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The Government Is Hated

The vote is theatrics and we do not really select people for office. The news is a propaganda machine working on behalf of the powerful privileged few, or the PPF. Our nation is a hated monster that is out of control and all it does it is doing in our good name. Our government is hated, but we are supposed to be the government.

When or federal government was being designed by the Founding Fathers, controversy was deep and wide. The Articles of Confederation that were replaced with the Constitution were formulated by a disparate group of men who contested their different ideas and ideology for many years all the way through the Continental Congress that produced the ratified final version. The ideals we cherish as Americans never materialized.

In the two centuries since it establishment, our federal government has become a monster ruling over a pack of minor monsters. The ruling monster has been conducting crimes against humanity and the planet since it came into existence. The USA is a hated monster around the world and the hate is justified. We have been duped. The people have been lied to and deceived and propagandized so long there is little left of informed electorate.

I have written an article and posted it here. If you are too afraid of the truth read it. If you are attached to your beliefs and opinions so hard, don’t read it. It is likely to disillusion you. I don’t want you to go nuts.

Changed Election Results

Changed Election Results

You thought the election results were in and the voice of the people heard. HaHaHa. You were wrong again. Me too.

The recent mid-term election results are being changed. It is not surprising that a lot of Democrat votes are turning up all over the place and changing the results. And you thought it was all over! Me too.

It turns out that elections that were close have been under attack. The results we thought were final are changing and the Democrats are amazingly turning out to have actually been the winners in many cases. I haven’t see even one be changed to a Republican winner. Imagine that!

According to CNN, the most deceitful name in news, the Democrats have amazingly picked up 31 seats in the house with 9 seats still being contested. The Senate is still up for grabs, too. Democrats are likely to gain more seats there. The Governors elections have also shifted in favor of the Democrats with them gaining 7 more seats.

The Russian election meddlers must really envy the skill of the Democrats. The videos of unguarded trucks manned by unauthorized handlers showing up with loads of new ballots are almost impossible to find on the internet, and it is even more impossible to find official outrage over it.

Ballots are supposed to be guarded by the laws and protocols the have been put in place to prevent cheating. Try to find out what those laws are and you will find the internet search engines are very ineffective. Guess what the political affiliations are of the search engine owners.

I do not believe in our elections. I never have and nothing has ever happened to change my mind. No! Not even Trump’s victory. For one, I don’t take it as a fact that he was a rogue who managed to slip in under the control of the directors of this world. For another, an occasional slip does not validate the election system. I think the only way to have any confidence in our system is to be uninformed, deceived, and blind. Blind faith makes things look right.

Censoring, candidate choices, manipulation by the media, costs, and result processing are but a few of the things that have always made what appear to be elections illusions. We vote. Well, less than half of us do. But some of us vote and we think we have done our part to be the guardians of liberty and policy. What a joke! The people are so easily conned in this country they think Oswald acted alone to kill Kennedy.

Trust is a virtue. It is not the fault of the people that they trust. It is the fault of the untrustworthy that the people’s trust is naive. Suspicion is also a virtue. I think we should suspect everything, including our most deep and trusted beliefs.

The election should be the focus of the American public right now. Not because one side or the other might be cheating, but because this nation is teetering on the balance between peace and war, between life and death. Unfortunately, the cheaters know how to keep the public under control. Liberty is a bigger illusion than the elections.

The Siege of the USA

The Siege of the USA

The free people of the USA are under attack. They don’t even realize it, most of them. When little George told the world during a press conference right after 9-11 that the attack was done because the attackers hate “your liberty,” he was finally telling the truth to some extent. It is not the terrorist who hate your liberty. It is him and his compatriots. It is the powerful privileged few (PPF) who hate your liberty. Read more about it by clicking here.

The dominant media has become their favorite and most powerful weapon. It is a small task in this new world of high-tech communications and saturation. By now almost everyone has a cell phone and internet access. Most of them also access satellite and other forms of multi-channel television. Every time any of the many forms of media are accessed, exposure to advanced and high-impact brainwashing gets a little bit more control of the people. The corporate media is the enemy of liberty, the enemy of the people. It is attacking your children and destroying the life-staining capacity of Earth.

