Perception, Power, and Love

Perception, Power, and Love

Writing about the difficulties of communications, the only way for one to know more than what is personally experienced, Walter Lippmann alludes to the aversion for discussion of the larger topics. When to topic changes to something more familiar, “It is like turning from the landscape in the parlor to the plowed field outdoors. It is a return to the three dimensional world, after a sojourn in the painter’s portrayal of his own emotional response to his own inattentive memory of what he imagines he ought to have seen.” (Public Opinion) That statement make me laugh a lot.

We do the best we can, but it is not often as good as possible. I think there are no human exceptions. That is why we should not create great power. A person has only so much power. It varies some, but not much. But we do not live alone. The complexity of living together may have never been well comprehended, but it has been exploited. We cannot avoid living together and creating great power. We can manage it better, though. If we don’t manage it, someone will, or some will take advantage of it, more likely both.
Look out there. See the world. Can you see that humans have done a lot for a long time? If we had been capable of organizing our efforts as competently as we now can, we would not have done what we did. The world would not have become what we see. It would have long ago exceeded the most beautiful dream of the most wonderful world people can now imagine.

Every moment is a crossroad of life. The path we choose will take us where it goes with infinite crossroads along the way. With love we can choose paths that will take us to that place we only yet “imagine he ought to have seen.”
I wonder all the time about why people do not spend much time trying to comprehend love. All the poetry, song, literature, celebrations, and advice from messiahs and prophets about love have not been enough. “Love one another as I have loved you.” How many have told us the same thing? I think a person has to become capable of love, the love “as I have loved you.”

The love exemplified in a story of someone who could perform miracles and live a life of wonder and bliss but chose instead torture and agonizing death voluntarily to help those loved ones “who know not what they do” is a story designed to teach us a certain love. Love comes in many examples. The number of examples might equal the number of people living and dead. There is a certain love that is magical. If people would spend a small percentage of their thoughts sincerely considering such love, the world would transform faster than an Autobot.

Thinking expands comprehension. Thinking about love expands one’s love. We can attain the magical love by many paths. Since every single person has a unique path in life, it is brilliant that so many paths can lead to the magical love. The school of hard knocks is nothing compared to the school of heartbreak. But heartbreak can lead one to that special capacity or type of love. When Jesus took the cross, the desire to make the path to love easier was made something heartfelt simply in the telling of it. The wisdom of God!

Can you imagine the task God faces? How do you get people to love one another? Send them commandments etched in stone? Send them your son? Order them, punish them, destroy them and start over? What would you do if you wanted everyone to love everyone? I have been trying to answer that question for a long time. You just read my effort to make it happen.

The Pharaoh Came Out to Help Drag the Stone

The Pharaoh Came Out to Help Drag the Stone

Have you seen the latest meme? It is astonishing in the fact that it announces the most rare and unthinkable thing ever. Read this.

“The Pharaoh-god of Egypt came from the palace this morning and took a position among the people pulling the eighty ton block up the ramp. The people were stunned that he would condescend to help, but when they saw how weak he is they pulled him from the line and kneeled at his feet. Most of them had never seen his divinity and none had been near him. Word spread quickly across Egypt and the Pharaoh has become the most worshiped and adored divine incarnation in history.”

Nope. I made it up. I didn’t invent it for fun. I want you to realize that the pyramid was not built by the Pharaoh. The US capital was not built by a president or any politician. In fact, none of this world we were forced to face as a consequence of being born was built by the people who receive the most and best. There is something terribly wrong.

The people who do the actual work built everything. Without them the people who get the most would not be able to survive. When has anyone seen Trump or Biden with a shovel helping dig the holes? I resist the compulsion to write out a hundred more examples of what the great mass of humanity does every day all the time to make it possible for Trump and Biden to live as they do. Don’t be so small you cannot extrapolate from the example all the rest.

The real power of this world is in the hands of the people who do the labor. They get the least for their indispensable efforts. But you are more worried about the LGBT and racism. You spend your life in la la land thinking you are something you don’t even resemble. If you think I just insulted you, you are living proof of what I am trying to get across.

It is highly likely that none of us live in the real world. But it is very likely that all of us think we do. Then we add to our ridiculous illusions the thought that we are the only ones who are correct and right. Though our bodies live in the real world, there is a wide gap between what we think and the reality in which we are forced like slaves to live.

I have begun to be frustrated with people in general. I look at myself and see how feeble my consciousness is. I can only take so much into consideration. I am only able to conceive at one time a small, very small, percentage of everything. Even then I face a constant challenge as I try to align the pictures in my mind with the reality that is inescapable and that bears constantly on my being. But there are things I have seen. With my own eyes and being I have noticed things that the general population seems to be blind to. The fiction above was written to help open eyes.

I have done the labor of society all my life. I have also studied and traveled. But as a result of becoming someone who manifests unconditional love, I have found my personal paradise and have lived blissfully for more than fifty years. You would put me aside and move on if I tried to tell you what those years has revealed to me. That is because of the pictures in you mind. It is the total your consciousness, sub-consciousness, and more that causes you to react to me. There is nothing that is exempted from exactly that. And that is exactly why the history of man is such a nightmare. It is why all that man is doing is causing what is being caused. Need I describe what is being caused? Probably! But you have to help yourself. I can’t do everything for you. What I can do is tell you that you don’t know what is going on all over the world. If you will study psychology and history enough, you might come to understand what I mean. You might not. That is the problem. It’s the chicken and the egg all over the place. How can you see what is real when you are already bound to seeing what your psychology lets you see, shows you, even makes you think? The only answer I have found I, once again, love.

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Until you attain Love, I hope you will think about the fact that the work is done by what I like to call “the people.” All humans are people, so don’t get distracted by semantics. The people who do the real work are the real power. They have the power. All of it. They have let it be stolen.

I cannot argue against history. I must have been necessary to have the power stolen. I have read a lot about leadership. There are differences between individual humans, not many, but enough to have resulted in leaders and followers. After many thousands, maybe millions depending on what you think, of years, mankind has reached the results of history up to this moment. The opportunity to bloom has never been greater.

Mankind can blossom. The time is now. We must come to realize some very fundamental concepts. They are bulging in the edges of consciousness. Mankind is pregnant with them. You and I are the ones who have been born to receive the legacy of all history. Just look out there. Roads are everywhere. Mankind has been very busy. The accumulated legacy of mankind up to this moment offers us an opportunity that most people are not able yet to envision. They don’t need to envision it to make their lives a lot better. They only need to realize that it is the ones among us who do the essential work who have all the power.

I have wanted for a long time to write out all the necessary reasoning and facts that would make the “essential work” indisputable. There are simply too many other things preventing it. There is a huge confusion regarding essential work and non-essential work. The COVID-19 event is making it a hot topic right now. If you dig enough into things related to that topic, you might just come out the other side of the effort with some amazing insights. But to make things happen faster, you need only realize that society is arranged so that the people who are absolutely essential and who do the type of work that those who benefit the most from society could not, would not, and cannot do are at the lowest level of benefit.

Society is something! I have been flabbergasted about it for a long time. Trying to make sense of things that don’t make sense is not easy. The key is understanding the means by which things that don’t make sense come to be. We know of such things when we hear about the trial of a serial killer wherein the courts try to ascertain the psychology of the killer. What happened to make a person do such things. The same reasoning can be used to understand why the people who do the most essential work in society benefit the least.

