definition. When the nothing began to define, all began. This is funny to write, but it is vital to comprehend. I hope you can realize that there had to be a beginning of everything including what we think of as the astral plane, heaven, and countless other words. If the universe was the defining of the something that had no definition, it was already something that had no definition. See how circular it goes. Comprehension of the undefined nothing may be beyond human ability to know and understand but knowing something of the beginning of the reality that binds us is not.

As much as I enjoy contemplating the beginning of the universe I am trapped in, the conditions that now presents are expedients that compel me to sit here typing my thoughts. Instead of sharing the seemingly endless thoughts I have about the beginnings and the before, I want to use the same method of thought to analyze current conditions and develop methods to benefit us all. So, where does that take us? To human beings living in the wilderness and in associations. Society is an association. But when there is more than one human in the universe, there is no possibility of being free of the association. Living in the wilderness while another lives in the wilderness on a distant planet is by definition a human association. Everything each does makes the universe a little different, as does the mere existence of the other. This may seem esoteric circulation, but it is not. It is vital to our lives right now and tomorrow. It is imperative that more people realize that we are unable to live free or die independently of others. Nothing can negate the interconnection. So, if we are forced by the laws of the universe to live together, maybe we should devise ways to do it.

I think humans have yet to think of ways to live together. Sure, thoughts abound. So does fiction. In fact, fiction is the only thing that can be infinite, in my opinion. The word “if“ implies infinite possibilities. We, the humans, have tried so many ways to live together it may not be possible to remember all of them. We have been at it so long our planet bears many scars. Peace has still not been attained. In fact, war is still more common. You see? Even with thousands of years of association, people have changed very little. What happened to learning from experience?

Though experience is said to be a wonderful teacher, it is also a conditioner. This is a fact. It is not something that is relative or that can be applied to one case and not another. Experiences does more conditioning than teaching. I think this is obvious. When one of my men introduced me, he told the person I taught him everything he knows about trees. I objected and said I taught him a lot more than he knows. It was funny, but true. We cannot expect another to learn all we teach. We cannot expect a person to learn all that experience teaches. Indeed, experiences teaches fiction far too often. This is an easily observable human phenomenon. I don’t think it is necessary to attempt to prove it here. The examples already analyzed to death should make it unnecessary. Learning is a difficult thing to do. It is fraught with pitfalls. People learn things that are not true. They learn things that are detrimental. They believe things that are fiction. People still lack the ability to pass something along successfully. Even experiences become distorted by the effort to communicate them. Communication is a faulty system at best. It works some. Now that we can write, it has improved some, but not enough for one can write fiction. Learning and communication are hardly reliable. This has shown in all human association methods as far back as I can see. I will say it goes further back than the universe. That is because I think there is a history that preceded the formation of the physical universe, but that is not what this effort is designed to address. There seems to me to be one thing that outranks all others. How can we live together in peace and prosperity? How can we live utopically?

One of the things that love does to a human, and any other life form, is it compels them to empathize with loved ones. Degrees do not negate the fact. Some empathize more, some less. Some love this way, others another. Love is one thing to one and another to another. But love makes me want to see an end to suffering and death. I want to see people frolic in bliss fulfilled and robust. I cannot lie down and let the universe roll over me or us. Death is not acceptable, and all the suffering of life isn’t either. That may sound strange to you, and that is the problem as I see it. Experience has conditioned people to accept things they have no desire to accept. When I challenge the acceptance, I see the same limited set of reactions. People don’t change much. They never have. This means the problems are old and persistent. So what? It only means we have nearly exhausted all methods to deal with them. Maybe when we all learn at the same time that we have tried everything but the right thing, we will finally solve it. Unfortunately, experience doesn’t prevent trying the same things over and over. Even in a single life, trying the same wrong things again is all too common. In mortal beings, how can learning from experience fix the problems? The answer is simple, love.

My intention here is to address some issues that plague us while love remains in the future. I think there are several problems that are holding love in abeyance. At this time in my life, many things appear to be simple enough to understand well enough to help present solutions and realizations. Survival, for instance. War. Suffering. Controversy. Hate. Evil. God. Society. Government. Thought. Many things seem to me now to be within my reach. If I die without affecting a step toward the light, I will come right back and try again. The drive is that strong. I feel your pain and sorrow. I want all the good and best for all of you. The potential you have is beyond my ability to communicate. It is beyond my ability to conceive. It is beyond yours, too. I have had a glimpse, though. Let me liken it to paradise. But it is better than my best conception of paradise. I know that much.