You can see for yourself that there are millions of good people in this nation who appear to have completely lost touch with reality. Ethics and morality have been compromised. Reason has become a rare process. The values refined over the centuries that have guided the people in what little peace and prosperity we have been able to acquire are under attack.

They want you to abandon all reason in favor of what they condition you to think. They want you to think it is wrong to identify the gender of living things including and most importantly that of humans. Thought all of nature is gender designed, they want the people to be gender neutral.

They want you to ignore history and even join an attack against it. They must make sure the coming generations have no access to the true history of the world. You will be taught something else to put in its place.

They want you to be completely and utterly under their control. You are not to have any liberty. You are not to have loyalty to your nation, especially one that was founded on principles of liberty, equality, and protection of the property and human rights. The only right will be the right of the PPF to run your life.

Guess what. They enjoy so much wealth and leisure you might have trouble comprehending it. They like what they have and what they enjoy and they see the billions of people as a threat to all they enjoy. It is a fact that you are a threat to it. It is not because you actively want to threaten it. It is not due to any fault of your own. They have caused the problem. It is the methods they have used for some centuries to secure their power and wealth that has created it.

You are the labor and the market. They needed you to build their stuff. They had to have you to provide the services and do the work they didn’t want to do. Hauling garbage, cleaning sewers, working in factories, mowing lawns, fighting in wars, and everything else that make it possible for them to live the powerful and privileged lives they enjoy are things they would not ever do. You could not hire a rich man to do those things for any amount of money. The fact that you are willing to do it for so little amuses them and enhances their disdain for you.

The time is rapidly approaching when they will not need you. Robotics and artificial intelligence is already displacing you. The homeless, the poor, the middle class, and the prisoners proves it. The toxic saturation of the planet proves it. Did you think it is accidental, that they just didn’t foresee it? Don’t make me laugh. You are being deprecated like so much code that has been replaced by better code.

In preparation for the transfer of the labor to the robotics and the uselessness of the market to provide the profits, the PPF are attacking the people of the world. It is a multi-level attack with a multi-staged schedule covering decades. It is the slow increase of pressure and heat. You are not even supposed to realize that you are being boiled alive.

The subconscious of the human mind is the focus of evil manipulation. It is working. People are drowning in the deep end of the crazy-pool. The crazy stuff is being touted as the right stuff. It is being pushed upon the children in school and in all the fun things they access in the giant media conglomerate controlled by some very wicked people. Hypocritical logic has been so deeply cultivated it has become a contender for dominance in the rationality of the people.

If you value family, if you think practicing what you preach is important, if you love your children, if you think liberty is important you had better get busy. All those things and many other hard earned values are being attacked. If you think the American Experiment of government of, by, and for the people is right, you had better get busy. You had better find time to devote to defending your children, your values, your self. I know you need to have some fun and that dealing with all this hell is not fun. But what good is a moment of fun when the rest of your life will be short and spent in abject misery?

Remember that the best tactic in war is the surprise attack. If you don’t realize the attack is coming, you can be more easily defeated. As you go about you daily labors trying to put food on the table and to pay the bills, the enemy is creeping up on you. Your enemy is gaining strength while you sleep. The attack will not be like attacks have been throughout history. The attack is a subtle attack. It is not bombs and guns that will win this war, it is sneaky manipulation of your subconscious, of the very process of thinking you rely on for your existence. All you have to do is wake up to it. It cannot happen if you simply start noticing it. Once you do, you will be so stunned. You will wonder how you didn’t see it all along. It is in your face. It has been in your face a long time. It is in your children’s faces.

There is an incessant and vast effort underway to convince you that you are not being attacked, that there is nothing to worry about or fear. They need you to believe it, for they know that the minute you stop believing it their plans being to fail.

We the people have a wonderful opportunity to make life easy and beautiful for everyone. We have a chance to clean up the construction site and resort the planet to its pristine natural condition. Like never before in history, world peace is within reach. The people can finally be what they have been believed to be for a few centuries at least, created equal. We can all rise to the clarion call to love one another and actually be source of love for the universe of physical existence. Let it be.

Media and Trust Issue

Media and Trust Issue

Trump is facing off with the fake news. I wish that term had not been selected. It leaves too much wiggle room and makes it easy to discredit the user. I like much better, agenda news.