Have you ever watched an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? That program filmed the benefits some get from society. They never filmed those rich and famous helping install telephone poles, building a skyscraper, or any other sort of labor. Of course, we are supposed to already know what they do and how they came to be so rich and famous. But I think we don’t know. I think the rich and famous don’t know how they came to be rich and famous. They are just people. No two people are exactly the same, but none are drastically different. There are humans who for various reasons are physiologically and mentally different enough be considered drastically different, but they are rare exceptions created by deeply studied forces. Most humans are nearly identical. So, how is that some get to be rich and famous without helping install the telephone poles? Why does the person installing the telephone pole not get rich and famous? You can easily see that the rich and famous would not live as they do if the people who installed the telephone poles had not installed them. This is true of all the labor that all the laborers have done and do. They are essential to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Never mind ideas of fair. They will only make it more difficult for you to be happy with your lot in life. That is what is being fed to the people with more saturation and force than anything else. It is as old as known history.

We could go down deep and far into the “rabbit hole” trying to unravel the knot of reality as it is right now. It might be fun for some. But we do not stop to think about how a bus came to be exactly where it was when it slammed into us as we crossed the street. Reality is a bus slamming into mankind. It does not care what we think. The pictures we hold as reality are not important when the buss hit us. We are not just facing danger, though. We are facing opportunity that is beyond expressing. It is time to focus on the important stuff.

It is such fun to know statistics about sports. Movies are incredibly enjoyable. Eating! Wow! How much fun does the human race get from eating? It is astonishing. You would think eating is just for fun and has nothing to do with health and living. It is fun to get on social media and sound off. It makes us feel powerful and important. I understand these things, but I also understand the opportunities that our predilections with fun let slip by. No matter what you position is in this world, you are missing out on things you would devote your life to if you could conceive them. You think you are rich and famous, poor and obscure, doing okay and happy, or any other self-assessment, but you have not realized what you are missing.

Most people would not give me a second thought. I realize this. It is an obstacle to overcome. That is what I am doing right now. I am writing almost frantically trying to grab the opportunity that has become available after ten thousand years of human development before it is too late. I cannot not do it alone. I can do it for myself and so can you, but a personal grasp of it will be greatly enhanced by a global grasp by all of humanity. Everyone has everything to gain and everything to lose. We are nearing the cusp between directions. We can go out or on. A personal vision of what “on” looks like might be enough. I can assure you that what we know as human society will become something that bears little resemblance to what it has been. The rich and famous have nothing even close. You don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to take my word for it. I don’t even want you to. What I want you to do is realize some things that you have not realized. For example, the people who do the most essential work of society are being held down at the bottom of the benefits of society and that the people who get the most from society are cheating themselves out of so much they will weep and gnash their teeth when they finally see it. Realize that to each his own will be the only distinction between us if we manage to grasp the opportunities that are now possible. Try to imagine being able to get every and anything you want, to do anything and go anywhere you want.  Now, imagine not being bound to planet Earth. The Universe is out there beckoning and there is more to it than anyone has imagined. You have to feel pretty good to see it.

Feelings depressed limits the view. Being rich and famous limits it. Being poor does, too. In fact, living limits it. Living in the world you were born into limits it incredibly. But not because it is the nature of the world. It is because of the nature of man. We are born helpless. Living forces us to be “programmed.” We have to rise above the programming if we are to see the potential, the opportunity, and, yes, even reality. Love can make it happen. Seek ye, therefore, to love one another as I have loved you. Jesus gave us some good advice. I echo his words. Love will show you how crazy things are. It will show you how wonderful things can be. It will exclude no one. From the poorest to the richest, love will make life so much better you will be amazed.

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I have begun again to follow the impulses and ramble. I have spent this time of my life writing to you. I didn’t do it for fun. I hope to get people aligned. The power of the people can transform reality for mankind into something beautiful or end mankind. I know, you will want to think about what can happen between the extremes. That is just fine. After all, isn’t that what has always been? I think of it as languishing in mediocrity.

Fiction Causes Reality

Fiction Causes Reality

“The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event.” (Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann)

Can you think of something more obvious that gets more disregard? Millions to billions of people have mental images of what happened at the nation’s capital on January 20, 2021. Most were not there and of those who were there, only a small percentage were close enough to witness the crash through barriers and entry into the building. Then people who were able to witness the event are not reliable sources of facts.

Countless eyewitness reports have been studied of many events. We know now that people who see the same event see it differently and remember it differently. There is no reason to think that the eyewitnesses to the event at the Capital are somehow exceptions. Every person records their own personal impressions of events they experience. Those who do not experience the event do the same.

Life for us is filled with images of events we do not experience. The events at that Capital have been recorded by cameras and countless accounts have been told, written, broadcast, and thought. Yet, millions of people are reacting to what happened there as though they have some objective and factual understanding of the events that is not possible. People do not know much about what happened. Even the people who participated do not have objective images or memories of the things they themselves did. People are not objective creatures. They are subjective creatures. This does not stop them from acting in response to the images they form in their minds.

We are experiencing a reality affected by the things people do. The world has been affected profoundly for a long time by the things humans do. The events at the Capital were human actions. There is no means by which motivations of the actors can be determined. The best we can do is hear what the actors thought they were doing and why. Beyond that, all we can do is form our own images of the events using second-hand accounts. There are countless reasons to know that we don’t know what happened, but millions of people behave as though they do know what happened. Worse yet, they think they know why it happened, what the motivations were, and who the participants were.

The facts that can be proven are that people are not good sources of facts. They are, instead, good sources of fictions based on facts. We are doing things based on internal docudramas within our minds. That is why the world is in such a sorry state. It is why the nation is divided.

The character of human behavior and psychology is understood enough to make it possible for the media to plant and cultivate images they want to grow in the minds of the people. There may be few or no more important understanding to think about right now. The crazy things going on are caused more by the images planted by the media than anything else. It is time to realize that we are not qualified to wield power guided by images we have in our minds. Our actions take place in reality, not in the images. The fiction in the minds of mankind are killing us and every other living thing. Are we going to divide along some sharp line that has no other source of division than fictions that we know are fictions when we stop long enough to think about it and be honest with ourselves? The answer it not just “yes,” it is “hell yes.” Fools!

This is an edit of the post above.

I pray and beg that people will realize that we are combining to create too much power. Man has the power to carve away mountains, to conduct global war and detonate nuclear bombs, the power to end life on Earth, to imprison millions at any given time and billions over time for doing things that some think they should not do. Think about this. It is more important than the Super Bowl, the World Series, the elections, the economy and anything else.

That people allow others to be imprisoned for using drugs, gambling, and prostitution proves that opinions are putting people in prison. Historically, people were executed for witch craft, escaping slavery, and so much more that became known to have been wrong there must be some who are able to see that the same things in different forms are still happening. It is the power that make it all possible. The power it the power of society.

Social power has exceeded man’s competence. We are not capable of wielding the power that has been created by joining in societal organization. Freedom has become a myth due to the power of society to punish. Reason has been murdered by the power of society to make each generation conform to the society they were born into. In the name of raising helpless little babies, we brainwash them. We think we are preparing them, but we are transmitting our faults, too.

We are great danger. Not because the universe is a dangerous place. Because we have created too much power. We cannot be trusted with it. We are too flawed and there are no exceptions. The greatest leaders are flawed. History shows us our brutality and still people do not understand themselves. They understand social sciences even less.

We may like to think that the very wealthy people who travel in elite circles and around the world are worthy of great power. That is the problem. We like to think certain things so powerfully we lose touch with reality. We are not even able to hold on to reality in the micro social settings that are our contact with the real world. People are faulty regardless of the social standing. The future is in doubt because of it.

When a person’s faults affect only the faulty person, it is bad enough. When a person’s faults can harm, kill, destroy, ruin, even influence others, too much power has come to a person. Look at the world and see if you can extrapolate a realistic understanding of the real power some have. If you do it right, you will be fearful for Life on Earth.