I will post this now. Stay tuned.

Closures to Catastrophe

Closures to Catastrophe

As more and more business are permanently closed due to government orders, catastrophe beyond pandemic fatalities becomes more likely and more obviously worse than fatalities by disease. The fragility of civilization should be obvious to average intelligence and knowledge. I fear this fact is lost on the people. Seven billion people convulsing in panic is a horror to contemplate, but it is becoming a horror to contend with. Since average intelligence and knowledge can realize that government is shutting the economy down around the globe, it should be evident to the least intelligent and uninformed that it is being done intentionally.

Can the economy be shut down by orders from governments unintentionally? Are the consequences too difficult to comprehend? As is always the case, you may think what you will. But I remind you that even God cannot save you from your own will. You can think there is no possibility that some would like to see the global civilization collapse. Sure you can. You can be an idiot. You can ignore fire and burn to a crisp. You can tie others to posts and build fires beneath their feet when there are enough who want to join you. To think for a moment that the economy can suffer the damage already sustained by the orders of the government without catastrophe is also something you can do of your own will. How many times have those who intend to do harm to others been successful because they were able to surprise their victims?

There is a massive effort underway to dispose the people to fail to notice a surprise attack coming. Fools and idiots are not alone in the failure to notice. Few are exempted. Even when population reduction is publicly advanced as a necessity and a desire by those who have wealth and power beyond average human comprehension, the people remain oblivious. They have been assaulted stealthily long enough to ensure the surprise.

Modern technology has been put to the purposes of those who have power. They find themselves living in great luxury and leisure threatened by population growth. Feelings of superiority and entitlement have given them deep disdain and hate for the people. In a world only a couple of centuries into the abolition of slavery, the characteristic that allows a human being to own slaves, has not had enough time to disappear. It is not just alive and well. It is thriving. Modern technology has been purposed to the control of the people. The people in general do all the labor that provides the luxury and leisure of the self-proclaimed superior entitled. This translates to enslavement. The investment in modern communications technology, be it television, radio, telephone, computers, internet, social media, or even the media in general, was voluntary. Even is some college student or garage computer builder brought it to the world, the investment came only from those who had it to invest. That is the way of things in this world.

Only the most conditioned and enculturated are incognizant of the fact that money is invested to bring new things into popular use and acceptance. It does not happen any other way. The sanctity of business has been manifest in modern man using the power of conditioning and enculturation. “It’s only business,” is a con. It is a hypnotic spell. Countless atrocity has been committed in the name of business and a builtin acceptance was preinstalled in the hearts and minds of the people who serve those who use business to perpetuate the luxury and leisure they enjoy. The poor masses have missed the building cataclysm. It is not too late.

People are far more than modern brainwashing techniques can dominate. The words you are reading right now is proof enough. My first and most urgent desire of everyone is that they realize the innocent pleasures they enjoy are fueling their worst enemies. It’s business that supplies them. it is business that can defeat them. Nearly everything we do in this world is a source of money for those who have orchestrated the world of business. We are like solar panels that create great power by buying things and activities. We must come to understand this and decide what we want to do about it.

It is clear to me that everyone in this world can live better than the richest people in the world. That is something that is not being permitted the masses of humanity to know. They must, instead, hold a fiction up to be reality that there is simply not enough nor can there be enough even to sustain at survival level the huge human population without destroying the natural world, much less provide them with the luxury and leisure those who hold the fiction up enjoy. It is not true. The universe is infinite.

Notice that the space programs are put on hold. Notice that technology that can control the people is receiving more funding. Even technology that can dispose of billions of human dead is fully developed already. The Georgia Guidestones announce and vow to eliminate about six and half billion people. The cry of alarm is ringing across the planet. Hopefully, this post will help more to hear it. The shutdown is going to bring billions to their end, and soon. We must stop it. Those who are perpetrating it are few. We are many.

Schizophrenic News

Schizophrenic News

I watched two news channels on television, CNN and FOX. Switching back and forth between the two was like being schizophrenic. The total and undisguised bias was frightening. Both were little more than editorial broadcasts. There was a time when the news was purposefully and adroitly objective. Facts were reported and opinions were offered only in editorials.