We have it in us to think on a subconscious level that the news is some neutral and impartial source. We see it as our eyes outside ourselves. For reasons that must be analyzed back in time quiet far, we automatically tend to trust the talking-heads that voice the news.

I have examined that aspect of the news quite a bit. It is a psychological matter, and that area of understanding is anything but simple. You can search the browsers for information about it, but that requires consulting the criminal for advice to solve the crime.

I found a rather cursory story at: (I chose not to make the address a clickable link) The first paragraph points to the psychological factor but does not mention the word even once in the entire article. “For more than a generation, research has tried to identify the qualities that lead people to trust news. The work has concluded that in general people want journalism to be fair, balanced, accurate, and complete. It can be unclear, however, what these broad factors mean or how news organizations can achieve them.”

The American Press Institute. Reading what they have to offer about trusting the press is like asking the killer what he thinks about the murder. When I asked my Startpage search engine why people trust the news, their article, sited above, came at the very top of a very long list of killer’s answers. That alone proves how untrustworthy the news really is, but there are legions of other proofs.

I have read some books written in the early twentieth century. The authors, Bernays and Lippmann, were not the least circumspect or ashamed of themselves. Rather, they were proud and excited that they had discovered how to manipulate the subconscious of the public. They practically crowed their discovery. They were proud of themselves. I think they were right to be proud of themselves, but they unleashed a demon. In some of their writings they even mentioned such an eventuality. But they were simply excited by their discovery.

That is what it was: a discovery. They were discovering something that has been known by some for centuries, maybe for all time. The reason it seemed to them to be a discovery is because they took it to new levels and were finally able to turn the knowledge, the skill, into a money-making business. They chose to call it “public relations.”

Public relations is now a constant part of big business. In the early 1900s it was a novelty and they quickly turned it into a high-paying business. They soon had a long list of accomplishments they wrote about including getting women to start smoking cigarettes. Bernays was so proud of that accomplishment. He goes on and on about what they did to bring it about. The other accomplishments are less pernicious for the most part, but they are laced with other horrible deeds.

Ultimately, what they did was show the rich and powerful how to manipulate public opinion. One of the books is titled, Crystallizing Public Opinion. Imagine that! “Crystallizing” the opinions of the people! Clearly they knew how profoundly they were able to get into the psychology of the people and lead them down any path they desired. The media has turned the discovery into a weapon.

The greatest weapon ever invented is the one that can make people think what the user wants them to think. We use the word “media” for it. What men like Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann discovered in the early twentieth century was like the discovery of gunpowder. It was a nifty and fun discovery that could be used to entertain and amaze, but it didn’t take long for someone to see it as a weapon that would provide a devastating advantage over enemies. When diligent men of relative innocence showed the world how to get into the minds of the people, it didn’t take long to see ways to use it as a weapon. The media is the most devastating weapon ever invented. Who has the power to obtain it and wield it?

People who have great wealth and power, the powerful privileged few (PPF). That is who! They have ample motive to protect what they value. Many of the PPF have been shown in the literature and movies to have been wonderful human beings who used their power and wealth for good. Andrew Carnegie is said to have been a philanthropic force who beleaguered the other PPF to give their wealth back to the people. J. C. Penny is said to have named his first business The Golden Rule. Money did not corrupt all who came to have it. Can that be said of all who came to have it?

No! Some of the people who came into great wealth were not so virtuous. If you study Carnegie, you will find plenty of reports about what many of the PPF actually thought of the man. It is very indicative of an attitude that became dominant in some of them. In the near hundred years since those days, that type has conquered the world.

The early progenitors of public relations have been left in the dust of the high-tech revolution, the one that displaced the industrial revolution. Lippmann and Bernays didn’t have an internet, social media, satellite television, and cellular telephones. It was not possible for them to crystallize public opinion to the extent to which it is now possible. The public is now being led around as though there is a chain attached to a ring in the public’s nose that can be yanked when it gets troublesome. Rationality and logic are just that, troublesome for the world conquerors.

The outrageous divisions of the public today are inexplicable absent the weapons being used to shape public opinion. In the guise of reason and rationality, people are championing some of the most egregious self-destructive concepts imaginable. The word “mother” is targeted for deprecation. We are being told it is wrong to use it. The same is being done to some of the human race’s most treasured and vital ideologies. Hapless victims of the most horrible weapon ever to exist are totally sure that they are acting with reason and logic. They are victims of a terrible weapon.