People appear as though they have a deadly allergic reaction to fear. They don’t seem to be able to realize that fear is an ally. So, they avoid things that might cause them to fear. That is a deadly behavior that should be feared. Fear is an appropriate response to some situations, events, people, and other encounters. It is time to fear somethings that are being avoided. The power of the people in the hands of flawed people so great it can destroy Life on Earth is something to rightly fear. Let the fear compel us to save ourselves. It is nearly too late already. Do not panic. Move in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit. Wake up! The world is on fire!

Misplaced Trust and Faith

Misplaced Trust and Faith

The world is very strange. I write to improve my communication skills as much as to communicate. Something that can reach the people who have put their faith and trust in politicians, media, and the masters of the world is what I hope to write here.

I study every day. I search the internet a lot. I also read books a lot, especially old book. The books written back when America was still operating according to the Constitution are among my favorites. The internet could be a lot better, but the diabolical people quickly jumped on it. False information is so abundant finding facts is very difficult.

People should be able to sift through it, but millions cannot. They are more like robots that respond to programming than rational people. I listened to the propaganda that spread across the globe so fast it was shocking. People should have known better than to think it was factual when they said things like “scientists agree.”

When it comes to science that delve into the unknown, there is usually a lot of disagreement. A huge propaganda campaign designed to convince the population that carbon dioxide was causing our climate to change undesirably was so successful the susceptible think they should apply social pressure to those who did not comply. When they announced that a terrible virus has come about by natural mutation and required a global countermeasure, people jumped to the task and have already been seen attacking people who don’t think it is what they say it is. The number of climatologists out there are a very small percentage of the population. Virologists and immunologists are not many. People who think they know enough about climatology, virology, and immunology to impose their opinions on others are almost everywhere and in big numbers. They are all trusting some source of information. Learning the facts requires more effort than that.

We are so urgently in need of some way to get people to do their duty as sources of action it is getting close to the point of too late. To exist is to affect, to cause effects. There is no way to avoid creating effects. Not even choosing to starve one’s self to death is a way to stop having effects. Are you surprised to know that many ancient Greeks starved themselves to death on purpose? Isocrates, for example, starved himself to death intentionally when he was nearly a hundred years old. There were others. Their deaths are still affecting people. My inclusion of them here is proof. Degree of effect is important, but effects are still effects. (I still can’t get it straight between affect and effect.) I want our effects to be peace and love. Some don’t even agree with that. I am pretty sure there are people who think their duty is to murder, rape, torture, destroy, and cause mayhem. I don’t know any, but I hear there are people who take Satan as their god. I also do not know anyone who is a pedophile, but I know some of their victims. I never was one to take the idea of good vs. evil as some kind of design in reality.

People are fond of rhapsodizing about positive and negative. The ability to think that everything has an opposite means to them that there will always be bad people. They will teach their children that bad people will always be out there, and that life cannot be all good. I think it is just a cheap way to avoid facing the fact that they don’t know enough about enough. People don’t want responsibility. It does not relieve them of it. It only gives them over to those who would take advantage of them. We are all responsible for everything we do. We cause things. That is responsibility. Denial cannot prevent it. Ignorance cannot prevent it. Everything that exists in this physical universe takes up space and causes things to happen. But humans act. They do things both accidentally and intentionally. Do they know what they do? Not according to Jesus on the cross. Not according to me, either. I accept my responsibility, but I am not able to manage it enough. That is clear to me. So, I keep trying to improve. It might be something many people do not do. That is the point of this article.

Billions of people living in a world that has been modified by other people for thousands of years are causing a lot of effects. There is a lot of division and no two people are exactly alike or pursue the exact same goals, but huge groups have been mustered and set to common purposes. What purposes? I’m glad you asked.

Evidently, some are designing purposes for others. Can you think for a minute about that? If you are a person who voted Democrat, you are joined in a purpose you did not create. The same is true for the Republican, Libertarian, and other parties. If you work for someone, you are doing something to accomplish something someone else wants accomplished. Don’t waste your time trying to validate your self-serving purposes. What you do for yourself is not all you do. We all are contributing to purposes that are served by our efforts to serve ourselves. We vote for the person we choose for reasons that are personal even if they are intended for the greater causes. Choices are made. The ability to choose is something that cannot be improved until it is not possible to improve. There is likely no limit to improvement. That means a lot. Perfection may not be a static condition even if it is theoretically possible to think of perfection as a condition to attain. If we cannot improve all the way, we are left with a philosophical situation that demands attention. What is my purpose?

I know! It is not a new question. I want to ask you to accept a purpose. Victor Frankl survived the Nazi concentration camps. When he was released, he wrote a book titled Man’s Search for Meaning. It has become the founding philosophy for the second school of psychology. Logotherapy is accredited to him. He made the case for the human need for purpose. Read the book. It is a good one. I will not offer the meaning of life. I have my opinions, but I want to ask you to find a purpose. Why not choose to pursue love?

Love brings purpose with it. It is something that can fill your life. That being said, there may be humans who cannot have life filled by love. For all I know, there may be life forms from other world, universes, dimensions, or something. That is important, but I am trying to get the more common human to adopt a purpose. It is a purpose that will help me, no doubt, but I think it will help those who adopt it far more. Everything you do, think, feel, and your mere existence affects me, but it affects you more. I love you. I want you to be fulfillment. I want you to live long and prosper. I think that the human race can unite in common purposes that will deliver us to a status we would think is paradise on earth. It wouldn’t be, though. It would just be so wonderful compared to now it would seem to be. Wow! If you were able to realize all of what I think would come of it, you might think I am crazy. I may be. It sure feels good, though. It feels much better to me than what seems to be the feelings of many.

Today is the day Joe Biden is supposed to be inaugurated. The representation of hate, animosity, danger, and discord in that event is profound. It makes what I hope to make obvious easier. People are divided. They are not pursuing love. They are indulging in something else. None of the sides in the divisions of mankind are totally right. I see truth and value in all of them. But none of them are good enough. Improvement is sorely needed. Love will bring it. Until it does, it will help if people would stop having so much faith and trust in things they did not experience themselves. Even personal experiences is not trust worth enough.

The internet is riddled with contradictory stuff. The media is more uniform, but opposition is out there to find. The facts are difficult to find. I think they are being kept away by people who don’t want peace. There are people who are doing so well they don’t want anything to threaten their conditions. This is not the only reason to stop believing what we see and find, but it is a big one. It is way to easy to accept. Digging is not easy. But finding the truth has always required some digging, metaphorically. I think the bloody history of man was caused by many things, but the biggest may be not trying enough. In general, not trying enough has left mankind past and present do things they would not do if they knew enough. Knowing may not be possible without love. Thinking we know is. Mistakes are. Hurting those we don’t want to hurt is. Love is like a magic pill. It causes changes that are magical.

I have written extensively about love. I write here again that love is not love until it is love. The love that is like a magic pill is not just whatever anyone thinks love is. It is what it is. It can’t be quantified or accurately explained, at least I can’t. I can tell you that there is “a” love that works like magic. It doesn’t instantly make one know everything or something like that. It just puts us in a frame of mind. It helps us rise above the nonsense we accumulate from being born totally helpless and slowly maturing. When we consider the world, we can only consider so much at one time. Can you take into consideration things you are not aware of? Can you make mistakes? Is there someone who does not make mistakes? If not, why would be follow someone? We are all independent. Everyone is unique and exists in a personal time and space. We are responsible for ourselves. Following another was probably necessary or it wouldn’t have happened. But time has passed, and we are ready to receive its rewards. I would not be able to write this article if it were not so.

we-me (1)

Reply to a MeWe Post

I wrote this in reply to a good article posted by a Trump supporter on MeWe in a private message. I like where it went. So, I am posting it here. The private post was typical of Trump supporters. I am one. I have read many such posts. It had no new things to report, but it was sincere and well said. It follows:

I enjoyed reading this. The picture developed by it is fuzzy. That is because there is merit on both sides of the isle. Neither side can see the merits of the other side. Neither side will save us. In fact, the opposition between the sides is a greater threat to survival than the policies and plans of both.