Maybe some young people are not aware of the difference between fact reporting and editorials since the distinction has been abandoned by news services for a long time. I urge everyone to make an effort to learn the difference. News is supposed to be the report of facts. Editorials are supposed to be the report of opinions. It is quite simple, but evidently not simple enough for millions of Americans. Both FOX and CNN, as well as all the others, have completely lost the distinction, though FOX a little less. They are partisan. They report their opinions as facts and their opinions are based in their desires. CNN want Biden to win the presidency and FOX want Trump to win. Instead of being news stations, they are agenda stations. In other words, they are infomercial stations. This has made them the enemy of the people, just as Trump said.

The constitutional protection of the “press” was written as an amendment. It was not included until the colonies rejected, failed to ratify, the constitution. What we know as the Bill of Rights was amended to the constitution in order to get the thirteen colonies to agree to institute the federal government. It worked, but failed in many ways to address the future.

Freedom of the press was important to the colonists. The only form of the press was printed media. That is why is was called the press. Printed media was created by “pressing” the letters of text onto the paper. The colonists had too much work to do in order to survive in those time to be able to stay informed about government by any other means. No more than we are able to be involved in the decisions and actions of government, the colonists could not be an “informed electorate” without having some printed media to help them. If false information was printed, the publishers faced the wrath of the readers. It just didn’t happen much. It was a matter of honor to produce printed media that presented only verifiable facts. There are many instances reported of publishers going rogue and printing opinions. They are topics of some good movies because it was so unusual, even revolutionary. But the media was the way the people obtained facts they could use to form opinions and express their choices, which was available in the vote. We are living in the aftermath of the destruction of the press.

What we have now is editorials. They are opinions mixed with facts. They are not able to completely abandon the facts. No one would hear the opinions if they did. That would not serve the people who want their opinions to influence the vote. They are bound by some natural human tendencies to report some facts. The people want to know the facts. This opened the door to corruption of the media, or the press, as it was protected in the first amendment. It was simple deduction that the vote could be influenced by influencing opinions. Common knowledge was and is that trust can be used to influence opinions. Back during the days when the freedom of the press was being forced into the constitution by amendments, the people trusted the press. But the press had already become part of a complex system beyond the comprehension of the masses.

We were all born into a complex of systems that affect our lives so profoundly they dominate the quality of our lives, the length of our lives, and the opportunities available to us. I have a though time trying to get people to comprehend this simple and easily seen fact. It is astonishing that it is not fully understood already. My research and soul searching have provided me with the causes of of such blindness, but that is another topic. It remains that people do not understand the nature of the world they were born into. It is a form of blindness. If they ever see it, they will change it.

I have made the case on many time, so I here simply state it simply. Mankind has become fully capable of providing luxurious lives of leisure for everyone. Peace should be so common it wouldn’t even be noticed. Safety and security should be the norm, not the exception. Adventure should be available to all who want it. None of these are going to happen in the systems that we found fully in operation when we were born. This election of 2020 is nothing but a symptom of a sick and terrible heritage mankind has failed to comprehend.

Mankind is like birds that never even spread their wings and realized they can fly. There are many reasons it is this way. What is important right now, though, is finding the way to spread our wings and fly at last. My analysis of causes are important to me in that they help me find ways to help people. I fight the urge to write a long book that exposes the historical facts that have made the world we have today and provide the momentum that is carrying us into the future. It is not easy to resist. I feel like a hyper thoroughbred horse in a starting gate trembling in anticipation of the start of a race. Better sense prevails. I will limit my explanation to one simple and obvious fact that at least nearly everyone already knows; violent people have shaped history right up to today and threaten to keep shaping it.

What passes for news in America, and the world, is what has evolved from primitive times. Buckminster Fuller wrote his theory of history in a book titled, Operation Manual for Spaceship Earth. I urge all to read and understand his theory. Make up your own mind. Read the book. In it he explains how marauders invaded villages robbing and killing more effectively after they became able to sail out of sight of land and return. The Great Pirates, he called the men who did such things. Most people are familiar with the stories of Viking arriving in ships too invade the island of England and Europe. The tales are so violent they are disgusting and abhorrent to me. Such heartless violence is an ever-present thread in human history. From the days of early man violence has been a means of survival for man. Arrowheads were found in human skeletons found in mass graves from about 12,000 years ago. It is simply a fact that violence is an old human activity. According to Fuller, the Great Pirates were attacking and looting with a new twist. They were setting up social organizations for the conquered people. It included an early version of information control. That could be the root of our modern version of news.