The weapon, the media. It is nothing like “fake news.” It is something much worse. It was used to keep the American public supporting some of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. Its horror can be found in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and just about any nation or place there is on Earth. In the stark face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that the people haven’t seen, Americans still think it was all done for virtuous reasons, that not doing it would have been unthinkable by good people. It is that easy to manipulate public opinion.

In Indochina during the late sixties and early seventies more bombs were dropped than ever in history up to that time. The evidence shows that millions of women, children, and non-combatant men were killed outright. Death and suffering caused by displacement and starvation added millions to the total over time. Neighboring nations suffered comparable horrors. It is simply too painful to even think about the reality of it. The media knows we don’t want to face it; all the more easy for the media to lie, suppress, omit, and frame the news so we don’t have to face it. Making the entire crime appear to be a virtuous action worthy of billions of hard-earned tax payer dollars was no trouble at all. To protect the peasant and city dwellers of the nations of the world the USA and its “allies” laid waste to them and the land they depended on for food, to say noting of the farm animals and crops that were killed in the process.

The Indochina wars are one horrific example of the media being used by the so-called “elite” and the people in government to carry out crimes against humanity with the support of good people. Hapless people. Manipulated psychologically. Deceived people. The minds of the good people were infiltrated and compromised long ago, and the operations are intensifying. More crimes against humanity are being conducted right now around the planet, but these crimes are not just bombings and shootings. They are not the types of crimes we can see and shake our heads in despair over. They are infiltration crimes. Crimes that murder the virtues of the people and turn them into demon’s helpers without letting them realize what they are doing, even causing them to think they are acting virtuously. It is the biggest and worst crime ever to be committed. Stalin and Hitler must be sick with envy.

I will reign myself in and close this post. I will leave you with what I think is the most profound and vital bit of freaking-out understanding. The United States of America has been turned into a demon that has committed atrocity after atrocity around the globe for over a century in our good name without ever letting the people know about it in anything like “fair, balanced, accurate, and complete” reporting of the news. I am sick as hell over what I have been able to find and confirm.

It would be enough to discover that it was all done in the past. That is enough to choke a good man to death. But it is still going on, and the agenda they are striving to achieve appears to be even worse than anything done so far.

A healthy and balanced good person is psychologically resistant to facing a truth that is more abhorrent than anything they can imagine. Even in worst-case scenarios a good person cannot get into the head of a psychopathic serial killer much less someone even worse, and that is what is necessary to see the truth about life today. You would have to be able to look through the eyes of a person who sexually tortures a little child to death with what passes for “delight” in the twisted mind of the demon doing it. I can’t do it. I will not do it. I don’t want to do and never will, but I can approach a rational realization that there are people out there that do such things, Now, can you understand that such a thing is nothing near the extent of the horrors that are taking this beautiful planet into hell right now if we don’t stop it?

Since Trump took the election, pedophile clubs and rings have been raided and exposed. The media is virtually silent about it. What better proof is there that the news is a weapon trained on the people? The media has been turned into the enemy of the people. If Trump acts too late, it will really be too late.

I derive no pleasure writing this article. I am sick to my soul over what compels me to write it. Someone had to.

Psychology Is Killing Us

Psychology Is Killing Us

You are doing things you don’t understand. All of us are. We can do the work and become better, but few do. We adopt beliefs. We don’t do research and tests first. We just adopt beliefs and data. The is so much faulty data and false beliefs in the people of the world we are all nearing our extinction, but we are poised to take all other life forms with us.

People believe in death. They believe in the superiority of humans. Some believe all living things are here for our use to do with as we please. They believe a variety of things regarding theological matters when is should be obvious that the truth should be the primary criteria in our quest. Others believe there is no God, that theism is just a human mental problem, and they think there is no God because they have not found him as they unravel the laws and characteristics of the universe. People believe they can eat whatever they like in complete disregard for the laws the scientists have discovered. Even though eating and other factors lead to the deterioration of their bodies and leads ultimately to death. To feel better about their faulty data, they invent myths that make them feel better about what they think. Then they teach them to their children. There is so much faulty data and many false beliefs in the people we are exterminating ourselves. It does not have to be this way. I turn now to a brief comment about how we can do something about the way it is.