The long and persistent opinions of this nation have little to do with reality. They are based on fictions that have been mistaken for reality. Capitalism is still not recognized as the worst system of social interaction ever devised. The pharaohs who wasted the energy of the people to build tombs were not as horrible as the capitalist system. I am fully aware of the opposition to these statements. I may have heard it all by now. It is nonsense and has always been nonsense. The comparison of this nation to others used to justify it is an exercise in fantasy. The left has a sense of this, but they too are living in fiction. It is necessary to keep opposing fictions locked in opposition in order to keep the few ensconced at the top of global society.

The important issues or our time are not the left or the right as we are seeing in the democrat/republican schism. It is not the decline of the middle class or the migration into this nation. The minimum wage is only a deflection. The entire world is operating as a system that is the real issue, the important issue.

We take the debate they make us take. Is it Capitalism, Communism, or Socialism? Is it democracy, monarchy, dictator, or fascist? If you are given a choice and do not recognize that the choices are not the only choices, you become a victim of a con that is global and old.

The opinions presented in this post are things I agree with mostly. But they are not comprehensive enough to prevent what is coming. They are not comprehensive enough to bring something wonderful. We have within our reach an opportunity to transform life on Earth into something so wonderful most people cannot understand it even when I try to explain it to them. The world is going to be transformed. That is certain. Change is inevitable and constant. Drastic change is looming that is not going to please anyone. Not the rich, the middle, the poor, the animals, the plants, or God. Mankind has surged ahead over the past six thousand years or so leaving behind a trail of blood, destruction, and tears to horrible to think about. So, people don’t.

It is normal and right to want to enjoy life. I cannot argue against it. I can argue about the best way to enjoy it, though. That is what I have been doing for fifty years last June. There is only one solution. There has only ever been one solution. There will never be another solution. Only love will solve our problems and make the infinite universe our provider. But too many people have no love and even more do not have enough love.

It is not enough love to love our children, spouses, lovers, or selves. The love people feel for them in not even enough love. Love is something like the water we put into a container. The size of the container determines how much water it will hold. There is more water than any man-made container can hold. There is more than the earth can hold. Love is like that. There is no limit to the love. Only our capacity to love is limited. I wish I could present a means to increase our capacity to love. I know only that experiencing heartbreak many times was part of what helped me to increase my capacity. I live in perpetual bliss that is invincible simply because I made an effort to love everyone with all the love I knew at the time. Since then, my capacity to love has increased. I now love every living think unconditionally. Love does not provide one with acceptance of loved ones. I disapprove of most. But unconditional love is just that. It does not have anything to do with the loved one. The sun light has nothing to do with the people it shines upon. It asks nothing and nothing those upon whom it shines can do anything to cause it to be withheld. So, unconditional love requires nothing of others. None do not receive it from me. My approval is something else entirely. It is for everyone and rightly.

If we do not approve of someone who murders someone, we can still love the murder. There are factors involved in all human behavior that are still far beyond the average comprehension of human beings. We are a species. We are almost identical. We are changing as a species. No two humans are exactly alike, but we are mostly the same. When we are able to consider everything involved in everything anyone does, we will be able to see that they had no choice. I have been trying to explain that point to people so long I already know the limited range of thoughts people have about it. I wish someone would come up with something new. Choice is too complicated for the average member of our species today to comprehend. People think we have free will because we can think of choices. What they cannot comprehend is enough of the factors involved in choice to see that there really is none despite the ability to conceive them. This makes it possible to me to love the most horrible person ever unconditionally. Everyone thinks they know what they are doing, what they think, and how they feel. Well, more or less. We don’t. We are not capable of it yet. We will become capable. Hopefully it will be soon. Just consider how long we have been going. But don’t take the narrative that is commonly held to be history as reality. People who are not capable of comprehending reality cannot know history, only their version of it.

I did not start this reply with the intention to go where I went. That happens to me most of the time. I feed my typing fingers with my consciousness. There is no end. Only stopping.

Your Papers Please

Your Papers Please

The “land of the free” is rapidly being conquered. You will remember the movies in which the Nazis patrolled the streets demanding documents permitting people to move about. A “Vaccination Credentials Initiative” has been announced. It will make it possible for authorities to demand documents of people to “demonstrate their health status to safely return to travel, work, school and life while protecting their data privacy.”

There are enough people controlled by the media and criminal government personnel to permit such tyrannical measures to become a way of life in this land so proudly held to be a land where people are free. Many will rebel, but the control mechanisms have them checkmated. There will be no move to make.

Using a fake pandemic that has been propagandized so effectively most of the population is willing to comply with draconian orders, an organization of public players are moving to take this nation. The hate spewed across the world for people who wanted to see Trump drain the swamp and make America great again makes it clear who is involved.

Big Tech and Big Pharma are working together. They have the full support of a large majority of the media. The corrupt in elected positions are not going to help us because they are being promised great positions. If they refuse, their crimes will be exposed or worse will be done to them. If you wonder what “worse” is, remember that people can be hired to murder anyone. Many government jobs that do not require election are held by people similarly checkmated. They have no way out. Cooperation from within the justice, enforcement, and judicial branches is making it possible for the combine that is taking this nation. The fake pandemic is making it possible to prevent enough freedom loving Americans from preventing it. It is brilliant!

The moves that have been made while the people worship movie stars, rock stars, sports stars and focus more on self-gratification than the duties of self-government and the protection of freedom were well conceived and played. A quarterback’s passing statistics are better known than the in-your-face assault upon the liberty that has been fought for, died for, and briefly held. Now the same people are swallowing draconian rules from agencies that have no real authority because they have been told that it is all for their safety from a virus that has statistics after nearly a year that have proven to be no worse than the common ailments.

Anyone who has elementary math skills can calculate the mortality rate of the virus using the WHO and CDC published numbers. Even if the numbers are correct, which both organizations have said they are not, the virus is not bad enough to warrant the measures that have been put in place. No one want to get sick even if they don’t die from it. But this disease is not very deadly. It was never really about protecting the people from the virus. It was always about conquering the land of the free and installing rulers who can do whatever they want.

What needs to be realized is that the USA has been the last obstacle preventing a global conquering. You must realize what the powerful people think and want. Everything makes sense when you do. They are not sitting back on their great wealth and enjoying the good life. If you think they are, you are a fool, a blind one at that. Do you really think Bill Gates and the gang are just playing? Did you think that the “old money” was just aging? If so, you have not tried to understand why climate change, over-population, resource depletion, environmentalism, and a long list of “anti” movements have been funded. I know you are not stupid. All you have to do is try and you will realize why the money has been applied to eradicating racism. So much money has been spent helping the LGBT you would think they are the majority of mankind. Then there is the fantastic effort in promoting the “offense” culture. Don’t use certain words because someone might take offense. Don’t allow certain statues to remain. Don’t use the words him, her, she, he, father, mother, girl, or boy because someone might not feel good about their gender change or inability to relate as a male or female. Did you think the people who have the money to invest are really so endeared with the LGBT? Maybe you thought they want to invest in environmental protection because they love the salamander, the trees, the clean water while the systems that made it possible for them to acquire that money are the very systems that have nearly killed all species, cut down all the trees, and fouled the water, the air, the land, and the hearts of good people. If the football, basketball, baseball, and soccer fans of the world had paid half as much attention to other things, we would not be in the predicament we are in now. It’s CHECKMATE in two! It’s the final seconds and there is only one play left. The game is not over, but it doesn’t look good. We need the like of Roger Staubach to throw a “hail Mary.”