The Great Pirates theory may or may not be factual. However, we all know that something very similar is going on in our time. We have removed heads of states and installed our own. Of course, the call them America friendly heads of state. What they are is something like puppets. The Great Pirates are said to have done the same thing. The idea was to establish a system in the conquered settlements that would make it possible for the conquerors to return and take what the conquered people produced. It was done by installing a king they could control and having him appoint specially brilliant individuals to specialist tasks that would prevent them from become competition; royal mathematician, court physician etc. This made it possible to supervise the raising of children so that they would grow up to be helpful instead of trouble. No matter what validity the theory deserves, it is a fact that information is being fashioned today to shape the opinions of the people so that they will provide for the few at their own expense.

Even in European history there is a common theme of royalty sending soldiers into the surrounding villages to take the harvest, the dry good, and animals, and even the children by force. It was all taken back to the royalty to provide luxury and leisure for them. Often so much was taken from the “peasants” they were left starving without the means to save themselves. The class system that dominated the times is still part of human social systems. The nobles and the peasants, the rich and the poor, the proletariat and bourgeois are all the same. The masses of the people do all the work to provide for the few. Any objections meets the same treatment dealt to the villagers by the Vikings, death and violence. Suppression of descent has always been part of the social systems. Today they are just hidden better. In fact, they are prevented from even starting.

Only the most ignorant today are not aware of censoring on social media. It is a means of influencing opinions. But there are many others. I have been beating the drum for a long time now. I will include here only the titles and authors of some books that make this point very clear: Crystallizing Public Opinion, Propaganda, both by Edward S. Bernays; Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann. There are many others. Bernays and Lippmann published their works during the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1988, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky published the report from many years of examining the news agencies of the world. It is titled, Manufacturing Consent. The title alone tell us what the study revealed. I’m telling you and supporting my statements with literature from both the inventors and the researchers who studied the results of the inventor fifty years later. It is the same today, but worse. The news media, the entertainment media, the educational systems, and pier pressure are now being used to make you think what you think and do what you do. It is all information control and, by derivation, behavior control. To what end, you might ask; to make sure the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. It is a power play and we are losing.

CNN and FOX are deeply involved in the effort to perpetuate the status quo of life on this planet. It is the only thing that has not changed. Fortunes today are more numerous and bigger. Conversations about the one tenth of one percent are common. The one percent receive a bit more, but the wealth of religions is not even included in the percentages. The status quo is the one that has always been, the rich and the poor.

There are no poor people on CNN or FOX. There are no poor people in government, none in banking. Hollywood has poor, but the powerful of Hollywood are rich and famous. The lesser rich are probably good people. I don’t know any, so, I cannot say one way or the other. The people who work as hosts for the news channels are that type. They seem to be good people, but they are working for their living. Their bosses tell them what to do. They get fired is they don’t. They also get told what to report and how to report it. This election is no exception in that regard, but it is an exception in a different regard.

The hosts of the news channels are probably so influenced by the stuff they are reporting that they think they are telling the truth. I can’t know, but there could be some who know what they are reporting, the way they are reporting it is not right. They like their careers and might be willing to do things they think are wrong to get and keep the jobs. A mixture of both is more likely. They might have misgivings about what they are doing but are willing in order to have their careers and fame. The one point that remains is that many of them might have been convinced to participate in a global agenda.

I have listened to people on the radio say they were approached and persistently persuaded to join the New World Order. Of course, they refused and that is why they were able to report it. If they had taken the offers, they would not be so disposed. If it is true, and if it has been happening broadly around the world, as they were told, there could be many people who are willingly deceiving and manipulating the public. That is what appears to be the case in the media.

I am not able to believe that people who can speak to so many issues as well as the new anchors, article writers, and professors, with the backing of experts in just about any area of expertise are not able to detect the corruption. They probably think it is just the price that needs to be paid to accomplish a greater good. Is that their good or that of the world? I don’t know, but I am very skeptical.