You are a human. You have a brain. You have a huge social structure supporting you. You can do your own tests, but you will have to do those tests independently of your psychology as possible. You will have to set aside preconceived ideas and beliefs or they will make you see what you want to see and cloud the results of your tests. If you can manage to become a source of unconditional love for everyone and take better care of you bodies, your psychology will come within your grasp. I don’t know if we can be free of our psychologies for they me be inexorably linked to your identity, but you can improve them.

The Media and Your Opinion - Copy

The Media and Your Opinion

Opinion is being installed. Look to yourself and analyze your opinions. You will discover that you have opinions about things that you did not participate in or witness. You will discover that opinions have been installed in you. Take heed and read. Here you will find some places to start looking. Ultimately, it will come back to looking a mirror that reflects your thoughts.

I have recently read a book that impacts the information I have studied from other books. Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky is a pedantic academic study of the media up to 1986 when the book was published. It can be studied in conjunction with Propaganda by Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann’s book, Public Opinion. Taken together these books supply information that is shocking to innocent people.

[I wrote an article after reading Lippmann and Bernays I titled “Installing Opinions” and sometimes “Opinion Installers.” I will include it below.]

The information these three books and many others bring to the people is vital to the future of humankind and all other kinds. Indeed, the world is poised at the brink of destruction. Herman and Chomsky have made it quite clear that unfathomable destruction and murder has been done by the USA and its helpers under the protection of a media that learned the tricks of the trade pioneered by Lippmann, Bernays, and others. Today we have moved further down the road to our end and there is little reason to think we can turn away without becoming aware of the methods being used to move us.

I hope you will apply yourself to the task by reading the books and any others that are relevant to the purpose. People are unaware of the complex systems that are being used to achieve agenda that are being kept secret. Complex systems and secret agenda are intrinsically elusive and difficult to discover. Let this article shed some light on them.

Once again, Installing Opinions:

My study of Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann continues. These guys were publishing during the early 1900s. I want to copy and share some of their words so that people might find a way to combat the forces they taught the powerful of the world to marshal. There are so many people who have been influenced by those forces it has become imperative that this relatively new power become common knowledge.

Opinion is a fascinating subject. There is so much to learn about the subject people can spend lifetimes devoted to it. What is of utmost importance in my mind is that the people come to know that their minds are the target of forces that have been developed and refined into a fine art. It is the art of installing opinions. Yes, “installing” them.

At the turn of the twentieth century, techniques were being developed to install opinions in the minds of the people. It was not an “all-bad” thing. I think the men who developed it saw it as a useful tool for good, but they admitted it could easily be used to do evil. The methods they developed have been enhanced by the electronic revolution. In other words, the tools available to deliver the methods increased in number and power. Television, radio, computers, telephones, and movies added to the already pervasive printed media to give the installers of opinion even more power. Today, the power to manipulate the public has become monstrous. The divided public in the USA is a product of manipulation intended to accomplish some goal. What goal? That is another topic.

See for yourself what the fathers of opinion making were saying in the 1920s. I commit myself to the task of quoting them a little here. I am not doing this to make money, stroke my ego, make you look bad, or to indulge in the same manipulation discussed here. I do it strictly to help the people.
From Propaganda by Edward Bernays. His quote of Walter Lippmann’s book Public Opinion (I have this book too.)
Walter Lippmann of the New York World in his volume Public Opinion declares that the ‘significant revolution of modern times is not industrial or economic or political, but the revolution which is taking place in the art of creating consent among the governed.” He goes on: “Within the life of the new generation now in control of affairs, persuasion has become a self-conscious art and a regular organ of popular government. None of us begins to understand the consequences, but it is no daring prophecy to say that the knowledge of how to create consent will alter every political premise. Under the impact of propaganda, not necessarily in the sinister meaning of the world [sic] alone, the only constants of our thinking have become variables. It is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the cardinal dogma of democracy, that the knowledge needed for the management of human affairs comes up spontaneously from the human heart. Where we act on that theory we expose ourselves to self-deception and to forms of persuasion that we cannot verify. It has been demonstrated that we cannot rely upon intuition, conscience, or the accidents of casual opinion if we are to deal with the world beyond our reach.”
This article took some effort to translate. His use of the word “consent” is misleading to people in this time. Back then, and to this man, consent was something that had several meanings. It was used as a synonym for permission, much as we use it today. More importantly, it meant giving in to persuasion. That was the purpose of the “art of creating consent among the governed.” That guy was saying that they have discovered the way to get people to have the opinions they want them to have.