If you are detecting the contempt in my writing, you are perceptive. If people were stupid, I would not be so contemptuous. Soon it will be obvious how foolish and blind the good people in the USA have been, but they are not alone. Perhaps it will become clear just how long they have been foolish and blind. Every single human in the world has all the stuff they have to deal with in life. In some ways it excuses them. They do the best they are capable of doing at the moment throughout their lives. But improving their best should and could be the focus of their attention and the purpose for their actions. Improvement cannot be exhausted. The best is usually not enough.  Instead, they have been focusing on fun stuff like sports, eating, parties, booze, drugs, and all the other things modern life offers. Meanwhile, some megalomaniacs were gaining so much wealth they saw themselves as deserving and great. They see themselves as so great they think they deserve to have things done as they want them done. And that is what has made the world you are seeing right now. I realize you don’t see much of it. You haven’t even been trying to. If you look now, you will see that it is almost too late to save yourself and your loved ones from being forced to take a so-called vaccination that is an mRNA injection.

The fat cats want to modify your genetics. You are no longer entitled to them. You don’t have the right to them. If you do not submit, you will not be able to exist. Without the papers proving that you have yielded to the desires and demands of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bid Government, the weapons of old money, you don’t get to live. Your means of earning a living will be taken from you. You will not be able to travel and mix with the rest of the victims turned minions. Of course, once the mRNA injections have been put into enough people, new mRNA injections are easy to have administered. You will be lucky if they don’t decide to have you grow an extra set of arms and hands so you can entertain them better on the piano or get more work done faster. The “evolution” that provided you with the DNA you deserve as the heir to the genetics of the fittest are irrelevant now. They don’t matter. It was difficult enough to get people in sufficient numbers to abandon the idea of Creation, but it was accomplished. That effort is not needed now. They have control of your genetics and they intend to use it.

Reports have been surfacing for some time now that the mRNA injections, disguised as protection from a fake pandemic created by releasing a version of the common corona virus that has been modified in the lab for “gain of function,” have a chosen side effect. It sterilizes women. Other reports say other side effects include the destruction of the immune system. But the “vaccination” is only for your protection. Right!

The CDC website shows 23,653, 919 diagnosed cases in the USA so far. Of those 394,495 deaths have been reported. Simple division yields the percentage of deaths from the number of cases as 1.67778603%. What is 1.67778603% of 23,653,919? Is the math too difficult? I think it must be judging by the number of people who are scared to death. The answer is 39,4495, the number of  people reported to have died of the virus so far in the USA. That is a lot of people. They should not be trivialized. But it is not a high percentage compared to many others.

The avian H5N1 virus of 2003 had a 60% fatality rate according to a quick search engine return. “The 1957 Asian flu pandemic … resulted in almost 70,000 deaths in the United States and was one of the deadliest catastrophes of its time.” “The influenza pandemic of 1918, called the “Spanish flu,” killed over 50 million people worldwide, including over 675,000 in the United States. These are just a few of the historical records regarding pandemic anyone can find by using a search engine and doing some reading. The current pandemic is not producing deaths anywhere near them. It appears that the pandemic that is causing so many problems is not very deadly. There is no justification for buying a bunch of heroin and overdosing to escape reality. If over twenty-three million have survived it in the USA already, heard immunity is a far better defense than an untested and novel “vaccination” knows as an mRNA vaccination. Stopping business from operating, social distancing, mask wearing, and locking down the people is far too drastic. To follow up the response to the virus by creating “Vaccination Credentials” that will be required to work, travel, and mix with people is criminal at the least.

Where is the logic that causes those who take the mRNA injection to gain immunity to the virus to fear those who might be infected? Don’t they take it to keep from getting the disease? You would think they would consider those who don’t want to take the injection and get sick to deserve what they get. Maybe that is just too much liberty for them to allow.

There are so many elements of this pandemic and the responses to it we may never untangle them. There was a time not too long ago when we could do an internet search for information and get real results. That time has gone down the pike. Now we get filtered and censored search results. If you want to relocate something you saw on the internet ten years ago, good luck. If you are looking for something relating to the 2020 election, you can doubly forget it. If you want to find that site wherein Kary Mullis was spouting off again about the test he invented, the one that won him the Nobel Prize, good luck. I tried just that recently and was not able to check deeply enough into the vast number of pages to find it. Instead, I was able to find countless entries headlined with phrases saying he never did spout off about the test. I have seen two videos of him raving about how his test is not good as a diagnostics test. I read a transcript of another. I was able to find one he granted to the people in 1993 in which careful listening and comprehension revealed that he had been making waves in the media about the use of his DNA multiplier as a diagnosis test. The last one I watched, which I cannot find now, showed him letting go of all restraint. He denigrated Anthony Fauci and the current situation vehemently. He didn’t live much past that. If you look hard, you can find reports of his death that say it was “mysterious.” Of course, the official cause was said to be natural. Well, I suppose it was since it is now considered “natural” to murder any who oppose the official narrative. The PCR equipment is a big-ticket item. Very costly. The mRNA injection is too. Even a COVID-19 patient is a big-ticket item for hospitals. The numbers being reported are inflated and unreliable. The only thing you can rely on regarding them is that that are being used to develop an agenda some really rich people are developing. It includes “your papers, please.”

I have a feeling that there are people out there who are not going to allow our nation to fall. There is a global effort underway to consolidate control of all nations. A government of the world would facilitate the effort. The USA is the stubborn nut to crack. They have been trying to disarm Americans for decades. Remember what Admiral Yamamoto said, “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” When I did a web search for that quote the fist result that appeared was from Of course, it was! Further reading discredited Factcheck, but most people don’t bother to read and when they do, they don’t comprehend. They want very much to discredit the quote, so they discredited it with something that did not discredit it. It simply said that the quote source has not been found by an historian they asked. He did not say it was untrue. He said, “As of today it is bogus until someone can cite when and where.” I am laughing hard right now. It is such a foolish fact checking post. Clearly, reality is not part of fact checking for them. The agenda, though, is all-important. The business needs to make money and who pays for fact checking? They are well aware that perception is also all-important. As am I.

We live in a world so complex and vast people are operating as though they know things when all the have is a perception. How many people think they know what Admiral Yamamoto said? Now, how many heard him say it? See? It’s all perception and the people who want to rule the world know it. That is what made it possible for them to cheat in a federal election, release a modified virus and shut the nation down, and begin preparing the credentials everyone will be required to produce to even exists. Of course, you will not be able to get those papers unless you can prove that you have already complied with the demands of unelected megalomaniacal, egotistical, heartless, demonic individuals who are making no effort to eliminate rape and torture of little kids by taking the mRNA injection. I will not call it a vaccination. It is a DNA changer. We have a perception that it is good for us and doesn’t have any other stuff in it. Well, some do, that is.

If you don’t think perception is all I am making it out to be, consider the death of Jeffery Epstein. They only needed to release and publish an official cause of death to get millions to believe he killed himself in a suicide-proof cell at exactly the same time that the closed-circuit cameras were turned off and the guards were not paying attention. If Epstein were that talented, he would not have gotten caught. Heck, he would have not been a pedophile. There is something distinct between gullibility and downright stupid trust. It’s mind control.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it; the media and the government are working together at the behest of the big money people. As amazing as it is unbelievable, lobbying is legal, winning elections by spending the most money is a tried-and-true tactic, getting elected is the surest way to get rich, making organized crime happy is certain to help your chances in elections, presenting a fake image of yourself works every time, and the media can make people think they are ducks. Just notice how many people are running around quacking nonsense as if it was today’s new revelation.