Skepticism is not disbelief. It is not belief, either. The agenda the potential candidates were told about sounded pretty good to me. Many desirable changes were held forth as the causes of the New World Order. Just think, in a world of one nation, instead of many, war might not occur. Efficiency might be improved. Borders would vanish. Many good things could be the true intent of the New Word Order, or the globalists, or the Illuminati, or whatever it might be. However, in none of it was there any mention of the end of the division that has persisted since time began, the rich and the poor.

It is not enough to improve the conditions of the poor. There must be an equalization of the distribution of the products of society. More capable people can acquire according to their ability. That is fine, but we are all working together to create everything. Merit and industriousness can provide benefits only when all are sufficiently provided. That is the thing that escapes people. The rich are rich at the expense of the rest. No one is out there building things in a vacuum. It is society organized and operating that makes it possible for people to have anything other than what an individual can provide alone. That is what the development of social systems was all about.

In the days of free land, a couple, male and female, could go into the wilderness and establish a home. They could do pretty good, but they could not fly down the freeway to get an hundred miles away in an hour. They couldn’t build a city. They had to have help to even have some rest. That is why they had so many children in those days. They needed the help. Villages grew from those pioneers in the Americas. From them grew cities and the rest is history. Try to let it sink in. The only way a king can have a palace is if the people build it. The only way for the rich to be rich is if the people produce the wealth. The wealth of the very rich is something totally different than the wealth of the merely rich. Both, though, can have no wealth without using the infrastructure, systems, tools, resources and labor of masses of people organized as a society.

I have gone on until company arrived. I will put this to rest. I hope I have helped.

Big Election Trouble

Big Election Trouble

This nation is in big trouble. This election was one of the worst in American history. Many millions of Americans are angry and rightly so. There is a huge effort to discount suspicions of voter fraud. That fact alone is cause for panic.

Any politician, media pundit, expert, lawyer, voter, or other should be happy to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if there was even one fraudulent vote. Instead we are witnessing a massive coordinated effort to make sure it doesn’t happen. The politicians, included some Republicans, are doing what they have always done, lie.

Politicians have always said that the protection of the government is their primary motive. In the first place, that is the antithesis of the purpose of government. People do not sacrifice their rights so that the governments can protect themselves. They do it so the government can protect them. They do not do it so the government can provide for them, either. The philosophy of John Locke, who inspired the Founding Fathers, clearly makes the case for the commonwealth, his word for governments including monarchies. Many others have made this case, and today the population is so ignorant of the founding principals that made the USA something unique. So, let me give you one of the facts.

Volunteering to submit to a government deprives a free individual of some of his freedom. He has to agree to abide by the rules of the government. If he felt that doing so would not make his life better, he would not do it. If he is crazy he might. It would be stupid. Who would want to give up some of his money and submit to the rule of the government subject to its punishments without thinking he would be better off for doing it?

Every single person alive today was not asked to voluntarily sacrifice some of his freedom and property and submit to the laws of the government. We were born into it like slaves born on a plantation. That aside, we are now living in a nation of government run by people who think their primary function is to protect the government. They like to call it the sanctity of government. The have expensive plans and preparations for threats to the government, even those that nature can provide. If there is a massive comet strike on this planet, the people in the top positions of government will retreat to underground bunkers designed to protect the people in it and provide them with all they need to survive for many years in relative comfort. They will have data banks stuffed with information they will need when they emerge to reestablish the government. In the USA it is called Continuity of Government. It is not there to protect the people. It is there to protect the president and others in government. The rich of the world have similar arrangements. They don’t intend to protect the billions. They intend to protect themselves and the government. That is not all.

Those sorry excuses for representatives of the will of the people will lie and cheat to hell freezes over to make sure the people never turn against the government even with it turn demonic. That is exactly what has happened and it happened many decades ago. That is why the told you there was no conspiracy to kill the Kennedys. They told us a Muslim millionaire conducted the 9-11 attack. They have told us since before I was born in 1950 that there is no serious voter fraud. There has always been serious voter fraud and most people know it. This time they went too far.