I ask you, is your opinion really your opinion? Or, is it something that skilled “artists” have implanted in your mind? The world is very complicated and only becoming more so. Humans have created organizations that are composed of other humans acting together to do things no single individual could possibly do alone. The organizations are powerful beyond description, and there are so many of them no single individual can be aware of all of them. They are operating around the globe and what they do has an enormous impact on you. They are shaping the world. They are not being watched. There is no oversight to keep them in the bounds of rectitude. They have become virtually self-serving much like a robot that has its own intelligence, defense systems, and objectives. Does this make you suspect that the people need to be made aware of it?

The Coming of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth - Copy

The Coming of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth

Truths abound in the Bible. I have been reading the Christian Bible all my life. I don’t know how many times I have read it. Also, I have read a library of books about the Bible. It is strange that I can see something many times before it actually arrives in my mind. That is the case with the passages from John about the truth.

John mentions Jesus saying that the “Comforter” will come after him. Some Bibles say the “Advocate” will come. Other Bibles use other terms. In one I see the term, “helper” used. The different words used are matters of translating a language and of the psychology of the translator. Though there are differences of meaning that can be derived from the specific choice of words used, the overall-meaning remains. An advocate is not the same as a comforter, to be sure, but Jesus says someone will come after him. In every Bible I have examined the “Spirit of truth” is used to clarify the terms “Advocate,” “Comforter,” and “helper.” There is no translational disparity found there. Clearly the reference is to truth and to someone or something coming to help mankind unite in the truth.

Now that I have been addressing the truth by creating this website dedicated to uniting the people in the truth, a recent reading of the Bible passages about the coming of the Spirit of truth to unite the world has hit me. It makes clear that the mind works in “mysterious ways.” I never gave those Bible passages much consideration. Now I will.

I suspect that people are like me in this. We all see or read something that has little effect at the time but later, after more living, stands out. Is it not a fact that we see with our eyes but interpret the sights with our minds? Is it not obvious that the brain clouds the truth? We can think that if true data is used as the foundation of reason, more truth can be discovered by the mind. If the data used as the foundation of reason is false, can more truth be discovered by the mind? Even the answer to this question is uncertain. The mind can begin with true data and derive false data due to the influences of the mind. Perhaps it can begin with false data and derive true data. I can imagine it. Reason is a function that can go wrong. Seeing is also something that can go wrong. What are we to do?

Help one another. That is what we are to do. If we cannot be absolutely sure of what we think or even what we see with our own eyes, we must resist being convinced and keep open minds. Then we can work together to advance our acquisition of the truth. We can unite in the truth. We can reason and agree that uniting in the truth is something worth doing. I think mankind has been trying to unite in the truth since the beginning. History can be seen to prove it. It is an overwhelming tendency or urge. I think it has been that way because we somehow know that when we all agree, peace will break out more surely than any war ever broke out. The many wars and other horrors of our history are in many ways connected to mankind’s desire for the truth.

Mankind has a long history. Much of it is recorded and documented. What if it was all part of the road to the truth? Like a road that has many turns and forks, the road to the truth has been torturous. History is clear on this. Opinions about the truth have been the source of great travail. That fact amplifies the importance of uniting in the truth, and our urge to do so is made clear by our bloody history. It is time to bring to the world a spirit of cooperation. Together we can create a history of peace and love by uniting in the truth. The first thing we might do is to agree to seek the truth together in cooperation. If we can do it in the Spirit of Love, the light of truth will burst upon us. Imagine that!

Our lives are different when compared to the “birds of the air,” or the “lilies of the field.” We are more heavily influenced by our brains. Right or wrong, good or bad, our brains are involved in everything about us. Human arrogance is, I think, what makes us see ourselves as more conscious or above the other life forms. We have discovered that the birds and the lilies toil endlessly to survive, but they have not gone to war with destructive power that can kill all living things. Does that suggest that maybe we are beneath them? Evidence is emerging which suggests that the plants and animals are conscious by means means other than the brain. Here we can see that uniting in the truth will require work related strongly to the brain, or the mind. The complexity is daunting, but we can do it.