My disgust is getting to much for me right now. I want to close this with a last point. The virus that is being used to conquer the world was created in a laboratory and released into the population for exactly that purpose. How do I know? I paid attention to when it first began, before the media was able to silence the sources of information and replace them with the nonsense that is being quacked. When last I was able to obtain real information, the COVID-19 virus has not even been purified. I doubt it ever will be. Perhaps some nation that is more resistant to the world conqueror’s control has separated it from the trillions of others, but it is not likely. The process is very difficult and requires a lot of funding. Who wants to waste good money on a virus that is already taking people from us almost as fast as suicide? Yes! I’m am not trying to be very accurate. So what!? It is not a lie, which must be intentionally deceptive, unlike all the lies Trump was said to have told that turned out to be generalizations, rounding, and not intended to deceive. He may have been called a liar more than any one in history. One more first to add to his list.

Feel free to respond to this. Just be sure to show me your papers first. The re-education camps need more people. I know, you are sure there are no re-education camps in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Perceptions! They are the things that sneak up on you in broad daylight and make you disappear. I realize that this article will not be approved by the censors. I might disappear. If something happens to me, let it get you to take a closer look with a more objective stance.

I found this posted at the bottom of a page about purification of Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19). You can read the whole think at: Note the “proof that sars cov 2 has been i” That is a title probably generated automatically. The “i” is the first letter of the last word in the title “isolated.” Like I said, it probably has still not been purified despite all media claims to the contrary.

Bartholomeus Lakeman left an annotation (13 November 2020)

The attached Public Health England’s article “Duration of infectiousness and correlation with RT-PCR cycle threshold values in cases of COVID-19, January to May 2020” is not a response to this FOI.

This article is proof of that PHE did -or can- neither cultivate nor isolate the Covid19 virus.

In this PHE’s article, their conclusions are based on a polysyllogism of postulations which are left unverified; which include:

1) A positive PCR test represent a Covid19 case, and an asymptomatic person is not healthy. However, most of those who tested positive are not ill and have no symptoms; and therefor they are not a case, and a healthy person does not spread a flu infection.

2) Samples from the Upper respiratory tract (URT) is representative of the whole body; as it being also infected. However, most viruses in the URT do not entre the body, e.g. the lungs; and apart from a cough or a sneeze; a URT virus will not cause a person to be ill.

3) As representative of the whole population are 75% of their samples from those older than 41 yrs. . Be it that the median age of UK’s population is 40 years: only 48 % is over 40 yrs. of age. Further, less than half of their samples were suitable for their research; which puts further doubts of their samples being representative.

4) The Rt PCR test does discern the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) from that of the 6 other corona viruses (the flu and common cold) and dead viruses and other RNA sources e.g. antibodies against said corona viruses, and the RNA from bacteria. However, PHE knows very well that said test is not a diagnostic and that it cannot made said discernment.

5) Of their samples, in the 1st week of symptoms the PCR test’s median Ct was 28, and PHE claims that a Ct of 28 proofs that the virus is virulent, contagious and the cause of Covid19. Yet ten days after symptom onset, the probability of culturing virus declined to 6.0%; as being non-transmittable. In the 2nd week the PCR test Mean Ct is 30.05. And after 2 weeks the Ct remains 31. There is no difference in Ct values between those with asymptomatic (median Ct = 31.2) mild-to-moderate (median Ct = 31) or severe (median Ct = 32.5) illness: the estimated probability of recovery of virus from samples with Ct > 35 is 8.3%. PHE concludes that low titres of infectious virus for human-to-human transmission remains uncertain. Herewith indicating that a Ct of 31 or more means that the virus is non virulent or non-contagious. Independent virologist claim that also a Ct of 27 means that the virus is non-virulent and non-contagious. Moreover, as of their samples the PCR test’s median Ct was 28; there is no proof that anyone was a covid19 case. Further, PHE found a higher proportion of asymptomatic cases in the age group 81–100 years; which was the group with about 80 % of the alleged Covid19 deaths. For which PHE had no explanation. Which suggest that they died from another cause.

6) Vero-E6 cells (isolated from an animal organ) inoculated with the respiratory fluid of an ‘Covid19 infected person’ and for its preparation also with other toxic substances; produces a Cultivable SARS-CoV-2 that can be detected by an enzyme immunoassay: herewith confirming the presence of SARS-CoV-2. However, this postulation skips too many uncertainties. There is no proof of that said fluid contains SARS-CoV-2, and it is likely that the inoculation of pathogenic and toxic substances in isolated cells: is on itself the cause of producing a pathogenic virus. Bearing in mind that many virologists claim that a SARS-CoV-2 like viruses are lab-made. And PHE concludes that cultivable SARS-CoV-2 from URT samples is only a proxy valuable for infectiousness: as a Cultivable virus is a hypothetical virus and is not the same as a cultivated virus. And it being propagatable is not the same as contagious: this depend on the immune status of the host. If PHE claims that the virus is Cultivable, then why didn’t they isolate it?

7) At the end of the article PHE admits “Correlation with observational epidemiological data analysing known infector–infectee pairs, and the dynamics of infectiousness and viral transmissibility are unknown. And yet PHE still holds-on that asymptomatic people are contagious: Which signals the motive of their article: promoting the Lockdown and its vaccine.

The Coming Drama

The Coming Drama

I am excited about the coming week. The world is in flux. How will it go? I think we are going to see some drama.

I think our nation has been conquered from within for many years already. It was shielded with stealth and deceit. By now the work of the conquerors has accomplished some amazing things. Their confidence has been rising. In fact, their confidence has caused them to expose themselves. It has been noticed by some who can do something about it. At least, they can try. That means drama.

This nation is unique among the world’s nations because it was designed to prevent tyranny. It has built-in guards against government power becoming abused and used to subjugate the people. They are kicking in. The outcome is uncertain due to the international aspect.

Our nation is entangled with foreign affairs. It pays the way for many other nations. Most Americans are completely unaware of the number of services and the amount of goods and money being given to other nations by the USA. In most cases it has been going on so long the dependent nations have begun to decline due to a dependency. Social programs in England, Canada, and other nations have left them with aging populations and an inability to take care of themselves. Their need for American assistance is increasing as their populations become increasing older with fewer and fewer births to replace the dying. The figures are astonishing. It is all part of the depopulation efforts that began to be implemented long ago.

In his 1798 book An Essay on the Principle of Population, Thomas Malthus put forward the basic concept that the elite of the world took to heart. Too many people! Working behind the scenes where the public is unable to detect them, population reduction efforts have been underway for longer than I can ascertain. You can see evidence of it in the eugenics parts of approved history. Only the approved history is available. But flawed as humans are, the approved history was flawed. There are clues available by analyzing carefully and broadly. Specialized compartmentalization prevents the discovery of the clues.

This article is not intended to spell it all out for you. I write hoping you will take the time and apply the effort yourself. One of the big problems of life right now is the sheer number of people who take things to heart that they hear, read, or see. I invite you to consider the many well-known things that can be put together. Since the victors write the history, some of them are not easy to discover, but you can if you manage to release preconceived biases. The victors want you to know history as they tell it. But reality is more and different. The world wars, the rise of dictators who conducted pogroms, the global attack on Marxism, manipulation into and by religions are all part of the larger picture that people are not seeing. As the rise of technology has increased, things such as global warming, resource depletion, hate crime, anti-racism, anti-family, anti-Christian, monetary system debacles, and countless other known parts of real life that can be put together like pieces of a picture puzzle.  The picture is part of a future that is being orchestrated by the few, the financial victors.