If you are a person who thinks this election was fair and legal, there is something seriously wrong with you. I don’t want to associate with you. You are in bad shape and dangerous. Dangerous people had best stay away from me. The people in this nation, even the world, who are not trying to do something about the corruption that is taking this planet are guilty of travesties innumerable. The blood of innocents is on your hands. It is your duty as a human to know what is happening and stand for the right and the good, to fight corruption and horror committed by the corrupt. The wars have put blood on your hands as surely as if you slashed people with a knife. You have ignored it too long and now you are facing something you are still not seeing. It is coming.

Mark my words. There are times coming that will make you feel really rotten about yourself, but you will feel worse because of the suffering that you are going to experience. Some very bad people has some very bad plans for this world. They are already out in the open because they think they have noting to fear. If you allow this election to go, it will be too late.

It is the last chance we have to make the corrupt accountable. We will have hell when we bring the corrupt to justice. It will not be pretty. It is too late for that. They will not submit to justice. They would gladly start a global war to avoid justice. They are already destroying the economy. Mark my words. They may not come again. The economy is already crashing.

You were so frightened of getting sick you willingly shut down the economy and put millions of business out of work. You willingly broke the links in the chain the turns the wheel of the economy. It may be too late already. I hope not. But it is a weak hope. The governments of the world are going to clamp down. Biden has already said he will do it. There are worse viruses available if this one is not enough. They set it upon us. It was not an accident. You are an idiot if you are not suspicious at least. While millions celebrate the media victory for the corrupt, the flames are growing.

There is only one reason Biden did not campaign more. He knew the fix was in. He knew he would win even if he stayed in his basement and even if his corruption became widely known. The people who actually run the world helped Biden acquire his fortune illegally. Any fool can see that. There must be a lot of people who don’t score high enough to rate the status of fool.


Is Trump Worse Than Hitler

Though I don’t have the time, I will attempt to get some solace by writing about my dear friend living in Alaska. We had not communicated in some years. So, as I am usually the one to keep the association alive, I called her. When we finally were able to talk, what started out as a tender reminiscence turned into a horrible experience totally and criminally created by the media.

This lady has a heart of gold. Her biggest hindrance to her fulfillment is terror. She has lived in terror as long as I have known her. It lives beneath the surface influencing her every thought and feeling. She ended her marriage because of her fear of earthquakes. Her husband refused to leave California, so she left him to move to Texas. I found her now living in start terror of the virus and Donald Trump.

I wish I was kidding. The virus is enhancing her loneliness and Trump is getting the anger she is inclined to express instead of her terror. I had no idea that she hates Trump. She was a strong supporter of Sara Palin of Alaska. I tried to tell her that she need not be so worried about the virus and all hell broke loose.

She began to screech and insult me. I had to hang up on her. She would brook no words that did not reciprocate her hatred for Trump or her fear of the virus. She hurled the words conspiracy theorist at me like a racist would hurl the “n” word. At some point in her screeching, she mentioned FOX news with a big dose of hatred. I was not able to say anything. When her vituperation against me became intolerable, I hung up. We have not communicated since, and it has been a few days.

I love this person and it is not easy to know she is distressed. I wish I could help her. She is the same age as I and fears her mortality sharply. I don’t know what I will do, but I will do something. There is one thing that I would like to do that I cannot.

She does not know anything about Trump that she did not get from the media. That is the case for nearly everyone. This is vivid and terrible proof that the media can overwhelm a person and drive them crazy. The power of the media since the invention and saturation of electronic communications has become the favorite weapon of some very bad people. Likewise, good people are using it for their purposes with equal fervor. This is something that cannot be allowed to continue. It matters not if good or bad people use it.

The power to reach into the psyche is a millions must be stopped. I don’t care if it is for good causes. There is only one good cause, and that is love. Until people become sources of unconditional love, such power should not be available. This world and its history is a testimony of the failings of human beings. Imperfect and even evil, people are destroying themselves without even realizing their part in it. Goodness in people is real, but it is overwhelmed by the new developments of the past many hundred years made worse by those of the last hundred or so. Invention has made too much power available.

I have written and sounded warnings. I discovered some books over a hundred years old that proudly boasted of the power to make people think and act. I put titles and authors everywhere. I was so happy to be able to provide proof of things I had realize in my thought processes I must have let hubris come over me. I thought people would read the material! Wow!