We can agree to cooperate to bring the world to the truth in all things. It will be much easier if we can find within ourselves love for one another so strong we would lay our lives down for our loved ones. This submission to the relegation of our lives to the service of the lives of our loved ones will unite us inexorably in a quest to unite in the truth. Which comes first. It doesn’t matter. One leads to the other.

I am a person who does not take the Bible literally. Indeed, I think a lot of what the Bible reports is false in the extreme. The truth about Jesus is lost in the Bible as I see it. I think God is far from what the Bible says of him. This does not negate the profundity of the wisdom that can be found there. It clearly does not negate the profound importance of the Bible to the affairs of mankind. Such is the case with the passages in John about the coming of the Spirit of truth.
Many with whom I have spoken tell me they revere the Bible because it is prophetic. It predicts things that happen. When Jesus reportedly tells his audience that someone will come to unite the people in the truth, he is prophesying. I see this as I would see a prophecy that someone will come who is a human. It in no way garners my reverence for the Bible. Predictions have permeated the experience of life for mankind since the beginning and in almost every area and aspect of human experience.
The writer of John demonstrates a basic human need, truth. Humans need the truth in all things. Two thousand years ago this was understood by some, maybe all. The truth is needed. Everyone seems to agree about this. We really need the “Spirit of truth” to come.

I am not feeling any affinity with the prediction John attributes to Jesus when he says one will come to unite the people in the truth. To me it is just an obvious need the human species has that has been unsatisfied. Driven to satisfy the need for the truth, the people have developed opinions about the truth. I am no exception. I have my opinions. Above all, though, I seek the truth and I want the people to unite in the truth. The biblical prediction of the coming of the Comforter can be applied to anyone and everyone. We and all who came before us are the Comforter.

I doubt that it is possible for someone to unite the people in the truth. Such an idea suggests some sort of miracle or magic. It is a non-sequitur. Uniting is something that involves many, not one. A leader does not do what the followers do. A leader has but a role to play in the actions of the many. If I can lead some to unite in the truth, I only join the effort of the many by performing a role in the process that is as important to me as it is to everyone. I seek the truth. I want mankind to unite in the truth. I have imagined the world after mankind unites in the truth, and I want to see that world come to pass. I have seen the world after mankind comes to love for one another, and I want that world to come to pass.

Jesus is said to have told those listening to love one another. He went further to make sure they understood exactly what he meant. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love than this no one has, that one lay down his life for his friends.” Imagine a world in which billions of people love one another so strongly they would lay down their lives for others. I did that a long time ago. What I saw was so beautiful and desirable I committed myself to becoming one who loves everyone enough to lay down my life for them. Life has never been like is was before that.

I did it. I love everyone enough to lay down my life for them. It virtually hit me like a ton of bricks. I was changed instantly, and changes have been happening in me since. I saw the world in which we all love one another the way Jesus is said to have loved us, enough to lay down his life for us. It was so beautiful I soon dedicated my life to doing my part to help mankind create that world. It has taken me down paths I would not choose but had to take to accomplish my intentions. There is a long story to be told about it, but that is not the purpose of this article.

I want everyone to love everyone. It is my purpose, my meaning. Uniting in the truth will come with love, but love can come of the truth. I do all I can to bring both to universal manifestation. I created the website you are visiting for that reason. Maybe it is part selfish, for I want that world. It is far more, though, devotion to my loved ones. You. All of you.

Genetic Loss - Copy

Genetic Loss

We all know about the tech giants and the wealth they have gained. We know that people who specialize in computer technology and related fields make a lot of money. The business that pay them so well are gathering even more wealth. The wealth is also power. Power has migrated into the hands of high-tech people.

In poor taste, they get called such names as Geek and Nerd. It is cruel and a form of bullying. Even if these people are not able to articulate the details of the situation, they feel it. They know in visceral way at least that they are denigrated by the so-called “alpha” types. Well, they now have the power to deal with the idiots who abuse them.

We see their efforts everywhere all the time. The tables are being turned. Heterosexual white males are being targeted. Heterosexuality itself is being targeted. Gender is under attack. In the name of anti-racism, racism is being amplified. These and many other such thing have already become the norm.