Our world is hosting people who are so rich it is not possible to quantify it. They are the new type of victors. “To the victors go the spoils” has never been more true or more vital to the survival of life on Earth. The victors are not just writing the history, they are erasing history and taking each generation further and further from reality. The current events that promise so much drama due to the splitting of the people along a distinct line is part of that effort. It is not just something that accidentally happened. It will shock most people when they realize that there are those who make and execute plans that span hundreds of years. They conduct activities that are designed to accomplish goals by slowly affecting each new generation of people while at the same time negating the efforts of previous generations to hold the truth, the facts, and the big picture of history present for their children. This is a simplification, however, for the efforts of preceding generations are also part of the effort to accomplish the goals. The efforts have been applied so long now it has almost become impossible to find someone old enough to report how it used to be.  The method used to accomplish the goals is a slow rise to a boil. The victors are turning up the heat.

It must be too difficult for the average person to realize that the victors are not the ones who won a war or a contest. The new victors are the ones who become rich. Hardly anyone today is immune to seeing people who get rich as victors. People who become rich are the heroes. They are the ones who inspire millions. People who have done nothing but get rich are getting far more attention than the people who have been rich for a long time. Those are the people of “old money.” Keeping the attention of the masses on the movie stars, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, inventors, politicians, and others prevents attention from being directed to the people of the old money. How many bankers can you name? How many members of the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, or the World Bank can you name? People are not paying attention to those people. But they are the victors of this world.

People who have managed to gain power so immense the average person cannot even conceive it are the real victors. The are world conquerors. What they want is what gets done. You know it! You also know that politicians are using politics to become rich and join the victors. You know it deep down within and yet it does not shepherd your views. The effort of the victors does. You can’t imagine who much they love the internet and social media. It is rivaled only by their love of media in all its forms. What better way to manipulate the people and accomplish global goals?

Goals require operatives. A goal that gets no effort is only a plan. Accomplishing them requires action and action is only done by people. The power to muster billions to accomplish a task is made easy by the use of modern communications and money. You can pay people to do almost anything. If you can make sure there is no way to survive without money, your victory is global. Your power nearing absolute. Everyone knows that they must “serve somebody.” We all serve the victors. We don’t even have to know we are doing it. Social systems are designed to shunt the power of the people to them. There is no escape. Changing the system is the only way to make things better. This is well known by the people who need to know it and it is why we are about to see some fascinating drama.

The victors are human. They are not flawless. Their flaws have leaked into their work. They are unable to prevent it and have now become noticed by enough people to be threatened. Just notice the outrage being felt for the new social media operators. They are not in charge, though. They are operatives. Few of the people in the public light are not puppets. They were allowed to become rich and take the heat as rewards for serving the old money interests. To the victors go the greedy. For the lifestyles of the rich and famous there is not shortage of people willing to do anything. Many have been recruited. We are witnessing the work they do in service to the true masters of the world.

The masters of the world are busy. They are tying to accomplish the Great Reset, for one public example. The are global. Their interests are not limited to a nation. People who think the USA rules the world are just wrong. The USA is ruled by the old money people with the help of the new money people. The masters are trying to accomplish something. That is why they launched a global campaign to make people averse to conspiracy theory. Conspirators always hide the conspiracy. I have thoughts about the ultimate goals being pursued, but they go off into the esoteric and spiritual realms. This is not the time and place to go into that. It is the time and place to realize that things are coming to a boil.

I am looking forward to the future. I realize it could be a horror in a relative sense. I think it could be apocalyptic. Could be! I don’t think it will. But it can become very destructive and deadly. We can think of it as the forces of good and evil in battle. I don’t ascribe to that method, but it is an easy allegory. People think it is a battle between the Left and the Right, Democrat vs. Republican. No matter how you see it, you are going to see something. I hope you fare well.

This is Our Chance

This is Our Chance

It is not surprising that people think their thoughts are the products of reason, logic, study, and experience. What is surprising is how little of what people think is a product of any of those valid uses of consciousness. People are far from rational these days. We can read about the ancient Greeks to find some examples of such thought, but even those were tainted with psychological usurpers of rationality and truth. The population of the world today is so heavily influenced what passes for reality is often total fiction.

The mind is an easy thing to mold. Helpless new humans require total care to survive. Many years of enculturation are applied to them. Love causes it. Good intentions often fail, though. When parents raise a child, they transmit to the child the foundation of it life. Upon that foundation is constructed the child’s added forms. Maybe you have noticed that children grow up to be like their parents and the society they were born into. If so, you have probably noticed the variations some exhibit. But all variations are built upon the foundation that began to be formed even before birth.

Modern man has devised plans for raising children. They take what they do from the various influences and do their best to do right by their cherished children. Some, of course, don’t cherish the children so much. That creates in the children a foundation that has an infinite number of characteristics. There are so many variations in people it is probably impossible for any two to be exactly alike. Similarities are more common than differences. This has not yet made it possible for all people to live in peace and joy together. That is why I am sitting here on this beautiful winter day typing as fast as I can.

I am convinced that mankind can attain world peace. That alone would be a miracle. However, I think there are attainments that make world peace seem almost trivial. There are far greater things to accomplish. I would write of things I am sure are withing our future that most would scoff at and think me crazy. But just like you, I think what I think. Unlike you, I am. That little phrase is amusing to me. I hope you enjoyed it.

Billions of unique individuals are dispersed across the globe that has sustained us without cosmic interruption for a very long time. We are lucky a comet has not crashed into the earth. In geologic-time, or universal-time, we have just begun. We have a golden opportunity. It will not last long relative to the time of the universe. The life of the sun is all too brief. Our chance is here, now.

I have yet to encounter someone personally who sets sights on things as grandiose as I want the billions of people to help me accomplish. This is not to say or imply that there are none. I have encountered a percentage of the people so small I would have to use exponents in mathematically quantifying the percentage. I have been hoping I am not alone in it since 1971. So far, I am. If you are reading this, and I know you are, your company is appreciated. Your help would be welcome. Together we can ascend from this planet and reach out to the stars. We can attain things I am afraid to even list here because I have already experienced the reactions of hundreds of people to them. The people are components of public opinion.

Elementary observation reveals huge similarities of public opinion. Who among us thinks death is inevitable? See what I mean. Who among us things that babies grow up to become adults? It is taken for granted so totally people do not even think about it. They don’t engage in thoughts about the fact of being born. Mankind is so homogenized milk envies us. Yet, we pride ourselves in the little differences. We find our identity there and never question “identity.” I chuckled just then from writing that statement. Not because it is funny, but because it is so astonishing. It seems to me that identity would be one of the first things consciousness would engage. Instead, study of history shows it to be one of the most important factors in such things as war, murder, crime, discord, suffering, sorrow, death and maybe all social problems. I must be but a part, though.

Life is such a miracle! We are all here right now. The stage is set and the momentum is powerful. Life on Earth is just being born. Perhaps there is life elsewhere. I hope so. If there is, I hope we are not in danger from it. If there are lifeforms out there that are like us, we are probably in great danger if we are discovered. It may be good fortune that planets are so far apart. On the other hand, maybe other life forms are already here and they are benevolent. Speculation is fun and frightening. That is the adventure of life. I am hoping that we as a people will realize our opportunity and finally rise above the little things that cause all the social problems. This is our chance. Let’s seize it. Love is and always has been the answer, the way, the reason. Just try it.

Psychology is a Tool for Manipulating Public Opinion (1)

Psychology is a Tool for Manipulating Public Opinion

Discoveries in psychology have shown us why people behave the way they do. The work of early scholars and scientists gave us some fundamentals, but their work has been continued by each new generation. By the early 1900s the field of psychology was becoming so profound offshoots began to emerge. Public Relations emerged and there was soon a public relations council.