My Alaskan friend screeched that Trump is Hitler over and over. She said he “has blood on his hands.” She doesn’t have time to read due to her financial burdens. She works all the time and has no computer. She probably only watches some television news, and not much. She was never much of a television watcher. Yet she has come to hate a man she doesn’t even know personally. It is bad enough that such power is out there, but it is worse when it is being used as a means to vendetta.

If you cannot understand that the media Trump said was fake news is out to destroy him, I don’t know what to do. If you cannot realize that the conspiracies are vast and horrible, we are doomed. Please, look into the Great Reset. That conspiracy is being made public more every day. There are not books about it. One is title, if memory serves, Covid-19 and the Rest. There are people who have global designs. They are so powerful and their plans are so developed already they are making them public. It may be too late already, but I think we might save ourselves.

You must realize that they are the same types who have always hated the people, the poor especially. They are determined to reduce the population to about five hundred million. Getting rid of 6.5 billion people is not going to be pretty. There are many ways to get the information, but here is one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

Let your future be bright. Stop the pogrom.

_The Isms

The Isms

The “ism”s have it. The philosophies of economics are being framed in choices as if there are no others. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism, of course, being the three that occupy the conversation, debate, and, ultimately, the mind. Any way you ism it, “ism isn’t it.” (John Lennon) However, if you cannot escape the mindset, try some new isms: loveism, shareism, cooperationism, helpism, familyism. I am quite sick of all the nonsense mankind indulges.

We have allowed ourselves to be charmed like cobras to a pipes. We are given the parameters of thought and seldom go beyond them while never exhausting even that limited area of thinking. Let me give you something to think about so that we can break the hold that has us in hypnotic grips. “The answer is easy if you take it logically.” (Paul Simon)

John Locke wrote in the late 1600s about caring for the poor. He seems to have been under the hypnotic spell too. Evidently, and who can say with certainty, it did not occur to him that something was terribly wrong with his reasoning, for I found no mention of the inequality that creates poor. To him and many of our time, the poor are simply the result of laziness, debility, drugs/alcohol, age, or some characteristic of the poor persons. What never occurred to such a brilliant man seems all too obvious to me. The system creates the poor.

Mind you, the systems of Locke’s time and most before evolved from many centuries of violent conquest. I find the history of man so deplorable it amazes me that we are still here. Maybe the systems that evolved were necessary for the times and circumstances. They are not necessary now. I don’t think they were ever necessary, but the result of characteristics far worse than those despised by men who put the cause of poverty in the lap of the impoverished. Time prevent my list of outrages regarding those characteristics, but you can find them in some other of my writings. Suffice it to say the systems of social interaction impoverished people. Idiots saw it as something the system only needed to remedy instead of cause to abandon the systems, and they are many.

We are all together in the planet. We share almost identical needs and characteristics. All we have to do is take the measure of those needs, calculate the means to supply them, and divide the work equally among the people. Now here is the mind-blowing part, prepare yourself, we share equally in all the work produces. I’m laughing my ass off right now. Something as obvious and logical as that is alien to mankind. I already know the limited number of responses humans have to that. Don’t bore me with their repetition, and don’t assume you have something I have not thought of already. I will dare to say I have spent more of myself studying the issue than you have. You’ll never catch up. Which is not to say someone might have something new to offer. I’m just tired of people giving me the same old crap. It is revolting, and I have gotten to the root of it, a root you would not enjoy seeing. It must be a cause to do things better, and none of the isms or the enculturated parroting has done that.

It really is simple in the planning of a better way. The challenge is getting it put in place of systems that are thousands of years old. Those characteristics I mentioned that are worse than those ascribed to the poor as causing their poverty are not going to be easily extirpated. They will have to be pulled out by their roots. That will not be easy at first, but as it progresses it eases. I have been doing what I can about for fifty years. I am now embarked on my fifty-first year of dedication to the issue. It is so simple.

Each brings to life the characteristic manifest in each. Time “programs” each with experience of living in all its complex and unfathomable variations. A list of needs met with available resources and abilities fairly distributed with the results fairly distributed will give mankind experiences that will make people the kind that can take us into the rest of the physical universe and give us the ability to move between it and the others.

The first thing to do is understand the mission, the goal. We can do it. We need the mission to spread among the people like smoke until it creates a movement. A simple goal to work together and share the results. Is it that hard to fathom?