Now, consider the war history of mankind. Who gets killed the most in them? The men in the military, of course. Since the days of Vietnam and Stalin, that has been changed quite a bit. Stalin had the intelligentsia of Russian killed. The wars during the Vietnam period got million of poor wiped out along with their homes and villages. But! Wars have a central them that never goes away despite shifts in casualty statistics and it is the loss of the best of the strong and courageous men.

Geneticists have said that the genome of the Russian people may never recover from the loss of genetic material during the wars and the Stalin purge. The same is being said of the French who suffered immeasurably from the Napoleonic and world wars. The human species is suffering from the loss of genetic material.

As the genetic material was lost the quality of offspring have suffered. Across the globe the strong and brave have been the ones removed from the gene pool. The virtuous and intelligent have also been depleted from the pool. We are seeing with our own eyes how such depletions affect the quality of human generations. So, lets put the high-tech people efforts to counter the bullying they have received with the loss of genetic material.

The push for population reduction, which goes back to the times of Thomas Malthus, and the loss of genetic material from the human genome is breaking the laws of natural selection. The survival of the strong and well adapted has been shunted off to the side by social organization. In a world that provides fabulous lifestyles to one percent of the people by taking it from the hard working and good people the greatest threat they face is quality men and women.

People of strength, intelligence, and courage who have virtuous character are the enemy of the one tenth of one percent who are living opulent lives of ease at the expense of the hard working masses. That explains more of our history than anything. It also predicts the future.

If we can recognize the real problems of life these days and join in an effort to bring prosperity to all rather than to the few, we can attain our dreams. We can bring lifestyles to the privileged few that they are not able to dream about yet. It can be for all people. For we have born the burdens of history and are that much closer to the days when our effort will finally payoff for all. It will require understanding the psychology of the people that perpetuates the status quo. It will require, also, the restoration of the genome of the human species.

Who is not aware of the breeding programs in animal husbandry? Breeding in the plant and animal kingdom has been a subject of science for a long time. It is clear that breeding determines the quality of offspring. It is a matter of genetics. Before social organization became strong enough to remove the laws of natural selection from human reproduction, people were shaped to survive the conditions of life. Now that we have changed the conditions of life by creating vast and complex societies that have little relation to the natural world and applied directed effort to the reproduction of our species, the laws of natural selection can be seen to have been broken. It is playing out in the behavior of the high-tech people and in the loss of genetic material from wars, purges, and genocides. It is disaster waiting to happen.

Humans have transformed the planet. If anything interrupts the maintenance of that transformation, the consequences will be unthinkable. This is what happens when the laws are broken. It is crime. Crime against humanity. Crimes against Life.

These things must be considered. Leaving out vital factors in our understanding and decisions must not be allowed. I am simply trying to bring some things to your attention. If you have not been considering them, please do so now. We have everything to gain and everything to lose.

Controversy Defined - Copy

Controversy Defined

I recently started reading a huge two volume book set by Paramahansa Yogananda. If you don’t know who he is, please do yourself a favor and discover him. The two books are titled, The Second Coming Of Christ. Here is a link to information about it on Wikipedia:

Here is one to Yogananda:

He wrote another book called, Autobiography of a Yogi. I read in in the seventies. He writes about the deathless guru in that book and others. I know most people believe everyone dies. Here is something that controverts that belief. I have read about that man in many other places. His name is Mahāvatār Bābājī. Some say he is thousands of years old and that his body is that of a seventeen year old. He neither eats nor drinks. Here is a link:

People I was born with and grew up with have a very difficult time with the Indian history, philosophy, and religion. That is simply a matter of inculcation by society. Rise above it. Expand your horizons lest you fall off of the little world you surround yourself with. Controversy cries out to us all.

Controversy is the experience of the things we don’t know screaming at us to look. It is the racket created by false beliefs and untruths.

Investors Are Slavers - Copy

Investors Are Slavers

So many times I have listened or read of the magnanimous investors being portrayed as the backbone of American industry and progress. What a laugh inducing bunch of crap.

The slave owner who had many slaves and lots of land must have deserved the same accolades. They were producing lots of good products and services.

Fact: money is the chain around your ankle and the whip being lashed across your back to keep you laboring for the benefit of those who have the money.