In his book Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923), Edward Bernays wrote that of all fields none have “touched upon intimate and important aspects of everyday life of the world more significantly than the profession of public relations counsel.” Bernays was integral in the U.S. Committee on Public Information (CPI) in WW I. He was hired by the American Tobacco Company to break down the aversion to smoking held by the female half of humanity. His firm was able to nearly double cigarette sales. He assisted the CIA in well-documented campaigns that successfully overthrew the democratically elected president of Guatemala. His firm used the media of the time and other methods to reach the opinions of the population of that nation so profoundly he was able “manufacture public thought.” People mistake their opinions for thinking.

They are innocent victims of manipulation so profound it installs resistance to it that guards against reality. The incredible things people are writing on this thread and millions of others is profound testimony of near total subjugation to forces they desperately need to recognize.

Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, and Edward S. Herman wrote books long ago that will help the victims of opinion manipulation, but people who have been subjected to the hypnotic power of modern media, such as this social media application, are not going to read them. The people who have the resources to utilize the knowledge that has emerged from psychology over the past one hundred years or so know this. That is why they are not worried about being prosecuted.

I already know how the victims of psychological manipulation will respond to the various posts that come across the social media sites including this one. People are making fools of themselves. Eventually they are so deeply embarrassed they have a subconscious aversion to reality and begin to behave so irrationally they cannot function. Life never provides them with fulfillment and disease accompanies senescence until old age is a frightful decline into decrepit bodily and mental condition the makes death a desirable relief. They think it is normal and submit to it so profoundly they never even catch a moment’s glimmer of thought about another way. They take their enculturation from parents, family, and others and submit to the power of manipulation from those who want to use the power of the people for purposes until independence is so profoundly negated there is no freedom left. The human psyche is not able to tolerate it long. People kill themselves, take drugs, drink alcohol, and behave so irrationally they make history a horror, today a nightmare, and tomorrow a failed dream. So, go ahead. Post something stupid. Make fools of yourselves and be certain you are just fine.

I posted this on MeWe because people were posting some crazy stuff.

The Family System

The Family System

Studying history as I do every day has only further revealed the repetition of what is going on now and has always gone on. There have always been those who use the people like chattel. We are beasts of burden for them and history has shown what happens when the beasts try to break free.

Mankind has frequently become fed up with being chained to the service of some pharaoh, king, or other designation. The war with England that resulted in the USA was soon followed by the French Revolution. Unlike the Americans, the French executed their masters. Most people have at least heard mention of the storming of the Bastille in France. They don’t know what that means way too often. But a very small percentage of the people know that the people who stormed the Bastille (a prison) then stormed the palace and executed an estimated 1500 people, mostly by guillotine. The exact figures are not relevant to the fact that the people rose up and attacked the rulers. It didn’t really do much good. The things they revolted against eventually were back in place.

Whether by genius or accident, there are systems in place throughout time and place that have always kept the association of people arranged in a pyramid-type of hierarchy. Those at the top benefit from the work of the rest. As it has come down to us today, money seems to be the lynch pin. In the past, before the lands of Earth were deeded and guarded, money was not as totalitarian as it is now. When the New World was found, the kings and queens instantly made claims to the lands of about half of the world. This is the way they managed to ensure that they would be at the top of the pyramid.

A human must have a place to exist. This is so elementary most people have not considered it. Now is the time to do so. Every one of us requires land to stand on. Water surfaces do not negate the fact that we need land to exist. That means that control of the land subjects those who do not have control must ask those who do for permission to exist. You can die or you can ask for permission. There is really no alternative. This is an oversimplification, but too many people don’t have what it takes of follow more detailed descriptions. With the evolution of money, the permission to exist became something the people at the top of the pyramid didn’t need to be bothered with any longer. The money system (monetary system) became something like a robot that took care of the duties of the king and gave him more time to do whatever else he wanted to do. It is a perfect system of dominance. Well, it was for a long time that is.

Historical examples show us that the people enjoying themselves at the top of the social pyramids eventually make mistakes that rally the people. This is a simple problem of the few controlling the many. There has never been a means to effectively resist the people when they combine to right wrongs, or even to do more wrongs. The power is always with the people. It just lies unorganized until it wakes up. The royalty and nobility of eighteenth-century France did exactly that. They let the people starve and suffer while they lived in splendor and abundance. They could have continued to do so if they had not become so disdainful of the “commoners.” Once the suffering of the people became too great and the news of the attitude of the people at the top of the pyramid became known or thought to be callous disregard, they revolted. That is what we are experiencing right now.

The election of 2020 has made it clear that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Regardless of your place in the opinion ranking, it is obvious that people are opposed almost in completely opposite views regarding something that is not possibly both ways. Either the election was stolen or it wasn’t. Either Trump is worse than Hitler or he is not. Either the people protesting on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC were terrorists or they were not. The fact that there might have been some terrorists there does not negate the diametrically opposite views. There are many other examples, but the point is that the people, the general public, is divided sharply in opposing views. This cannot stand. It will not stand. What is happening is the human instinct to resolve controversy.

All but the most biased person realizes that something is wrong. People cannot be divided so dramatically. It is a mistake the masters of the people have failed to correct and failed to prevent. The causes of the failure is another book, but to put it into a brief statement, they were shocked. When Trump won the election in 2016, they couldn’t believe it. They had failed to recognize the facts and were not prepared. That caused them to make big mistakes.

They are beginning to calm down a bit now that they have managed to regain control of the government. But it is too late. The rabbit is already out of the hat. Nothing can be done to put it back. What remains for the people is the reunion in the family that is mankind.

Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and on down the list are all in the same boat. We are trying to live in the world as we found it when we were born and as it has changed since. We are serfs, subjects, slaves, chattel, minions to the few people who live what has been called the “lifestyles of the rich and famous.”

History has made it clear that the situation is old. That can be thought to mean that it was the way it had to be, but not that it is the way it needs to be now. Far from it. When you detach from the enculturation, or even when you make an effort in a specialized area of understanding, you can realize that modern life has lost most similarity to the past. It is now possible for mankind to live in overflowing abundance without having to struggle constantly at work, survival, and safety. The recent revolutions so fondly named, Industrial, High Tech, and many others have made the old norms obsolete. It is not necessary to have some few at the top of a social or economic pyramid. Working together for the mutual benefit of all can now perform a revolution that will make all history seem to have been necessary. What is possible was not possible before.

I hope that the transition to the new ways will not be too painful. I fear that the people who are at the top of the pyramids will not easily realize their own gains by changing to a family-style of social organization. The family of man is the only way we will survive the accumulated effects of human history. It is not Capitalism or Communism or Socialism. It is family. The limits being advocated of choosing between those three is just the people at the top trying to avoid having to change. The family of man is the future. There is incredible potential for massive destruction and suffering, but I personally do not think it is the future we will see. I think we are going to have a global epiphany.

There is no need for money now. We work without pay and we get what we get without having to pay. It is a familial cooperation that will make everyone live better than the richest of today can possibly live. Let me clarify that.

The world today is the world we get from the way we conduct or social efforts. The world we will get from working together as equals in the modern results of historical legacy will bear little resemblance to the world today. The crimes, wars, conflicts, hardships, dangers, and virtually every problem we have will be gone. New ones will come up as we leave the nest and go into the rest of the universe exploring and being amazed. This oversimplification is difficult for me to do. What I see in the future is far beyond the vision of people today, including me. I have a glimpse. My imagination takes that glimpse and builds a picture from it. I think things we now take for granted will become seen as foolish. It goes much deeper and farther than I am willing to share with you here. I have to guard against the psychological nature of mankind. People are not ready for a lot of what they could very well be ready for and actually experience in this life. It can come very fast. Or it can take more time. We all know that time is relative, and the universe seems to be infinite. One last thing, the spiritual promise is even greater. The people who enjoy that way the world is today may be the last to realize what they have to gain, but they will. The future is bright. Today is the promise.